Exercising isn’t just a one-man/woman activity, you can do it with a partner or a team.

2 years ago

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Exercising no matter how tedious it may seem, is a need of our body and mind. Not only does it help us stay physically healthy, but it also helps us release happy hormones and feel lighter throughout the day or week. What more if you can do it with someone dear to you? Exercising isn’t just a one-man/woman activity, you can do it with a partner or a team.

Benefits of Exercising with a Partner:

It’s good to have some me-time while exercising, but it’s also wonderful to have someone share the struggles and accomplishments. Whether you failed to reach your goal for the day, or accidentally released air while exercising, it’ll be more fun doing it with someone.

When you start an exercise use routine with another person, you both become responsible for each other. When one is being lazy, the other can be that push. When one isn’t sure of the routine or posture, the other one can serve as an instructor to correct or guide. It’s a win-win situation.

Having another person do the exercises with you can also unleash your inner competitiveness. It isn't necessarily about winning against the other person, but more of having the inspiration to go further and continue doing the exercises. If the other person can do it, so can you.

Here are some videos of exercises you can easily do with a partner:

This routine is for you if you are the busy type pair. The video is only about 10 minutes long, which can perfectly fit one's hectic schedule.

If your focus is your abs, then this video is for you.

For those looking for routines to tone their bodies, this video is for you.

JB Jance

Published 2 years ago