Do This a Few-Minute Morning Workout to Feel Energized All Day Long

The feeling of tiredness at the start of the day isn’t the one you look forward to. Sometimes it happens that you just wake up and already don’t

3 years ago

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The feeling of tiredness at the start of the day isn’t the one you look forward to. Sometimes it happens that you just wake up and already don’t feel energized enough to begin a new day. To avoid it, you need to take some steps in the opposed way you’re moving now. It can be:

  1. more sleep;
  2. more coffee (kinda hardcore solution your heart wouldn’t thank for);
  3. morning exercises.

The last one is a fantastic way to fuel your body up in the morning. All you need is up to 10 minutes in the morning to stop going like a sleeping zombie to your work and feel wholly woken up. Morning exercises are crazy beneficial to your body — they help to wake up both your muscles and mind.

Yet you need to realize that this kind of workout isn’t for fat burning or losing weight, it’s for filling yourself with energy for the whole day. Movements increase blood flow and oxygenate your muscles. Therefore, you feel more alert and ready to work. One study proved that people who perform even a 10-minute workout every day are more productive and focused. Also, 30 seconds (!) of exercise gives as much energy as a shot of caffeine.

Even if you feel sleepy and don’t have any desire to do your morning workout, try to overcome your laziness, and you’ll notice that after 5 minutes of squats and jumpings the indolence will suddenly vanish. You can find hundreds of morning workout videos on YouTube on your preferences. But I have prepared a really cool one that I do myself every morning and which really works!

Jumping jacks

It’s a cool warm-up that is perfect for your still drowsy body. While jumping, you also stretch your arms and open up your chest. A perfect one for revving your heart rate.

Wide squat (do them slowly)

While simple squats might be a too difficult challenge early in the morning, wide squats stretch your leg muscles while focusing on the right zones.

Jump squats

Oh, yesss! This one is a way harder move which will definitely make your heart pound like a stereo. Yet this is the last one to make you a bit sweat. The next exercise will be total relaxation if compared with jump squats.


Of course, the plank has to be included in your morning workout plan. It trains core stability and strengthens your abs & back muscles while also focusing on arms. In general, it’s a must-have to tone all your body.


We carefully move to warm up our chest zone along with arms and back. If it’s too difficult to do standard push-ups, perform them from your knees. With time, you’ll get strong enough to push up from the plank position.


Yes, our popular crunches to tone your belly and get rid of “muffin top”.

Bicycle crunches

Now, we complicate the previous exercise and make our body move after a long night’s sleep. It’s an amazing move for obliques.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and take a 15-second break in between. Enjoy stretching your body and fill it with energy to conquer your own tops. Sometimes, just a little is needed to feel better.

Dan T

Published 3 years ago