Fishing Like a Boss: 20+ Hilarious Fishing Moments That Prove It’s the Best Hobby in the World

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This article was originally published on our site:

Is there anything better than fishing? Wait, answer that question after you flip through this list of fishing fails, breathtaking fishing moments, and some of the weirdest, and funniest, catches we’ve ever seen. If you’re already into fishing, we bet you’ll instantly relate to some of these hilarious moments, and if you think that this type of hobby isn’t worth your time, well, we have a few photos that will make you grab a fishing rod and run to the nearest body of water. Fishing is fun! Here’s why.

Yellow Submarine

Usually, when people go fishing, they take a boat, right? Well, some do it from the shore, but nothing can quite compare to the feeling of gently swaying in the water, waiting for the first catch of the day.

Some people choose fishing as a hobby for that feeling alone! But as soothing as it is, not all people have boats or like to ride in them. There are those that would choose an alternative style of fishing and swimming altogether.

This guy, for example, wanted to experience the joy of riding in the water but without the hassle of getting himself an actual boat. So, what did he decide to do? The weirdest thing in the world! He turned himself into a motorboat, using a lifebuoy. We aren’t sure if this construction is safe and if it actually works, but at least it looks stylish in the photo!

Parking Like a Boss

If there’s one thing everyone should know about fishing in winter, it’s that you should always, and we mean ALWAYS, park on solid ground. Even if it looks and feels like ground, but the location is too close to water, better skip this ‘parking lot’ and leave your car in the woods.

Seriously, though, what were these guys thinking? So many cars parked in a row right on the frozen river is a recipe for disaster. Usually, it’s okay if it’s just for a few hours, but if you’re planning on staying for a whole day or more, then it’s best to find a safer place.

We can’t even imagine how these cars could be saved now – one of them is already so deep in the water that it can barely be seen. Those drivers must have been frustrated when they came back to their cars.

Fishing with a View

One of the best things about fishing, well, apart from the fact that you get to catch some fish and maybe even prepare a tasty dinner, is that you get out into the wild and spend many hours in nature.

There aren’t too many hobbies that you can enjoy all year round and still be able to head out into the wild, be it summer or winter. Fishing opens up so many possibilities!

And sometimes when it’s especially hot outside, another type of entertainment may appear out of nowhere, making the whole fishing experience even more delightful. Men are fishing, while the women are sunbathing – it’s a perfect combo!

Bathtub Fishing

That moment when you’re too lazy to go out fishing to an actual pond, so you have to use whatever body of water you can. Well, we can’t say it’s the weirdest fishing moment we’ve ever seen, but it is definitely one of the funniest ones.

We’ve all spent a considerable amount of time stranded at our homes during the year 2020, so we can get how this guy simply couldn’t go out fishing. If he was on lockdown, fishing inside his own bathtub was the next best thing!

Well, kind of. We still don’t know just how much fun it is and, judging by the man’s face, it’s not the most exciting experience in the world. Maybe he should try fishing in the pool next time?

A Serious Catch

Who said women didn’t like fishing? Some of them not only love fishing and enjoy it as a hobby but also become real pros at it. It seems this woman has had a great day and caught quite a handful of fish!

She’ll definitely have a great dinner tonight, but apart from catching the fish you also need to transport it somehow. This lady was obviously too lazy to take a bucket or get a pair of extra hands, so she decided to use even her teeth to carry her catch.

She definitely looks like a wild cat carrying her prey! And it seems that she’s not going to share that fish with anyone unless they fight for it.

Not Your Lucky Day

That moment when you’re trying to catch some fish, but something entirely different emerges from the dark depths of the water. We can’t even imagine what this person went through when they caught Pennywise!

We don’t know whether it was just a mask or someone who played such a cruel prank, but this looks like something you would only see in a nightmare. Well, some people would have actual nightmares after seeing Pennywise in the water like this.

We really hope that whoever caught the murderous clown is still alright and well. The best action here would be to just drop everything and run away as fast as you can.

No Fish is Too Big

Did you ever wonder what a 359-pound fish looked like? Well, we realize that it’s one heavy fella, but seeing such a fish with our own eyes just makes the experience so much more exciting.

This young guy, a student of 25 back at the time, caught this Warsaw grouper at his secret fishing spot in Louisiana. Even his closest friends don’t know where it is because he blindfolds everyone on the way there!

We get it why the guy is so protective of his amazing fishing spot – not every day you get to break the state record and catch a fish of this size! Such groupers are found in deep dark waters and you won’t catch anything like this near the shore. You’ll definitely need a boat for this!

A Fishing Pro

If you think you’re good at fishing, then take a look at this proud fella. Catching such a huge fish with his bare paws is no joke! Well, it’s not like he could use a fishing rod, but still.

Grizzly bears dine on a whole lot of different things, including berries, insects, roots, plants, rodents, and other smaller animals. However, they are most known for their love of fish and, we must admit, they are amazing at catching it.

All they do is just grab the fish! They watch it for some time and then use their paws to pin the fish to the floor of the river. They can also dive into the water to catch the fish and it’s incredible just how efficient they are at hunting it down!

The Best Catch Ever

Did we say that fishing is the best hobby in the world? Well, you can easily understand why. Not only do you get to experience the thrill of a catch, but you also get to be out in the wild and maybe even jump into the water yourself for a more thrilling experience.

This woman looks like the happiest angler in the world. And why wouldn’t she be? Catching such a huge fish would bring anyone to cloud nine, and she got to swim a bit as well.

If you’re still wondering whether fishing is worth your time, this photo proves that it’s one of the most rewarding pastimes in the world. Once you start fishing, it’s hard to stop!

Stretching is a Must

When we think of fishing we don’t necessarily connect it with a good physique and stretching. And why would we? Most anglers just spend a lot of time sitting in one spot, comfortably propped on a chair, a shore, or a boat seat.

But not all fishermen are the same! Some of them like to get into the water to catch the fish with their bare hands, while others manage to catch a fish so big that they simply can’t get it out without someone’s help.

This man was preparing for a fishing trip and suddenly had a test of his ability to stretch. You just never know when you might need it! We don’t know if his friend was just playing a prank, but all those yoga classes must have paid off at that very moment.

The Best Day Ever

If you know anything about noodling then you realize why this young woman has such a broad smile on her face. Catching a catfish with your bare hands is no easy task and it feels amazing when you finally succeed.

In their mating season, catfish would find a hole deep underwater inside some kind of structure. It may be just a few feet deep or more than twenty feet deep! Noodlers dive underwater to search for such holes.

Afterwards, if they are lucky enough to find the hideout of the catfish, noodlers still need to catch the fish with their bare hands. This woman may look tender, but judging by the size of the fish she’s a real pro!

Catching the Giant

Can you imagine catching a fish of this size? And then dragging it all the way out of the water and to your home. You might need a whole team of people to prepare a fish of this size!

If you’re wondering where you can see this beauty with your own eyes, well, you’d have to travel all the way to South America. This type of fish is called arapaima and it’s one of the largest specimens of freshwater fish found in the world.

Even if you do travel to the Amazon river, think twice before trying to catch this beauty because overfishing has made it go nearly extinct. Arapaima can grow up to 3 meters long, making it a relatively easy catch for local fishermen.

Just Having Fun

Not all anglers fish for food and some of them even chose not to use fishing rods at all! Sometimes you just want to get closer to the huge fish living underwater to see what they are like without actually catching them.

At least, we believe that curiosity is what made this girl choose such an unusual fishing technique. It’s not like she’s going to actually catch something this way!

We aren’t sure if it’s entirely safe, judging by the sheer size of the fish that came to snack on the bait she’s holding in her hand, but this does look like fun. Getting so close to the huge fish without the need to actually catch it is an exciting experience on its own.

Going Down with the Fish

Some guys try to outsmart nature and don’t even want to at least try and catch the fish – instead, they try to find ways to get some fish without going through the whole fishing process.

Well, we get how laziness can make people come up with really weird and fun ways to avoid the job they need to do, but in this case, we believe, it wasn’t worth it.

For some reason, the water here was going down fast, so two inventive fishermen decided to head to the sinkhole and grab all the fish that ended up stranded there on the ground. They collected it with bare hands! But then their own boat started sinking as well, so they had to jump and leave it for good. Was that fish really worth it?

Just Hanging Out

Did you ever feel so lonely that you felt you could become best buddies with a fish? No? Well, this guy certainly has made friends with this smelly fella.

Although, judging by this guy’s face he is feeling totally content now with the company he’s in. That’s what friends are for, right?

Well, this friend, in particular, seems to be trying to bite off his nose, but we aren’t here to judge. Being friends with a fish is not an easy task!

Who is Stronger?

You might be wondering what’s going on in this picture and we totally get it if you’re feeling a bit confused. But hear this out – what you’re looking at is three of the strongest women in the world trying to catch the most powerful fish in the ocean with just a fishing rod.

If you think that three people is way too many to grab the Goliath Grouper, well, this is where you’d be wrong – that type of fish is incredibly strong! These three ladies quickly discovered that they needed all their strength to battle this monster.

Stephanie Cohen, an incredibly strong powerlifter, Kristen Nun, a fitness pro, and Sarah Backman, a professional arm wrestler, joined their efforts to catch one huge fish! And they did, of course, but it was much more difficult than everyone thought.

Too Creepy to be True

It’s hard to believe that a fish like this exists in real life, but here it is! Supposedly, it was caught in the outflow of a nuclear power plant, which makes an appearance of such a weird fish quite possible.

But still, three eyes that look like the exact copy of each other? We aren’t sure if it’s Mother Nature playing a wicked prank on us or just some handy Photoshopper, using his skills to create this spine-chilling photo.

Well, we don’t really know what kind of monsters live in the depth of the ocean, so this may very well be just a common specimen of fish from the waters deep down.

Winter Fishing is no Joke

For those people who have been fishing for more than a few years, regular fishing becomes a bit boring. That’s when they try exploring new ways of catching fish and new seasons to do so.

It’s one thing to sit idly on a bank of a river, waiting for the first catch of the day, and it’s a completely different thing when you have to put on a dozen layers of clothes and head out into the freezing temperatures to start fishing. Oh, and there’s no open water, as well!

This guy went fishing during winter and found out that the water was covered with a thick layer of ice. So what did he do? He took out an axe, of course, and started creating a fishing spot for himself.

Not Your Typical Angler

When you get tired of fishing with a good old fishing rod, there are a few other choices you might try that will turn your whole fishing experience into a different kind of sport.

If you think that fishing isn’t exciting enough for you, then go for bowfishing! Yes, that’s a thing and people are actually getting good at this!

All you need to do is get yourself a special fishing bow, go to a place where you can practice some bowfishing, and shoot! While it may sound easy, it’s not. You have to develop a keen eye and wear sunglasses to be able to spot the fish you want to catch. But then you also have to actually shoot it! Fish is a moving target, so it’s definitely a challenging way to do some fishing.

Parking Lot Fishing Expert

If you aren’t especially fond of going out into the wild and spending half of your day fishing with no guarantee of catching anything, then how about going fishing to a parking lot?

Yes, it sounds crazy, but this one guy managed to do the impossible and catch a whole bucket of fish right in the middle of a parking lot in front of a business centre with lots of people roaming around.

How did he do it? Well, he just knew where to look for an underground river – it was passing right under the parking lot, so he used a hole that connected to the water and started fishing right there. As you can imagine, people thought he was some kind of oddball, but then he started pulling out huge fish one by one!

Ice Fishing, Anyone?

Fishing can be quiet and relaxing, but it can also be harsh and freezing. If you like to be more adventurous, then head to the most exciting ice fishing party in the world that takes place on Leech Lake in Minnesota.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, if you do decide to visit, prepare yourself for freezing temperatures, lots of warm layers, and the hardest ways to catch fish you’ve ever seen. But if you do succeed, there’s a reward!

People competing in the International Eelpout Festival have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars if they are lucky enough to catch this slimy fish. That’s no easy task in the harsh and cold environment, but despite the low temperatures more than 10,000 people visit the festival each year.

Shadow Fishing

You might think that there’s no way fishing could surprise you, after all, it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t involve too much crazy gear. But here’s a surprise for you!

We bet you’ve never heard of shadow fishing before (at least, we haven’t) – you can find people fishing like this in India, in the cold waters of the Srinagar Lake in Kashmir.

It’s a centuries-old tradition that allows anglers to catch fish with close to no effort at all! All they do is build a special little ‘hut’ in the water, cover it with a piece of cloth to create a shadow, and just wait for the fish to come. They swear it works like a charm and the fish is attracted to the shadowy spot – it’s like magic!

The Best Catch Ever

This guys seems to have caught everything a man needs for a happy life – a huge fish to boast to his friends and a gorgeous woman, who can do a handstand like a pro. Well, he could boast about her to his friends as well.

Looking at this picture, we have to wonder how he managed to catch such a huge fish – it’s almost the same height as the man holding it. The woman on the right looks just slightly bigger, so that’s one impressive catch.

This man must be a very accomplished angler, looking at his incredible creature. No wonder this photo went viral as soon as he posted it on social media!

Are You Sure It’s Called Fishing?

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure that fishing involves, well, catching the fish and not watching it roam around in the water like it owns it (although, it kind of does). Whenever bait is involved, fish is supposed to be just mindlessly following it around.

But what’s happening here? We see a huge fish just calmly passing by all the fishing rods, ignoring them like it’s the least interesting thing in the world.

Well, good for this fish! But not as much fun for the fishermen. But now we are wondering – how can this fish be so smart? Or maybe it just had a nice dinner and was full enough to ignore the bait, who knows.

Night Spear Fishing

This photo was taken more than half a century ago in Hawaii and it looks like a shot from a movie. Can you believe this guy, standing there at night with a huge torch attached to his back and a spear in his hand?

And yes, he needs all this equipment to do some night fishing – we kid you not! Hawaiians made these unbelievably huge torches out of local kukul nuts, a pole, and some leaves. Then they went hunting for fish.

The logic behind this is quite simple – the fish gets attracted by the light of the torch at night, so the fishermen can then catch it with a spear. But the whole process just seems so surreal!

How Did He Do That?

Okay, we get it, fishing is a unique hobby and while most people end up catching at least some kind of fish as a reward for sitting on the shore for hours, fish is not the only thing that can be caught.

Odd catches can be very diverse, varying from old shoes, wet gloves, and weird spine-chilling clown masks to empty soda cans, boat parts, and even LEGO pieces.

But this boy was lucky to catch another fishing rod! We have no idea how this happened, but this photo proves that everything is possible when it comes to fishing. Well, on a brighter note, now he has two fishing rods and that’s always better than one.

Just Passing Through

Did you ever go fishing and experience something totally out of the ordinary? Like a submarine casually passing by, maybe?

We certainly have never seen anything like it before and we can only imagine how the fishermen must have felt seeing this huge vessel emerge from underwater. We see things like this in movies, but not in real life!

Well, maybe some people are lucky enough to see weird stuff all the time, but capturing it on camera is an entirely different matter. Kudos to these anglers for capturing the whole thing!

Weird or Genius?

When it comes to boats, we know one thing – it’s a vessel that should be able to float on water and, in some cases, develop an impressive speed, depending on your needs. But look at this genius invention!

Sealegs (yes, that’s the name of this vessel) isn’t just your average boat that can only go by water – it’s equipped with legs and wheels that can make it go by land as well.

We aren’t sure there are too many places in the world where you could use a hybrid like this (usually you either go by land or by water, not both), but this boat definitely looks amazing.

That’s Not How It Works

We’ve all been there – trying so hard to excel in something we’re doing for the first time that we end up making fools of ourselves. Well, it’s natural to make mistakes when you’re just a beginner and this guy is proof of that.

Most starting anglers know just one thing – you have to throw the bait as far as possible to get to the fish that's roaming further from the shore. While there’s some truth to that, there’s also another rule – don’t drown yourself while trying to catch some fish.

We’re kidding, there’s no such rule, but we believe there should be one! This man was trying so hard to become good at fishing, that he ended up going straight into the water. Maybe he could catch some fish with his bare hands instead?

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