How to Create the Habit of Exercising?

We all know what a sedentary life can cause: heart disease, body aches, lack of energy, etc.

a year ago

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We all know what a sedentary life can cause: heart disease, body aches, lack of energy, etc. Still, many people find it hard to create an exercise routine that sticks for more than a few days. Why is this happening?

Most people who join a gym leave in a short time and never exercise again. This is mainly due to the high expectations we have when we want to start a healthy routine, among other factors.

High expectations that cannot be met

Whether it's because of work or studying, or just a lack of motivation, we've spent a lot of time having a sedentary life. In this sense, many people believe they can change their routine overnight and go to the gym five or six times a week.

This is a strategy that does not work in any way. Such a drastic change in life is not the solution; you should try to make a progressive change.

On the other hand, people also expect to burn fat and gain muscle mass in a few days. As you should know, results of training only appear when you do some physical activity consistently for months and even years.

Information overloads

Another common problem is the excess of information we have when entering the gym. In a short time, we have to learn about the muscle groups we must exercise, the correct technique of the exercises, how nutrition should be, etc.

All this information collapses our brains, and we become unable to understand what we should do. Processing all this information takes time, patience, and a lot of practice, so don't rush it.

How to create a habit that lasts longer?

Many experts say that you do not need to do so many exercises when you are a beginner, rather it is recommended to only do the exercises you like the most. You don't even need to go every day.

To create an exercise habit, you should focus on creating a routine to go to the gym, even if you are only there for a short time. The more times you repeat the same action (going to exercise), the habit becomes more and more natural.

Erick Da Silva

Published a year ago