40 Posts Calling Out Toxic Work Culture That Made Us Appreciate Our Jobs Even More

This article was originally published on our website: We live in a time where the ‘callout culture’ is on the rise because of social media. The employers can

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This article was originally published on our website:

We live in a time where the ‘callout culture’ is on the rise because of social media. The employers can receive severe backlash if an employee calls them out due to bad behavior. Moreover, the whole world would know about it! We have compiled a list of 25 social media posts where people have called out their employers and proved that they weren’t going to take it. You'll definitely appreciate your jobs even more after this!

40. Sock It to Me!

Is that how you appreciate your employee for doing more than expected? So here an employee was rewarded with a pair of socks as a token of appreciation for doubling their profits.

Companies can be really hysterical sometimes and rewarding an employee with socks is a proof of that. Employees don’t need useless bonuses, most of the time it is cash that they need.

In-office perks like free lunch, gym, library, etc. would mean nothing if you aren’t paying your employees what they deserve. Anyhow, we’re sure that the company had already received backlash on social media for what they did.

39. You Don’t Have to Worry if You’re Fair

A transparent company never fears anything, even if its employees discuss their wages with each other. This post tells us that employers can stoop so low to hide their injustices.

McDonalds has given us a true example of what a toxic work culture is. Why can’t the employees talk about their pay with each other? Is it because they aren’t paying them enough? Or is it because they are discriminating their employees when it comes to salaries?

Whatever the reason is, this is not a fair practice. Work environment should be breathable where employees can freely discuss their pay so that they know they’re being paid enough.

38. Patriotism and Protest at Its Best!

Protesting against your employer is fine, but what’s the fault of others? Especially when it comes to services such as transport, medical facilities, and other civil services. Think of it: how would it affect the people if the bus drivers went on strike?

There has to be a way out so that no one else but the company who is doing wrong suffers. The exactly same thing happened in Japan where the bus drivers wanted to teach a lesson to their company for being unfair to them.

The drivers were on a strike, but they didn’t stop working. Instead, they continued driving but they provided the services for free! What a wise way to handle a protest.

37. Do Some Comparison and Calculation

Well, someone has called out McDonald’s again! Seems like things are too expensive in the U.S because McDonalds pays lower hourly rate to their employees as compared to Denmark.

To our surprise, the Bic Mac is more expensive in the U.S. than it is in Denmark. So, what do the employers do with all the money they earn from the sales? Why are there no benefits for their employees?

Perhaps because no one spoke up earlier! Or they thought no one would know about it. Anyhow, the world is a small place and companies should know that there will come a point when someone calls them out for their injustice.

36. Surprise Your Employer

This post is hilarious! On a serious note, we love this one because the employee stood up for himself and showed that he won’t settle for less. Most employers take advantage of the employee’s urgency to get a job, little do they know that people these days are aware of their rights.

Gone are the days when people used to accept whatever was thrown at them. Here, the employer was rude enough to tell the interviewee that he can go somewhere else if he isn’t OK with the pay.

Well, the interviewee did the right thing by being straightforward and telling him that he will definitely go somewhere else.

35. Communication Is The Key

This poor girl was being paid less than what she deserved. Fortunately, she discussed her pay with a co-worker and then realized that she was underpaid.

And yes, she’s right about ‘not discussing salaries’, it benefits the companies only and not the employees. A company should be fair enough to let its employees discuss their pays openly with each other.

There is a difference in pay according to job posts and positions, but if the job post is the same, the pay should be the same too.

34. Love Above All

It is said that the most important thing in the world is family and love, and this employee was a strong believer of that. The employee called out the company for its toxic work culture openly on social media.

In spite of accepting his leave request which he submitted four months earlier, the company denied him a leave. This is another example of how companies manipulate their employees so that they miss out on other things in life.

Anyways, regardless of the company disapproving his request, the employee still went forward with his vacation to propose his love of life. That’s the spirit!

33. Me-Time is Important

What if you don’t get enough time to yourself when you get back to home after a long tiring day? Getting home late after work is not new, and unfortunately it has become a part of the work culture.

Also, employees are not ready to come out of the status quo as they are used to it. Moreover, the way we spend time after work has a great impact on our health.

Many of us don’t realize it but that’s how it is: we spend very little time at home and this is taking a toll on our overall health and wellness. It’s high-time that employers reduce the working hours so that we can enjoy ourselves at home.

32. Why So Bossy?

Seriously, who's this human clock? How can one be so annoying? This employee has proof that he arrived on time, but still his boss thinks he’s late.

Also, what would have happened if he was just four minutes late to work? Thanks to technology we can now record everything and send as proof to such an awful boss.

The irony was that the boss wasn’t ready to accept that his employee was on time. We somehow believe that the message reached him late, otherwise we don't get why he'd be so stubborn in accepting that the employee was there on time.

31. Wild Crazy Workaholic

Sigh! What type of bosses do we have these days! Now this is too much, we mean, who would do this to their employees as a reward for work well done? This is such a demotivating thing!

Companies should work more on improving their work culture by properly rewarding their employees for good performances. But here, the company is only concerned about its workload and not its employees’ satisfaction.

If your boss offered you more work without any reward after you’ve completed a task successfully, you would just feel demotivated and exhausted, wouldn't you?

30. The Guy Knows Maths

It is said that ‘A good paymaster never wants workmen’, which means that a good employer who pays well will never get short of employees. However, this is not the case with Starbucks as they don’t care whether the employees stay or leave.

In this post an employee highlights how Starbucks makes huge profits every year but still pays its employees less. Instead, the company keeps on laying off its employees to reduce the chaos in the organization.

We wonder how much more they have to spend during the recruiting and hiring process of new employees.

29. Big Mouthfuls Often Choke

Wait, who was that generous customer who gave a tip of $4,400 to a waitress? This must be the happiest moment for the waitress as people seldom give such a huge tip.

However, her owner wasn’t happy with this as he wanted a cut from it, too, and, moreover, he wanted her to distribute the tip among her co-workers!

We have always heard that tips are the commission that the employers keep without any cut. Now what is this new policy of pooling tips that no one has heard before?

28. This Guy Has Guts

Sometimes bosses act like they own their employees. Plus, they take their employees for granted and think that they’ve nothing else to do on weekends. However, kudos to this guy who responded to his boss in the right way.

His boss was asking him to work on his off day and that too at the usual pay rate. However, this person was confident enough to stand for themselves and asked for proper payment.

We all have plans on weekends after working for the whole week and we need to take some time off. If you need your employee to work on weekends too, offer them something that motivates them to work more.

27. A Big Surprise

This guy got a big surprise at work for his exceptional performance. He had been working really hard for quite some time since his co-worker was laid off.

Perhaps his boss realized that he’s under pressure, that’s why he revealed that he’ll get something that would make him happy. Anyhow, the guy was already happy as he knew that he’ll get something for all the hard work.

To his surprise, he got a pizza slice as ‘Something’ that would make him happy. Do the bosses do this deliberately or they are literally that dumb?

26. Real Estate Fact

Owning a house was considered an easy thing in the 90s. How lucky the people were at that time - they could have lavish houses on a single salary! The Simpsons showed just that as it was a norm back then.

Who can afford to build a house this beautiful today? And that too from a non-college grad person with a single income? Things have changed drastically during the last three decades and inflation has made it difficult for us to own a home.

These days all we can do with a single salary is pay our bills and spend it on our favorite foods.

25. Have A Futuristic Approach

This guy has summed it up! We never realized this but that’s a fact. That’s what we do all our lives: work hard to enjoy a few years at an old age. This one is a sad post but it throws light on a bitter reality of life.

As far as we believe, one should keep enjoying their lives to the fullest all the time and not just wait for the right moment. Time management is the key in this regard!

We agree that it’s impossible to survive without work, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on entertainment and all the fun in your life. We must learn to manage everything so that we don’t have any regrets later.

24. Harsh Reality

The problem with us millennials is that we are born at an age of uncertainty. The world is facing lots of changes that happen very rapidly. Technology is changing at a fast pace and climatic changes are on rise.

Every day we hear about technology and new methods, which were introduced only a few years back, quickly getting obsolete. Sometimes we think that the boomers are lucky as they were born at a great time when things weren’t this complicated.

They had simple goals and they worked on achieving them throughout their lives. On the other hand, we have to worry about the atmosphere getting warmer, rise of sea levels, frequent wildfires, and whatnot.

23. We’ve Got A Better Offer

Workforce is the asset of an organization, and good employers always make sure that their employees are satisfied. If the competitor offered more salary to your employees to work for them, what would you do?

Increasing their pay to make them stay with you would be the smart thing to do, wouldn't it? But no, this company had something else in mind. To keep their employees from joining their competitors, this company offered a pack of cereals to appreciate their performance.

Wow, either the management is too innocent or they really don’t care about their employees leaving them.

22. The Powerful Get Exposure

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. This phrase stands true in this case. No one cares about the rights of a common man but when it comes to powerful people or organizations, everything is highlighted frequently.

So whenever a mishap happens with someone powerful, everyone feels sorry and it's everywhere on the news and social media.

On the other hand, a common man faces these things on a daily basis and no one cares in spite of raising voice for it. Here we have a Walgreens employee complaining about how they are being paid less than they deserve.

21. We Need New Rulers

What if aliens invaded the world and destroyed everything? Well maybe some people would appreciate it if aliens did this because the world is already failing its people due to rising inflation.

This person seems to be very disappointed with the current state of the economy and the governments. So much that he would like the aliens to invade and allow the world to start over again.

Maybe aliens would prove to be better rulers than the current ones? Why not give them a chance and see if they could improve the situation.

20. Don’t Trust The Media

What if we told you that there is no inflation - only corporate greed? The companies are making money like never before yet they are increasing the prices of their products.

The sad thing is that the increase in price is affecting everyone so badly but the companies still don’t care. All they care about is making money without considering the impact of increased prices.

The corporate sector does all this deliberately and they have a strong hold over the media that makes the people believe in their lies.

19. Show Who’s The Boss

Some people have a habit of not listening to a ‘No’. This boss wasn’t ready to hear a no from his employee, hence the argument.

Poor employee had already worked hard throughout the week and was looking forward to enjoying the weekend. However, the boss insisted he'd work on Saturday because another employee had canceled.

Anyhow, we love how this guy responded to his boss and stuck to his point. Bosses always boss around and think their employees are entitled to listen to them no matter what. It's high-time we tell these bosses that employees are humans not bots.

18. As Fast as a Flash

Courtesy is a thing! How insensitive of this employer to lay off this guy without a notice. Plus, the employer was quick enough to pack all his stuff before the employee arrived for work.

It’s fine if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of an employee, you can lay him off, but there is a way to do everything.

How unethical of this employer to fire him in this way. Anyways, we are happy that he called out his employer on social media so that others are warned about joining this company.

17. Clock In And Clock Out

Punctuality is important when it comes to work but one shouldn’t be that harsh! Disapproving payroll just because an employee clocked out 5 minutes earlier.

We hope that this is just a warning and not an actual threat. Employers should be more understanding because we're all human and there are all kinds of situations in life.

Empathy and humanity is above all; if you treat your employees good and don’t consider them bots, they’ll do more for your company honestly.

16. Awfully Tragic

This boss was acting smart but his action resulted in a loss for his own company. We all know that workforce is an important asset, without which any company can easily fall apart.

The employer here wasn’t aware of that and he quickly deactivated the email of a former employee without realizing that he had lost all the data.

Well, this is the kind of situation where we don’t know whom to sympathize with. Was leaving the job the employee’s loss or the company’s?

15. More Power, More Exploitation

Four Indian farmers are being sued by PepsiCo for robbing of its intellectual property by cultivating the same kind of potatoes they grow for their brand Lays. It sounds too bizarre to be true, but that's the world we live in today.

Seems like the rights of the poor are only being talked about but not provided. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Yeah, the perks of Capitalism.

Well, if you observe, poverty is being plummeted by this global concept of Capitalism. As you must have heard, when the poor are being robbed by the rich, that’s Business! Right? The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

14. Teacher’s Efforts Vs. Teacher’s Salary

Imagine this - the teachers. whom we consider the building blocks of our society are getting way less pay than other professions.

You see, talking about money may get a little uncomfortable, especially when you are about to start a new position, but isn't it highly unfair that even a bartender is capable of making much more than a teacher?

There is no wonder we’ll soon be deprived of all the good teachers if we keep normalizing the “low-pay game” for teachers. Why put your blood and sweat into educating the generation when you can choose stress-free occupations? Our priorities are completely messed up!

13. Why Do They Have It ALL?

Why is everything in life so easy when you are rich? On the contrary, it is challenging on the other end. We don't get how come people work so hard 24/7, yet get peanuts in return.

While on the other hand, rich people have all the luxuries in life. Saying it out loud, isn’t it fair to be jealous of all the perks they have?

Somewhere, you work crazy long hours just to meet your basic needs, but life still deprives you of even pursuing your passion. Quality in life is below the belt. Whereas they get it ALL without even making an effort! It seems like inequality will never cease to prevail. Thanks to Capitalism!

12. Be Vocal about Your rights

Nothing is more satisfying than having a vacation with your friends and family and then getting back to work with all the zeal and zest, but what if you are being robbed of your fundamental rights?

Today, the work environment is getting toxic day by day - therefore, one starts to learn to be VOCAL. Either work on fair terms or No work policy should be practiced by the employees. Otherwise, the exploitation game continues.

Business owners must understand to keep realistic expectations from employees without burdening them. Obviously, excessive stretching leads to either breakage or deformation! Speaking it out is the only solution. Let the management feel the pressure exactly like you have been feeling throughout the time.

11. Hey Boss! Listen to me

Another way of differentiating a good company that values its employees from a bad one is by how it tackles all the issues and problems in the office. Definitely, this is what management is for, to handle the ups and downs.

In an environment where the boss is not ready to pay attention to the problem you are dealing with, even after addressing it many times, your world seems to be on fire.

It appears to be the right time to make the right decision. Don’t be scared. Run away and explore the world where you are being valued!

10. Kids Shouldn't Work Like That

Wow! They found another way to help plug the labor shortage, and that is by allowing child labor. Couldn't there be any other better idea?

A government that should be responsible for providing children with better education and life permits 14-year-olds to work for long hours.

As a matter of fact, the bill was being passed in one of the developed countries - otherwise, we would have seen labels of “slavery” and “oppression" in the headlines. To be honest, children's and teenagers' rights are brutally impacted. In the long run, it will cause irreparable damage to the kid's psyche.

9. Economic Vulnerability

One of the sources of economic vulnerability is low wages. You see, people are struggling to meet their basic needs, yet to your surprise, the rich who have the so much money still consider it a matter of discussion. Really?

Capitalism has its own pros and cons, and here it seems like the cons dominate all the pros. Can you think of any other reason for keeping wages as low as possible as supporting the inequality to keep prevailing?

An ultimate solution to reduce the financial stress of poverty and low-wage workers lies in raising the minimum wage.

8. Payday should be a happy day.

Hey, it’s Payday which should be a happy day for employees. Let me tell you, it’s the secret day! The employees are being bound and refrained from disclosing their salaries to each other.

Do you know it is illegal to discourage your employees from holding such discussions? But who cares about the laws when people are slaves of Capitalism.

Transparency among employees about income should be encouraged, but the question is, who wants that? The damaging impact of pay secrecy can be brought to an end only via growing awareness among employees.

7. The Vicious Cycle of Working

The irony in our society is that the only way to get a good education is via student loans. There is a cycle of applying for loans, pursuing the education, getting done with the degrees, and then working extremely hard to get the loan paid back.

Where is sustainability? It might be after death! The vicious cycle of working hard in order to pay debts seems to never end.

If everyone tells you that you should just work harder to pay all your bills AND your loans, tell them to shut it. Things have definitely changed over the last few decades and studying isn't what it used to be!

6. The World Needs More Empathy

To tell you the truth, why is employee retention getting less day by day? Nowadays, companies are seem to be reluctant to provide the fundamental rights to their employees. Isn’t it cruel to even stop you from mourning the death of your loved one?

In a world where we need more empathy, sadly, the lack of it is causing more harm than imagined. No wonder employees would be replaced by robots!

In the name of Capitalism, the ruthless culture of depriving the employees of their basic rights is being encouraged. All we need is to be more empathetic towards the world and to each other!

5. Just Play the Game

Another thrilling show where our super unique and extremely bewitching divas, "the Kardashians," will show the world how to work on minimum wages for ONE year! Wow, and later the sassy sisters would undoubtedly teach us how to work 24/7 and get rich from scratch.

Though we love Kim K and her family, they're somewhat far from the brutal reality of surviving with the least available resources.

Among all the doubts, one thing we know for sure is that the Kardashians will ROCK the show!

4. What's With All the Secrecy?

Yet another trick to harass your employees is by silencing their voices. Ah! Why deprive them of their basic right to be vocal? There is a question about this “competitive” salary. Why can’t we talk about it out loud?

Hey folks, always remember that pay parity requires pay transparency. In fact, it is illegal to pressure your employees to keep it a secret.

The job poster isn't showing the so-called "competitive price," and we know the nasty secret behind it, don’t we? Just to keep wages as low as possible. Whether you are hired or not, don’t fall into this trap!

3. The Never Ending Struggle

This is so on point. Millennials have always fantasized about having a better future. Don't think we are biased, but we, millennials, have struggled enough to get a much better version of life than before.

We tried to study hard first, then work hard to earn well, but in the end, we still ended up empty-handed!

In this fast-changing world, would we ever get a chance to take a break at any point? We don’t want to sound sarcastic, but this vicious cycle of what’s next never seems to end.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

It is fascinating for millennials to watch generation Z work smarter, not harder. We believe that Generation Z is right on track. Unlike jinxed Millennials, who have worked 24/7 and still find themselves broke. No wonder generation Z is not up to taking that path.

Millennials say they were poor when they were young, but it seems they are no longer young now and times have changed!

Let’s take notes from this Generation Z who are about to make a BIG change! And their work relationships are truly liberating.

1. That’s Not Fair!

We must understand that workers are also humans who need to be treated fairly. Extremely long hours of standing with no chance of even catching a food break are the height of an unethical code of conduct at workplaces.

A viral TikTok video shows how a restaurant owner deprives the employees of their basic right to have a lunch hour where they can freely have their meal. Instead, employees are supposed to hide behind the counter to eat.

Seems like we are losing all hope in humanity. Would there be an end to this injustice that has been prevailing in society for so long? Some things need to be changed ASAP.

Ivanna Y

Published 4 years ago