20 Nostalgic Things Only People Born in the '70s and '80s Will Remember

2022-05-02 Stories

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With all the craziness going on around us in the modern times, it’s quite easy to become nostalgic about the days long gone. While the ‘70s and ‘80s fashion keeps coming back with all the bell sleeves, mini dresses, tunics, and Tie-dye shirts, there’s much more to those decades than just stylish attire.

From weirdly-dressed rock bands and spooky movies that have now become legendary, to mixtapes, Cabbage Patch dolls and mullets  – we present you 20 nostalgic things only people born in the ‘70s and ‘80s will remember.

Prepare to ride the waves of nostalgia!

22. Watching the First-Ever Star Wars Movie

It was the year 1977 when George Lucas created the first Star Wars movie and it had taken the whole country by storm. We all know that the movie soon became legendary, inspiring a series of sequels, but seeing that first one in the dim lights of a movie theatre was an experience one could never forget.

If you ask a ‘70s kid what it was like being there during that time he’ll probably describe you the whole experience in the smallest details.

It was such a precious memory everyone remembered that movie viewing for life! Now this movie is even more legendary than before, having started a whole franchise with all kinds of sequels and prequels.

21. Wearing Mood Rings

Mood rings had a glorious return in the 90s, but it was the 70s when they first appeared, becoming a must-have accessory the moment they hit the market.

Everybody loved them for their unique ability to change colour with a person’s mood, and they also looked quite cool!

Basically, it was a liquid crystal thermometer that could ‘read’ a person’s emotion from the body temperature. Blue was for calmness, black was for anger, and yellow meant you were getting anxious.