40 Funny & Outrageous Notes Left on Restaurant Receipts

This article was originally published on our website: We all have been to restaurants, and we all have paid tips at one time or another. But have you

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This article was originally published on our website:

We all have been to restaurants, and we all have paid tips at one time or another. But have you ever left a note on the receipt? We bet not!

It seems like some people feel entitled to do more than just leave a tip. From jokes to rude comments, they write down all sorts of things on the restaurant bills. And sometimes, the situation is reversed.

It's the server who makes weird and hilarious remarks about the customer. Can you believe that?! So, in today's article, be prepared to laugh and cringe because we've compiled the best 25 funny notes found on receipts. Let's dive in!

The Worst Service Ever?

Okay, we've all seen people who don't want to leave a tip because of unsatisfactory service or some other reason. Well, it's their choice!

But actually subtracting money from the bill? Now that's something we've never seen before and the owner of the restaurant was probably just as surprised as we are.

What did the restaurant do to make this person so disappointed? That dinner must have been truly awful, otherwise we have no idea what could have angered them so much.

Late to the Party

At a glance, this receipt looks just like the others. The customer had ordered a carrot & ginger soup. But, if you run your eyes over the total amount, you'll find something unusual below it!

'Wake Up, Neo. The Matrix has you' - it's a popular quote from the 1990's best-known movie, The Matrix. It might be that the customer was feeling sleepy or looked very much similar to the character Neo. But, in any case, one thing is sure - the cashier is pretty late to the party!

There's no way the customer would have understood the quote unless he was a 1990s kid or a die-hard Matrix fan, too.

Tip Speaks a Lot About Your Worth!

How rude - the customer not only left four cents as a tip for the server, but he also thought it was compulsory for him to be this rude. Out of all things, he wrote: 'And you're worth less!'

Well, we don't know whether the server did a pathetic job to deserve this or not. But this comment and the scarce tip do tell a lot about who's worth less!

So, before you decide to insult someone, make sure to double-check your actions. They might be giving you away!

When Soda is Life

Okay, so this customer loved sodas very much. Or maybe he was feeling very artsy and enthusiastic about his drinks.

On the back side of the receipt, he drew Coke and Pepsi battling each other with the iconic Eye of the Tiger song playing in the background. To make things even better, he drew a local soda can holding a knife and saying 'Name Brand Bаstаrds!'

We don't know the reason behind making this cool sketch, but we do know two things - this customer was observant about the taste of his drinks and had an extremely creative mind!

Wait - What Does That Mean?!

'Beware of the Ninjas in the Parking Lot' - okay, this seems to be a little worrying note, too. What is the customer referring to as the ninjas? Are they pet cats and dogs?

Sometimes, people set up creepy and realistic props around their houses during the Halloween season. While drivers are usually cautious, some do get the scare of their life. So, the reference might be to that, too.

Or maybe the customer had just watched a ninja movie and was feeling a bit pumped up? We really don't know what the note actually means. But, we do hope the delivery guy made it safely to the customer's door!

Tattoos and Coffee Date

Receiving compliments now and then is a routine at restaurants. It's especially true for servers who are good-looking and charming. But it seems like this customer was very serious about the waitress.

He not only left his number but also wrote a paragraph-long note filled with tattoo compliments and asked her on a coffee date. She must have been really pretty to make a customer fall in love like this!

So, did they go on a date? Or did the waitress ignore the message? We can never know, though it must have made the server's day ten times better!

Pick Your Favorite Number!

A $70 tip for a billed amount of $56.74 That's insane!!

And, it seems that the kind customer was ready to pay even more. This is what the 7 was for. You should have picked 10:) You were great!

The waiter or waitress must be pretty lucky to have received such a generous amount. As for the customer, all we can say is that he/she must possess a very kind and caring soul to have given someone an amazing tip. On top of that, they also made the server's day by giving them an awesome remark.

When Starbucks Sends a Message

Call it a marketing technique or poor hiring, but Starbucks always manages to get your name wrong. It will either spell the name incorrectly or switch it with someone else's name.

But, what's this? The coffee cup has 'Lazy' written on it. What name could have they misheard to spell it as lazy? Is there even such a name?

We cannot think of any, and we bet you cannot either. It looks like the matter is different. Maybe this time the barista simply tried to send out a message?

Kids or Discount Coupons?

These customers had such well-behaved kids that this restaurant decided to offer them an amazing discount of $4. So, instead of $62.64, they had to pay only $58.64.

What's more, the restaurant staff also wrote a nice note at the end - 'Thank You, We Appreciate You!' How cool is that?

The parents must have felt really proud reading this. All the effort must have felt worth it! We think this funny note is a sign that all parents should begin focusing on their kid's behavior. Who knows what type of discount you may get?

We Get It, Math is Tough

There comes a point in everyone's life when you need to do some math. Yes, it's tough, be all have to do it! Even if it was our least favourite subject at school.

But that's what calculators are for! Everyone has a phone on them these days, so calculating a tip shouldn't be that hard.

This person probably didn't want to leave a tip so they decided to come up with this lousy excuse. Well, it kind of worked, we have to give it to them.

Leave the Tip Jar Alone!

We're a bit confused at this one. People have stolen a number of things in the history of restaurants. They steal money, cutlery, and even extra tissue papers and ketchup packets.

However, we have never heard of someone taking away an entire tip jar!

The restaurant must have probably encountered this strange act a lot of times. It's why they considered reusing some old plastic bottles for tip collection and wrote a warning, too. The front of the jar says 'Stop Stealing the Tip Jar'. Well, the condition of the poor tip jar says it all!

Birthday Boy Feels Generous

Wow - this boy must really be feeling very generous to pay a good $22 above the bill. And, the best part is he has given the amount as a gift!

If he had written something about the services, we would have known that the tip was for that. But, he wrote In Honor of My 22nd B-Day, I Would Like You to Have a $22 Tip. He even gave the waitress a nice comment - how amazing.

Only if more people exist like him. Honestly, making others feel miserable and worthless is a pathetic thing to do. People should take this boy as an inspiration!

A Service Good Enough to Bring Your Inner Artist Out!

Wow - this customer possesses some seriously good artistic skills. The moon, stars, mountain, and everything else crafted from a single pen looks fantastic. We bet the staff member who collected the receipt must have been surprised. And, as for Chris, his day would have been ten times better!

However, the real question here is - how good was the restaurant's service to make the customer feel so artsy?!

We'll have to try out Iconic Grill soon to find out if Chris is indeed amazing at his job or if the customer was only trying to make his day better.

Being Kind & Generous

Oh my - this is a really heartwarming note that a customer left for the server. He drew a nice space picture with an astronaut and cat flying around. Along with that, he wrote: 'It looked like the customers next to us were being really sh*tty customers, so I drew you a spaceman.'

This shows the intent behind the act was pure kindness. The customer only wanted to make the day better for the server because someone else wasn't nice to them. What's more, he even left a generous tip!

We wish more people to be like this in the world. Kindness is very underrated!

Some People Just Can't Do Math

Omg - we cannot stop laughing at this one!! 😂

A woman posted on the group that a restaurant she recently visited refused to give her change. She gave them $100 for a bill of $47.20, and they returned her $53. On this, she called the manager and demanded the cashback saying she would rather prefer a credit card payment.

It was because 80 cents didn't matter to her, but if the restaurant kept doing this, it would have way more money than justified. The moral of the story is do not put so much pressure on your brain. It just can't do the math!

Give a Tip Without Actually Giving It

Umm - how high was this person?

The customer left a tip in the glass still full of drink. Did he really intend to give any tip, or was it accidental? In any case, this type of action suggests only one thing. He probably had too many drinks!

As for the server, we feel really bad for him. It seems like a one-dollar bill, but a tip is a tip. He could have added it to the tip jar and received a better amount at the end of the month. Well, thanks to the delicious drink, the bill would no longer be usable.

Falling in Love at the Restaurant

Being extra nice to the customers is a part of the server's job. This doesn't mean they're interested in you. Nonetheless, people keep on falling in love with waiters every now and then.

But, look at this man's audacity. He didn't leave a tip, nor did he compliment the waitress. In fact, he confidently wrote his number and suggested it was better than a tip!

If the waitress liked the Black Eastern Hoodie guy too, we can only imagine a good starting for them. But did this guy consider the alternative possibility? What if she didn't like him? Yikes!

13 Reasons for Not Tipping

Not all customers leave tips, and the restaurant staff is well aware of that. Some customers don't have change, some don't like the service, and some simply don't want to.  But, oh my, look at this huge list?!

The customer certainly was a picky one. She created a complete list stating all the reasons why she didn't tip. According to her, the waiting time was way too much, the tables were filthy, and the waiter had an attitude.

If all this is true, we cannot imagine the horrible service this restaurant had. But, if you notice the bottom of the list, there's a Flip too. She had even more reasons not to tip!

Kind-Hearted Drinker of the Group

Having birthday celebrations at restaurants never gets old. It doesn't matter whether you turn 5 or 50 years old. A good, fulfilling meal and drink make everything better.

Well, this self-proclaimed drinker of the group must have really enjoyed the night. He wrote a wonderful thank you note to the waitress.

Since he didn't make a single mistake, he probably wouldn't have been the real drinker. Instead, the title of the Drinker of the Group should go to the B-day Girl who passed out 😂

Nonetheless, we hope this kind gesture made the waitress' day. And we also hope she received an amazing tip for her amazing services!

The Great Haiku Master

Haikus are indeed very easy. You just have to take care of the syllables and rhyme. Words don't really matter as long as the message is delivered clearly.

But, it looks like the pressure of stringing words together was too much on this staff member. He wrote: Haikus are easy/But sometimes they don't make sense/Refrigerator.

Everything was going pretty well until the refrigerator popped up out of nowhere. We don't know whether it's some sort of code word or the staff member is just trying to communicate the senselessness of the haikus!😂

Don't Mess with Mama!

There's no doubt that kids can be pretty scary to handle. These little, devilish creatures are capable of turning a clean and neat home into a disaster site. Their abilities also include howling like a wild animal and leaving you desperate for sleep at night.

This mama was seriously in no mood for dealing with creepy customers at the bakery. She made sure to highlight her powers in the receipt by stating: 'You can't scare me. I have children!'

We totally understand you, mama. But, what in the world did the customer do to make you warn them?

Gaga Oh La La!

Wow - could you imagine finding this in the receipt? Probably not!

It looks like the customer had Lady Gaga - a singing icon - serve as the clerk. The idea of the popular Bad Romance artist working as an ordinary clerk sounds unbelievable. But what if it was true?

What if the restaurant staff wasn't joking? What would you have done in this situation? We would run back to the place and find our favorite music artist in hopes of getting a selfie or two. Nobody wants to miss such a big opportunity!

Flaunting Your Not-So-Good Math Skills

One glance at this receipt, and we're quite sure everyone at the restaurant must have felt confused. The customer wrote the math symbol Pi in the tip section. Meanwhile, the total amount paid was $30.

Since the due amount was $26.86, we believe he paid $3.14 as a tip. Well, just a little Google search is enough to tell that Pi actually stands for 3.14159. So, even with the rounded figure, the tip paid is not right.

It just proves that not everyone is good at math. It's better to check your facts before you try to flaunt them!

Appreciate Your Customers!

Looks like this bookshop kept an eye on their customer purchases, and well, they probably should. This customer brought two very strange titles, which look even more bizarre when put together!

Despite the weirdness, the staff members made sure to appreciate their customers' purchases.

They sent the book package along with the receipt. And, at the end of the receipt, they wrote 'Thank You For Buying Weird Sh*t'. We only hope the customer didn't mind and took the appreciation positively!

Make Up Your Mind, Please!

Hmmm - this funny note is way more confusing than it should be. The customer has given a generous 20% tip for the $80.94 billed amount. That's a good $16.06!

He also went ahead by writing 'Best Waiter Ever'. So, the server must have been really great at his service. But, the next few things will make you think otherwise.

Below the comment, the customer wrote a famous meme phrase and drew a disapproving stick figure. Is this his style of appreciation or sarcasm? We don't know, but the server did get his amazing tip!

Too Hungry to Make Sense!

Dining out is all fun and exciting until you start to feel the hunger. The rumbling from the stomach can make everything feel slow and gradual. It seems like the seconds have stretched to minutes and the minutes to hours - quite literally!

And, in this situation, it's pretty easy to get annoyed with the staff. We totally get it. We all have been there at least once in a lifetime. But this doesn't mean the waiter should receive punishment.

Clearly, the restaurant may need to get faster cooks, but why tip the waiter less? We don't get it 😂

Better to Keep Opinions to Yourself

Uh oh - eating for two?? In today's world, people have great awareness about body shaming and discrimination. Some people are thin, and some are large. There is a diversity of people around us, and we should respect them all.

It's truly a wonder why the server made such a comment without inquiring. The woman must have been a bit too round in the stomach region, but this doesn't mean she's pregnant. Not everyone has flat tummies, and that’s okay.

We're glad she took it coolly, or else the server might have lost the job!

When Sаtаn Decides to Show Up

Signing your restaurant receipt with 'Sаtаn' is certainly not the average customer's sense of humor. It's pretty nаughty and dеvilish, to be honest. We can't really imagine what the waiter must have felt picking up the bill after the person left.

If the server was a chill and easy person like us, they probably laughed hard at this little joke. But, if he was a serious person, we can only think of the opposite. Hopefully, that wasn't the case!

Our best guess is that this receipt is from a time somewhere around Halloween. People love playing creepy and weird jokes these days. It would have been super funny if the customer would have dressed up as the dеvil too!

A Little More Customer Appreciation!

Okay, so this receipt clearly belongs to a gas station. There is a big Pump #7 written on the very top. But, what do we see in the number section?!

This guy spent $20 on refilling his car. That's a lot considering the receipt dates back to 2012. Well, while this payment for gas is definitely not cheap, it's an inescapable part of adult life in the US.

An average person spends anywhere from $150 to $200 on car gas every month. If you calculate the expenses for the complete year, you'll be blown away by how many thousands you spend on car gas alone. So, it's really nice to see that this gas station guy has appreciated his customer with the long 'Thanks Boyyyyyy' message at the end. He probably deserved that!

Lame Humor + Bad Math = Classic Combo

We really don't know whether we should laugh at this restaurant receipt or feel sorry about it. There are a lot of mixed feelings going on inside! At first, we can see that the customer wrote $36.36 as the total amount paid. He then crossed it out and wrote $36.37.

Anyone who looks at this would be truly puzzled. Why would you joke about giving a cent more to the server? But then, if you look up at the tip, you would get the lameness of it all.

The customer was actually considerate to give the server a good $6 tip. But, his math skills were so bad that he couldn't add $30.37 and $6.00 together. Instead of just correcting the 6 to 7, he crossed it out and wrote it all over again!

Breaking the Cringe-o-meter

We have seen receipts where people leave weird messages, different tips, and sometimes no tips at all. But look at this restaurant receipt!

The customer tried making a joke about himself by signing with the name Butthole Teeth. That's not the funniest joke to read when you work in a restaurant. It's somewhat cringy and gross.

Nonetheless, we're glad that the joke was harmless and did not insult or hurt someone's feelings. The customer even paid a good, round $4.00 tip. Who knows, maybe Sherri the server might have had a good laugh, too?

Confess Without Losing Your Cool

On-the-go romance seems to be a big part of restaurant life. Strangers keep on falling in love with the waiters and waitresses. Even when they know the possibility of actually being together is pretty slim.

Well, this receipt is just another example of the not so forgotten confessions. The customer either loved the server enough to compliment or was just trying to make their day better. In any case, this act of generosity seems quite nice.

The use of the hashtag with LUV UR TAN is iconic. We're pretty sure the customer belonged to Gen Z because that generation can give up anything except for their self-invented coolness standards!

PacMan Lover

It looks like this customer had a special place for PacMan in his heart. But, well, who doesn't love PacMan? Almost every person has grown up playing this classic game!

The customer went ahead and drew a small PacMam eating the dots while making the sound Nom Nom. He did this all in the place where you write the name. So, missing this cute little doodle would have been impossible.

We're pretty sure that seeing this has made the server's day. And, what's even better is the cash tip. Servers always find them great!

Shame on You!

Wow - we didn't know people could be this rude and disrespectful. 'Boo You Fail' is the meanest thing you can write on a restaurant receipt. And, let's not forget the fact that the customer did not give any tip at all.

We don't know whether the service was indeed horrible, but, we also don't know what the server was going through either. It's bad enough not to give a tip, and this customer went ahead with calling the service a failure.

If you go to a restaurant someday,  we request you not to make such rude remarks no matter what. This world needs more kindness and empathy, not meanness!

Get Some Decency!

Here's another example of people being harsh and cold for no reason. This customer did not call the server failure or anything. But, he did sprinkle salt on open wounds by asking him to get a REAL job.

Being a waiter at a restaurant is a job. It may not be the highest paying one, but it is something people do to earn a living. Just because you're not doing it does not mean it's not a REAL job!

We think this customer should get some decency and gentleness first. He definitely didn't make things better by paying a scarce tip of $1.33.

Random Fact Experiment

Haha - this is a really nice one! It's true that many people do not read the receipt. We're always in a hurry to pay the bills and get the food inside our rumbling stomachs.

Sometimes, we don't even check whether we're being charged the right amount. But, hey, this doesn't mean we're all the same!

Some people do really read the receipt. It's why this funny restaurant receipt caught the internet's attention. And we're glad Chuck Norris has an Xbox Live on his PS3!

Being Blessed

This is truly amazing. At first, this receipt doesn't really make sense when you read 'I Give God 100%, Here's Your 30%'. What does that mean?

It comes off as some sort of a religious saying. Then you look at the amounts below, and wow. This guy must have been really religious to give such a generous tip!

Maybe the server was excellent at his service, or he wasn't. We are not certain about that. But it's very nice to see people being kind and humble. This act of generosity must have made the server days so much better.

Late Night Orders

Restaurant staff has to face a huge variety of customers. There are picky ones, mean ones, and overly generous ones. Then comes the tiny percentage of people who don't know what they're doing!

Don't get us wrong, but we can't blame the server here. This customer must have been really very hіgh to deserve this name.

Imagine how you would have dealt with someone who doesn't make sense while talking. It would have been quite a funny and frustrating situation! Guys, please be careful and do not go out in such a state. It can be dangerous!

Drinking аlcоhol or any intоxicating substаnce is considered an activity suited for adults only. All countries have different age restrictions regarding when a person can actually begin doing so. So, looking out for not-yet legal customers trying to buy drinks is a must for restaurants.

In this receipt, the customer first wrote a huge $20 tip and then crossed it out. What was his reason for doing so? Shoulda Let Me Drink!

Haha, really? Well, you should become an adult first. 21 is the legal age for drinking in the United States. If you try it otherwise, you would end up in jail!

Will Do Anything For Discounts

Okay, so we totally respect all those amazing men and women who risk their lives to protect the country. The military, navy, aviation, and all the other involved departments deserve discounts. And we’re pretty sure almost every restaurant, shop, hospital, and even academic institute offers them.

However, we don’t get as to why this navy spouse considered it her right to get a discount. There’s a huge difference between serving in the navy and being the spouse of someone who’s in the navy. Besides, look at the billed amount!

This lady wanted to pay even less than $8.83. She didn’t even leave a tip and wrote a sarcastic remark. The business staff must have felt terrible reading this. Sadly, she didn’t stop there. She made a post on Facebook and created a bad reputation for the business. How pathetic!

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