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You don’t always have to gain extra pounds while being on vacation. This stereotype can be easily broken even after reading this article. So, if you don’t want to get upset when coming back home after vacation and looking in the mirror, investigate the world that is full of beach activities that will provide you with an amazing mood and toned shape.

Surfing is always way more fun when you’re going into the water with your friends. Sharing experiences makes the memory something never to forget.
Photo by Sacha Verheij / Unsplash

Take that board, and let’s catch some waves. Surfing is a complicated sport for sure that requires determination and a lot of practice. Standing on the board may be a tiring and long process, but believe me, it’s worth the feelings you will experience afterward. The best time to catch some waves is in the morning when the wind is not so strong, and the waves are not too big. This activity will train all your body, will make you learn to balance and connect your mind with the muscles.

And what about water walking? Instead of a simple morning walk, go into the knee-high waters and walk a mile or two. You will feel how the muscles you have never engaged start working. Another fantastic thing is that you will burn a third more calories rather than just walking on the ground as the water features more excellent resistance than air.

Photo by Patrick Jansen / Unsplash

No, we didn’t forget about the swimming, not in this life at least! Did you know that swimming for an hour at a leisurely pace burns more than 350 calories? What’s more, you target your core muscles, arms, back, legs… oh, everything! There are so many types of swimming — choose yours and dive into the water and the water of the sport that relaxes and tones at the same time. So, the next time, instead of sunbathing for hours, choose an active vacation to have a sound soul in a sound body.

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