Smoothie for Breakfast: Healthy Routine or Bad Habit?

What does your morning look like? Do you start it with a healthy note? Of course, everyone has their own healthy routine (or not healthy, who knows?). It can be

3 years ago

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What does your morning look like? Do you start it with a healthy note? Of course, everyone has their own healthy routine (or not healthy, who knows?). It can be a contrast shower, warm water with lemon (yes, it’s better to drink warm water), or a super lazy yoga. But it’s not a surprise that the main thing is our breakfast.

Some people choose to have a balanced and filling plate of food, some like smoothies. Some critics may say that having a smoothie for breakfast is bad for your well-being, I want to talk about the benefits our body gets from them. Want to dive into the world of blended fruits and vitamins with me? Let’s go, future smoothie lovers!

Smoothie fills you with a loooot of energy

Strawberry Mango Peach Smoothies
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Whole fruits are better, it’s a fact. But do you eat plenty number of them to fill your body with essential nutrients? Smoothie fills!

It’s a nutritious breakfast to give your day a good start. And when I say nutritious, I mean a really wholesome and healthy meal. Some people can say that after having such breakfast you’ll want to eat again in an hour or two. But, to be honest, those who say this just mix apple and water and want to feel satiated. It doesn’t work like this. The perfect smoothie has to be balanced with vegetables (spinach, cucumber, or frozen cauliflower), fruits, fiber (oats), protein, and healthy fats (nuts or avocado). Only then it will be filling and will wake you up better than 3 cups of coffee. By the way, there was even a study that said that people who drink the blended “soup, don’t feel hunger for an hour longer than those who have the whole-food meal.

Wish healthy digestion? Drink smoothie

Why? It contains a lot of green leafy vegetables that are rich with essential vitamins and minerals. They are literally packed with the nutrients and fiber that significantly improves our digestion system. Moreover, 4 cups of smoothie every day reduce your cravings for junk food. It’s a fact! Plus, if you add kefir or yogurt, your stomach will be in pleasant shock as these dairy products contain useful bacteria that work to improve digestion.

Your SKIN! Look how it glows!

You can use as many oils and masks as you wish but still don’t get the desired results. Because the secret is simple — everything goes from within. The food you put in your body is as important as different creams and moisturizers. For example, for better hydration, it’s useful to make a green smoothie with cucumber. This vegetable is filled with enzyme-rich water and antioxidants, which keep your skin smooth and help remove the wrinkles. Berries are a perfect source of anti-oxidants while flax seeds are rich with essential fatty acids. Combine these two ingredients and get the best cream for glowing skin that you can drink.

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A Costa Rican study showed that those people who consumed more flax seeds had a lower risk of heart attack than those who consumed less.

Do you think that there are only 3 benefits you get form smoothies? No way! I would number at least 20 more but I know you’ll get bored to read them all. Just remember that drinking a filling smoothie will never harm your health. It’s 100% better than a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.

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Published 3 years ago