20+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Military Humor is Real

2022-05-02 Stories

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We can all agree that wars are awful and serving in the military can be a very dangerous and life-threatening experience. But despite all that, soldiers are still human and like all people they like to have fun – especially in the midst of all that stress! Here’s a compilation of the most hilarious military moments that prove soldiers know how to have fun, too.

No Such Thing as Too Strong

It doesn’t come as a surprise that strong men serve in the military force, but some  guys are definitely more powerful than others!

Looking at this superhuman soldier we can only guess what kind of training he went through to become as strong as a Hulk! Well, he is also bigger than most average humans, but he must have trained hard to gain all this strength.

He’s holding those two guys like they weigh nothing at all! It’s both quite spectacular and a bit frightening at the same time.

Army Cheerleaders

Have you ever heard about army  cheerleaders? We haven't either, but apparently it's a thing and, judging by the faces of those guys sitting in the front row - it's one of the most fascinating things in the world!

It turns out army cheerleaders do exist (like the Rabble Rousers, for example) and they appear quite often, but on military athletic events, so you won't see them unless you serve in the army.

We're happy to know that army guys get to have their very own teams of cheerleaders - it must be amazing to watch them during various sports events!

What a Yummy Treat

Do you think army food is good? Because looking at this hungry soldier we come to the conclusion he’d eat anything apart from the food on the army menu!

Of course, they have fresh meals cooked and served, but sometimes soldiers are down to eating pre-packed Ready-to-Eat meals and we can’t imagine those tasting very good, especially compared to freshly cooked food.

But it’s nice to see soldiers still manage to find time to have some fun! It’s a classic example of an optical illusion photo and it’s done remarkably well.