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You can sup alcohol and still lose weight. But only if you do it right. Excluding something entirely from your life, especially if you like it, is challenging (who doesn’t want to sip a glass of wine or a beer at the party?). But please do not misunderstand me - drinking every day will only complicate things. So, what is this magic secret that makes it possible to drink alcohol and still lose weight? Let’s find it out in this article.

The first question we need to answer is why drinking too much can slow down the process of losing fat. You see, our body burns excess fat to get energy - yes, this is exactly what we need when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. But alcohol gives an easier form of energy that our body burns before working with fat. Fat loses and stays in your body. That’s the losing battle and the main reason for not abusing.

The Glenesk Hotel's Malt Bar
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The main golden rule is not to consume high-fat meals while drinking booze. Fatty food really has a lot of calories, and mixing it with alcohol means your body will get an EXTRA dose of energy that needs to be hidden somewhere. Guess where it will hide? Right, into your body in the form of fat.

The next important rule is balance. Don’t lay on it; otherwise, all the effort you have done before will be in vain. Well, most of them. Have a limit in your mind and drink water all the time. It will fill your stomach faster, and maybe you won’t need to drink that extra glass of wine.

Opt for healthier options. For example, a glass of brut champagne contains less than 100 calories, while Mulled wine can have over 400 calories. The other drinks that don’t have millions of calories are:

Vodka with soda and a slice of lime

Light beer

Tequila on the rocks with two juiced limes and a bit of soda

A glass of dry wine.

When it comes to cocktails, opt for:

Classic martini

Gin & Tonic

Old Fashioned

Peach Bellini


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