Rising to the Top: What Have Baywatch Stars Been Doing Lately?

2022-08-09 Stories

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We all grew up watching the Baywatch lifeguards spring into action on the beaches of California and Hawaii (90s teens can relate!). The popular show caught everyone's attention like wildfire. Its storyline was amazing and fun-filled. But, the most exciting part was that many big-time celebrities popped up in the show.

Jason Mamoa, Kelly Packard, and David Chokachi are just a few names. Back then, these people were the hot topic for reality shows. Everyone wanted to know about their daily life struggles and rising-to-the-top journeys.

Well, you wouldn't quite believe what these former Baywatch lifeguards are doing now. Read more to find out!

Erika Eleniak Before

We all remember the sweet Shauni McClain who appeared in the first 3 seasons of Baywatch. She was naïve, but driven to become the best lifeguard possible, so she eventually overcame all her fears of giving CPR with the help of the team.

According to the actress, she auditioned around 6 times to get the star-studded role in the movie Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, there were just so many hoops to jump through.

After that she became on of the leading actresses in the Baywatch show, but filming it hasn't been all that fun. “When we shot that show… it was January,” she explained. “We would use these huge lights to make it look hot and sunny. I remember running in the water on the coldest day of the year. Our lips were so blue that we couldn’t use the footage!".

Erika Eleniak After

Early into the 3rd season Erika Eleniak, the actress who played Shauni McClain, left the show to pursue her acting career in the film industry. According to the actress, things were getting a bit risqué for her taste and she wanted to play different roles.

She admitted that she never regretted her decision as the role was immediately picked up by Pamela Anderson and she was the best fit for the show. It was truly a match made in heaven!

Immediately after leaving Baywatch Erika Eleniak went on starring in 1992’s Under Siege alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Seagull, and Gary Busey. She never stopped acting after that, appearing in a variety of movies and TV shows. In 2022, you can watch her in the movies Lollipop Gang and Marilyn Monroe Back?