How Fit Body And Determination Can Make You Famous Worldwide

This topic may gain A LOT of interest! Pictures of the body make their job at the max level. But this article is rather about inspiration everybody is thirsting for.

3 years ago

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This topic may gain A LOT of interest! Pictures of the body make their job at the max level. But this article is rather about inspiration everybody is thirsting for. Yes, the girl I’m going to talk about is a super determined female creature that knows what her goal is and confidently moves towards it. Fitness has never been so popular before. Folks, almost everybody desires to have a lean and tanned body, admit it! But, most importantly, we realize how many benefits we can reap doing regular sport.

Ok, let’s move to the hottest part.

Pamela Reif

Having 6.5 million Instagram followers, Pamela isn’t going to stop. She is a German-born fitness model and trainer who began her career, which was initially a hobby, at the age of 16. Just like any regular teenager, Pamela had to choose her profession after finishing school. She knew that her parents expected her to opt for some “serious” job such as a doctor or a lawyer. But as she said later in one of her interviews, she didn’t have the heart for it.

The girl has been interested in sport since her childhood but has never thought that it can become the main passion in her life. She started sharing her video workouts on social media just for fun, and they rapidly gained a lot of interest. Then it dawned on Pamela that it may be her mission — to inspire others, lead them towards a healthy lifestyle, and give a hand of help when needed.

Now she has over 4,5 million YouTube followers who passionately wait for the next workout video to train at home and get sweaty as never before. Pamela shares different exercises, starting from whole body-weight workouts and ending with intense weightlifting sessions. Being such a tiny girl, she wins the battles with famous male fitness models who just can’t do half burpees right after a side squad walk and two minutes of jump squat. Do you think it’s a piece of cake? Try it for yourself to get convinced in the opposite.

But what does she eat? She must restrict herself to a strong diet!

Well, no, that’s not how it looks at first sight.

A lot of people believe that a healthy lifestyle forces you to forego a lot of pleasant things. Instead, the trick is not to restrict yourself but to concentrate on eating food that supplies your body with nutrients and vitamins. Just stay conscious about what you eat, fill your body with the best products, and love yourself.

Pamela has published her own recipe book “You Deserve This” which quickly has become the bestseller in Germany. Over 70 tasty and easy to cook BUT healthy and wholesome dishes our soul deserves to know about. Break your own mold about a healthy diet — it can be tasty and drool-inducing.

So, the lesson is this: want to have an attractive body as this Instagram girl? Get off the sofa and start doing the first steps towards your goal! Actually, the first step is done – I hope you have got a bit motivated after reading this text. The motivation can push you to conquer new heights. Everything is possible, just start!

Dan T

Published 3 years ago