30+ Hilarious Pictures That Prove Grandparents Are the Only Ones Who Should be Posting Anything Online

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This article was originally published on our site:

Internet is one of the biggest inventions of the century that connected people from all parts of the world, uniting everyone into a huge global family. It has its pros and cons, of course, and with all those new gadgets that have appeared in the last few decades Internet has become an instrument that can be used both for good and for bad.

Still, it allows us to have a wide range of social interactions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. What about the older generation, though? How are they coping with the advance of new technologies?

Well, some of them are quite up-to-date with smartphones and messengers, while others experience a number of struggles. More often than not, having grandpas and grannies hit the Internet is the funniest thing ever! Here are a few proofs that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

40. McCafe vs McAfee

It’s easy to confuse McCafe with McAfee, don’t you think? After all, they sound almost alike. This user was not happy with the way his McAfee Antivirus was doing its job, so he decided to write a complaint.

He went to search the company’s name on Twitter, but apparently made a spelling mistake and instead of McAfee he addressed the McCafe – a company dealing with hot drinks and cakes, but definitely not viruses.

We just hope someone spotted his mistake and directed him to the company he was willing to comment upon. It must have been very funny for McCafe’s workers to read this message!

39. But That Wasn’t Rude at All

Messaging on the Internet has all kinds of unspoken rules. You need to know what all emojis mean and not confuse the laughing ones with the crying ones, and you should also know that writing in capital letter is a big no-no.

For most people, it would mean that a person writing is shouting or trying to prove their point in a very rude and bold manner. But it’s a bit different for elderly people as they sometimes use capital letters just because this way they can see the words better.

Sue here was using capitals letter just to see better when a friend of hers decided to comment on it. Well, Sue explained to her what being rude actually meant and we have to agree that using capital letters is really not that bad!

38. A Peculiar Necklace

Selling things you don’t use is a generally good idea to make some extra money. In this case, though, things went south when one mother decided to punish her daughter by selling her ‘necklace’.

Apparently, the daughter damaged the family car and didn’t cover the repairs, so her mom was looking for something of hers she could sell. Well, she stumbled upon something really unexpected and put it up for sale without realizing what it actually was.

Judging by the smiley emoji reactions to the post some people have already guessed what this ‘necklace’ really was. Soon the mother will find out the truth about it and a tough conversation with her daughter will follow. We wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, that’s for sure!

37. Go Get a Life

While most of us think that being a cat lady is nothing to be ashamed of, our grandparents have a different opinion on the matter.

Nowadays if you have a cat and an Instagram you might as well become an Internet star or at least make some new cat-loving friends. But back in the day being a cat lady meant you had no social interactions or interests in life.

Well, this isn’t entirely untrue, so this grandpa’s comment is both hilarious and spot on. His advice is pure gold!

36. So Awkward…

So, you know how sight may get worse with age? Well, apparently it can get really bad because this elderly user has mistaken an ultrasound pic for a photo of lasagna.

Well, we can’t really blame them for this mistake – the picture does look a little bit vague! It’s hard to tell what’s on the photo without knowing the context.

But now that we know that it’s a baby picture we can only laugh at the whole situation. It’s both funny and weird on all levels!

35. Emoji Fail

When chatting with your grandparents you can expect all kinds of things to go south. Even typing can be challenging for them, not to mention more ‘advanced’ things like using emojis.

In this case, a sweet interaction between a grandmother and her grandchild went terribly wrong when grandma used the wrong emoji. It was so hilarious and out of place!

Both the grandkid and his grandmother must have had a good laugh when this happened. Knowing your emojis is very important!

34. Poor Rihanna

So, you know how teens can take things personally and talk about their favourite and least favourite singers as if they were people they actually knew? Well, it happens all the time and usually people just ignore it, but in this case, an elderly relative decided to intervene.

Obviously, she didn’t know that Rihanna was a singer, so she thought Tara was upset with an actual friend. We have to admit that Geraldine gave Tara really good advice! Even though they aren’t friends in real life.

It’s okay not to know all the modern singers and bands – there are so many new names appearing each year that it’s impossible to follow everyone. But this woman’s wisdom was really precious!

33. That’s What Marriage Does to a Person

When making general posts on Facebook that are directed to a great number of people no one really expects to receive a comment, but this lovely elderly gentleman decided to comment nonetheless.

Somehow he felt this message was important so he decided to reply to the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife. The conversation quickly became hilarious!

It turns out 26 years of marriage make you good at following orders. Well, we’ll take your word for it, Dwayne!

32. Not a Social Media Fan

Facebook can be a tricky platform even for experienced users, so, naturally, elder people sometimes find it hard to navigate through all the settings and different add-ons.

So, asking for help is the best thing to do when you don’t know how to proceed with the social media witchery. This one user, it seems, decided to delete the whole thing altogether!

We don’t know whether this user wanted to delete some post or the whole Facebook account, but he clearly needed some help. We really hope he received some good advice from his followers!

31. A Truly Unique Name

You’ve probably spent some time with your grandpa and grandma, so you already know that elderly people have a pretty unique sense of humour. Sometimes it’s spot on, but other times it can be quite weird.

Usually, grandparents just say whatever comes to their minds – age makes people bolder and they voice their opinions easily, not caring about sounding too harsh or being too blunt.

This is a perfect example of an older person making a joke. Pickle isn’t really a girl’s name, is it? Well, maybe in the days of their youth someone could use it, but this is definitely not the case now. But was this person really joking? That we will never know.

30. Too Much Info

Many people are using Facebook and other social media platforms to tell the world about their lives. Some people just post the most memorable moments, while others go into detail about their every day, including where they go and what they eat.

It seems this gentleman isn’t very happy about this side of social media. He’d be happy to know less about the people surrounding him!

But is he overreacting a bit? It’s one thing to randomly post everything you’re doing throughout the day, and it’s another thing to let everyone know about the big events in your life like a wedding. But apparently, this elderly gentleman thinks that is a problem no one else should know about!

29. Hip Grandpa

Using abbreviations is one of the most fun things about texting. There is one rule you shouldn’t forget, though – abbreviations work only as long as everyone understands their meaning!

Randomly abbreviating phrases will only lead to confusion as it happened during this conversation. But we have to give it to the hip grandpa – his abbreviation game is very strong.

He might very well be the most modern grandpa we’ve ever seen. Hopefully, his grandchildren will soon learn all his abbreviations and he wouldn’t have to explain them every time.

28. A New Way to Send Messages

What happens if you need to send a message but you have a hard time typing it and using all those smiley faces and other stuff? Well, you can do this instead!

This creative grandpa thought it would be faster and handier to simply take a photo of his note and message it instead. What can we say – it worked like a charm.

His granddaughter was also thoroughly amused by the whole thing and thanked her grandpa for taking care of her. This is sweet beyond words!

27. An Advanced User

Most of the people on this list have a hard time using Facebook and other social media platforms, but this is definitely not the case with this elderly lady. She’s such an advanced user it’s actually a bit scary!

This lovely grandmother wanted to ask her granddaughter whether she wanted a bowl, but instead of writing her directly and asking about it, she decided to do things a little different.

She created a special group for that bowl alone, updated the group’s picture with a photo of the bowl, invited her granddaughter there, and then left the group. This is genius! Much more complicated than simply texting, but genius nonetheless.

26. He’s Had Enough

This elderly gentleman named Boris has lived for quite a long time and he has seen stuff we can’t even imagine. But even he ran out of patience after seeing loads of meaningless articles that go around Facebook all the time.

Well, we can’t blame him for being a little bit rude in the comments – after all, lots of the stuff on the Internet is pretty silly!

It would be nice if someone helped him tweak his Facebook feed settings a little, so he could read more meaningful stuff and fewer clickbait articles.

25. Looking into the Future

Can you imagine Facebook acting like some kind of advanced artificial intelligence device? It’s quite a horrifying prospect, but it’s quite possible we’ll be using something like this in the future.

This lovely lady named Holly was actually trying to command Facebook to do some things as if it had a mind of its own. Naturally, it didn’t work, and her grandson came to the rescue, wondering what that was all about.

It seems that her husband played a little prank on her, suggesting to command Facebook like a robot! Well, maybe he actually thought it worked like that? Maybe in the future, but definitely not now.

24. The Magic of Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software is tricky even for young people – it just works in a weird way! You have to be very tech-savvy to make it work properly. That’s a bit sad because the people who need it the most usually aren’t very good with computers and modern technology.

This brave grandpa here was using the speech recognition software to update his profile and put up a nice new picture, but instead, he ended up creating a truly hilarious post. His face says it all!

We hope he learns how to use the speech recognition software properly and it will help him navigate the world of social media in the future.

23. It’s Time to Have Some Fun

Did you ever think about the fact that you are as old as you think you are? The body may wither, but if your spirit is strong you will feel just as young and inspired to live your life as you were decades ago.

If you take care of your body and remain healthy as you get older there is no rule saying that you can’t go out and have fun!

This Grandma is the living example of how one should live his life in his 80s. Enjoy every bit of it and go partying if you feel like it!

22. Wicked Humour

As we get older our sense of humour changes as well. Most of the time elderly people become bolder and just say whatever comes to their minds out loud. They come up with the most unusual and funny responses, and that includes social media messages!

Thinking about the future most of us have various visions of what we would be doing, but for elderly people, the future can be a bit grim. But it all depends on how you look at it, of course.

This elderly person decided to be quite frank about what the future held for them. Needless to say, this dark type of humour got lots of likes from people.

21. Who Needs Smartphones, Anyway?

We can all agree that staring at a smartphone screen for too long is bad for your health. One way to avoid that is to use your printer!

This lady came up with a weirdly brilliant way to read Facebook comments in her spare time. Instead of using a gadget she just printed out the whole conversation.

We can’t say it’s the best option ever as trees are being cut down to create that paper, but it’s definitely good for her eyes’ health!

20. Calling the Police Might Have Worked Better

Nowadays social media offers us so many options that we sometimes forget that there are much easier ways to reach people. In this case, some elderly person saw a crime happen right in front of their eyes, but instead of calling the police, they decided to use the power of Facebook.

Was it the wisest choice? We doubt it. Calling the police would have been much more efficient than using social media.

Still, we have to give it to the unknown senior user – creating such a post on Facebook and letting the authorities know that a crime was happening was a great thing to do. We also love the cute design.

19. TikTok vs Tic Tac

This funny meme was created to make fun of the 30-year-olds who might have a hard time keeping up with all the new apps that keep coming up and becoming trendy, but instead, it inspired an even more hilarious situation.

This sweet 54-year user wanted to comment on the meme but didn’t quite grasp its meaning. She thought they were discussing Tic Tacs and not TikTok!

A mistake like that is totally understandable and we hope some 30-year-old enlightened her as to what TikTok actually was.

18. The Importance of Backspace

Elderly people who are trying to navigate the Internet meet all kinds of trouble. Not only do you have to type things, but you should also know what all those extra keys on the keyboard mean!

While some of them are pretty straightforward, it can be tricky to understand what others do. This elderly user was clearly having some trouble finding the key that would delete the mistake.

Well, they might not know what Backspace does, but they have a wonderful sense of humour! We’re sure this post received quite a lot of likes and smiley faces from people all over the world.

17. It’s Just Too Loud

Some old-fashioned lady or gentleman couldn’t take all the noise produced by Facebook and decided to quit the ‘noisy’ group to have a good night’s sleep.

First of all, making an official announcement like that is incredibly sweet! Most people on social media just come and go as they please, without letting anyone know. The person behind this message seems very respectful towards all the group members.

Secondly, we really hope someone explained to that user how to turn off notifications on Facebook and other apps! It would make their experience with social media so much easier.

16. Silly Potato

As we get older our sight gradually worsens, that’s why using smartphones for elderly people is always a challenge. Sometimes it’s just hard to see whom you’re texting!

This sweet lady has mastered the art of texting on a smartphone but has a hard time finding the right person to send her message to.

She’s the sweetest Grammy in the world! That last phrase just shows what a cute and lovely personality she has.

15. The Joke is on You

It’s always a bad idea to try and mess with your grandparents. Not only are they much older than you, but they also have a life-long experience of communicating with all kinds of people.

Naturally, when this grandkid decided to make a joke about the grandma’s age, the reply was swift, bold, and ruthless.

But, seriously, chatting and sending a message at 87 – that’s one cool granny right there! Using smartphones doesn’t come easily for most elderly people, so kudos to the hip grandma.

14. Just Happy to be Alive

When you hit a certain age just living another day can be considered an achievement. Well, we don’t know if many elderly people think like that, but this grandpa is certainly one of them!

Whether it’s old age, sickness, or some other reason, but this grandpa is so happy to be alive that he decided to share it with his family.

Maybe it’s just his way of saying that he’s okay so his family members don’t worry about his well-being? It’s definitely a unique text and it must have made everyone smile.

13. Tricked Ya

Did you ever think about what you’ll be like when you turn 70? No? Well, judging by this hilarious granny’s text 70 is the best age ever.

You get to have all the free time in the world and play pranks on your family members. What’s not to like?

This is a legit April Fool’s prank and it couldn’t have been done better. This is pure perfection! No one expects a prank from a sweet 70-year-old granny – that’s what makes it especially good!

12. There’s Only One Corn

Well, elderly people might not be very up-to-date with the modern world of music and cinema, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in what’s going on there.

This lovely grandpa was wondering about the band member his grandkid posted on Facebook, but the answer was too bewildering for him.

Who names a band Korn, anyway? It only confuses people. The only corn this lovely grandpa knows is the one you can eat. His ‘yim yam’ comment might very well be the sweetest thing you hear or read today.

11. Still Learning

So, you probably know a bunch of people who will take a photo of their food before eating it and post it on Facebook or Instagram for the whole world to see. This trend might not be as big these days, but it’s still alive and kicking.

This lovely lady wanted to do the same, but somehow she forgot that you actually need to take a pic of your food before you eat the whole plate. But she decided to do a food pic anyway!

Well, now we’ll never know what that dinner was like, but that’s definitely a very unique way to make a trendy food photograph. Not too many shots like that on Instagram!

10. Just Checking

Just like most people on the Internet, elderly people tend to go there out of boredom or to learn something new. It seems this guy was feeling especially bored when he contacted the PlayStation seller.

Was he planning on buying the PlayStation later and just wanted to know whether it was still available? Well, it’s hard to tell from this conversation. He just said ‘no’!

He might have changed his mind at the last minute - that happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t make this conversation less funny!

9. A Proper Way to Make a Screenshot

Even after using the smartphone for some time, it’s hard to know all its features and capabilities. Well, imagine a person who has never held a smartphone in their life – it would be twice as tough for them!

Making a screenshot seems like such an ordinary thing to do, but you actually have to know what buttons to press to do that. Sure, you can Google it in a few seconds, but for some elderly people even using Google is problematic.

This lovely person didn’t know how to do a screenshot on a smartphone, so instead, they made a screen scan of the whole thing. Well, it kind of serves the purpose, if you want our opinion.

8. The Truth

Not many people are ready to admit that they don’t know what they’re doing. Whether it’s some small task, the lack of knowledge on a subject, or life in general, people usually say this phrase only when they’re in despair.

Well, we don’t know what this elderly person was doing, but this existential message created quite a thoughtful and mindful mood!

We just hope someone came to the rescue and helped them with whatever it was they were doing.  Sometimes people just need a little help from their friends.

7. Capital Letters

If you think smartphones are challenging for the older generation, then how about using laptops? Those people still remember the big bulky computers that couldn’t do much – these new devices are like sci-fi gadgets for them!

Using the keyboard might seem like a piece of cake to you, but for some people, it’s a real adventure. This elderly user, for example, had a problem with switching off capital letters on his lappy.

We really hope some kind soul responded to his message and revealed the magic of the Caps Lock key.

6. There’s an Answer to Everything

Facebook can be such a tricky app when you’re dealing with it for the first time. Well, even experienced users can have a hard time with all the settings and new designs.

This elderly person just wanted to log out from the thing for good, but couldn’t find a way to do it. That, of course, isn’t funny at all, but the comment is hilarious!

We don’t really know what happened there – was the user compiling a shopping list and posted it as a comment by mistake? What does coconut oil have to do with Facebook? The mystery remains unsolved.

5. A Proper Facebook Post

What do people usually write about on Facebook? The things that are most important to them and the various milestones they conquer. This elderly lady wanted to share her progress in losing weight, so she decided to make a special post about it.

It does look very unusual, doesn’t it? But the dreamy and cloudy landscape suggests she’s on cloud nine having shed those 8 pounds.

Anyway, we applaud this lady for getting healthier and even more beautiful than she already was. It’s a great thing to celebrate!

4. Taking Things Too Personal

When you spend some time on the Internet you realize that you can’t take things too literally. It may seem that the titles of the articles are addressing you directly, but that’s just a way to get your attention.

Some elderly users are still getting the hang of it, so it’s natural for them to respond to some messages that most people would ignore.

We have to give to this elderly Facebook user – not only did they answer Maria, but they did it in an absolutely hilarious way! Still, we hope Maria got some nice Happy Birthday wishes after this article.

3. Jo Ann is Not Amused

Seriously, how filthy was that celery that it made a lovely user named Jo Ann write to the seller? It must have been a nightmare to deal with.

She was clearly annoyed because even after the shop’s Facebook team responded she continued with an ironic response.

Whatever this cute ‘whup tee doo’ actually means, we are sure Jo Ann is quite angry and won’t leave the discussion until she gets some satisfactory answer.

2. That Grandma is Onto Something

People from previous generations perceive everything differently. Back in the day, they had a different kind of music and singers didn’t behave the way they do now.

This grandma was telling a story about how she tried explaining to grandpa who Justin Bieber was, but kind of failed to do so.

Still, if you read her description carefully – she’s kind of right, don’t you think? And in the end, looking cute just might save the day.

1. Best Comment Ever

Most of the time we just post something on Facebook to let out the frustration of the situation we’re in. We don’t even expect someone to comment on it, but sometimes it happens nonetheless.

This guy decided to procrastinate when he needed to write some essays and started washing dishes instead. Well, his Grandma came up with a brilliant reply that must have made Timmy think twice about his life choices.

Dish-washing is great, but when you have an important task pending it’s always best to do it right away. Unless Timmy wants to make a career out of dish-washing, of course.

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