There is one common mistake a lot of people do. When they start to workout or jump back to it after a break, they want to reach the same fitness

3 years ago

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There is one common mistake a lot of people do. When they start to workout or jump back to it after a break, they want to reach the same fitness level as those people on Instagram and YouTube right from the first training. As a result, they kill themselves, which leads to a huge disappointment and desire to leave the sport and never come back. You should remember that high intensity isn’t something you have to pay most attention to  — the main thing is to enjoy the sport and learn to feel your body’s needs.

Being a woman means to combine chores, business, taking care of your loved ones, and still have time for yourself. The good news is that even 15-20 minutes a day are enough to tone your body and shape it as you desire. The essential thing here is regularity. You can perform these 5 exercises anywhere you are, they won’t take much of your time yet make you stronger, fitter and more confident.

Side Plank

Hip area and core, which include abs and back, are muscle groups that form the powerhouse of women’s bodies. Side plank is an exercise that targets these zones and is really important when having a strength-building workout. It works with your deep inner core muscles while stabilizing the spine.

Single-Leg Deadlift

This exercise is a great move to stabilize all your body and learn to balance. It’s one of the best movements to tone the back of your body, including hamstrings and glutes. Performing a single-leg deadlift saves you a lot of time as it works on really a lot of muscles.

Glute Bridge

What makes glute bridges an awesome exercise for women is that they whittle the waistline while targeting your booty as well. Glute bridge relieves menstrual discomfort and helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause. What’s more, it strengthens your core and reduces back pain if such exists. In other words, a glute bridge is a must when it comes to daily training.


Clamshell helps to build up the gluteus medius, which controls the stabilization of your pelvis. The Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy reported that this exercise is the best way to prevent and treat injuries. Moreover, a clamshell perfectly targets your inner and outer thighs.


You are definitely misled if you think that superman exercises only lower and upper back muscles. This essential exercise also works your glutes and hamstrings while strengthening your core. Superman helps your posture out, loosens tight back muscles after a long day sitting in front of the computer, and relieves the pain. Try it and see for yourself how your back starts leaving a new life.

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Published 3 years ago