50 Times People Spotted Something Utterly Surreal on Public Transport and Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

2022-05-19 Stories

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Travelling can be either delightful or totally weird. You just never know which way it will go! Whether you’re hitting the airport to go on a vacation you’ve been dreaming about for months or simply taking the subway to the city centre, there is so much to see!

It’s as if people wait to go to public places to let out their inner oddball! But we’re glad they do it because travelling becomes such a hilarious experience when you get to observe people curled up in all kinds of poses at the airport or doing something inappropriate on the subway. You just never know what you’ll see next!

Here we’ve collected the most surreal and unexpected things ever spotted on public transportation. Enjoy!

A Moment to Remember

Have you ever had that moment when you took a train ride and stumbled upon a fashion icon? No? Well, then you can enjoy this gorgeous girl here.

Not everyone can wear tight pants with grace, but this is definitely not the case with this lady! Who knows, maybe she’ll become the next Kim Kardashian, the Goddess of Tight-wear?

One thing we can say for sure, she can easily become a fashion model if she feels like that’s her calling.

TSA Agent is Getting Handsy

While airport security checks and scans are quite an ordinary experience for most people, for others it can become a real nightmare.

If you’ve dealt with TSA agents at least once then you know just how handsy they can be. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or woman – they are all the same!

Of course, the security guard needs to do their job, but what this woman could possibly hide wearing skin-tight clothing? We’ll probably never understand the logic behind it.