25 Hilarious English Language Fails That Made Us Roll on the Floor Laughing

This article was originally published on our site: Don’t you just love the English language? It’s beautiful, poetic, and is used by millions of people all

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This article was originally published on our site:

Don’t you just love the English language? It’s beautiful, poetic, and is used by millions of people all over the world. All kinds of things happen when people from different language backgrounds try using the English language – sometimes they make the funniest mistakes ever!

Not on purpose, of course, we can all blame Google translate for that. There are also all those occasions when children use English in totally hilarious ways, while adults fall victim to the cruelty of Autocorrect. Here are 25 of the funniest English language fails ever.

25. Lol

This might be the most hilarious logo fail ever. It’s so well-made that we’re almost sure someone created it on purpose!

Do you see what we see? This ‘lol’ is staring us right in the face! It is both an exquisite language fail and a hilarious logo disaster that quickly went viral.

Suggesting to ‘laugh out loud’ when someone is drowning is a really cruel thing to do! But it does look hilarious on the sign.

24. This poster looks quite shocked

Seriously, how can someone come up with a poster like this and miss the connection? We realize that not all people know the slang words, but you have to be living on another planet if you don’t know what that abbreviation stands for.

We’re really wondering if the designer of these posters is using the Internet at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done such a rookie mistake.

The words themselves are absolutely harmless and would have looked normal if placed differently. But alas! This English language fail is there for everyone to see.

23. Welcome to hеll

Is this what inferno actually looks like? An empty gas station at night in the middle of nowhere? Well, maybe it’s not that bad after all.

You can imagine the surprise on people’s faces when they drive to this gas station late at night and see this sign shining brightly in the dark. It’s like a shot from the movie!

Of course, they didn’t mean to create such a surreal sign on purpose and scare off all the customers. It probably just says ‘shell’, ‘hello’ or something equally harmless.

22. The Pringles disaster

Not that we’re judging anyone’s flavour choices, but what kind of flavour is that? And how would one prepare it?

Oh no, we really don’t want to know that. Obviously, it’s a translation mistake, but we are wondering what they were trying to say originally.

Did they mean some kind of assortment, a variety of tastes? We’ll probably never know that for sure. We just hope the sellers didn’t mean that literally!

21. That’s one weird cheese

We don’t have anything against a fancy Syrian cheese, but that extra word is what really makes us worry. Who would dare try a Syrian Paralysis Cheese, anyway?

It’s hard to imagine what a cheese with such a name tastes like and we surely wouldn’t want to try it ourselves.

If that was a translation mistake then it’s really hard to imagine what the name sounded like originally. And if that’s the actual name… Well, then we don’t even want to know where that cheese came from!

20. An airport sign you’ve never seen before

Look closely at what this airport sign is saying. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you and you’re reading it right – the sign’s ordering all the visitors to refrain from defecating right there in the middle of the waiting area.

Now, this is India we’re talking about and all kinds of crazy things happen there, but taking a dump amidst all those people in the airport?

That seems too much even by Indian standards. Still, the sign is real and it must be there for a reason.

19. Moms can be so harsh

When we think about Moms we usually imagine all the love and care they give us starting from our first days of life. They are gentle, caring, and most of the time they cook great.

Still, there is a different side to motherhood – one that kids know very well. When a Mom gets angry it’s like the doomsday has arrived. And if you happen to be the one that made her upset, well, we don’t envy you at all!

Moms spend lots of time in the kitchen so, naturally, this place means a lot to them. And if someone is brave enough to start creating a mess there – here is a warning to them!

18. A menacing Valentine

All kids are straightforward and most of the times just say what they think. Their writing may be funny and filled with spelling mistakes, but their thoughts are often worthy of a seasoned philosopher.

What should have been just another cute Valentine’s Day greeting card turned into a mind-blowing existential message. Mom and Dad, just be thankful that you are alive!

But seriously, how do kids come up with this stuff? It’s pretty remarkable.

17. Your life is empty, Santa

Kids love Christmas because of all the presents, holidays, and snow games, but not all kids believe in Santa Claus. This boy here couldn’t care less about Santa and his business, but he was still asked to write a letter to him as an assignment.

The kid doesn’t believe in Santa’s ‘notty’ list or the ‘good’ list, and he thinks that the whole Santa Claus thing is a hoax, calling his life ‘emty’ as well. That last sentence is like a cherry on top!

The boy also decided to keep his name a secret just in case. You never know, what if Santa actually receives this letter?

16. Chicken what, now?

You’d think a big mall would be more careful with signs and translating things properly, but this is definitely not the case here. What are they selling, exactly?

Are they talking about chicken thighs? Or is it some kind of leggings with meaty chicken prints? Either way, the sign looks hilarious!

Can you imagine a chicken wearing tights? We would have laughed so hard if we saw this sign in a supermarket.

15. Everyone, to the hole!

English spelling can be so tricky for people who aren’t used to it. Some letters you write, but don’t pronounce, while other sounds turn into something completely different on paper.

It’s quite understandable how they could make such a mistake. But it doesn’t make it any less funny!

Just imagine getting off the plane and seeing this hilarious sign! The ‘arrival hole’ doesn’t sound like a very pleasant place to go to.

14. A macabre milk recipe

When travelling to another country we want to try as many new things as possible. Some of the products we are all used to at home can turn into something very exotic abroad.

You’ve probably seen some whacky Pringles flavours and juices made of crazy ingredients, but have you ever paid attention to the good old milk? Coconut milk, to be precise.

This cream with ‘coconut humans’ is something else entirely! We may only guess that they meant something like ‘coconut bits’, but this choice of words is really off-putting. Definitely not something we’d like to try.

13. Dear Soldier

Kids know more about the world surrounding them than we realize. Not only are they smart and observing, but they also get a lot of info about life from movies.

That’s why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to read this spooky Valentine’s Day greeting card. On one hand, we get why this kid would think that soldiers get separated from their families forever with so many movies using this topic, but on the other hand – he may actually be right!

Watching all those movies and TV shows paid off in a very weird way. Kids know lots of things about real life, but they have a very dramatic take on it!

12. The arch-enemy

No one really likes trash, but it seems these guys are taking things a little bit too far. Have you ever seen a sign like that near a trash can? We certainly haven’t!

Not only is trash called poisonous, but also evil, as if rubbish had a mind of its own and was planning to take over the world or something.

We’ve seen plastic waste, organic waste, and trash made of glass and other materials, but none of it was evil! They may be right about the poisonous part, though.

11. The answer is NO

Behold the ultimate washing machine guide like you’ve never seen before. Well, if you have kids then you know just how important it is to leave proper instructions, especially when using tech and all kinds of gadgets.

This Mom did some extra planning and put stickers on all the buttons the kid shouldn’t even think of touching. Which are, well, most of the buttons on the washing machine!

We are really wondering whether this helped or not. Kids are notorious for ignoring all kinds of rules and just doing whatever they feel like. We hope this guide worked!

10. Adults are not allowed

If a part of your shop’s sign goes dark, wouldn’t you want to immediately fix it? This was definitely not the case with this owner and his glow-in-the-dark sign.

It looks perfectly normal during the day, but in the evening things take a different turn. Would you visit the shop that says ‘Child Liquors’? Out of curiosity, maybe.

People might start asking questions soon. But maybe that’s the whole point? This broken sign probably gathers more attention than a good old boring sign that is properly lit and readable.

9. A message to Manuel

Don’t you just love spelling mistakes? They are so endearing and remind us about kids writing their funny messages. Seeing such notes in a public place just makes them so much more hilarious!

This message to ‘Manuel’ probably made everyone laugh out loud when they read it. It’s funny in a very cute way!

The spelling mistake here is harmless and we can get the gist of the message. Still, people should be more careful when they compose public notes like this!

8. Dear Tooth Fairy

Did you believe in Tooth Fairy when you were a kid? For many children, it’s a very important relationship as they get to have a bit of free money for something that happens to them naturally. It’s a win-win situation!

Some kids get used to this source of income and can become a bit demanding. This girl here is documenting her lost teeth, reminding the Tooth Fairy about her duties.

This kid may very well become a great accountant! She’s definitely good with maths and will probably become eve better later if Tooth Fairy keeps on ditching her duties.

7. How are you, Mr Handel?

Stuff gets broken at offices all the time, so it’s not uncommon to see a note saying that something doesn’t work. What’s more unusual is to see some grown-up make such a rookie spelling mistake.

Seriously, even a kid could spell the word ‘handle’ right! But then this smart joke wouldn’t have appeared, so we don’t really mind!

Someone reacted to the mistake and created another witty note with an answer. The note shows George Frideric Handel, a famous German composer, asking whether they are talking about him. It even looks like he’s pointing his hand quizzically!

6. Free shrugs, anyone?

Yes, you read that right! This kid here is offering a different take on the usual ‘free hugs’ sign we’ve all seen quite a few times.

Did he make a spelling mistake? Or is it just a cute joke? Well, judging by the guy’s face he’s not offering people any hugs, so it must be true.

Who would want free shrugs, though? Or shrugs of any kind, really. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

5. Which Gary will win?

Colours are easy to get, right? Wrong! It is quite amazing how a simple single letter switch can ultimately change the context of what you're trying to say.

That's exactly what happened with Gary. Oh, we apologize, that's exactly what happened with Gray in these Amazon listings. Which one is your pick?

Maybe the guy's name is Gary and they decided to make the ads a bit more personal? Well, in that case they still made a mistake writing his name!

4. Think twice before you shoplift at this store

Shoplifting is a big no-no in our books. Stealing is never right unless you are trying to steal someone's heart in which case you have our full permission.

As bad and risky as shoplifting is, you don't want to be a shoplifter in this particular store. Do you know what you will be subjected to? Let's find out!

We just wish no one ever tries to steal anything from this shop. The punishment for that is too much!

3. They like it neutral

Gone are the days when people wished you a good day or greeted with a hope filled message. We are living in times when just having a day to ourselves is a big achievement.

This cake baker knew what was coming. Have you ever seen a sweeter prediction of 2020? We haven't.

You may also notice that they managed to make a mistake even writing such a simple message. A simple 'a' would make it sound so much better!

2. A whole lot of holes

Holes are important. So much so that without them we wouldn't be able to breathe, eat, speak, or listen.

But you know there are more important holes out there that allow us to stay connected to the Internet so we can binge watch our favorite shows on Netflix and catch up with our friends on Facebook. Welcome to the Internet hole!

It reminds us about the movie Matrix a little bit. Plug in and enjoy the cyberspace!

1. Some stores really hate shoplifters, don't they?

Remember the store that would use prostitution as a means of punishment? Well, they were still being quite merciful as we have found another store that claims to hand out an even more severe punishment if you steal their stuff.

This is a store you probably shouldn't enter in the first place. Walmart is quite safe we hear.

If you're writing such a harsh message at least make sure you don't make any grammar mistakes!

0. The walking paradox

We all have heard about the walking dead but have you heard about the walking paradox?

Apparently it is a phenomenon where you move forward without actually moving forward. It is quite challenging to wrap your head around this one but if you think hard enough, it actually makes sense. Michael Jackson, something, something!

Another way you can perform the 'walk without walking' stunt is to simply stand in one place. Maybe that's what they meant?

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