Mother Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby, 6 Weeks Later She's In for the Biggest Surprise of Her Life

2022-04-06 Stories

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Meet Eliza and Ben Curby, a sweet couple, whose life resembles a plot of a carefully planned movie. There’s a little bit of everything – romance, comedy, drama, and one surprise that turned everyone’s lives upside down. The two met on the beach in the most romantic setting and almost immediately fell in love with each other.

Soon enough, Eliza got pregnant and future parents were on cloud nine to hear the news. They both dreamt of having a baby, so they couldn’t believe their luck when it actually happened.

Eliza gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl named Charlie, making Ben the happiest man on Earth. In a few weeks, Eliza felt something weird was going on and went to see a doctor. That’s when their lives took an unexpected turn!

Eliza’s Biggest Dream

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Eliza has always had a soft spot for kids. There was just something so special about raising a bunch of children and creating your very own family that the whole idea made her smile dreamily.

And it wasn’t just a few kids for Eliza – she wanted a whole gang of them! Little did she know that in her mid-twenties her dream would become a beautiful reality.

Soon after she finished her studies, Eliza went working at a local café in Sydney. She didn’t think about her future much, but she felt that something great was coming her way. Until one day a man came in to grab a cup of coffee. That man changed her whole life!

A Mysterious Man

It all started when a handsome man came into the café where Eliza worked and ordered an espresso. It was an ordinary day like many others, but somehow as he entered the café, time slowed down. Eliza held her breath, watching his every move.

It was a tall man with broad shoulders and a broad sincere smile. That day Eliza thought to herself that he had the happiest and most sincere smile she has ever seen! She just wanted to smile back and that’s exactly what she did.

The man left in a couple of minutes after getting his black coffee with a dash of sugar, and somehow the world around her started moving again. She could hear noises, people speaking, and her co-workers chatting about something. But all Eliza could think about was that mysterious man. Who was he? And will she ever see him again?