The Best Workouts to Exercise Your Quadriceps

Quadriceps are one of the main muscle groups of the legs and one of the largest in the body.

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Quadriceps are one of the main muscle groups of the legs and one of the largest in the body. Squats are the common exercises to work these muscles, but they are not the only ones. In this article we want to introduce you to some additional exercises with which you can improve the physical condition of your legs. Let’s get started!

Smith Machine Squat

The squats we do with a free bar activate different muscle groups in the legs. In this sense, if you only want to work your quadriceps, you should use one of the most common machines in gyms: the multipower. This machine allows us to squat with a vertical torso and give greater importance to the quadriceps.

Hack squat

For this exercise you should also use a special railed machine build to work the quadriceps and glutes. You must stand with your back on the machine and with your feet apart to ensure maximum knee flexion. This position maximizes the work of the quadriceps without generating as much impact on the muscle.

Leg Press

This exercise is classified as a kinetic chain exercise because to do it you move your feet as close to your body as possible. The machine allows you to modify your seat position to ensure maximum knee movement without causing spinal problems.

Leg extension

To finish, we present an exercise that, although it seems easy, has a high level of demand. The leg extension has the quality that it generates a localized effect only in the quadriceps, and the volume of work can be modified to reach muscle failure and improve training results.

Erick Da Silva

Published a year ago