A Collection of the Most Unimaginable Prom Dresses Ever Created

2022-06-23 Stories

This article was originally published on our website: storieswithpictures.com

It’s not every day you have a prom night, so, naturally, all young ladies want to look their best and wear dresses that are both beautiful and memorable. But for some girls it’s either one or the other! No one will forget these looks, but for all the wrong reasons. We should probably also thank all the creative moms out there who decided it was a cool idea to wear a DIY dress to prom (hint: no, it’s not). Here’s a collection of the weirdest and funniest prom dresses we’ve ever seen!

The Bubble Queen

Going for unconventional materials to create your prom dress is usually not the best idea, especially when it comes to bubble wrap. When we think of it, ‘lux’ and ‘chic’ usually aren’t the first things that come to mind, which makes a bubble wrap dress kind of a lousy idea.

But this girl? She pulls it off like she was born wearing it! If there’s was a beauty pageant we’re sure she’d sell this dress like it was some designer’s masterpiece.

Still, we have to admit this looks pretty wacky and reminds us of the crazy outfits worn by Miley Cyrus (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). We’re sure this girl was in the centre of everyone’s attention when she went for prom!

Buying Dresses Online

It goes without saying that buying clothes online is a risky endeavor. So many things could go wrong! Even if you miraculously get all your measurements right there is still a chance that whatever garment you receive will not look like anything you’ve seen in the picture.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time and this girl fell prey to pretty advertisement and ordered a prom dress online. You can see the outcome in the photo.

The fit is off and we can clearly see the material is much cheaper than in the photo, and don’t get us started about what’s going on in the chest department. This is any girl’s prom dress nightmare!

A Very Dangerous Mermaid

A mermaid dress is a classic silhouette when it comes to prom dresses and other special events. But something went terribly wrong with this gown’s design.

If you look at it – it’s kind of perfect with gentle marine colours and a beautiful top, but then you notice the spikes and they’re like the craziest dress accessory ever created.

We have only one question – why? Why would you ruin a perfectly normal prom dress with this madness? Well, if this girl wanted to stand out or send a message that she’s a very different kind of mermaid – she definitely succeeded.