20+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Military Humor is Real

This article was originally published on our site: We can all agree that wars are awful and serving in the military can be a very dangerous and life-threatening

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This article was originally published on our site:

We can all agree that wars are awful and serving in the military can be a very dangerous and life-threatening experience. But despite all that, soldiers are still human and like all people they like to have fun – especially in the midst of all that stress! Here’s a compilation of the most hilarious military moments that prove soldiers know how to have fun, too.

No Such Thing as Too Strong

It doesn’t come as a surprise that strong men serve in the military force, but some  guys are definitely more powerful than others!

Looking at this superhuman soldier we can only guess what kind of training he went through to become as strong as a Hulk! Well, he is also bigger than most average humans, but he must have trained hard to gain all this strength.

He’s holding those two guys like they weigh nothing at all! It’s both quite spectacular and a bit frightening at the same time.

Army Cheerleaders

Have you ever heard about army  cheerleaders? We haven't either, but apparently it's a thing and, judging by the faces of those guys sitting in the front row - it's one of the most fascinating things in the world!

It turns out army cheerleaders do exist (like the Rabble Rousers, for example) and they appear quite often, but on military athletic events, so you won't see them unless you serve in the army.

We're happy to know that army guys get to have their very own teams of cheerleaders - it must be amazing to watch them during various sports events!

What a Yummy Treat

Do you think army food is good? Because looking at this hungry soldier we come to the conclusion he’d eat anything apart from the food on the army menu!

Of course, they have fresh meals cooked and served, but sometimes soldiers are down to eating pre-packed Ready-to-Eat meals and we can’t imagine those tasting very good, especially compared to freshly cooked food.

But it’s nice to see soldiers still manage to find time to have some fun! It’s a classic example of an optical illusion photo and it’s done remarkably well.

Camouflaging Like a Pro

We all know how important it is to blend in for soldiers - especially when some action is happening! Still, it appears that modern camouflage is so good that military guys can do some blending even when they're off duty.

This couch looks pretty ordinary, that is, until you notice the boots and, finally, you notice there's an actual person lying there!

Someone should give an award to the designer behind this camouflage. It's perfect for soldiers at any time - when they're on and off duty!

This is How You Do It!

The look on the first soldier’s face says it all – ‘No way I’m doing that, man!’ and we fully agree with that statement. You need some special training to do that kind of split and we seriously doubt that soldiers have training sessions that involve stretching.

But this man is quite spectacular! He just went down and did a split like it was a walk in the park. And trust us – it’s not!

You’d need months to develop this kind of technique without hurting yourself and people very rarely stretch like this naturally. But for this guy it all seems quite effortless.

The Ultimate Quidditch Match

It’s not a secret people all over the world are in love with Joan K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book and movie series, but we don’t usually think about those Harry Potter fans that serve in the army. You’d be surprised to find out that they do exist!

Looking at this group of devoted Harry Potter fans we can truly believe that people read these books in all corners of the planet, no matter what they do for a living.

These guys are rocking it! The only thing missing in the picture is the golden snitch that flies around like crazy. But maybe that’s why the ball isn’t in the photo?

Doing the Moustache Stance

That moment when you're dying to grow a moustache, but you can't because of military regulations. So what can a soldier do when facing such a predicament?

Right, he'll draw a moustache himself! And not on his face, because, once again, military regulations, but nothing can keep him from drawing it on his gun.

These guys look both cool and hilarious at the same time. The one in the front is simply rocking it with sunglasses and pink moustache!

Not the Smartest Move

We’re all human, so making dumb choices is kind of in our nature – even if we serve in the military and have to deal with dangerous weapons on a daily basis.

It’s painful for us to even look at this image because so many things could go wrong there! One wrong move and the guy on the other end of the rifle could lose his life.

If there’s one rule all people in the world should follow when handling guns and other weapons – never, ever look inside the barrel of a loaded gun! And even if it’s not loaded – better just avoid making this mistake.

Do You Think They'll Spot Me?

If you think about it... this guy just might be onto something. What do you think? The military forces on the other side will be looking for camouflaged army guys and not, err, clowns, that's for sure.

Still, dressing so bright is always a bad idea during combat - he'll just become a moving target for whoever holds the gun! This look is the opposite of safe.

It doesn't matter what you're wearing if you get into crossfire. Well, at least he'll make everyone smile! Just for a little bit.

South Korean Army be Like...

So we all know how army is a tough business with all the strenuous workouts and seniors being all strict on the newcomers? Well, the photos from South Korean army definitely paint a different picture.

Make no mistake, the training is still there and all other things you'd expect to see in the army, but then there's also the South Korean culture that is just crazy about all things cute.

Needless to say, guys serving in the army are considered cute as well, along with pretty much everything there is in the world. And these boys are fully embracing their cuteness!

That Awkward Moment...

That moment when you think you're a cool almighty soldier, but then a polar bear appears and all you can do is run for your life and hide as high as you can. And we don't blame this guy!

It's a well known fact that you don't engage in combat with bears, not ever, especially with huge polar ones. This is definitely not the time to show who's the boss in the area.

We applaud this soldier for making the wisest choice ever and saving his life. Now he gets to live and tell this story to his kids! After all, it's not every day you meet a huge polar bear.

And Then You Stretch Like This...

When we think about the army we usually imagine lots of rigorous training and hardcore exercises all the men need to perform on a regular basis, but stretching?

Well, naturally, if you do lots of workout your body needs stretching as well, just seeing guys doing it all clad in uniforms looks a little bit hilarious. But they'll do whatever needs to be done to keep themselves in good shape!

But did you ever see soldiers marching during a parade? These guys need to be very flexible to be able to make all those high kicks!

Now Kiss!

Looking at this photo we're a bit lost for words. One thing we know for sure - guys in the army like to fool around just as much as anywhere else in the world!

And what better way to have a good laugh then by trying to kiss while wearing gas masks? Well, we really don't know, but we hope everyone had a good laugh and those two didn't get into any trouble.

Seriously, though, this photo looks like a shot from some dystopian movie when people had to wear masks all the time and couldn't even kiss properly (err, now that reminds us of something...)

No More Pants in Stock?

This photo raises so many questions and gives us so little answers… How could a soldier even appear somewhere without wearing pants? We imagine that everyone would give him quite a hard time, starting with his comrades and ending with his commanding officers.

Still, he must have been in quite a hurry if he risked appearing like that in public. He’s even wearing slippers!

The poor dude must have been in the bathroom when he needed to suddenly take off, put on all the gear and head out. When serving in the military one has to be ready for everything – all the time!

Looks Come First

Looking at men and women in the army we don’t usually think just how much effort it takes to look so good. Did you ever imagine they’d have to do ironing in the middle of action? No? Well, we didn’t either.

Either this guy can’t tolerate wrinkles and needs everything to look perfect, including his uniform, or there is something we don’t know about the uniform requirements in the army.

This dude will get all messy and wrinkly in a matter of seconds after he puts that ironed uniform on, so why even bother? At least, he seems to be having some fun while doing it.

I Believe I Can Fly

When it comes to having fun army guys are the best! Why? Well, they are under so much stress all the time that they need to invent new ways to relax and let off steam.

This guy here thought flying solo during what seems to be a sandstorm was a great idea. And we can’t blame him for it! We’ve all dreamt about flying at least once at some point in our lives.

But what if the wind got too strong? He could be easily injured or, what’s even worse, this guy could go on a flight and end up somewhere in the middle of the desert!

Time to Chill

We all know how relaxing it can be to work with your hands. Whether it's gardening, sewing, or knitting, there's just something very soothing about the whole process of using your hands to create something new.

Still, when it comes to army guys one simply doesn't expect to see a pair of knitting needles in their hands! But this photo proves that all stereotypes about knitting should go to waste.

This guy looks like the most calm person on Earth! But he does look kind of hilarious with that huge gun lying on his lap like he decided he didn't need it anymore.

The Biggest Camouflage Fail Ever?

Looking at these soldiers from the Taiwanese army we can only applaud their camouflaging skills. Just look at that face paint - it's nearly flawless!

That would have been the best camouflage in the world, apart from one detail that makes all that effort go to waste. Yep, we're talking about those bright red helmets.

Why on Earth did they decide it was a good idea to make the army helmets red, out of all the colours in the world? Now these soldiers are like walking targets!

Having Fun? Or Not So Much

So you know how in some countries people actually enjoy cold? We can name a few, but looking at these soldiers screaming at the top of their lungs while plunging half-naked into snow we really have to wonder... is it that much fun after all?

It does look like it could be some kind of incredibly rigorous training to make them cold-resistant, but it seems a bit too harsh even for military forces.

Unless, of course, this is some kind of a special ops unit, then we don't have any further questions.

It's Tea Time!

When we hear about Great Britain one of the first things that comes to mind is tea. This is such a huge stereotype that it exists literally all across the globe without any exceptions!

Looking at these two soldiers enjoying their tea time we can clearly see why. Being a bit too patriotic with all the flags there, aren't you, mates?

In case you were wondering, this is what the inside of a British tank looks like. They even have a built-in boiling vessel for making tea!

Going Home, Finally!

If this is the definition of fun when serving in the army, then we are seriously worried about the soldier's mental state! Just looking at this photo gives us the chills.

This is definitely not the safest way to send people home, nope, we really don't think so.

Still, the guys playing the roles of torpedoes seem to be enjoying the whole process, so we're hoping they all had a good laugh after they took the photo.

The Most Wicked Trap in the World

If you ever wondered how to gain the attention of a guy serving in the army, well, there are usually quite a few things, but mostly it's alcohol and beautiful women.

Looking at this hilarious soldier trap we can easily get why the bait was a bottle of bееr! When serving in the army you don't get to drink alcohol too often, but when you do, that cold bottle is like the best thing in the world.

We really hope this soldier got to have that bottle after the photo was taken!

The Best Training Ever?

Did you ever think that you could actually prepare for combat while playing video games? Well, if you didn't, here's a quick hint - you absolutely can!

Of course, you'll also need physical training to get into the necessary shape, but video games will give you a certain advantage as they develop reflexes and agility.

Still, looking at this photo it's hard to believe that these soldiers are undergoing actual military training. This just seems too good to be true!

Playing Tanks

When we think about the army, ‘fun’ isn’t the first word that usually comes to mind. But where there are people involved – having some fun is always an option!

And even more than that – we believe it’s required for soldiers to unwind from time to time as they live and work under great stress 24/7. That’s why when they decide to be a little bit mischievous with their war tech, well, maybe the commanding officers decide to look the other way.

After all, it’s tanks we’re talking about! And what man didn’t dream to play actual tanks when he was a kid? But seriously, we hope they managed to untangle those tanks and not create any more traffic in the combat zone.

Real Superheroes

Batman and Robin, to the rescue! We would never imagine Batman going for an army look with all the camouflage, but it definitely works for these guys.

It’s easy to talk about superheroes on screen that are all cool and vengeful, but in real life they look quite different. And most of the time they wear soldier uniforms and helmets.

Still, it’s great to see these guys having some fun while being off duty. They look great in these suits!

A Deadly Duel

Soldiers need to have days off, too, right? It’s important to keep the spirits up and let the guys have some fun, so they can be in good mental shape later.

Mental health is just as important as the physical one! It’s psychology 101, ladies and gents. So, here we see two guys pretending to be knights in shining armor dueling each other.

Well, the armor is definitely there and they do have some kind of rides, but it’s their weapons that truly took our breaths away. Fighting with plungers looks like fun! This must be a welcome change after carrying all the heavy weapons around.

Never Ever Sleep Like This

Sleep deprivation can make people do the craziest things and look for sleeping spots in places that aren’t meant for relaxation.

We’ve seen people sleep on the floor, at the airports, inside uncomfortable boxes, but this soldier has definitely chosen the riskiest spot to watch some dreams.

We really hope someone woke him up and led to a safer resting place! We don’t even want to think about what would have happened if that turbine went on.

Baseball is Everything

If there is one thing that proves soldiers are humans, too, it’s this – playing baseball in your spare time! It’s probably happening somewhere in the action zone because the guys are clad in full gear, but they still found some time to unwind and play a game.

Baseball is a great way to release some of the stress that builds up in the combat zone and it allows to simply have fun with your comrades.

But seeing them playing baseball like this is quite a spectacle! This whole thing doesn’t look  too safe, but whatever works for them.

Can You Spot Them?

A lot can be said about the importance of camouflage during combat, but looking at these soldiers we are really wondering - did they even try? Or maybe they simply ran out of proper uniforms?

After all, the whole point of wearing camouflage is to become one with the surroundings so the soldiers are hard to spot. These guys, on the other hand, stick out like a sore thumb!

The soldiers don’t decide what to wear themselves, so all our questions go to the commanding officers who make such decisions. It’s one thing to train in such uniforms, but in real combat this could become a deadly mistake.

The Angel of Death

This photo is both hilarious and a little bit creepy because, well, you know, it is all about guns that shoot deadly bullets that can finish off people.

But on the other hand, seeing soldiers getting all creative with their gear is so much fun! We aren’t sure what they were going for – this image resembles of a multi-handed dancing God Shiva from the Hindu religion and he is quite a destructive character.

They could also be posing to create an image of some kind of a game boss – and we all know how hard they are to deal with! This one would definitely be a hard on to beat.

The Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You better watch out, you better not cry… Because the Santa Claus is coming to town! When you think of those song lyrics while looking at this picture , they gain a whole different meaning.

But seriously, isn’t it cool that Santa finds a way to come to the most remote locations and even the ones that are off limits to civilians?

After all, people in the army need their share of Christmas festivities, too! And what better way to bring their spirits up than by letting Santa pay them a visit on the Christmas Eve.

Running Low on Tech

When we think about the army we imagine that is should be equipped with the latest technologies and cutting edge gadgets, but the reality is always a bit different.

While millions of dollars are being poured into the military forces each year, sometimes soldiers run low on the most ordinary things – like proper army gear.

We are really hoping these guys were just having fun in their spare time, otherwise we have a few questions as to where all that tax money is going.

You’re Doing it All Wrong!

Did this guy get lost in time or something? Back in the day before the invention of guns most warfare was conducted using simpler weapons – like bows, for instance. But it’s really hard to mistake a huge gun for a bow if you want our opinion. At least, that’s what we thought before seeing this photo!

This soldier does look kind of cool holding the gun like this, but it definitely becomes totally useless. Needless to say, it makes for a lousy bow, too.

What can we say, boys are boys no matter where they are. Some fooling around must be done, otherwise the stress is too much!

Whatever Works for Them

It’s not often you see animals involved in modern warfare, but when you do – it’s a truly priceless sight!

We aren’t sure how camels behave in the middle of combat with all the shooting noises around, but judging by the look of this specimen they are as calm as toads in the sun when facing danger (well, in this case, they are as calm as camels in the sun, to be more precise).

We still believe it’s not good to put animals in harm’s way like this, but in times of war people sometimes have to make harsh choices.

Everyone’s a Kid at Heart

There’s no denying the fact that soldiers are brave men and know how to hold and use their weapons in the deadliest ways. Still, when it comes to seeing a roundabout there is hardly anyone who can resist taking a ride or two.

And soldiers are not an exception! Our inner kids rejoice when we have fun like this and we believe guys serving in the army need to have fun as often as possible.

Judging by the looks on these men’s faces they’re having the time of their lives. Naturally, there are no kids riding the roundabout at this time as they do look quite impressive clad in all their gear and armor.

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