40 Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Notice While Watching Disney Movies

This article was originally published on our website: Growing up, we all were fond of the magnificence of Disney movies. Even today, you will take a trip down

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This article was originally published on our website:

Growing up, we all were fond of the magnificence of Disney movies. Even today, you will take a trip down to the memory lane after watching these films. The enriched storyline of each Disney movie made us watch it multiple times and to the extent that every scene got framed in our minds. However, you might still not have noticed what surprises Disney has hidden in its movies for its extra observant fans!

The Hidden Mickey in the Aladdin’s Tiger

The classic character Mickey Mouse is indeed the all-time favourite of Disney professionals as they include it in nearly all the latest movies. They can go to any extent to involve the classic Mickey Mouse in frames that become impossible for anyone to detect.

Take this particular example of the frame from Aladdin. When the ferocious tiger, Rajah, transforms into his original body form, his face resembles that of Mickey Mouse but in tiger colors.

See how it all happens in just a single frame and how one cannot see it without pausing. Truly incredible!

The cape attached to Hercules’ armor is a shawl gifted by his mother

Hercules, the son of Zeus and Hera, is the titular protagonist featured in the 1997 Disney animated movie. Even after getting poisoned by his evil uncle, Hades, Hercules continues to maintain his supernatural powers and undoubtedly becomes one of the strongest Disney characters.

However, the question arose in the minds of attentive viewers - is it true that the cape attached to Hercules’ armor is actually a shawl gifted to him by his adoptive mother?

If that’s the case, then there’s definitely more to Hercules story than what is shown. We’ll have to watch the movie again because, hey – Hercules is awesome!

Prince Hans is a Wanted Man!

If you’ve watched Frozen, you would know that Prince Hans was an annoying antagonist in the movie. You would also know how he got captured and returned back to his native country later in the film. However, do you have any idea about what happened after that?

We didn't what happened to Hans later, but Disney never fails to come up with a fun plot.

In this police station scene from Big Hero 6, we can spot a WANTED poster that gives us a clue about what has happened to the evil prince of Frozen. Well, unsurprisingly, he’s still the bad guy. Not much of a change there!

Maui does not let go of his hook while shifting form

Maui is one of the main characters as well as the overconfident demigod from the 2016 popular film Moana. The demigod possesses a magical hook that aids him to shapeshift. He reluctantly assists Moana, the protagonist, with her mission.

Maui needs to keep on holding his magical hook to shapeshift, but after shifting to another body, it tends to disappear from our ordinary visions.

It caused excitement in numerous viewers when they finally found a loophole in the movie. However, Disney is way ahead of its audience — in a particular scene in which Maui shapeshifts into a hawk, the magical hook is visible on its wing. So Disney answers all the suspicions of critics. Clever! Right?

Nala helps Simba to beat Scar

Nala and Simba from The Lion King are the best pals since day one when they were little lion cubs. From playing to fighting, they do everything together. In this game of two, Nala being a better fighter is the dominant one.

Disney showcases a strong and inspiring female character in the role of Nala, who teaches Simba the ultimate move that helps defeat Scar.

This scene has laid great emphasis on Nala’s hidden role in Simba’s life. We are pretty much sure nobody connected these two dots before because it’s so subtle yet moving.

Tangled ensures everyone remembers the classics!

In recent years, Disney has started offering tributes to its old classic movies or specific characters. And just like that, we can observe such an example in one of the most-loved Disney movies, Tangled.

In the neatly decorated Rapunzel's bedroom, some objects stand out as significant to the classic princesses. Remember Princess Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty?—the spindle in this apparently discrete background is a direct reference to her tragic tale. Also, the dresser in this room is the replica of the one in Beauty and the Beast.

Many fans call these references Easter Eggs as they are well-hidden, and you cannot see them under normal vision. But some extra-observant fans are smart enough to interpret these things.

There’s a mini-Olaf in the cold drink

In Frozen, Disney features a funny and adorable snowman. His name’s Olaf and his objective is to add humorous flavor to everything in the movie.

In a popular part which includes Olaf’s singing the song 'In Summer' and describes what he would do when he meets summer, you can notice something peculiar. While having no idea that he would definitely melt in the hot weather, he smirks and daydreams about tanning with a cold drink in hand.

However, upon zooming in on his cold drink, you’ll see ice cubes arranged as a mini-Olaf. It shows how much attention Disney animators pay to these minor details to enrich the movie.

Isabela swings like Rapunzel’s Hair Swing

Mirabel’s older sister is perhaps the most beautiful one. Isabela not only charms everyone with her looks but also her power to create stunning plants. No wonder she was the flawless member of the Madrigal family.

However, there seems to be more to Isabela’s character than mere beauty. During Antonio’s gift ceremony we find something familiar between Isabela and a classic Disney princess.

Isabela goes and sits down on a green vine. She gracefully swings down and that’s when we remember our beloved Tangled. Rapunzel swings downwards the exact same way when going to meet Eugene. Are there more similarities between these two than this? That’s up to you to find out!

The crab in this scene seems familiar

The Genie from Aladdin, with his witty personality, is one of the few characters capable of making us laugh throughout the screen time. Disney tends to own its characters and tries to feature them in as many movies as possible.

The same way it has featured Sebastian, the crab from The Little Mermaid, in Aladdin.

In this scene, we can see Genie getting his finger pinched by a crab, and his reaction is hilarious enough to burst our laughs. But hey! That crab hanging from his finger is none other than Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. What are you doing here, Sebastian?!

Cinderella's true feelings

One of the countless brilliant things about Disney projects is that they contain complex themes and symbolism. However, sometimes children overlook the depth of it. We can find such an example in the film Cinderella.

When Lady Tremaine locks Cinderella in a room, the massive shadow from the window frame forms a prison for Cinderella while she is standing by the door. The shadow depicts a cage, symbolizing how trapped she feels in her room.

Notice the massiveness of the cage. She seems hopeless and small against the tyranny of the lady. We can’t deny that the animators did a really good job there!

Micky, Goofy, and Donald Duck enter the universe of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, distributed by Walt Disney, is undeniably one of the movies that complete our childhood. It does not matter how many times you watch it, some things still go unnoticed.

Like in the scene above where Micky, Donald Duck, and Goofy are safely chilling under the water. Now tell us, did you ever notice this? We bet you didn’t!

Well, it's all thanks to some Disney fanatics on the internet who kept an eye on every little scene and brought such hidden details to the front. Yes, we had no idea about these details, too!

Scar and his razor-sharp claws

As a kid, did you ever notice how out of all lions, only Scar’s claws were always out? After watching it again, you cannot unsee how Disney animators carefully detailed Scar to portray his cunning and evil appearance. And being a sarcastic antagonist, Scar keeps his claws out, which adds fierce flavor to his character.

We wonder why King Mufasa didn’t notice this huge detail. Surely, he would have understood his brother’s villainous nature had he paid attention to his behavior. But maybe that’s the thing about Mufasa?

He was genuinely kind, loving, and sincere. Although his goodness led to his doom, he taught us to be our best selves regardless of the environment and people around us!

The Genie lamp lying in the Treasures from Moana

Aladdin was an iconic and perhaps the most successful animated movie in the 1990s. It was on the watch list of every 80s and 90s kid making it worth an acknowledgment in upcoming movies.

So, there’s no wonder that Disney chose it to be the hidden link in a few movies. In Moana, although for a quick moment, when Maui is standing on all the treasure in the dangerous lair of Tamatao, you can observe the glimpse of a genie lamp.

Yes, we know some of you would claim this is a made-up reference. But, what else is there an explanation for a genie lamp lying near a demigod?

How did the pizza topping change?!

The majority of Disney audiences are kids - let’s not mention how picky kids are with everything, especially food! Their eating habits differ from country to country and even culture to culture.

A similar situation is found in the movie Inside out, where Riley and her mom go to a pizza place. The kids in America aren’t so fond of broccoli as a topping for pizza. So animators cleverly used broccoli for the American viewers to make the pizza seem gross.

However, the kids in Japan love broccoli on pizzas, so this scene would not strike them as hilarious or gross. Therefore, in the Japanese version of Inside Out, Disney animators selected bell peppers as a pizza topping as Japanese kids don’t have a liking for such a combination.

Mrs. Potts and Chips visit us in Tarzan

Do you remember this special Potts family, especially Ms. Potts and her little one named Chips? They pay us a visit in Tarzan when Jane Porter brings them into the jungle.

This teapot suddenly transforms into a jamming instrument for the gorilla, who uses it as a drum as the song starts playing.

But is there something more there than meats the eye? Some theories say Jane Porter of Tarzan is the granddaughter of Belle. With Disney having a decent reputation for its Easter Eggs, this pill is not at all too hard to swallow.

The brown Toy Story carpet is a bit too familiar

With great reasoning behind it, Disney buried some hints to The Shining, a 1980 psychological horror film, in its Pixar film, Toy Story.

When watching Toy Story of 1995, you might not have given significant importance to the oddly designed carpet at the toy-torturer Sid’s house. However, this carpet is a bit too familiar. It’s the same iconic carpet from the terrorizing and creepy hotel hallway in the movie, The Shining.

No one knows why such a reference to a not-so-kid-friendly film is here in a kid’s movie. Is it to depict the terror and stress at Sid’s place or something else? Only Disney knows the truth!

Does Nick have a criminal background?— Yes or No

Nick, depicted as a cunning yet charming fox with a very golden heart in the amazing Zootopia, was on the wrong career pathway at the beginning. However, later, when he decides to join the police forces, his criminal record says otherwise.

In a scene where he is applying for the position, there comes a question in his application. Did you ever get arrested?

There are two boxes with options - Yes or No - to answer it. Nick first ticked the Yes-box, and after realizing it, he crossed and ticked the No-box. This detail was so trivial yet so clever— no way would anyone notice it.

Mother Gothel touches the hair of Rapunzel and says it all

Mother Gothel is an evil witch that is not much of a secret for the viewers since the start. However, the young and naïve princess fails to notice all the bright-red flags and falls for the fake love and kindness.

Does it matter how nerve-racking it is for the viewers to take in the evil of Mother Gothel? Well, Disney does not stop with brilliant ways to demonstrate us more of her wickedness.

One is how she gently touches and combs the hair and says - I love you most. However, she only means that she loves the magical hair and not Rapunzel herself!

Scar ends up as a handsome throw rug in Hercules

The parrot Zazu from The Lion King has made many sassy comments, but one on the Scar really caught us off guard. The line where he suggested converting Scar into a rug is unforgettable for the viewers, and the same goes for Disney’s creative team.

In Hercules, released almost 3 years after The Lion King, there comes a scene during which Hercules takes out a lion rug.

However, it looks just like the evil Scar. But if that’s true, it contradicts what actually happened to the evil lion in the original storyline— he was eaten alive by hyenas.

Luisa’s fight with Cerberus seems familiar to Hercules

Encanto is a recent Disney movie that follows the same Disney tradition of having hidden Easter Eggs for the fans to find. A true Disney fan can find these surprises quite easily.

Like one hidden reference is there in Luisa’s fight with Cerberus. She demonstrates super strength while battling the legendary 3-headed dog. It's reminiscent of 1997’s Hercules. Also, when singing a song called Surface Pressure, Luisa makes a comparison between herself and the tale of Hercules.

She also ponders upon the thought of whether he ever wanted to quit. The Hercules references don’t end here— Luisa holds a shield and a sword that are very similar to that of Hercules.

Rapunzel from Tangled in Frozen as a brief cameo

Even after watching Frozen around a dozen times, you can probably not know that Rapunzel was present there, although for a split second. When Arendelle’s gates reopened for the new queen’s coronation, many royal guests came to represent their kingdoms and congratulate Elsa.

And in between the song - For The First Time In Forever - you can observe that Rapunzel is right there amongst the crowd.

It certainly makes sense as Rapunzel is also a princess, and it could be possible that she’s even good friends with the two girls - Elsa and Anna. With the logic satisfying the equation, there is no reason for Disney not to present Rapunzel in another movie, especially when talking about Frozen.

One of the Sultan’s toys is the Beast

Who would’ve thought that the ferocious Beast would make an appearance in the Aladdin - and not in person, but as a toy?!

The Beast is yet another cameo spotted by the eagle-eyed and devoted fans of Disney, this time in Aladdin. Since Aladdin came out a year after the release of the Beauty and Beast, it explains the discrete cameo incorporated by the animators.

The Sultan from Aladdin is fond of toys and has plenty of them in his palace. In one scene, he is playing with his toys, and there comes a cameo of the Beast resting on the tower of exotic animal toys.

Monsters, Inc. and Encanto line up doors!

The 2001 Pixar animated movie Monsters, Inc. has more than one cameo and lots of Easter Eggs incorporated in ways almost no one can spot. However, did you know that other movies have Monsters, Inc. cameos, too?

Well, look at this amazing scene comparison from Encanto and Monsters, Inc. We know that the doors held great significance in both movies. In Encanto, each door represented the special powers of a specific family member. Meanwhile, in Monsters, Inc., the doors moved to position in front of the monster that had to scare the kid.

Hmm – maybe Disney is trying to give us some hints. Is there a connection between Encanto and Monsters, Inc. that we don't know about?

Cameo of the Frozen Princesses in Zootopia

Just like The Lion King ruled the decade, Frozen in 2013 was not behind in turning the 2010s into an era where girls and boys loved chanting 'Let it Go, Let it Go'!

With such a success rate, don’t you think Disney will often show Frozen’s influence in upcoming films? Unsurprisingly, there are multiple existing hints and cameos of Frozen in new movies like Zootopia of 2016.

In Zootopia, you’ll come across a scene at the fish market. In a single frame, you can observe two tiny elephants dressed exactly like Elsa and Anna. Did you identify it while watching it? Isn’t the awesomeness of Disney mind-boggling?

Amendment for the international audiences

The fanbase of Disney films does not limit to just America or other English-speaking states, but the fan following is more widely spread throughout the globe. Thus, it makes it difficult for children who don’t regularly speak the language to understand the movie filled with American references.

Let’s take an example from the exciting world of toys - the Toy Story 2. The US flag behind Buzz was removed from the particular frame and replaced with a globe.

So, to enable every audience understand and relate to the film, Disney allows them to translate its movies into various languages and also actively makes changes in some scenes.

The Frozen Monster is in Moana

The two Disney movies, Frozen and Moana, are way too different from each other. There are contrasting cultures and climates, both taking place in opposite atmospheres. However, there is a similarity in both movies - the dauntless female protagonist, which frames the two films alike.

Therefore, not to our surprise, we get to see a reference to Frozen in Moana. When Moana’s dad is teaching history and talking about their traditions to a tiny, little Moana, there comes a tapestry of a creature.

If you look real close, you’ll notice that it’s the same snow monster from Frozen. The scary snow Marshmallow!

What’s Pumbaa doing in Notre Dame?

The famous duo of the meerkat and warthog from Lion King might still be the most fabulous characters to many Disney fans. Undoubtedly, these two single-handedly cheered up the mood of the audience, who got saddened after the tragic and sudden death of Mufasa.

We're not going to lie - remembering that scene still makes us sad. Mufasa was a great king!

Well, rightfully deserving the cameo, Pumbaa’s gargoyle is present in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There’s a special spotlight on him during the thrilling scene. At the top of the majestic cathedral, the scary gargoyle seems pretty much the same as Pumbaa.

Coco and Up!

We can identify plenty of veiled references from the Toy Story installments that we can discuss all day. But the latest Toy Story (4th installment) has stolen the show for sure.

Mainly because in the past two decades, Disney created many top-class animated movies that they cannot stop flaunting to their fans.

So, in the recent Toy Story, we witnessed some discrete things worth talking about. Firstly, the guitars we observe at the carnival are definitely from Coco.  They have the same patterns and colors as shown in Coco’s tale. And also study that soda bottle cap in the second image. That’s definitely from UP!

Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 advertised in Wreck-It Ralph

Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph, being a futuristic film, is a perfect ground for Disney to incorporate Easter Eggs in its modern showcasing of technologies. From video games to Disney films, Wreck-it Ralph snuck references to everything. But, here, we’ve found a very special one!

One of the world-famous references is Aunt Cass, shown on a tablet as an ad. Being an attractive cartoon character, Aunt Cass was also a meme thread on Reddit and Twitter for quite a long time.

And after this scene in Wreck-it Ralph, fans got back on their social media accounts to discuss it. Many people still use it commonly in their posts content!

Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story is reading A Bug’s Life book

Here is yet another reference in Toy Story to a previous Disney film. Disney loves to talk about their old movies in their newer releases. And this is what we viewers find so astonishing about Disney, right?

In this scene from Toy Story, Mrs. Potato Head is reading a storybook. However, this is not a usual book. Look at the image and the text below - ants worried and Dot was getting really angry. Does that ring any bells to you?

Well, the ants seen in the book are the ones from the Disney 1998 movie, A Bug’s Life. Do you remember those cute little fellas? We do!

The Rock pun

The rooster in Moana seems to be brainless as he does the weirdest things possible and leaves everyone curious about him. One of his habits is that he tries to gobble a rock whenever he gets his beak on one.

Fast-forward to another scene, and we can see him trying to feed on Maui’s finger while Maui annoyingly stares at him. The hilarious rooster and his obsession with rocks becomes funnier when you see who did the voiceover of Maui.

Do you know who? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is behind the voice of the bulky demigod, Maui. And the rooster chomping down Maui’s finger is just another clever pun of Disney.

A reference to Jurassic Park

Although Toy Story has a lot of Easter Eggs to offer, and not all of them are from Disney movies. For example, this scene of Rex chasing the toy car is a replica of the most iconic scene from Jurassic Park, where the T-Rex chases the jeep.

When comparing the two frames, we cannot see much difference, but the expressions from both T-Rex tell a different story.

One is a fearless and terrifying creature chasing a jeep, whereas, in another frame, there is a less intimidating and rather fearful toy chasing down the car. And not to forget, the warning on the side mirror is also the same in both frames.

Lilo turns out to be a Mulan fan

By 2000, Disney audiences got bored of the same 80s and 90s damsel-in-distress princess waiting for a prince to rescue her. Luckily, Lilo and Stitch in 2002, featuring a fierce and strong-willed girl Lilo as the protagonist, offered a fresh plotline. It is what the audience wanted, and Disney just delivered.

However, when we go into the depths of some scenes, we see signs of a similar fierce and strong-willed girl, Mulan.

You can see a shop named Mulan Wok in a frame, and in another scene, there is a Mulan poster hanging from the wall in Nani’s bedroom.

The reason behind the name “Violet”

The 2004 Pixar movie, The Incredibles, is an animated superhero film that offers action blended with comedy. In the movie, superheroes hide their powers and live as ordinary civilians per the government’s directions.

But apart from the plot, a question arises among the intellectual Redditors fandom about the name of the eldest daughter of the two protagonists, Bob and Helen Parr. There might be an interesting reason behind the unique tag, Violet.

Fans unanimously agree that before Mr. Incredible (Bob) and Elasti girl (Helen) got married, their suits were of blue and red color. The two colors mixed to form Violet!

Bambi’s mother makes a cameo in The Jungle Book

Disney 1942 movie Bambi is about a doe who gives birth to a fawn and names him Bambi. The doe spends half her life raising Bambi to take over the crown of the Great Prince of the Forest. But that’s not the only place where Bambi’s mother can be spotted.

Fast-forward to 1967, Bambi’s mother makes a cameo in The Jungle Book as the prey of Shere Khan. In the above frames from two different Walt Disney films, we can clearly see a reference to Bambi’s mother. They are almost identical!

Moreover, she also makes a cameo in 1977’s The Rescuers.

Sully from Monsters Inc appears in the witch’s cottage

In the animated Disney film Brave, a 16-year-old feisty princess Merida runs away from her kingdom when her father tries to get her married forcefully. In her ever-lasting journey, deep within the forest, Merida enters a witch’s cottage.

In the witch’s cozy hut, the carving of Sully from Monsters, Inc. appears to be there. Compared with other Easter Eggs and cameos, this one is pretty much easy to detect. But did you notice Sully there the first time you watched it? We bet not!

He’s way too hidden and the scene moves on really fast. There’s no way anyone could have spotted it in the first go.

The merchant is also the narrator in Aladdin

In Aladdin, we are all fond of the merchant who tries to sell his merchandise on the streets of Agrabah. However, his voice seems similar to the voice of the genie.

Back then, when we watched Aladdin for the very first time, we might not have noticed the voiceovers. But, indeed, the man behind the voiceovers of both the merchant and the genie in Aladdin is Robin Williams! The character was supposed to be revealed as being the genie later in the movie, but that plotline was dropped.

The great actor and comedian has played roles in countless movies. He also did sitcoms, shows, and over 1000-voiceovers. Undeniably, he’s the reason why we loved the character!

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame has plenty of cameos in this scene

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996) is one of the darkest Disney movies. It sheds light on subjective matters like genocide, lust, infanticide, antiziganism, and more sins.

Surprisingly, there comes a cameo of some famous Disney characters when Quasimodo starts singing. In a single frame appear a few charachters - a peasant shakes a mat that looks the same as Aladdin’s carpet. Moreover, Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast quietly walks down the street with a book.

Also, Pumbaa from The Lion King stands still in the corner, although his presence in the frame is questionable to some viewers.

Aladdin’s carpet in the Princess and the Frog!

The Princess and the Frog had us excited for a number of reasons. Firstly, it told us the fascinating tale of the princess who fell in love with the frog (yes, it does seem a bit gross but let’s not forget that the frog was actually a cursed prince!).

Secondly, the movie used the classic 2D type animation that we have always loved about Disney films. And, the third reason is a bit hidden because it was a cameo.

In this precise scene, initially you’ll notice a typical street situation where everyone is busy. But if you look at the top part, you’ll see that someone’s dusting off Aladdin’s carpet!

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