Premier on YouTube: Easter Eggs You've Never Noticed in These Famous Movies

2021-12-06 Stories

We've just released a fresh video for one of our most popular articles. In it, we've gathered a collection of fun and mind-boggling Easter Eggs every movie fan should know of. For example, did you know how The Matrix code was really created? Or the secret behind the mysterious spots on the map in Iron Man 2?

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Naturally, huge movie franchises like Harry Potter have an abundance of hidden Easter Eggs as well. We reveal one of most unusual ones in the video!

It's very easy to miss, unless you're looking precisely at that spot, and that's exactly what makes Easter Eggs so special - it's almost impossible to see them when watching the movie for the first time.

If you're interested in more Easter Eggs in movies, we have an article with 30+ cool movie details and references for you to enjoy.