Of Course, You Can Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks by Yourself!

Our world is over-chaotic, let’s face it! And sometimes it’s absolutely ok to get nervous in particular situations such as an important meeting or passing the driving test.

3 years ago

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Our world is over-chaotic, let’s face it! And sometimes it’s absolutely ok to get nervous in particular situations such as an important meeting or passing the driving test. But when you feel anxious every day and struggle with this concerning feeling on a regular basis, the roots may go deeper than you could suppose. Anxiety disorder ranges from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to panic disorders when you suddenly start trembling and your heart starts beating way faster. In these cases, it’s better to visit a doctor who can help you fight your demons in a long term.

Firstly, you have to admit that your success depends a lot directly on YOU. You are the main character in this fairytale, where its end is the result of your effort. Let’s discuss a few tricks that can help you get your thoughts under control and take action when anxiety suddenly hits.


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Studies prove that when you exercise on a regular basis, you become 25 percent less likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder.

It helps, really! When you start feeling anxious, your brain triggers the secretion of adrenaline. Go running or do some exercises to help utilize their extra doses. Sport boosts your level of I-feel-so-good endorphins that, by the way, provoke a positive feeling in the body, just like morphine. Plus, the sport quickly clears your mind and helps to breathe more deeply again.

Stand up straight

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Open your chest and breathe deeply. Let the world know that you are not afraid anymore. Everything depends on your thoughts even more than you reckon.

Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? But this position increases your energy levels and boosts self-confidence. When we are anxious, we subconsciously try to protect ourselves by curving over the upper body while adding insult to injury. But when we stand up straight, pull our shoulders back, and open our chest, the immediate relief says hello to our anxiety which doesn’t feel the queen of your mind anymore. How? A straight pose reminds the body that we are not in danger and there is no room for worries.

Clearly analyze your thoughts

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Transform your thoughts and remind yourself that it’s just a stupid panic attack!

People struggling with anxiety often focus on the worst scenarios and don’t see anything else. The thing is to try to overcome yourself and analyze how realistic your thoughts are. Is everything really so hopeless as we suppose? In other words, you need to look at yourself from another angle. At the moment of sudden worrying say to yourself, “I feel anxious, but I know what to do. Things are not so bad as they have seemed at first. Ok, something may go wrong but everything will end happily. I’m a master of my own destiny”. You have to break the negative pattern of thinking and train yourself to react more rationally.

It may be really hard at first and feel like an unrelenting and fierce struggle. But with the combination of your effort, the doctor’s advice, and a huge desire, you can definitely manage your symptoms. There is even a song by Coldplay “Nobody said it was easy”. A lot of things happen to us for something and you are strong enough to overcome your own demons.

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Published 3 years ago