Extraordinary Historical Photos You Won’t Find in Any History Book

2022-06-16 Stories

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Human history is as exciting as it is complex, but thankfully we have photos that help us make sense of things! The first ever photograph was taken nearly 200 years ago,  which means we have almost two centuries worth of staggering visual material about human history to dig through. Of course, it’s packed with all sorts of weirdness and photographic gems that prove we, humans, are a weird, but inventive bunch. Here’s a collection of truly extraordinary historical photos you’ve probably never seen before.

Testing Helmets

You may have seen this photo before with a variety of hilarious captions, but despite the pic going viral not so long ago, not many people realize what they are really looking at.

The most widespread version is that it’s a photo of football helmet testing that was taken in 1912. While the date is quite accurate, what we are looking at is not a rugby helmet, but the one meant to protect the pilots.

W. T. Warren, a British inventor, was testing a new improved helmet with additional padding that would protect the pilots from head injuries during accidents. He chose a very peculiar method of testing the helmet by leaping head first into a hangar wall…

The King of Eccentricity

There isn’t a single person in the whole world who hasn’t heard the name of Salvador Dali. His surrealistic paintings are unique and filled with hidden meanings and his character is just as eccentric as his artwork.

In 1969, Paris was the place where Salvador Dali went out for long walks in the street all dressed up in elegant suits, with a cane in one hand and a leash with his pet ant-eater in another. Yes, that was an image to behold!

Lucky for us, there was a photographer nearby who was able to capture the surrealist painter during one of his exciting walks. Not many people realize just how unusual Salvador Dali’s character was!

Flying Back in the Day

We are so used to flying on planes with gorgeous flight attendants serving us snacks and drinks that we don’t even pay that much attention to the way they are dressed. But that hasn’t always been this way!

Nowadays, flight attendants are dressed neatly and usually sport quite an elegant style with a little bit of carefully made makeup, but back in the day the clothes they wore were much shorter. Of course, not all flight attendants dressed this way, but from today’s point of view this style is unacceptable!

This was the uniform they wore on SAS Airlines back in 1959, just some 60 years ago. Of course, the women looked gorgeous, but those skirts were way too short.