How Famous People Escape Reality: 40 Wildest Celebrity Masquerade Costumes Ever

2022-05-02 Stories

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It’s not a secret celebrities like to dress up. Whether it’s some special occasion, a red carpet event, a movie preview, or a huge celebration like Halloween, celebs like to put on their best (and weirdest) outfits to amaze the crowd!

Sometimes they wear truly outstanding fashionable outfits, but other times their attires seem to be straight out of a designer’s nightmare. Either way, in the end, the press is happy, the photographers are in awe, and fans have something to discuss for at least a few weeks or even years if the outfit was truly bizarre. Here are 30 of the wildest celebrity masquerade costumes ever.

40. Gorgeous Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most popular cartoon characters ever created. She’s sultry, stunning, and beautiful beyond words. She’s been cosplayed on numerous occasions by lots of different people, including celebs, but this version of Jessica Rabbit really stands out from the rest.

Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween costumes and a stunning supermodel, always gives the best performance ever when transforming into a character. And this time is no different!

Her Jessica Rabbit seems too real to be true. She maintained her cartoonish vibe, looking like she just got out of the TV screen and started walking around the Red Carpet. The makeup is superb, too!

39. The Shrek Family

Can you guess who’s hiding behind the green ogre skin and that broad flashy smile? You’re right, it’s Heidi Klum again! Whether you’ve heard her name before or not, remember that she is the ultimate Costume Queen when it comes to daring and awe-inspiring Halloween looks.

No one really remembers when it all started, but every Halloween the model rocks costumes that are worthy to appear in movies. Here you can see her as Shrek’s Fiona – you can’t really tell there’s a slim model hiding inside that green ogre!

And if you’re wondering who’s hiding behind that funny Shrek face, you need to guess no more – it’s Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum’s husband. The guy is unrecognizable in that suit!

38. The Little Mermaid

Did you ever think what Ariel from The Little Mermaid would look like if she was a billionaire? No? Well, even if you didn’t, we have an image of exactly that – a gorgeous Ariel that could easily become the next fashion icon.

As you’ve already guessed, Kylie Jenner is the one donning this spectacular look. She wore a deep red wig to match Ariel’s gorgeous locks, a seashell bustier, green eye contact lenses, and a barely visible fishnet top to make it look like she’s covered in drops of water.

Oh, and don’t forget the bold bright green skirt covered in sequins with a dangerously high slit. Well, it does resemble Ariel’s tail in a way. This is probably the most expensive version of The Little Mermaid we’ve ever seen.