Rare Celebrity Photos from the Crazy 2000s We Thought We’d Never See Again

2022-07-01 Stories

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been two decades since we all experienced the wild 2000s. Many of you still remember the craze around Armageddon that was about to happen as soon as the calendar hit the magic 00s. Well, obviously, that didn’t happen, the infamous ‘Y2K bug’ spared everyone’s computers, but lots of other wonderful things happened instead.

The Matrix trilogy hit the screens, turning our minds inside out with its sci-fi storytelling, followed by The Lord of the Rings movies, which became iconic fantasy films for decades to come. Destiny’s Child was conquering the charts, with Queen B first appearing on stage as part of the band. It was the prime time for Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, Kylie Minogue, and Eminem.

Not to mention the old-school mobile phone craze, the Brad and Jen obsession, and Britney Spears rocking the stage with a plethora of wild animals. Let’s take a look at some of the rarest celeb photos of the 2000s we thought we’d never see again.

41. Angelina Jolie Shows off Her Abs as Lara Croft

We can all agree that there is only one Lara Croft when it comes to movies and for us, it’s definitely Angelina Jolie. She wasn’t much of an action star back in the 2000s, that’s why her fans couldn’t believe their luck when she was cast to play the leading role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, a movie based on the game.

To play the role of Lara Croft the actress had to become as fit as her rock-climbing heroine. Not only did she hit the gym, but she also had a very special diet developed to build those gorgeous abs as fast as possible.

Woking out for a role was still a pretty big deal back in the day and not many people would fully change their lifestyle to fit the role. But she did! And the movie turned out to be a huge success.

40. Britney and Leo Have Fun Together

Back in 2001, Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio were already big stars, but fans had no idea just how huge they’d become over time. Did someone say something about “fifteen minutes of fame”? Well, that was definitely not the case for these two.

Britney Spears was in the very beginning of her stellar career, already gathering thousands of people with her live gigs, and Leo DiCaprio was still enjoying the success of Titanic and, frankly speaking, no one thought he’d become the versatile actor he is today!

So, what brought the two of them together? We really have no idea, but it seems like they’re having fun making one of the most memorable selfies no one has ever seen. Yep, Britney Spears leaked this selfie only recently, can you imagine?