20+ Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad They Made Our Eyes Hurt

This article was originally published on our site: Tattoos are an amazing form of visual art, but only when done properly. Some people have a great sense of

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This article was originally published on our site:

Tattoos are an amazing form of visual art, but only when done properly. Some people have a great sense of taste, while others are more impulsive and tend to choose tattoos on a whim, without thoroughly thinking them through. Well, thanks to those people we have this hilarious list of tattoo fails that seems too surreal to be true. But make no mistake, each and every ink on this list is real! All these people must really regret the day they decided to go to the tattoo artist…

The Spelling Pro

We can all relate to the sentiment, after all, mothers are the givers of life and not a single one of us would be born without their care, love, and effort.

Still, something needs to be said about such a weird and awkward homage to your mother. Would she really be proud if her kid did something like this?

And we aren’t talking about the act of getting a tattoo, although many moms would disapprove of that, but about all the spelling mistakes made in one extremely simple sentence. Was it really that hard to use Google if you weren’t sure how to spell words? This is both hilarious and sad on so many levels.

This Dude Must Really Love Pens

Pens are pretty important, aren’t they? We all love a good pen, although lately most people are using laptops and smartphones to deliver messages, but it hasn’t always been this way.

We still need to write things and without a pen, well, it’s nearly impossible. You may argue that writing with a pen is last century and typing skills is all you need these days, but this guy would definitely disagree with you.

Well, obviously he meant ‘pain’ instead of ‘pen’, but this mistake makes his tattoo so much more meaningful (and hilarious as well). And the worst thing, he will have to wear this ink till the rest of his days.

That Eagle Won’t Look as Good in 10 Years

Can you imagine the way this eagle (along with its wearer) will look in a couple of decades? Well, it’s no secret that guys lose most of their hair as they age, so we can easily predict what will happen next.

But maybe that’s exactly what this guy was going for – a bald eagle (we mean, there’s actually an eagle species named this way). This North American bird certainly doesn’t own a mane of luscious hair, so in a few decades this eagle could actually look much more natural.

Although, we do question such a bold choice of tattoo placement – it would be very hard to undo this tattoo if he changes his mind in a couple of years. And who knows what this tattoo might look like as time goes by.

An Exquisite Top

Most of the time people choose small tattoos that can be easily hidden under layers of clothes – after all, you never know when you’ll need to  go through a job interview!

But this girl decided she didn’t care about all that nonsense and just went for a huge ink that covered both her hands and chest. We don’t have anything against tattoo sleeves, but this is definitely not something you could easily disguise.

But maybe that’s the whole point? Just be who you want to be no matter what others may think. This tattoo does look quite stunning on her.

The Ultimate Basketball Fan

Not every basketball fan would go so far as to getting a game-related tattoo, so props to this guy for being so devoted to it. Still, we have some questions as to the taste level of this tattoo…

First you see the basketball player but then your eyes shift onto the ‘ball’ he’s holding in his hand. It’s kind of gross, don’t you think?

But, on the other hand, this is probably better than just having a huge mole on your bold head – at least now it has a meaning and a purpose! This guy made lemonade out of lemons, and while it may not be all that good, but it’s something.

Show Must Go On

We all know Freddy Mercury from Queen and there’s no denying the fact that he’s an outstanding singer. But what’s outstanding about this tattoo is Freddy’s jaw! It’s so distorted that it doesn’t make any sense.

What was the tattoo artist thinking? Was he using some photo as a reference for the tattoo? Because if he was, then we have no idea how this could happen. On this tattoo Freddy Mercury’s mouth is so big you could fit a whole microphone there!

Combined with his weird elongated face, the lead singer of Queen looks like some kind of alien or a doodle made by a kid only learning how to draw. This could have been a really cool tribute tattoo, but alas, it failed on so many levels.

The Armpit Horror

We understand why someone would want to create beautiful tattoo art on their body, but when we see something like this inked on human skin for years to come, we have so many questions…

Like, how on Earth is that pretty? Just imagine when there’ll be some armpit hair growing there – the whole thing will look disturbing on so many levels. No to mention that there’s a spider now living under that woman’s arm.

We won’t lie, this is creepy and not beautiful at all! Well, maybe this woman was going for exactly that effect, then we don’t have any further questions. This tattoo looks like real nightmare.

That Cool Chinese Tattoo You’ve been Dreaming About

Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs are tricky because you never know that they actually mean unless you’ve studied the language. Just looking at the ‘words’ won’t do you any good because they are made of special signs only people who’ve studied them can understand.

That’s why before going to the tattoo parlor everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, should check what their tattoo actually means. It’s not that hard, you can just use Google translate!

This guy probably didn’t do his homework because he ended up with a tattoo saying ‘turkey sandwich’. Well, it’s not the worst thing it could say, actually, as we’ve seen worse!

Jolie, You’ve Changed…

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women on Earth, or at least she used to be in the days of her prime. She looked really stunning playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, that’s why it makes sense why someone would want to make a portrait of her as a tattoo.

Still, this was not the best photo to begin with. With her face already distorted by the expression of playful anger, the tattoo artist simply couldn’t cope with the task of transferring it onto skin.

He did the best he could! It looks similar to the photo, but not nearly quite as stunning or pleasing for the eyes. This is definitely something you’d want to hide under your shirt forever.

What Would Jesus Do?

Is there some secret meaning to this tattoo that we aren’t getting? Because this looks downright horrible no matter how you look at it.

And seriously, what does Jesus have to do with any of this nonsense? The tattoos were probably done separately on different occasions, but we have to wonder about what went through this girl’s head when she was deciding on the next tattoo.

Maybe she found God after making the horrifying, although slightly hilarious, tattoo on her chest? Or maybe it was the aftermath of making the Jesus tattoo and she wanted to balance it out with something less saintly? Well, she definitely succeeded!

Is That Zipper Stuck?

That moment when you were going for a big cool tattoo, but something went wrong in the process. Did they run out of ink? Or maybe the tattoo guy was too lazy to unzip this zipper a little bit further?

This could have looked very impressive, but instead it’s just a tattoo of a zipper running through this guy’s back with a peak-a-boo of a spine that looks more like an afterthought rather than the original concept.

But if that was the original design then there’s nothing we can do about it now! Well, neither can he. This man will have to live with this tattoo for the rest of his days.

What Are You Staring at?

It’s not every day you get to sit on a plane and have someone stare down at you with an expression of utter horror and excitement. At least, that’s what we think this tattoo face looks like.

We really have no idea why would anyone want to make a tattoo like this, but it does look funny. And pay attention at all those intricate details of the tattoo – the eye brows and moustache need to be carefully maintained for the tattoo to look proper.

At least this guy has put some thought into his scary-looking ink, unlike some other people on this list. We may not like it, but it’s quite a spectacular tattoo design.

I See You…

We don’t have anything against a big full back tattoo, but only when it’s executed in a beautiful way. Maybe this girl didn’t actually see it before deciding to pose for a photo?

These are some angry-looking eyes! And judging by the scratches, tattooed on the woman’s back, they belong to some not very friendly creature. We don’t know what served as an inspiration for this tattoo, but it doesn’t look flattering at all.

The greatest thing about this tattoo is that she can’t actually see it! Tattoos on the back are cool like that, so unless she uses a mirror she can almost forget it’s there. But the rest of the people will see it and, oh boy, they will never forget it.

The Smelly Tattoo

This is one of those cases when we simply can’t wrap our heads around the tattoo this woman decided to get. Out of all fruits and vegetables in the world, why choose an onion?

And then place it under your armpit? Well, we get the idea, armpits can get quite smelly, but should you really accentuate it with an image of an onion? Ah, so many questions, so little answers.

Just imagine this woman hitting the beach and then raising her arms to get some sunshine – she’ll become a real attention magnet! Well, maybe that’s what she was going for, who knows.

Not Quite the Same

Expectations vs. reality… It’s always such a gamble when you’re about to get a tattoo, especially in a place where you can’t see a thing. This means you have no control whatsoever of what’s going on in the back.

We are pretty sure if the man was looking at the whole process he would’ve just screamed ‘stop!’ the minute he saw the outline of this hilarious crab. It looks nothing like the reference picture!

Now we are wondering how the tattoo artist explained himself because this tattoo failed, and it failed hard. And there’s really nothing you can do to make it better – it’s huge, cartoonish, and very funny! But it’s definitely not what the man in the photo was going for.

The Dark Queen

So many things can go wrong with painting your body in black, especially when it comes to a permanent thing like a tattoo. This ink actually looks pretty cool and exquisite, with a queen bee on the girl’s chest hinting to female power.

Although, we do worry about what this tattoo will look like after it starts fading away – it’s never pretty! And with so much dark ink, it will gradually lose all its contrast and beauty.

Just imagine, after  going through the pain of getting this tattoo, to go through it all over again to refresh the colours. It pains us just to think about that!

No, Not Savvy

Captain Jack Sparrow, is that you? Looking at this tattoo we believe the tattoo artist was around six years old and had no reference зрщещ whatsoever. This is what happens when you create tattoo just from your memory!

But seriously, did a kid doodle  this art and it was later used as a base for a tattoo? Otherwise, we have no idea how this abomination could happen. It’s a total disaster!

Jack Sparrow is somehow recognizable on this tattoo, but mostly due to his heavy pirate eye makeup and the famous line that everybody knows.


We have to admit, that’s one creative way to exploit someone’s balding head. We mean, if there’s some untouched vacant skin there already, then why not turn it into something fun? Or, err, scary.

We don’t actually hate this tattoo as it looks quite organic on this guy’s head as he still has some hair around this gorilla face to make it look authentic. But now we are wondering what will happen when he eventually loses all his hair?

Will he just make it a full-head gorilla tattoo? Or will he leave the face just sitting there looking ridiculous on his bald head? We’ll probably never find out.

Moles or Poppy Seeds?

Looking at this photo it’s hard to tell whether this woman has some weird skin condition, a bad case of moles, or a whole bunch of poppy seeds sprinkled all over her chest. Seriously, it just lookы weird!

According to the story, this woman was going for a starry sky, but this looks nothing like it. And isn’t a starry night sky supposed to be dark for the stars to shine?

This just doesn’t make any sense and we can’t figure out why she would get a tattoo like this. It looks like her chest is covered with bugs!

Oh, Marilyn, What Have They Done to You?

Out of all the bad tattoos on this list, this one hurts us the most. Marilyn Monroe is such an iconic beauty that it seemы very unfair to turn her into this abomination. The person who created this ink clearly had no idea what he was doing!

Her face is distorted and looks nothing like Marilyn, apart from the facial expression. It’s just bad on so many levels.

We can’t see how the person who got this tattoo could be satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully, theн covered it with something better or even erased it from their skin.

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Published 4 years ago