40 Hilarious Jokes in Cartoons That Are Certainly Not For Kids

This article was originally published on our website: Back when you were a child, did you find your parents and elder siblings enjoying a cartoon that seemed senseless?

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This article was originally published on our website:

Back when you were a child, did you find your parents and elder siblings enjoying a cartoon that seemed senseless? Or have you ever re-watched a childhood cartoon only to find yourself laughing uncontrollably? If yes, then you're not alone. Many of us were too innоcent and pure as children to get the adult jokes hidden in the context. Well, now that you're an adult, let's give these hilarious cartoon jokes a revisit. We warn you, these jokes might be a little inappropriate for kids, but are totally hilarious for аdults!

You'll Need to Pay Some Extra

When Dexter fired Dee Dee from being his sister, he started missing her and had to look for a replacement. Well, easier said than done!

When he stumbled upon Candi she seemed nearly perfect, but there was one thing missing. Yes, Dee Dee used to dance all the time and although Dexter kind of hated it, he also missed that. But what happened when he asked Candi to dance?

Yes, she was having none of that and demanded him to pay her extra cash for a dance. Now, most kids wouldn't think twice about this exchange, but adults immediately got the gist of what was going on and what Candi's other job was.

Farrah Fawcett Becomes Blindfolded

To be honest, nobody really liked Johnny Bravo as a kid. And neither did our parents let us watch it alone. The show was clearly and visibly for the adults.

This particular scene pretty much speaks for itself. It is from the episode when the famous Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett entered the show. The star is seen blindfolded, playing with the children.

She appears to be having fun before remembering something very special. Okay, Farrah, you didn't have to make it obvious with that sly smile!

Just Give Me the Bird

Animaniacs is filled with adult jokes to make you laugh all day long. There's no wonder children often find the story going over their heads. But, of course, the colors used were too vibrant, and the characters were very expressive.

It explains why kids found the cartoon appealing. Otherwise, this hidden joke clearly shows that Animaniacs are a complete no-no for kids.

Nobody knows what Minerva really meant, but she certainly wasn't referring to what the main characters thought!

Grandpa's Past Revelation

This episode of Hey Arnold revolves mainly around Arnold and his grandpa Phil. As the survivor of the Great Depression, Phil tells how he had to quit his studies and wind up his childhood life to earn a living for his family. Those times were hard, and Phil suffered a great deal trying to support his family.

Fast forward, and Arnold is convincing his grandpa to go back to school. He tries to be motivational in his own style.

Umm, okay, Grandpa! Thank God children were unable to understand this substance-related joke when this episode aired.

PPG and Accidents

Who doesn't love this adorable cartoon featuring three superhero girls?!

Each episode of the Power Puff Girls reminded us of the fact that Professor Utonium made the PPG by accident. While mixing sugar, spice, and everything nice, Professor accidentally adds chemical X. As a result, the three cute superhero girls are born.

Well, in this particular episode, Bubbles brings her new friend Robin to the house. She introduces Robin to Professor, and things get a little too real. The expression on Professor's face says it all!

Hawkgirl Makes the Biggest Roast

Everyone is a gem in Justice League. These superheroes have really made our childhood more exciting and fun than anything else. But, well, look at this biggest roast of Mr. Flash.

In this episode, the heroes gather around the Watchtower to find out Lex Luther's plans. This is when Flash boasts about his super-fast skills, saying he's the fastest man alive.

Hawkgirl's quick to burn Flash with a comment - That's why you can't get a date. Ouch, this might have really hurt. Sorry, Flash, but you weren't fast enough to stop this burn!

I Found Prince!

No Dot, that's not what he meant! Animaniacs do have a way to keep adults entertained with its never-ending, hilarious jokes. This one will take a little time to process. But if you go back to the episode and watch it from the beginning, we bet you'll fall off your seat while laughing, too!

Here, the Warner siblings are investigating a case when they come across Prince. Yakko tells Dot to 'dust for prints'. But, oh my, Dot finds and brings Prince in her arms.

And, when Yakko tries to clarify things by saying - no, no, no, fingerprints, Dot gives a mischievous grin. This joke is just too much!

Maybe Not So Dumb

Zootopia is one of the recent animated movies that has won the hearts of millions. It features cute characters, a beautiful setting, and a thrilling plot. Plus, there are a few not-so-kid-friendly jokes present to make you laugh and enjoy.

For example, police officer Judy is seen counting the fine due on the fox (Nick) here. She is about to give him the fine receipt when she boasts that she may be a dumb bunny, but she's good at multiplying. This uncomfortable remark leaves a weird expression on Nick's face!

And, for the audience, we already know Judy's huge family background. It includes 275 siblings. So, of course, the comment does leave us all smiling and reevaluating Judy's dumbness!

Yep, I'm 18.

Scooby-Doo is by far the most adults-joke-free cartoon yet. However, you can still find a moment or two that indicates the opposite.

We all remember this episode when Daphne calls in her pretty cousin Darcy to join in the case. She's obviously smart and beautiful, but this doesn't stop her from shooting a shot at Frederick (Daphne's significant other).

Velma reminds everyone that Darcy just had her birthday. In response, Darcy looks at Frederick and says, 'Yep, I'm 18. Able to legally-vote.' If you notice the pause and her expression, then you know what she means!

Panicky Patrick

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the most successful and loved cartoons worldwide. People simply adore this funny and a bit stupіd character who lives in the seabed with his friends. But, guess who is the best character of all? Patrick!

This pink-colored starfish friend of Spongebob seems even more innocent and pure. However, this exchange between both characters tells a different story.

Poor Patrick probably thought Spongebob is using a code word for something else! In response, he quickly covers up his front and screams in a panicky voice - where???

Being Bad Parents!

Fairly Odd Parents really took it to the next level by targeting their jokes directly at adults. In this scene, their first joke is the reference to Dr. Phil's real-life show which is based on psychology. This one is a little innocent since they are only doing a parody of the doctor. Even kids might have noticed and laughed at it.

But, what came next was mind-blowing. Timmy's parents appear to be watching Dr. Bill's revealing the bad parent test. According to him, if a child spends too much time alone in his room and needs lots of toilet paper, they may be bad parents.

Timmy does exactly the same, making both adults cry and admit they are bad parents. Thank God, the episode later revealed what Timmy wanted all that tissue for!

Rugrats Shares Too Much Information

Oh no, we didn't expect Rugrats to have these kinds of funny adult jokes. It was supposed to be a baby show, right?

Well, in this part, Grandpa seems to be looking after the toddlers. He offers the kids some movies to watch and enjoy. The options include VHS tapes of Reptar Redux and Reptar Come Home. And then come the Lovely Space Vixens.

The cover shows what the title indicates, and Grandpa shares too much information next. Ahah, uh, that's for after you go to bed! You get what he means.

Beast Boy Isn't Satisfied With the Job!

The Teen Titans show has a totally different vibe. It has a mix of thrill, sadness, innocence, and humor. No wonder people from all age groups love this show!

But, this episode does get a little low for kids when Beast Boy and Robin receive their puppets. Robin seems impressed by all the detailing, but Beast Boy quickly examines the pants and gives a weird reaction.

Speak for yourself. I'm way better looking than this. And taller. Hmmm – someone just made our Beast Boy a little bit disappointed!

Offering Sacrifice to Athena

Johnny Bravo has only one type of humor, and we all know it. But you wouldn't have missed this moment even as a kid.

The main character finds himself surrounded by a group of beautiful Amazon women. Following his weird nature, he starts enjoying his time and is willing to help the women out. But, it turns out, those pretty faces wanted Johnny for a totally different reason.

Tied with a rope, Johnny seems genuinely confused when the warrior speaks to the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and mentions a sacrifice they're about to make. Johnny is totally confused with what's going on. Did she say vіrgin? Looks like Johnny didn't quite meet their specific criteria!

Shrek's Sense of Humor

Innocent minds won't ever get what Shrek meant here. There is this joke where Lord Farquaad's name sounds like a bad word if you remove the letter R. But, this joke is totally different (in a funny way for those who get it - wink, wink!).

Shrek and Donkey arrive in front of Lord Farquaad's huge manor. Immediately, Shrek compares the massiveness of the castle to Lord's small stature and says: Don't you think he's compensating for something here?

Apparently, Donkey seems a bit confused too. But, later in the movie, he understands it and even tries to mention it to Fiona. Gladly, Shrek is there to stop him in time!

Shattered Dreams of Mr. Turner

Ouch - that was a harsh comment coming from Mr. Turner. But it's all too real, and hearing such words in a cartoon just feels hilarious!

In this scene, Timmy is up in the attic with his father. He finds a small object and asks what it is. To this, Mr. Turner replies: 'Aahh, that's my tiny box of dreams.'

Suddenly, Timmy drops the box, and breaks it beyond repair. Upon his apologies, Turner tells him not to worry. He then asks his age, implying that raising the kid was the reason he couldn't pursue his dreams!

When the Ground Shakes

Aladdin & the King of Thieves didn't receive as much recognition as the original movie. However, the funny jokes included in it haven't gone unnoticed!

When the earthquake begins and the ground shakes, Genie becomes a little alarmed. He looks about equally panicked and confused. But, what he says next reverses the thriller-filled vibe of the scene.

Suddenly, everyone is laughing when he says: 'I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon!' Oh God - Genie, where have you been picking up all this information?!

Jane Falls in Love

Ummm, hello Jane? The oh-I-am-so-in-love girl probably forgot her father was standing right beside her. After her brief encounter with Tarzan, she rushes back to Professor Porter (father) to report her findings of the strange man. The professor kindly offers her the blackboard to help her describe the man.

But, while drawing Tarzan's eyes, she suddenly loses all her focus and becomes mesmerized by them. We all can see her blushing and describing his eyes as soo intense and focused.

Oh Jane, please get a hold of yourself! Even your dad can see how visibly in love you are!

What Are You Looking at, You Hockey Puck?

With so many cartoons hiding gems, there's no wonder the famous Toy Story is present in this list, too.

This moment is perhaps the most genius addition to the movie because only adults can understand it. And, by adults, we are referring to the devoted followers of Rickle's works.

Rickle (Mr. Potato Head's voice actor) was previously a stand-up comedian who specialized in insulting jokes. The line 'What are you looking at, ya hockey puck?' is a direct reference to his work. Mr. Potato Head delivers this line right after Ham doesn't get his literal depiction of Picasso's abstract paintings.

Batman Seems To Be In Trouble!

The Justice League universe is super complex and exciting at the same time. Terry McGinnis, who is the biogenetic son of Bruce Wayne, eventually takes over the position when Batman goes into retirement. However, in this scene, Terry is still seen as a normal individual while Batman battles the villains of Gotham city.

He goes through a dramatic moment when he learns about his biological father. But, maybe to balance the emotional scene, the story makers added something to make you burst into laughter.

Amanda Waller claims that Bruce's DNA was easy to find because it was all over the city. To this, Terry makes an extremely weird face. Amanda quickly clarifies that she was referring to the blood samples from the fights - yikes!

Reality Check by Cogworth

Doesn't this get too real? We mean it's somewhat true (gentlemen, please don't get offended!).

Cogworth is a loyal friend to his master Beast from the movie Beauty & the Beast. When the Beast expresses his new-found feelings for Bella, Cogworth is quick to jump in and offer him advice about how to treat ladies.

Somewhere in between the conversation, Beast reveals his desire to do something for Belle. Cogsworth gives a reality check about what men really give to women. Flowers, chocolates, and of course - promises that they never mean to keep!

A Code Word That Everyone Needs!

Okay, this hidden joke is a true gem. We don't know how and why we missed this. It must have come real handy when you wish to express your feelings without ruining the sophisticated environment.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Marty actually says these words when he realizes the expression on Alex's face is different. At first, they are running toward each other in a friendly and warm way. And then, Marty gets that the friendliness on Alex's face is actually an overwhelming desire to hunt. He was going to attack Marty.!

Then come the words: 'Sugar Honey Ice Tea'. At the moment, these words sound like nonsense. But if you notice the initials, you'll know what Marty meant - time to run!

Bugs Bunny Judges Daffy Duck

Indeed, sometimes all you need to do is observe the background and small details in the cartoon. These are enough to reveal the context and make you laugh all day long. In this case, Daffy Duck can be seen reading a magazine.

To kids, it would have looked like an absolutely normal magazine, but if you look closely, you'll see what's written on top of the printed material. The magazine was definitely not appropriate for reading!

Bugs Bunny is quick to confirm this little joke by throwing a judgy look at Daffy. Then, he snatches the magazine from him and starts reading it himself.

Confession Goes Wrong

You would have definitely missed this joke in Ratatouille if you were like us. We were so carried away with the plot that we didn't realize when this little joke happened. But now that we've searched it up, you should know about it, too!

Linguini tries confessing to his friend Collete that Remy (the rat) has been helping him all this time. His intentions were pure and good because he didn't want to take all the credit for the rat's work. Well, the confession didn't go quite well.

He gets stuck with I have this tiny, little - uh. His friend Collete looks extremely concerned and we all know what she's thinking about!

Rocko's New Job

Well, it won't be wrong to say the show's creators went a little too far with this episode. Thank God  they kept the joke well hidden so that only adults could understand!

In this episode, Rocko loses his job at the comic store and has to immediately find a new one. The scene starts intensely where he has to get a job to pay his bills and survive. He later discovers an ad for a specialty phone operator.

You would get what kind of *specialty* operator he became by the posters in the background, and by his language!

Dee Dee Becomes Rude

Using anagrams to hide jokes in children's cartoons is a pretty clever way. This particular scene comes from the episode Decode of Honor.

Both Dee Dee and Dexter find anagram decoder rings that they use to solve tasks. The one who is to win gets admittance into their favorite clubs. Of course, these siblings competitively rival each other to win the prize.

However, things become troublesome, and they end up arguing in the end. Dee Dee becomes overly rude and exclaims Dexter's club is full of big IDKCs. Switch the letters, and you will know what she meant! No wonder Dexter shouted about complaining to his mom when his ring decoded the word.

Where Does a Squirrel Hide His Nuts?

Keeping the show evergreen is the real talent of the writers behind the Animaniacs. We are enjoying this show even more as adults than we did as children!

In Slappy Goes Walnuts, the narrator of the show gives a detailed and interesting description of the squirrel. We learn that the frisky little fella makes its home in the old, hollow trees. We also see the squirrel sniffing and moving around in its natural habitat.

And then comes the line: he hides his nuts where the sun doesn't shine on them - it's hilarious on so many levels!

Dexter Finds Dad's Trophy

Dexter's Laboratory is one of the shows that started out as an innocent children's series. But, it soon evolved into a maze of hidden puns for grown-up people. Look at this not-so-hidden аdult joke!

In this episode, Dee Dee takes away the nuclear core and hides it. Dexter has to follow the clues and find what's rightfully his tool. We don't think Dee Dee did a good job, though.

When Dexter visits the house next door, he finds Dad's Trophy written on the neighbor's back. Of course, she meant to refer to the literal trophy of their dad. But, hey, we all know what this trophy meant!

The Bunnies in Noah's Lark

This particular episode from the Animaniacs really concealed the аdult jokes well. Even as grown-ups, we had a hard time picking out these amazingly blended one-liners. No wonder children missed it completely.

As you can see, Buster and Babs Bunny made a special appearance in this scene. Before entering Noah's ark together, they pause and say their names along with 'No Relation'. To this, Noah comments 'I Hope Not - This is a Children's Show!'

If you still don't get this, think about how there was only a pair or two of animals on the ark and these two are sharing the same surname.

Don't Make Manny the Mammoth Angry!

Okay, we don't really agree with this joke. Even as adults, making fun of someone's size is lowly. However, let's not forget that we're talking about Manny the Mammoth here!

The big guy evolved a lot during the movies. He started off as a grumpy mammoth, transformed into a grumpy husband, and ended up as a grumpy dad. Not much of a change there except that he became friendlier and friendlier towards his fellow animals.

This scene is from the earlier installments when all the animals are moving somewhere. The small tapir gets angry at Manny for holding up the traffic. To this, he replies that someone with a trunk so small shouldn't draw attention to himself!

Making an Oedipus Reference

People who don't know central Greek myths and legends still won't get this joke. So, allow us to give you a little background.

Oedipus is the name of a tragic hero in Greek mythology. According to the legends, Oedipus unknowingly fulfilled the prophecy that he would kill his father and end up marrying his mother. His act would then bring disaster and wrath onto the people.

Unfortunately, Oedipus did exactly that, becoming a hero and a villain at the same time. Well, contrary to Oedipus's story, Hercules is the god of strength. In this movie, Hercules goes out on a movie date with Meg and watches the play after Oedipus.

Rolf in Trouble

Ed, Edd, and Eddy is a classic comedy show from 1995. It centers around a group of boys who go on adventures and, of course, find ways to survive their adolescent troubles. Like all other cartoons, it was sprinkled with great аdult humor too!

Rewatch this episode when Ed seems to be missing from the group. Apparently, the boys are happy because he is the main guy to cause all the trouble. They think they won't have any issues and go off  exploring.

Unfortunately, life isn't very kind. While visiting Chimp World, things start to fall apart. A huge pile of bananas drops onto Rolf, and he screams that they're crushing (his) apples. Poor Rolf!

Meat Lover or Something Else?

Released in 1995, Freakazoid was one of the most amazing cartoons to ever air. It revolved around Dexter Douglas - a superhero who had nothing but lots of useless information. He really came up with brilliant ways to use it, though!

Well, another reason we all loved this cartoon was its hidden humor. Often, parents and teenagers would gather around to watch an episode or two. This scene is a classic example of Freakazoid humor.

What does Cosgrove really mean? Did he not get married because he is a food fanatic? Does he think all women are vegetarian? Or is this some sort of reference? We can never know!

Father Hangs on the Wall

Oh God - this joke really got us feeling weird inside.

When we were children, we didn't have a clear picture of where all the meat came from. All we cared about was how good it tasted. So, it's natural we didn't notice this background detail in the adventures of the Three Little Pigs.

But, now that we are adults, we know the truth. Looking at the picture of their father hanging on the wall does make us laugh and feel sorry at the same time!

More Like 'Bend Over'

There is no denying that Rocko's Modern Life was filled with all kinds of аdult references and jokes. We don't really get how the authorities allowed this show to be aired. But, well, this joke is truly funny if you go through the episode once again.

What we remember is a psychotic doctor who scared Rocko while trying to treat him. The episode made it clear he wasn't mentally well when he shrieked at the Hippo nurse: 'I strapped you to the bed'.

Following this comment, Rocko made a run for his life before this doctor could do something dangerous. Now, if you thought this was a joke, read the doctor's name again. It says 'Dr. Bendova' or more like 'bend over'!

Okay, Fred, Okay.

We have discussed so many different adult jokes so far, and all have been hilarious, to say the least. But there are some jokes that are just not cool. These puns are insulting, outrageous, and straight-up stereotypical.

Sadly, our beloved Scooby Doo show did include such a joke. In the Ghastly Ghost Town episode, Daphne and Fred are exploring the desert to find the culprit. That's when Fred makes this unsavory remark.

Okay, Fred, okay. It wasn't funny! For a young bloke this sounds like a very outdated thing to say.

Guilty Spongebob

Haha - Spongebob Squarepants is so good at making adult jokes! In this scene, we can see the main character watching TV in his iconic home. The channel shows an orange sea urchin in the sea. Nothing suspicious about that, right?

Well, even if you don't have much marine life knowledge, just focus more on his expression. Doesn't he look pleased and amused? And he instantly switches the channel when Gary crawls into the room.

Uhh, I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary. Looks like someone is guilty here!

Baked Potato Monster

Monsters University was one of the best-animated movies by Pixar. The film revolved around two monsters and their action-filled journey towards graduation. They start as rivals and end as best friends!

However, it wasn't the most innocent one. The background featured a lot of funny elements, especially this baked potato in the frat house. He had a silly smile on his face and half-closed, sleepy eyes.

This extra-chill baked potato looked extra hіgh in the frat house. The moral of the story is - don't forget the background if you want to make your movie experience extra funny!

A Different Type of Barbie

We all remember this strange character from Toy Story. It looked bizarre and weird. But the only question that popped up into our innocent minds was - what kind of Barbie was that?!

Well, now we  can finally answer that question. The Barbie has only two legs with a fishing rod in between. She can't speak or interfere in any other matter.

The only thing she does is hook things! Yes, Toy Story was definitely addressing to the grown-up viewers with this joke. Almost everyone had a hard time trying to control their laughter at this character!

'Male Bonding' in the Woods

Going through the Rugrats, we realized just how many of the hidden jokes we missed. This particular scene from the 8th episode of season 3 is very funny.

Well, if you watched Rugrats as a kid, it would have been over your head for sure. Back then, male bonding didn't really make sense because we didn't have the context. But now we're adults and know practically everything.

Everyone was searching for a babysitter replacement. And Stu told everyone why DeVilles weren't the option. Betty was in Las Vegas, while Howard was in the woods with his male bonding group. Read this again after looking at his finger gesture!

That's Not Mine!

Here's another epic scene from the second installment of the Shrek movies. As children, most of us were so entranced by the action going on that we didn't quite notice the hilarious dialogue!

It all begins when Shrek and Puss in the Boots duo are caught by the knights. They are trying to escape, but all their efforts go in vain. Cornered by the knights, they try one last attempt, and that is precisely when the joke comes in.

The knights sprinkle pepper on Shrek to make him unconscious for the arrest. When they move towards Puss to sprinkle catnip, he loudly screams: 'That's not mine!'

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