Some Myths about Running and Burning Fat

There are some myths or beliefs that you should be aware of if you want to start running or lose weight.

2 years ago

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Running is one of the most popular physical activities around the world. There are many benefits you can get when you run a few days during the week. This activity is considered perfect to improve your physical condition and burn fat quickly.

However, there are some myths or beliefs that you should be aware of if you want to start running or lose weight. Let's see what these myths are:

Running burns localized fat in your legs

For a long time, it has been said that exercising in a specific area allows you to burn more fat in that area. It doesn't happen like that. For example, when you do sit-ups you strengthen these muscles, but you won't necessarily lose more fat in this area.

The same thing happens when we run. This activity allows you to consume a large number of calories, which translates into an overall loss of fat throughout the body.

The longer you run, the more fat you will burn

This statement is false, or at least incomplete. If you run long distances, you will be consuming a large number of calories. However, the body not only uses fat for energy, but you can also lose muscle mass.

It is for this reason that it isn't recommended to run for a long time, especially if you have never done any physical activity. To lose fat you need to generate a caloric deficit, that is, burn more calories than you consume during the day.

Running on an empty stomach allows you to lose more fat

It has been proven that the process of burning calories is related to the level of insulin in our blood. In this sense, when we are fasting, our insulin level is low, so cardio exercises should burn more calories. All this is theoretical.

Running on an empty stomach can help you burn more calories, but you won't lose body fat if you don't create a caloric deficit. This is the key point for all people who want to lose weight.

Erick Da Silva

Published 2 years ago