30 Fun & Easy DIY Tricks That Will Change Your Life Forever

This article was originally published on our site: It’s not a secret that humans like to create things. Whether they are useful or not, people would still

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This article was originally published on our site:

It’s not a secret that humans like to create things. Whether they are useful or not, people would still come up with new ways to cut fruit, clean up stains, create stunning makeup, and turn old boring clothes into cool new outfits. It’s just what we humans like to do!

If you’re feeling bored out of your mind with everyday chores and feel like you’ve seen it all already, these DIY tricks will definitely make your day brighter. Go ahead and try them out!

Remove the Ring in 10 Seconds

If you’ve ever got a ring stuck on your finger you know that it can cause quite a lot of panic. But fear not! There’s an easy life hack that will help you get the ring off your finger in no time.

First, you’ll need a piece of thin thread or dental floss. The latter may be even more useful as it has a waxed surface. But even if you don’t have a thin thread - just use whatever you have on your hands!

Wrap one end of the string around your finger up to the part where the ring is stuck, then put the other end of the string under the ring and start slowly unwrapping it. After that, the ring will effortlessly leave your finger along with the string. Of course, if it’s really stuck, you might experience a little bit of pain. But it works nonetheless!

The Cucumber Magic

You probably know that cucumbers are perfect for removing dark spots and circles from under your eyes, but did you know that they are much more powerful than that? You can actually use cucumbers to remove crayon drawings, marker writings, and even pen ink!

If your precious kid (or someone else’s nephew) decides to make your walls artsier, you can easily remove all those drawings and doodles with a few cucumber peels.

Just gently rub them in circular motions and voila - all the crayons are gone! Cucumber peels can also remove markers and pen ink from various surfaces.

Turn Your Skirt into a Dress in 2 Seconds

There are so many things you can do with clothes if you apply some creativity. Have a long boring skirt that looks a bit blah? You don’t know what to wear with it and want to throw it away? Wait, there’s one thing you can try before that.

Just turn that long skirt of yours into a cute dress! It’s incredibly easy – bring your skirt up so it looks like a strapless dress and put on some kind of belt. Any belt would do, but you could also use a beautiful necklace to make your look more sophisticated. That’s it!

Now you have a gorgeous midi dress that goes well with heels or sneakers, and you don’t need to worry about what kind of top to wear with that hideously long skirt. It’s a win-win!

The Ultimate Sofa Trick

Moving heavy objects around is bad for men and women alike. You can do it a few times, but your back will not thank you afterwards! Luckily, there’s a very simple life hack that will help you with that.

Just get yourself a banana and save that slippery peel after you finish. Need to move a heavy bed or a sofa around the house? Just put a few banana peels under its legs - and voila! You can move it around easily for as long as you like.

Usually, two banana peels are enough, but if your furniture is exceptionally heavy you can use banana peels on all four legs! But what’s most important, no back pain whatsoever.

Create Your Own DIY Print

On one hand, making your clothes can be tricky as it requires some sewing and painting skills. But on the other hand, there are tricks anyone can try without any skills whatsoever! Turning manholes into hip street-style designs is one of the easiest ways to create your very own cool looks.

First, find a manhole with a cool-looking design – that’s usually not very hard to do as they are quite versatile. Prepare some eco-friendly paint that can be transferred to your T-shirt, get some of that paint onto the manhole, then press your T-Shirt to the paint-covered manhole to create the print.

You’ll need to properly press down your T-Shirt, so it’s a good idea to put something firm inside, like a piece of carton box. You can create prints like this on bags, skirts, pants, and other clothing as well! Just make sure you wash off the paint after you finish your printing process.

A Handy Phone Holder

If you travel a lot on a bike you know just how handy the smartphone’s GPS is. Get one of those offline maps, charge your phone, and you’re ready to go explore the world! There’s only one drawback - you can’t ride your bike and check your phone at the same time (or you could, but it’s really not safe).

So, what to do? Make your very own DIY phone holder, of course! For this you’ll need a strap of Velcro or some other durable material, a glue gun, and a cable tie.

Glue a strap of material to the back of your phone’s case and let it sit for a bit. Then put the cable tie through the opening between the strap and the case, and tie the whole thing to your bike’s handlebar. Make sure it’s tied properly! Now you can use your GPS and ride your bike at the same time.

A Powerful Way to Clean Your Toilet

Have you ever considered using a drill to clean the toilet? Yes, it might sound a little bit wild at first, but it all depends on just how bad your toilet looks. If it needs some hardcore cleaning, then it’s time to find that drill of yours.

Now, instead of the drill bit, you should put in your toilet brush! It will look weird but trust us, it will do some real magic for your toilet bowl.

Next, apply your usual toilet cleaning agent and start drilling! You’ll clean your whole toilet bowl in just a few minutes instead of scraping it for half an hour or more.

A Perfect Way to Store Underwear

Finished that yoghurt? Wait, don’t throw the container away - you can still use it! If you’re one of those people who has drawers with chaotically packed underwear and socks, then we have a brilliant, yet simple solution for you.

One of the easiest ways to organize your drawers is to create little compartments, and yoghurt containers seem to be of the perfect shape and size to do that. Just put them inside your drawer, roll your underwear or socks, and stash them inside these comfy compartments.

As a result - no messy drawers whatsoever! You can also use this trick to organize other things.

What Kind of Sorcery is This?

If you want to open up a watermelon in just a few seconds without using anything but your hands and a toothpick - here’s a trick for you!

It looks simple because it is THAT simple. You just take a toothpick, put it inside the watermelon, then make a quick snap with your fingers - and voila! The watermelon opens up like a charm.

Of course, it’s best to pick a ripe watermelon - the riper it is, the easier it will open up using this simple trick. Greener ones are firm and may be a bit tougher to open up. This is definitely one of those handy DIY tricks that will make your friends go ‘wow’!

Where to Stash Your Money on a Bike

When going out cycling we often want to carry as little as possible. If you’re one of those people who don’t want to get all heavy with a rucksack, a pouch, or even a small bag, then there’s a secret place for you to stash a little bit of cash.

Just use your handlebars! This way you will always have access to a small amount of cash without the need to bring a bag just to carry a few dollar bills around. It’s not the most obvious place to stash money and you’ll always have a few bucks on you in case you need them.

Of course, it’s best not to stash your life’s savings there, but it’s perfect for a small amount of money to buy some water or snacks.

A DIY Lipstick You’ve Never Tried Before

Have you ever seen a two-colour lipstick? Well, even if you have, we bet you’ve never created one yourself! While it might seem like something nearly impossible to do, in reality, it’s a 5-minute life hack any girl can try right now.

Take two lipsticks you’d like to mix together. We recommend using one with a lighter colour, and the other with a different, slightly darker shade. Take a cutting knife and carefully cut a part of the darker lipstick (you can use it later to mix with some other lipstick colour). Then cut a similar-looking piece out of the lighter lipstick.

Now carefully add the lighter piece of lipstick to the darker one. It’s almost ready! Now take a candle or a lighter and use it to mould the two pieces together. Be careful not to overdo it! Let your new two-colour lipstick cool a little bit and try it out.

When Your Cake is XXL

Eating a cake should be one of the easiest and most pleasant things in the world. People say ‘it’s a piece of cake’ for a reason, you know. But what if you have a larger than life cake? If it’s so huge that you’re actually considering cutting it with a chainsaw?

Well, there’s an easy trick for a situation like that. Just take your usual cutting board (the ordinary ones are pretty big-sized as a rule), hold it near the piece of cake you want to get, and slowly cut it. The cake will magically end up on the cutting board that will act as a huge plate.

Now you can cut your delicious cake however you want – into small pieces, medium pieces, or you can eat up the whole thing all by yourself! It’s a stress-free and non-messy way to cut a big cake.

The Aluminium Foil Trick

Candles make everything cosier, creating that beautiful warm ambience inside your room or a house. Everything is better with candles! But if you burn them long enough, you’ll notice an unpleasant thing happening - the candle tunnelling.

When your candle burns for quite a long period of time, the wick starts to sink, leaving uneven circles of firm wax on the sides of the candle, instead of creating a beautiful warm pool that reflects the burning candle. Luckily, there’s a fix for this, too!

Wrap a piece of foil around your candle, covering the area with the circles of wax, but leave an opening large enough for your candle to burn. Wait for a few hours, and you’re done! Your candle will be as good as new with a beautiful even surface.

The Aloe Vera Magic

Aloe vera is one of those plants you can use for literally everything - your face, your skin, your body, your feet, and, of course, your mouth. You can create hydrating drinks using aloe vera, but you can also heal your gums with this amazing plant.

Aloe vera is used to create sanitizers, heal sunburns, and to generally make your skin healthy and shiny. It has antibacterial properties and can greatly reduce inflammation. That’s why it’s so good for your gums!

Aloe vera is almost ready to use - just take a piece of the plant, remove the upper layer of skin, and you’ll see a gel-like substance that you can use straight away. Take a little bit of this aloe vera gel with your toothbrush and gently apply it to your gums and teeth. It’s one of the best remedies nature has to offer!

Let’s Go Bananas

Bananas are amazing fruit no matter how you look at them. They are perfect inside out! You can eat them for an energy boost or to improve digestion, but don’t throw that banana peel just yet.

Banana peels are packed with antioxidants and contain high levels of potassium – all that mixed together turns them into a perfect remedy to cure dark eye circles (and wrinkles as well!). So, you’ve had your banana, now cut a few pieces out of the peel and put them under your eyes for around 30 minutes.

It might seem a bit long, but you can use this time to listen to some music or an audiobook. If you have very dark circles, you can do this procedure every day until they lighten up.

Use Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

Upgrading your clothes can be fun and easy, but what’s even more interesting is upgrading your boyfriend’s clothes. Usually, they are a little bit bigger for you to wear, so you have some extra space to experiment with.

Take one big shirt your boyfriend wouldn’t miss very much, put it on without using the sleeves so that it looks like a dress. Make sure you button it up enough for it to hold onto your body.

Take the sleeves, criss-cross them in front of you, and tie them behind your back. And voila! Your hip dress is ready to wear.

How to Quickly Cut Fruit

There is no right or wrong way to cut fruit, but sometimes it gets really messy. If you want a simple way to create nice-looking pieces in just a few seconds - this life hack is for you! For example, let’s take peaches.

First, make a big circular cut starting and ending at the stem of the peach. Then make another circular cut, but this time perpendicular to the previous one, going through the middle of the peach. Twist and open them up!

Now you have four beautiful pieces of peach on your hands and all it took was a few seconds of your time. Easy-peasy!

Save Your Wet Phone

Out of all the things we drop into the toilet, our smartphones suffer the most. Even if that’s happened to you, don’t despair as there’s an easy way to dry your phone. Just act quickly!

To save your phone from all the water that might have gotten inside, you’ll need a resealable plastic bag, around 500 g of rice, and patience.

Put your wet phone into the plastic bag, fill it with rice to the brim so the whole phone is covered, seal it, and leave it in the bag for a day. The rice will get out all the water from your smartphone and it should be as good as new!

Perfect Eyelashes

Creating beautiful makeup can be tricky, but only until you figure out a few handy life hacks to speed up the whole process. If you want big beautiful eyelashes, you don’t actually need a special curler to create that stunning effect.

Instead, you can use a fan! Yes, a plain old fan and some mascara. Just put on your mascara as you normally would and if the eyelashes aren’t curly enough for you - take a fan and direct it at your face.

Make sure the fan is at the right angle, blowing at your eyelashes to create that beautiful curl. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require any special equipment!

Painting is a Piece of Cake

For those of you who do lots of DIY projects and know how to handle a bucket of paint and a brush this little trick probably won’t be new. Still, it’s good to remember that painting doesn’t have to be messy. In fact, you should drop as little paint as possible!

Paint can be very hard to remove from certain surfaces (like fluffy carpets, for example), so if you decide to do a minor painting job and don’t want to remove whatever cover there is on the floor or furniture, there’s a quick fix that will help you.

Just use the spatula! While painting your wall or any other part of the house, put the spatula under your brush, so if some paint drops fall down you won’t have to clean up the floor. It’s really easy!

That Avocado is Too Green!

Avocado is a tricky fruit (and it is a fruit in case you didn’t know). One minute it is green and firm like wood and the next one it turns all brown and mushy and impossible to eat. But what to do if your avocado is still green, but you want to eat it as soon as possible?

Well, there are several ways you can go about it, but one of the easiest ones is just to use uncooked rice. Put your avocado into a bowl, fill it with rice to the brim, so the whole fruit is covered, and wait.

It can take up to a day or more for the avocado to ripen, but it also depends on the state your avocado is in. It’s best to check the process of ripening, so the avocado doesn’t spoil. The rice traps all the ethylene gas inside the bowl, helping the avocado to ripen faster.

Store Your Garbage Like a Pro

We can all agree that garbage should be properly organized and taken care of when going on a picnic or camping out in the wild. Still, there are different ways how to do it.

One of the easiest ones is to take the garbage bag and simply throw it on the ground. It works, but it can get very messy and insects might find a way inside the bag. Instead, you can take your picnic stool, turn it upside down, and attach the garbage bag to its legs.

Now your garbage bag is nicely fixed and you can be sure that stuff won’t end up lying around all over your camp. It’s very handy!

The #1 Manicure Hack

If you’re tired of scraping off nail polish every time you want to go back to your natural nail look, then we have a very handy life hack for you. All you need is a little bit of PVA glue!

Take some PVA glue with a little brush and apply it to your nails as a base. Let it sit for a while until it completely dries. Now it’s time to apply your favourite nail polish.

Want to wash off the nail polish and get back to your natural nails? Now it’s even easier as you can simply remove it with your fingers! No nail polish remover needed.

Take Care of Your Shoes

If you’re one of those people who has shoes lying everywhere around the house, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Even if it’s just a cute pile of shoes near the entrance, it can still look messy and disorganized. Well, there’s a way to fix that!

Take a container for newspapers and magazines, one that is big enough for a pair of shoes to fit in, then get as many of them as you want to store your heels, pumps, boots, and sneakers. Put them in a row near the door of your house - and voila!

Now your shoe area looks neat and clean, and you don’t have to look for that other sneaker in a huge pile of shoes.

Apply Your Eyeliner Like a Makeup Artist

If you’ve done makeup at least once in your life you know that applying eyeliner is a real pain. You become better at it as time goes by, but it’s never an easy process! If you want to make your eyeliner more manageable, here’s a simple life hack for you.

Take your ordinary pencil eyeliner, a candle or a lighter, and heat it up a little bit. Yes, that’s it! Now your eyeliner is more liquid and easier to apply compared to the usual firm one.

It’s a great trick for those of you who don’t have a liquid eyeliner or simply need it once for that cat-eye look. All it takes is a few seconds of you time!

Roll Your Jacket Like a Pro

Winter things take up so much space, don’t they? Despite being lightweight most of the time, they are just too huge and take half of the wardrobe even when you aren’t using them. Well, it appears, you just need to fold them properly!

Put your winter jacket on an even surface, fold the sleeves inside, then tuck in the hood, roll the whole thing together and press the jacket lightly for the air to go out of it. Then turn it the other way and create a type of cover from the jacket’s lower part. Now it's tightly folded without taking too much space!

Next, you can take an average-sized box and put all your folded jackets in there. Now they’ll take up even less space!

Is Your Wrist in Pain?

Using a mouse for long periods of time can cause quite a lot of pain. First, it’s just a minor strain, but if you spend hours using it and don’t exercise your hands and wrists, then it can become a real problem. So, how can you fix that?

This pain appears because of the uncomfortable position your hand takes when using the mouse on the table. For that, you just need a little something to rest your wrist on.

Cut off a piece of a sock you no longer need, feel it up with rice or white beans, and sow the whole thing together so the stuffing doesn’t fall out. And voila! Your little comfortable wrist holder is ready to use. Still, it’s good to do some wrist exercises as well.

No Spoon? Here’s a Solution!

Did you ever happen to go on a picnic or a proper trekking trip without the utensils? Having knives, spoons, and forks is very important when dining out in nature, but even if you’ve forgotten a few items - that’s no biggie!

Of course, you can use your knife and cut out some natural eco-friendly spoons and forks from wood, but if you don’t have that much time or need to make lots of utensils, then go ahead and use that plastic bottle instead.

All you need to do is take a knife and cut out the form of a spoon! You could probably even make little plastic knives this way, too. This trick is fast, comfortable, and you put that empty plastic bottle to some good use as well.

Camping Necessities

Even when camping out in the wild we need toilet paper. But this material is gentle and can get spoiled pretty fast if it gets damp. Now is the time to use another plastic bottle!

Cut off the upper part of a big plastic bottle that’s left from soda or water you’ve been drinking, then put a few rolls of toilet paper inside, and cover the whole thing with the piece you previously cut off.

Take one end of the toilet paper and push it through the neck of the bottle. Now you have a very comfortable toilet paper container that will protect it from rain or curious animals.

The Hairpin Trick

Cat-eye makeup is one of those classic looks every woman wants to try once in a while. Although it is a very widespread makeup style, it can still be quite hard to get it right, especially if you aren’t very experienced with makeup.

Creating that perfect cat-eye angle takes some practice, but there’s one trick that will make the whole process much easier. Just use a hairpin! Take any hairpin you have on you – most of them have that little angle that will help you draw the perfect base for your cat-eye makeup.

Put the hairpin beside your upper eyelid where the cat-eye angle should be and use your liquid eyeliner to trace the angle. It’s almost ready! Now all you need to do is fill up this form, adding a few more lines for your perfect cat-eye look.

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