How Famous People Escape Reality: 40 Wildest Celebrity Masquerade Costumes Ever

This article was originally published on our site: It’s not a secret celebrities like to dress up. Whether it’s some special occasion, a red carpet event,

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This article was originally published on our site:

It’s not a secret celebrities like to dress up. Whether it’s some special occasion, a red carpet event, a movie preview, or a huge celebration like Halloween, celebs like to put on their best (and weirdest) outfits to amaze the crowd!

Sometimes they wear truly outstanding fashionable outfits, but other times their attires seem to be straight out of a designer’s nightmare. Either way, in the end, the press is happy, the photographers are in awe, and fans have something to discuss for at least a few weeks or even years if the outfit was truly bizarre. Here are 30 of the wildest celebrity masquerade costumes ever.

40. Gorgeous Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most popular cartoon characters ever created. She’s sultry, stunning, and beautiful beyond words. She’s been cosplayed on numerous occasions by lots of different people, including celebs, but this version of Jessica Rabbit really stands out from the rest.

Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween costumes and a stunning supermodel, always gives the best performance ever when transforming into a character. And this time is no different!

Her Jessica Rabbit seems too real to be true. She maintained her cartoonish vibe, looking like she just got out of the TV screen and started walking around the Red Carpet. The makeup is superb, too!

39. The Shrek Family

Can you guess who’s hiding behind the green ogre skin and that broad flashy smile? You’re right, it’s Heidi Klum again! Whether you’ve heard her name before or not, remember that she is the ultimate Costume Queen when it comes to daring and awe-inspiring Halloween looks.

No one really remembers when it all started, but every Halloween the model rocks costumes that are worthy to appear in movies. Here you can see her as Shrek’s Fiona – you can’t really tell there’s a slim model hiding inside that green ogre!

And if you’re wondering who’s hiding behind that funny Shrek face, you need to guess no more – it’s Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum’s husband. The guy is unrecognizable in that suit!

38. The Little Mermaid

Did you ever think what Ariel from The Little Mermaid would look like if she was a billionaire? No? Well, even if you didn’t, we have an image of exactly that – a gorgeous Ariel that could easily become the next fashion icon.

As you’ve already guessed, Kylie Jenner is the one donning this spectacular look. She wore a deep red wig to match Ariel’s gorgeous locks, a seashell bustier, green eye contact lenses, and a barely visible fishnet top to make it look like she’s covered in drops of water.

Oh, and don’t forget the bold bright green skirt covered in sequins with a dangerously high slit. Well, it does resemble Ariel’s tail in a way. This is probably the most expensive version of The Little Mermaid we’ve ever seen.

37. Cavewoman? Look Closer

Being such a stunning woman, it’s hard to recognize Emilia Ratajkowski wearing these rags and dishevelled hair. If you think that the model simply got tired of all glitz and glamour and decided to go back to the roots, well, that might be the case. But if you look closer this cavewoman attire would seem familiar.

Where have we seen it before? It appears gorgeous Emilia Ratajkowski didn’t simply choose a cavewoman’s look for her Halloween costume. Instead, she used a much more famous look of Raquel Welch from One Million Years BC. No wonder it looked so familiar!

The movie was packed with erupting volcanoes and huge beasts fighting with prehistoric people. Raquel Welch looked stunning in this 1966 movie and Emilia Ratajkowski definitely looks just as beautiful!

36. The Fierce Goddess Kali

What better way to turn everyone’s heads than dressing up as the fierce goddess Kali from the Hindu religion? Everyone was quite shocked to see Heidi Klum rock this look, but for different reasons. Some people were amazed at the craftsmanship of the look, while others were quite outraged that someone would use the image of the Goddess for fun.

Still, we have to admit that the model looks quite stunning in this attire! The whole thing happened around 12 years ago and fans still can’t get over it.

Yet one must be careful when dressing up as a religious figure – some people could get really hurt by it!

35. The Butterfly Duo

Ever since Kylie Jenner had her gorgeous baby daughter everyone has been following her Instagram with extra attention. Despite being a celebrity herself, Kylie has been keeping her baby, Stormi Webster, all to herself and her boyfriend for a long time.

As Stormi has grown bigger, her mama started posting more pics of them together and we must admit they are beyond cute. For Halloween, Kylie Jenner decided to wear exceptionally sweet matching costumes with her baby daughter.

You’d be surprised to find out that in real life Kylie Jenner is terrified of butterflies. Still, she likes the images of them, so we hope wearing a butterfly costume was not a problem for her.

34. Lego Robin

Have you ever seen celebrities dressed as LEGO superheroes before? We certainly haven’t, but it could easily become the next biggest trend. It’s almost impossible to tell who’s hiding behind all that LEGO gorgeousness, so we won’t keep you in the dark any longer – it’s Justin Timberlake!

When his kid decided to dress for Halloween as LEGO Batman, the only logical decision was for the whole family to dress as LEGO superheroes. Justin Timberlake donned the suit of LEGO Robin, while his wife, Jessica Biel, was dressed as LEGO Harley Quinn.

Needless to say, both the singer and his kid look like actual LEGO action figures. Their costumes are on spot!

33. The Gorgeous Fembot Look

We don’t know if you watched the hilarious movie Austin Powers or not, but Kendall Jenner certainly did! To commemorate this funny comedy and its characters, she decided to rock one of the most memorable looks from the film.

She looks exactly like the evil Fembots from the movie! Don’t be deceived by their appearance – they might look gorgeous, but they are incredibly dangerous.

Kendall Jenner copied the Fembot look to the smallest details. She looks totally gorgeous in that pink baby-doll dress with a huge blonde wig to complete the look.

32. The Shining Twins

When you think about the horrifying Grady twins from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it two grown-up grey-bearded guys wearing dresses? No, we didn’t think so, but that is definitely the image that will be haunting us till the end of time!

When attending a party organized by M. Night Shyamalan back in 2017, Bruce Willis and his assistant decided to go for a very special look from the classic horror flick. We don’t know why they did it, but we applaud them nonetheless!

Their looks are complete with cute blue dresses, flower headpieces, and bright white stockings. This is probably one of the most memorable Halloween looks we’ve ever seen!

31. Harley Quinn and Joker

Can you already guess who’s hiding under all that makeup and tight clothes? Yep, it’s none other than Nicki Minaj herself, the Queen of dramatic looks and bold outfits. But who’s her Joker?

Back in 2019, when Nicki Minaj just got married to Kenneth Petty, the couple decided to celebrate their first Halloween together in the best way possible – by dressing as one of the hottest villain couples in the comic universe!

Kenneth Petty rocked a Joker look that was a wild mix of Heath Ledgers Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker interpretation. Needless to say, they both looked cool!

30. Walking Picasso Art

Have you ever seen people dressed as actual art? We bet this is not something you get to see every day walking down a street. And make no mistake, this is not some extravagant fashion show – it’s just a few celebs dressed for a Halloween party!

Of course, these aren’t some random celebs – the genius behind these Picasso-inspired outfits is none other than Christian Siriano, the youngest winner of Project Runway, who took over the whole fashion world back in 2007. He launched his very own collection the next year and immediately made a name for himself in the fashion industry.

In the photo, you can see Christian Siriano with his ex-husband Brad Walsh attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween party. And we all know how much Heidi loves a dramatic look! She must have been ecstatic to see the two of them.

29. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Lady

It’s not every day you see a woman rock a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look, but that’s why we love it even more! This time the woman that went for such a cool look was none other than Rihanna herself. Yes, the gorgeous and glamorous Rihanna ditched her usual style and donned a huge Turtle shell instead.

The singer completed her look with green face paint to mimic the look of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and even had her hair dyed for an even more powerful effect. Of course, her look is fashionable as well – Rihanna is wearing a beautiful low-cut corset along with a short khaki skirt.

Oh, and don’t forget the awesome-looking weapons – RiRi had two sai in her hands and a sword behind her back.

28. The Most Beautiful Nurse Ever

Cardi B is well known for her love of spectacular outfits – her stage looks always go viral the second they hit the Internet! Well, her Halloween costumes aren’t any different as the rapper just loves to create as much drama as she can with her clothes.

For this amazing nurse look the rapper donned a beautiful red wig, a bold zip-up dress, a headpiece with a cross, and red thigh-highs that tie the whole look together and make it truly stunning.

To make the nurse look even more believable Cardi B accessorized it with an actual stethoscope. Do you think she could pass for a real nurse?

27. Grace Jones, is That You?

Don’t you just love it when celebs dress as other celebs? It’s like one big star is paying homage to another great star, respectfully acknowledging all their achievements and breakthroughs. That’s why we were so delighted to see Gabrielle Union channel her inner Grace Jones.

Both women are talented in their own right. Grace Jones is one of the most influential figures of the 80s and 90s. She did it all – modelling, filming, singing, writing, you name it. Jones was an inspiration for a plethora of modern artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lorde, and Annie Lennox.

That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when Gabrielle Union turned up at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Halloween party dressed in one of Grace Jones’ most iconic looks – that time she performed on stage wearing mostly body paint.

26. A Snoop Dogg Tribute

Have you ever seen a girl dressed as Snoop Dogg? Nope, we haven’t either. But here we are, looking at the photo of gorgeous Tinashe dressed as Snoop Dogg with a huge rolled cigarette in her hand. Now that’s creative, don’t you think?

There’s something about Heidi Klum’s Halloween parties that just makes people do crazy things. Some go over the tap with glamourous outfits, while others completely ditch their usual styles and transform into someone else.

Tinash has been writing her own songs since she was a teenager and even collaborated with Snoop Dogg after rising to fame. Well, doing a song with a rap legend must have been pretty impressive, maybe that’s why she decided to pay homage to him in such a way?

25. Spider-Man and the White Swan

Seems like an odd couple, right? But only till you find out who’s hiding behind the Spider-Man’s mask!

It turns out this unlikely pair is none other than Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend. The model carefully planned her White Swan look, but it seems that her hubby didn’t have that much time to prepare.

Or was this weird pairing created intentionally? It does look appealing in a way. Who knows, maybe this crossover will become a new Internet sensation.

24. The Balloon Costume

When dressing for Halloween, some celebs choose to transform into famous characters, while others go in a totally different direction with their look.

Natalia Vodianova donned a bright red latex costume that looked like it was made from balloons. It’s definitely a costume you wouldn’t see at your average Halloween party!

Being a model, she could afford wearing an avant-garde piece that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Was it too much? We believe it was exactly what she wanted it to be – exciting, beautiful, and slightly weird.

23. The Red Face

Lady Gaga is a true fashion icon when it comes to stage performances. She likes to create mind-bending looks and often requests famous designers to make something special for her one-of-a-kind appearance.

Everyone likes to show off their crazy style at the MTV VMAs and Lady Gaga is no different. Each of her performances was accompanied by carefully designed looks and meticulously crafted dresses.

Her red lace outfit with a crown and fully covered face looks like something you would see in a horror movie, but not on stage. It’s definitely the stuff of nightmares!

22. The Gorgeous Cat

Heidi Klum is one of the most passionate Halloween-lovers in the world. Her costumes are always top-notch and she puts a lot of effort into her each and every look.

In 2006, Heidi Klum went for a simple, yet stunning look – she dressed as a cat. Well, that may not seem very special at first, but just look at all the details of her costume!

Her makeup is on point, as well as the whiskers and pointy teeth. Heidi Klum definitely looks like a huge cat! She’s one of the most versatile Halloween fans who always comes up with incredible ideas for Halloween costumes.

21. The Ferrero Rocher look

Whether you’ve heard about CeeLo Green or not, you’ve probably already seen this photo as one of the weirdest celeb appearances of 2017. His wacky golden costume certainly puzzled thousands of netizens all over the world!

Is it a Ferrero Rocher wrapping? Is he cosplaying C3PO from Star Wars? Or is he, in fact, trying to recreate the infamous Dalek look from Dr Who TV series? Nope, all of these guesses are wrong, although they are quite believable.

CeeLo Green wasn’t cosplaying anyone but himself. That’s right! It turns out the singer has an alter ego named Gnarly Davidson and apparently that’s what he looks like. He doesn’t look very human, that’s for sure.

20. Legally Blonde

It wasn’t all that hard for Kim Kardashian to transform into the main character of the Legally Blonde movie. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ve probably seen this lovely film about a rich blonde girl striving to become a lawyer.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, this movie tells a story of Elle Woods who followed her boyfriend into Harvard just to be with him after a break-up. She soon understood that there is more to life than just being someone’s girlfriend and realized she actually wanted to be a lawyer herself.

Here we see Kim K rocking the iconic Elle Woods look. She even recreated the infamous application video from the movie when Elle applied to Harvard from her home’s pool. Kim Kardashian definitely looks like her!

19. Guy Fieri Costume

It’s not uncommon for celebs to dress as each other, but it’s not every day you see a woman dress as a male star! That’s right, underneath those sunglasses and spiky hair is none other than Chrissy Teigen herself, a popular model and a Twitter influencer.

We all know her as a gorgeous woman who looks stunning no matter what she wears, but in this case, she’s totally unrecognizable!

For Halloween 2015 Chrissy Teigen decided to transform herself into Guy Fieri, ditching all those colourful wigs and funky dresses everyone loves to wear for Halloween. Needless to say, her transformation was perfect!

18. The Lion Controversy

Ashley Benson is a great actress, but even she got her share of Internet hate after an unfortunate caption for her Halloween costume. Making a joke about Cecil the Lion was certainly not the smartest move and thousands of people pointed that out.

Cecil the Lion is the famous lioness that was slain right near the reserve where she lived by an American dentist some 6 years ago. Needless to say, everyone was shocked!

Ashley Benson apologized for the whole situation, confessing that the caption was created by one of her staff members. The tragic event aside, the actress looks great dressed as a lion!

17. 101 Dalmatians

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you can rent (or buy) actual dogs to complete your Halloween look. That is exactly what happened when Khloe Kardashian decided to turn herself into Cruella de Vil, the one and only.

Cruella de Vil is one of those villains we just love to hate. She has style, she’s obsessed with clothes, and she would stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s definitely a fun villain to watch!

Khloe Kardashian completely transformed into the posh villainess with a bunch of Dalmatians she’s so crazy about. Look closely at the dogs, though, because one of them is actually human! Khloe Kardashian’s cute little daughter is also sporting the spotted attire.

16. Elton John

It’s not very often you see celebrities dress as other celebrities, but when they do – it’s an unforgettable sight! Harry Styles, for example, decided to freshen up his Halloween routine and dressed up as Elton John.

Elton John is famous not only for his amazing songs, but also for his spectacular looks and stage performances.  Going with an Elton John look is always a win-win!

We must admit Harry Styles is quite the spitting image of the famous singer! He could easily play him in a movie.

15. Posh Skull Makeup

You might have seen Ashley Tisdale’s skull-inspired Halloween look because it has quite a bad rep on the Internet.  For Vanessa Hudgen’s Halloween party, Ashley Tisdale went for a Mexican culture look and some people didn’t think it was very appropriate.

The star admitted she never meant to harm anyone and didn’t think it was weird to use a Dia de Los Muertos look for Halloween.

Her husband, who has Mexican roots, fully supported his wife. After all, she looked so gorgeous wearing this makeup!

14. Barbie Doll

Celebrities love Barbie just as much as anyone else. And why wouldn’t they? She dresses good, likes posh clothes, and has quite a distinctive style that can be recognized by anyone.

Maybe that’s why Beyoncé decided to go with the classic Barbie look for Halloween? That pink fur coat alone is a real show-stopper. She paired it with high heels and signature Barbie sunglasses.

What can we say, Queen B is one of those few celebrities who can pull off a Barbie look without looking cheesy! Instead, she looks hip and trendy.

13. A Couple… or Not?

Rumours have been going around for ages about Noah Centineo, a famous Disney and movie star, and one Stessie Karanikolaou. So did they or didn’t they get married in Las Vegas a few months ago?

Well, we don’t know the answer to that, but what we do know is that the two appeared together as a couple, wearing matching Halloween costumes, so that must mean something, right?

Stassie dressed a female version of Chucky, the murderous doll, and Noah looked like he might have been a victim of the vicious doll.

12. The Pope

All kinds of weird things happen at Met Gala, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that someone would dress as a Pope. No, but seriously, why on Earth would anyone want to dress like that? Well, it was a Catholic-themed party and dressing as a nun would have probably been too cliché for Rihanna.

Rihanna is famous for her daring outfits and bold statement dresses, which means she just had to stand out from everyone else. The singer's spectacular gown was created by Margiela, and she’s rocking some Louboutin shoes to complete the look.

We must admit her outfit is among the most memorable ones we’ve ever seen. And it’s not even Halloween! Imagine what outfit she would wear for a Halloween costume party…

11. Miss Cheeto

Katy Perry is a gorgeous woman and like most beautiful celebrities she has to wear makeup, high heels, and posh dresses most of the time. So it's completely understandable why she would want to ditch her stage persona and just have fun with her Halloween costume.

We all love Cheetos, right? Snacks are amazing - they make us happy in a very simple and straightforward way. Maybe that’s the reason why Katy Perry chose to dress as a Cheeto?

She’s holding a pack of Cheetos in her hand so she doesn’t get mistaken for anything else (as if that were possible).  This flaming Halloween costume is definitely something we would never, ever forget.

10. The Infamous Meat Dress

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest fashion influencers of all time. She’s worn so many crazy outfits that fashion simply wasn’t the same after each of her bizarre appearances! We have to give it to Lady Gaga - you need to have the guts to appear wearing something as mind-blowing as a meat dress.

Lady Gaga’s meat dress was named one of the most controversial outfits ever made and for good reason! The singer meant no disrespect, though, and the dress certainly wasn’t created to abuse the animal’s rights.

In fact, it had nothing to do with animals at all! Lady Gaga is vegan and the flashy dress was created as a protest against the hush-hush policy surrounding the rights of LGBT people in the military.

9. The Addams Family

Dressing as the Addams Family for Halloween is such a classy move! Morticia and Gomez Addams are one of the most macabre couples ever created by the movie industry. Still, they are fun and incredibly romantic in their very own dark way.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas decided to rock the looks of the famous Addams couple, changing into black clothes and putting on some grim makeup. Sophie Turner went even further, requesting the help of a pro makeup artist to create the exact makeup Morticia Addams was wearing in the movies.

Well, what can we say – they look very good together! And their Halloween costumes are top-notch.

8. The Royalty

Who doesn’t like dressing as British royalty, right? Dressing as kings, queens, and princes is the closest most of us would ever get to becoming royalty. This is not quite the case with Chrissy Teigen and her equally famous husband, John Legend.

Both are often called the Royalty of Social Media, meaning they are the true King and Queen when it comes to posting, sharing, and interacting with their followers in a fun and humorous way. That’s why it’s not really surprising to see them wearing these outfits!

John Legend dressed as Prince Philip and Chrissy Teigen transformed herself into Queen Elizabeth II, the one and only. She really captured the Queen’s simple, yet elegant style.

7. The Black Queen

Oh wait, it’s actually a Black King… But it doesn’t really matter because Ezra Miller, the star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, doesn’t really care what others think about his eccentric looks as long as he likes them himself.

You can see it on Ezra Miller's face that he’s super happy with what he’s wearing! This black weird-looking puffer coat is worthy to be in some kind of a creepy movie, but it did look stunning on the Red Carpet as well.

Ezra Miller doesn’t regard himself as some kind of rule-breaker or fashionista – he just likes to express himself through extravagant clothes that make him happy. That’s all there is to it!

6. A Bold Fashion Statement

It’s really hard to choose the weirdest outfit of Nicki Minaj because most of them are more than crazy. Her style is freaky, bright, often gaudy, and very fluid, changing with the singer’s mood and ideas she wants to convey.

Photographers love Nicki Minaj because each of her appearances is a festival of colour and stylish weirdness. People may not necessarily like her looks, but they will surely remember them for years to come!

Nicki Minaj was wearing masks long before it became a trend! For MTV VMAs 2011 she wore this reflective dress paired with cartoonish accessories and mad coloured hair that looks like candy.

5. The Furry Head

There isn’t really a word to describe what’s going on in this picture… Is it some kind of iteration of Chewbacca from Star Wars? Because if it is, we’re kind of lost as to why would anyone want to create such a look.

Can you guess who’s hiding behind that furry head and equally furry arms? Maybe you can guess by the overall style and super high heels that it’s none other than Lady Gaga herself. It’s hard to imagine another person who could pull off this outfit without looking totally ridiculous.

Lady Gaga doesn’t look funny, but her outfit is beyond weird. Photographers probably forgot to click the camera when they saw this look – that’s why there are not so many pics of this furry ensemble on the web. Well, now that you’ve seen it you cannot unsee it. And neither can we!

4. The Little Red Riding Hood

Apparently, you can see all kinds of things at the Grammys. Just like with the MTV MVAs, artists like to dress in crazy costumes, wearing the most beautiful and hideous attires they could imagine. Sometimes it’s a hit, and sometimes it’s a total miss. What do you think about this one?

Nicki Minaj, a hip-hop artist famous for her bold style and straightforward lyrics, decided to go all Lady Gaga on the Red Carpet, dramatically changing her style to shock the audience. Did she succeed?

Oh yes, she did! Her bright red gown with a huge hood definitely impressed everyone, including the photographers, who simply couldn’t stop taking pictures of the singer’s stunning look. If the Little Red Riding Hood performed hip-hip and dressed in designer gowns, that’s probably what she would look like!

3. The Sea Urchin

Yes, we’re back to Lady Gaga once again. And you know what? She just keeps on delivering crazy outfits one after another. Please mind that it is not a stage outfit – just something she decided to wear to impress whoever happened to be watching.

Needless to say, she did impress dozens of paparazzi wearing this crazy outfit out in the street. She arrived in something that looked like a shimmering cloak, but then it started inflating!  We kid you not, it was one of the weirdest fashion moments ever.

She ended up wearing a crazy spiky outfit that looked like a huge sparkly sea urchin. The designer behind this bizarre gown is Jack Irving, who finds inspiration in deep-sea creatures and showgirls.

2. The Gorgeous Alien

We don’t know much about Z LaLa, but judging from her outfit she’s one of those artists who like to outshine everyone on the Red Carpet. After all, it’s all part of a singer’s persona! The gown she chose to wear for the Billboard Music Awards seven years ago is both weird and stunning.

Just look at that spectacular cone hair! It must have taken hours just to create that hairstyle, not to mention the incredibly complex gown that looks like something from a sci-fi movie about spaceships and aliens.

Whether a celebrity or not, one must be really bold to pull off a look like that. We’re also feeling a bit of a Lady Gaga vibe going on, which is also not a bad thing. Z LaLa’s style is fresh and peculiar – she definitely stands out from the crowd!

1. The Butterfly Effect

It’s not every day we get to see someone dressed a butterfly, especially a celebrity. Who is this gorgeous star rocking a full butterfly ensemble right in the middle of Times Square? You’ve probably guessed by now that it is the Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum.

In 2014, she decided to transform herself into one of the most beautiful insects in the world and, dare we say it, she’s the most impressive human-sized butterflies we’ve ever seen! Not that we’ve seen too many of them…

Her mind-boggling look is beyond complex – it’s not just a dress, but there is also some prosthetics involved to create the insect-like look, as well as body paint and artistic makeup. We can’t even imagine how many hours it took to create this outstanding look!

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