3 YouTube Workout Channels to Sweat and Get Into Great Shape

$40 a month. What can you buy for such a price? A lot of people spend around $40 a month or $500 a year to join an average gym. But

3 years ago

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$40 a month. What can you buy for such a price? A lot of people spend around $40 a month or $500 a year to join an average gym. But what if you don’t desire to waste money in a place where there is no privacy or convenience. And I didn’t even mention bumper-to-bumper traffic that takes at least an hour of your life every day.

Don’t take me wrong — I do support a healthy lifestyle and encourage you, our readers, to do physical activities. But also I want to bring up an alternative way of training at home. Let’s meet the top 3 free fitness YouTube channels that can lift your butt and tone your arms.


Are you looking for workouts with no additional equipment? Then BeFit can become your favorite fitness channel to practice strength training, cardio, yoga, and meditation. Its key benefit is training sessions with different popular fitness trainers and an amazing set of their workout videos. You can make squats together with Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Scott Herman, and even more. One of their most popular fitness programs is called the 30-Day Fitness series where the main roles play MacGregor (do yoga with him) and Cassey Ho (she will teach you the right pilates).

Fitness Blender

This channel is run by a married couple Kelli and Daniel Segars. Having over 6 million YouTube subscribers, they have already posted over 600 full-length workout videos, 150 of which are HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to make your blood boiling and fat burning. Their thing is a completely white background, no music, and just the trainers’ voices that fill that void. But no worries, there is no awkward atmosphere — the amount of talking is just right. All workout videos range from 5- to 45-minutes and include cardio, strength training, resistance training, yoga, and pilates. Kelli and Daniel always focus on the correct technique during the training and guide you as if they were actually near you.

XHIT Daily

Are you always in a hurry and can’t afford an hour for training? XHIT Daily post quick 5 – 10 – minute workout videos for those who are pressed with time but still understand all the importance of physical activities. But this channel is not only about quick training, you can also find different full-body workouts, 30 minutes of pilates session, and even medicine ball exercises there as well. In other words, everything to grab energy for the whole day!

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Published 3 years ago