30+ Hilarious Pictures That Prove Grandparents Are the Only Ones Who Should be Posting Anything Online

2022-05-02 Stories

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Internet is one of the biggest inventions of the century that connected people from all parts of the world, uniting everyone into a huge global family. It has its pros and cons, of course, and with all those new gadgets that have appeared in the last few decades Internet has become an instrument that can be used both for good and for bad.

Still, it allows us to have a wide range of social interactions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. What about the older generation, though? How are they coping with the advance of new technologies?

Well, some of them are quite up-to-date with smartphones and messengers, while others experience a number of struggles. More often than not, having grandpas and grannies hit the Internet is the funniest thing ever! Here are a few proofs that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

40. McCafe vs McAfee

It’s easy to confuse McCafe with McAfee, don’t you think? After all, they sound almost alike. This user was not happy with the way his McAfee Antivirus was doing its job, so he decided to write a complaint.

He went to search the company’s name on Twitter, but apparently made a spelling mistake and instead of McAfee he addressed the McCafe – a company dealing with hot drinks and cakes, but definitely not viruses.

We just hope someone spotted his mistake and directed him to the company he was willing to comment upon. It must have been very funny for McCafe’s workers to read this message!

39. But That Wasn’t Rude at All

Messaging on the Internet has all kinds of unspoken rules. You need to know what all emojis mean and not confuse the laughing ones with the crying ones, and you should also know that writing in capital letter is a big no-no.

For most people, it would mean that a person writing is shouting or trying to prove their point in a very rude and bold manner. But it’s a bit different for elderly people as they sometimes use capital letters just because this way they can see the words better.

Sue here was using capitals letter just to see better when a friend of hers decided to comment on it. Well, Sue explained to her what being rude actually meant and we have to agree that using capital letters is really not that bad!