45-Year-Old Woman Goes on a Wild-Goose Chase in Search of Her Biological Father, Finds Out She's The Daughter of a Big TV Star

This article was originally published on our site: Knowing who your parents are and where you came from is one of the most important things that form your

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This article was originally published on our site:

Knowing who your parents are and where you came from is one of the most important things that form your personality. Our background, family, and relatives help us identify ourselves and find our path in life. But what if one day you found out that your family wasn’t really yours? Or rather, that your family was much bigger than you originally thought.

That is what happened to Phyllis, a 45-year-old woman, who lived her life peacefully until the moment when a peculiar detail popped up after a DNA test. It turned her whole world upside down!

There was a family secret no one spoke about for decades – something that could have easily stayed hidden for the rest of her life. A happy coincidence uncovered that she had a different biological father, and not just any man, but a famous TV star!

All Thanks to Science

Learning about our past and ancestors allows us to find out more about ourselves and our traits of character. We inherit so much from our families! For Phyllis it wasn’t just about her own story – it was the story of her whole generation, including her husband and children.

There was a hidden piece of her past that would change her whole life, enriching it with new people, new culture, and more family traditions. There was so much she needed to find out now!

It all became possible thanks to the advance of science and its wonderful inventions. Yes, we are talking about DNA tests and the possibilities they opened to people all over the world.

Learning Your Past from a DNA test

We’ve invented so many wonderful things during the last few decades – from robots and Internet to spaceships and virtual reality. Yet one of the most amazing inventions was a simplified DNA test that could reveal never heard before information about the past of people.

Needless to say, the whole world was blown away by these new possibilities. Now anyone can learn about their ancestors, dig into their family’s past, and find out more about their parents.

One swab test is all that stands between you and your heritage. Now these tests are really fast and you can get results in just a few days! For Phyllis, it was like discovering a whole new world she never knew existed.

The Beginning

It was the year 2010, DNA tests weren’t exactly a new thing, but everyone was still buzzing about how quick and easy you could get results and discover unknown truth about your heritage. That’s why Phyllis’ son decided he wanted to take a DNA test!

None of the family members had reason to believe there were some secrets hidden deep in the family’s past, but it turned out there was a huge mystery waiting to be solved.

The test result was totally unexpected and uncovered new details not only from the past of Phyllis’ son but most importantly from her own beginnings.

How It All Went

Her son’s fiancé was the one behind the idea to take a DNA test. Naturally, she wanted to find out more about her future husband, his family, and their ancestors. Little did she know that this innocent idea would turn everyone’s lives upside down!

She presented Phyllis’ son with a simple DNA kit you can get anywhere these days. It’s incredibly easy to use and all you need to do is just take a swab test and send it for examination.

They weren’t expecting to find anything shocking, but they were still eager to get the results as soon as possible. As it turned out, one saliva sample changed their whole lives!

The Results Came In

Waiting for the results was like waiting for Christmas presents. Phyllis’ son started looking them through the minute they came in. He felt like an explorer about to make a discovery of a lifetime! His efforts paid off and he stared at the results chart speechless.

Something wasn’t right! The test should have revealed some new information about their ancestry, but instead, it questioned their whole family history.

Phyllis’ son quickly contacted his mother to share the details about the weirdness in the test. What he and his mother knew about their ethnicity seemed to be a lie. The test revealed some new information!

Something Wasn’t Right

Phyllis was both curious and a little bit worried. Could it be that the DNA test was wrong? That was hardly possible as they are quite accurate. This meant that her son has stumbled upon something very unusual.

She wanted to take a look at the results and see what was going on. She carefully examined all the papers and then stopped, awestruck, staring at the chart with the information about ethnicity. It wasn’t adding up!

All the things her parents told her and what she told her children – they weren’t matching with the actual fasts revealed in the chart. What could this all mean?

The Missing Pieces

Phyllis couldn’t believe her eyes and was quite shocked by the results of the DNA test. If it wasn’t lying, then they were living in a lie themselves! The information about her maternal side seemed quite accurate, so she didn’t doubt the test was false or somehow altered.

The information about her paternal side, on the other hand, was completely different from what she thought was true. Parts of her ethnicity that should’ve been there were simply gone.

This meant they weren’t there in the first place! Phyllis contacted her brother and told him the whole story. As shocked as he was, her brother confirmed that the results seemed weird and they needed to investigate further.

The Moment That Changed Everything

It’s hard to imagine what Phyllis was going through. One moment she was happily living her life with her husband and family, and the other her whole world turned upside down. Was she even a part of her family?

She grew up believing that she was 100% related to her brother and sister, but it turned out that it wasn’t the whole truth. She always felt it, but could never put a finger on it. She had a feeling that something was amiss and she was somehow a bit different from everyone else.

Now she and her family had to face the truth, whatever it was. They needed to investigate it further and solve this mystery once and for all. Phyllis already knew what her next step should be.

Phyllis Knew She Was Different

Now it all made sense. Growing up, Phyllis and her sister always received humorous comments that the two didn’t look alike at all. Almost as if they had different fathers!

They didn’t worry about it when they were kids and it never influenced their relationship. Phyllis loved her sister and nothing could change that – even the fact that they indeed could have different fathers.

As much as Phyllis loved her brother and sister, she had to find out the truth. It could hurt her family in ways she couldn’t even imagine, but for her it was impossible to have this information and not dig further. She decided to take the DNA test herself.

Phyllis Was Ready to Face the Truth

Phyllis wasn’t too eager to take the test, but she understood just how important it was to get to the bottom of things. It wasn’t only about her own life and heritage, it was about her family, too! She couldn’t stop so close to finding out the truth about her parents.

While feeling a bit taken aback by the whole situation, Phyllis confessed that she wasn’t actually shocked the revelation.

She has always felt that there was something, that she was somehow different, not like all of her relatives. The test only confirmed what she knew in her heart all her life.

Finally, Phyllis’ Test Results Came In

Phyllis has lived all her life believing she was fully related to her brother and sister, but after 45 years she was about to find out the bitter truth. There was a dark spot in her family’s history and it was time to shed some light on it.

Phyllis’ sister decided she needed to act, too, so she did a DNA test along with Phyllis. Finally, the test results came in and they both knew it for a fact – they had different fathers!

The history of their family needed to be re-written, but first Phyllis had to fill in some blanks. Phyllis had a different biological father, but she still didn’t know who he was. It was a mystery to be solved.

The Plot Thickens

Now Phyllis and her family faced another challenge – they had to find out the identity of her biological father. That might have been impossible some fifty years ago, but now anyone could do it!

After you take the DNA test, you not only get the results revealing your ethnicity and information about your ancestors, but you can also investigate all those people whose DNA matches yours.

This means Phyllis’ next step would be comparing her DNA to other people’s to find out who she might be related to. It was a long shot, but it was worth a try. Now that she knew her father was out there somewhere, she was willing to do anything to find him.

The Investigation

As easy as it was taking the test, the next part of their family mystery presented quite a few challenges. Phyllis and her husband needed to start the investigation as to who might be her father.

They contacted the company that did their DNA tests and got some information about how to proceed. After the DNA-matching was done, Phyllis had quite a lot of names on her hands. But who was her biological father?

They needed to create their family tree from scratch, revising everything they knew about her family and their ancestors. Needless to say, it was a hard task!

The Answer Was So Close

It wasn’t that hard to exclude the names from the list because Phyllis knew her family’s history pretty well (apart from the fact that she had a different biological father). She and her husband were excluding the names one by one, doing their investigation using the Internet.

It’s amazing just how many things you can find out about people using Google! It wasn’t really that hard to pinpoint a few names that were most likely to be her father.

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Out of those few names, one man seemed the most special. Phyllis actually knew him! Well, not personally, of course, but she has seen him on TV numerous times. Could he truly be her long-lost father?

The Big Revelation

Phyllis couldn’t believe her eyes, but the more she looked at the name of her potential father, the more she believed it was really him. The name that stood out from the rest was none other than Phil Robertson, a famous reality TV star from Duck Dynasty.

Phyllis had no idea if that were true or not, but she was willing to give it a try. Did Phil Robertson know that he had a daughter? What was he like?

So many questions were going through her head and there was only one way to finally get some answers. It was time Phyllis contacted her supposed biological father.

Where Do You Even Start?

Phyllis had no idea how Phil Robertson would react to the idea of having a 45-year-old daughter he has never met. He was a celebrity, after all, and she was just a woman trying to find out more about her past.

There was no way around it – she had to write a letter! It was hard for Phyllis because she realized Phil Robertson had a life of his own. This news could change everything! And what would his wife think?

But it’s not like Phyllis had a choice. She composed a letter and sent it to him via mail. Still, she didn’t want to rely on the mail only and decided to hand one more letter in person, just in case.

A Memorable Trip

Phyllis and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands and deliver the letter themselves. They came up with the idea of visiting her supposed family and handing them the letter in person.

It was such an important matter that they felt they needed to meet Phyllis’ missing family right away. They were really curious as to what they were like, so it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Phyllis had to travel all the way to Louisiana to meet her possible father and other relatives. How would he react to her coming? And what if it’s not him after all? Phyllis felt both scared and inspired to find out the truth.

The Dream Dad

As Phyllis was digging up information about her possible dad, she found out lots of interesting facts about Phil Robertson. For example, he was a strong believer and often preached at one church in Louisiana.

Whether it was just a lucky coincidence or an act of Providence, but he was about to preach in December right before Christmas – it was just a few weeks away! Phyllis gathered all her courage and decided to visit that church, taking her husband for support.

She was pleasantly shocked that her father was preaching because she herself was quite a strong believer. How cool was that? Learning that her possible father shared the same beliefs as her was like a dream come true. It seemed like Destiny was putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Nerves Were Taking Over

Phyllis and her husband finally reached the church Phil Robertson was preaching at, but she couldn’t make herself go inside. She was in the parking lot, still sitting inside the car, wondering if this was the right thing to do. What if he wasn’t her father at all?

All those ‘what if’s’ were driving her crazy, but there wasn’t really a choice to make there. She just needed to make a few steps and go inside the building.

Her husband was incredibly supportive. He had no idea what it was like to be in Phyllis’ shoes, but he was willing to help her go through with it and finally uncover the truth. She deserved that!

One More Challenge

Finally, they were there at the church, sitting in the peace and quiet, waiting for the preaching service to begin. Phyllis didn’t know what to expect, but then Phil came inside the building!

To her utter shock, Phil Robertson was surrounded by a thick layer of bodyguards. How on Earth would she hand him a letter if she can’t even come close to him?

Phyllis felt the despair creeping in, but her husband assured her that they would find a way. After all, they have come this far! And just like he said, an opportunity presented itself very soon.

There is Always Hope

Phyllis was getting desperate because there was no way she could hand the letter to Phil after the service was over. It’s not like her life depended on it, but in a way, she felt that it did. What if he didn’t receive the other letter they sent?

What if this was the only chance she’s got to build a bridge between her and her biological father? That moment Phyllis had a little breakdown and cried a bit, not knowing what to do next. One moment she felt like the happiest person in the world, and now it was all crumbling down.

Her husband, on the other hand, was sure they could make it one way or another. And he was right! Another opportunity presented itself right away and Phyllis was quick to act.

A Happy Coincidence

Suddenly, Phyllis saw a familiar face in the crowd. It wasn’t someone she knew personally, of course, but she knew him nonetheless. It was none other than Jase Robertson, one of Phil’s sons. Phyllis couldn’t believe her luck!

Now she wasn’t hesitating for a moment and went straight to the man that could help her. At least, that’s what she hoped! Jase was kind enough to accept the letter and didn’t seem disturbed by the whole situation at all.

Phyllis was on cloud nine! They delivered the letter and now all they could do was wait. Would Phil Robertson react to what she wrote? Would he like to know more about her? They were about to find out.

Everything Finally Came Together

Jase Robertson saved the letter he received from Phyllis and, much to his surprise, picked up another one from the same sender. He didn’t read the letter at first, but now he was sure that it was something very important.

Finally, he opened it up and started reading. He couldn’t believe his eyes! Just like Phyllis a few weeks ago, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that his family wasn’t what he thought it was. But for him it wasn’t about his parents – it was about a long-lost sister!

He and his brother spent some time wondering what to do next. Should they tell their parents right away? Should they take some DNA tests to get more information? It was a hard choice to make.

Making the Decision

It was a tough time for the Robertson family. They all got together and Jase started explaining what has happened from the very beginning when he just received the letter from Phyllis.

Phil was really taken aback by the whole prospect of having a daughter he had no idea about. And she’s 45 years old! A grown-up woman he didn’t know but was eager to find out more about.

The Robertsons spent some time deciding what to do next. There weren’t that many choices if they wanted to find out the truth. Phil finally made up his mind – he decided to do a paternity test.

One Step Closer to the Truth

Once Phil Robertson made the decision they started acting quickly. Taking a DNA test is a fast and easy process, so when everything was ready he just went on with it. The Robertsons waited in anticipation, trying to imagine the outcome of the test.

Everyone was secretly hoping that Phyllis was right because this would mean they all had a sister and a daughter that they’ve never known. They needed to tell each other so much!

The waiting was excruciating for both Phyllis and her potential father. Her family and the Robertsons couldn’t think about anything else. Finally, they got the results – Phil Robertson was the biological father of Phyllis!

Family Reunion

Phyllis felt both relieved and excited. She has spent so much time hoping that Phil Robertson was her biological father and now when it was confirmed, she was on cloud nine. Still, she was nervous about meeting the part of her family she never knew existed.

Did the Robertsons feel the same way she did? Were they just as eager to meet Phyllis? In fact, they were!

The date for the great family reunion was already set and Phyllis was packing for a trip of a lifetime that would take her to Louisiana and her long-lost father. She wasn’t going alone – her husband would also be there to support her. It was a big deal for all of them!

Preparing for the Trip

Phyllis’ half-brothers couldn’t wait for the meeting to happen. They kept in touch with her before the big family gathering and it made her feel more at ease about the whole thing. She really didn’t know what to expect!

Although Phil Robertson was a big reality TV star, Phyllis didn’t want to create an impression about her biological father by watching TV. It was much more important for her to create her own first impression through communication.

That’s why Phyllis was feeling a bit nervous about the family reunion. Will they like her? Will she like them? How will everything go? She would find out all that soon enough.

Meeting Her Father for the First Time

When Phyllis finally reached Louisiana, she wasn’t feeling nervous at all. It was one of the most important moments in her life, but it felt right. Like it was always meant to be.

When she and her husband entered the house where Phil and his whole family were waiting to meet her, it wasn’t awkward at all. Much to everyone’s surprise, they met like good friends that have already known each other for years.

Before chatting with all newfound family members, Phyllis wanted to talk to Phil in private. That feeling was mutual! They had so much to say to each other after all these years. Phyllis could never imagine that something like this could happen in her life, but here she was, reuniting with her biological father for the first time after 45 years!

The Happiest Father Ever

It was just as strange and bizarre for Phil Robertson to find a daughter after decades of silence. He had no idea she existed! Yet he was excited to meet her, believing that she was the best thing that could ever happen to him. It was like a gift sent from above!

Phil loved every moment spent with his ‘little girl’ as he called her. Of course, he regretted not knowing that she was out there and not being a part of her life. They could have done so many fun things together!

Phil admitted that he was a different person back in the day. He regretted most of his decisions from the past, so reuniting with Phyllis was like proof that no matter how bad it got in the past there was still something wonderful that came out of it.

The Robertsons had Mixed Feelings

While Phil was ecstatic to meet his amazing daughter, the rest of his family had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Of course, they were happy that Phyllis showed up and they got to meet their half-sister after so many years.

Still, for them, it was a reminder that their father used to be a different man who didn’t always make the right decisions. Nevertheless, they quickly overcame the disappointment because now they were all together and had a chance of building new, better relationships with each other.

Phil’s wife, on the other hand, was absolutely cool about the whole situation. Miss Kay confessed that it wasn’t that much of a surprise to her. What did shock her was the fact that Phil’s long-lost child was a woman! She has always wanted a girl, so meeting Phyllis was like meeting a daughter she never had.

The Happy Ending

Neither Phil nor Phyllis could ever imagine that their lives would take on such a wild turn. It’s like a plot for a movie or a TV series! Yet there they were, two families, coming together after four decades of not knowing that the other existed.

For Phyllis, it was like finally filling in the blanks that were always present in her life. She always felt that something was missing, that there was a secret that needed to be uncovered for her to be fully happy. And now that mystery was finally solved!

All the family members are keeping in touch, taking their time to know each other better. Hopefully, they’ll become one big happy family in the future.

Ivanna Y

Published 4 years ago