The Most Hilarious Wedding Photos Ever Caught on Camera

This article was originally published on our site: A wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days in a couple's life. And it's true

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This article was originally published on our site:

A wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days in a couple's life. And it's true for most people! Still, some weddings turn out to be more unusual than others with all kinds of mishaps happening all at once. Wedding rings get lost, brides fall from horses, weather destroys the whole setting… So many things could go wrong! And most of the time they do. Here's a collection of hilarious wedding photos that will definitely make your day.

61. Country Wedding

Dirt isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a wedding, but this couple definitely has their own definition of wedding fun. First, you put on your best and whitest wedding gown. Then you make sure your hubby is sporting the cleanest suit possible.

Next, you find the wettest pit filled with dirt, take your husband by the hand, and make the most memorable wedding photo in the world.

It’s hard to imagine why would anyone want to bathe in the dirt on their wedding day, but it does look kind of fun! And the people around seem to be having the best time ever, too.

60. Your Chariot is on Fire, M'lady

How do things end up like this? The bride and groom, stranded on the side of the road, with their car in flames behind them.

Are they simply posing in front of a random car that caught fire? Not very likely, considering it’s all white and festive. Then it is indeed their wedding car and the poor couple got stuck on the road without a ride back home.

It’s not likely they could repair their car and move on, but we really hope they caught a ride and went on celebrating their very special day!

59. And Down She Goes

Did you know that wedding photosessions can be really dangerous? Well, no, we are kidding, but there is some truth to it. Whether it's a weird location chosen by the photographer or some unique venue the bride wants to take photos in, a wedding photosession can easily go south at any given moment.

Now that you've looked through dozens of wedding photo fails you know very well that brides and water don't mix well. They just don't!

If you want a disaster to happen, then go ahead a make a wedding photosession near a huge body of water - the sea or a lake will do just perfectly. Then just grab your camera and wait for it to happen!

58. Let Me Handle It

Wedding is such an important event that it's easy to get all stressed out about it. You have to think about literally everything - from the car you'll be driving to get to the wedding ceremony to the plates and glasses your guests will be using at the wedding party.

For some people, wedding can turn into a real nightmare, especially when one or two things suddenly go wrong and there's no Plan B. It seems this is exactly what happened here!

This couple was happily driving to their wedding ceremony, but alas, their car broke mid-way. What to do in this situation? Well, it seems that the bride has everything under control!

57. Watch Your Hands

This wedding photo may seem perfectly normal at first, but then you start noticing various details. For example, look at the boy on the left in a white suite - why is he wearing shoes that are bigger then his feet?

It almost seems those shoes belong to an adult! Maybe that's why his face is so gloomy. But there's an even weirder detail to be found here. Take a look at the groom and the woman beside him. Do you notice his hand?

Yep, his wife is standing right beside him, holding their baby girl, but the groom hand is casually resting on another woman's bums!

56. Fashion Faux Pas

Somehow, we are used to thinking that wedding gowns should be long, white, and puffy. It's the classical image most of us have grown up watching in movies and TV shows.

Well, if you look at royal weddings they also tend to go for the traditional white dresses. But not all people share the love to that kind of fashion!

Some ladies choose to wear incredibly revealing dresses for their wedding day, probably thinking this way it will be even more memorable. Well, they aren't wrong! But do you really want everyone remember your wedding just because you showed too much skin?

55. The Doomsday

It seems that weddings and big bodies of water don’t mix too well. Whether it’s just a small pool, a river, or a huge lake – if there’s water around chances are someone will get drenched by the end of the evening.

That’s exactly what happened to this wedding party! The photographer wanted to create a picturesque shot on the lake, but the wooden pier couldn’t hold all the people, collapsing under the bride and groom.

When planning a wedding it’s best to stay as far away from the water as possible. Plan your wedding after-party in a park or in the mountains – anything is better than a beach that can get stormy or a lake with breaking piers!

54. A Proper Russian Wedding

No one really knows what a proper Russian wedding looks like, but apparently, it involves a bear! As much as we don’t like stereotypes, it seems that the one about Russians and bears is spot on. Just look at this happy trio!

While this wedding photo looks kind of cute (and a little bit scary) we don’t advise anyone to try this at your own wedding because so many things could go wrong here. A bear is a wild animal and not some party trick to impress your guests.

That being said, this photo does look impressive! We can’t help but wonder whether the guests were just as shocked to see the bear at the wedding ceremony as we were. Maybe for them, it’s as ordinary as taking your dog to a party!

53. The Background Madness

No matter how hard we try to create the perfect setting for a wedding there are so many things that could go wrong at any moment. Seriously, the world is full of weirdness and you never know when some huge Bigfoot will pop up out of nowhere!

This couple was going for a peaceful wedding ceremony and the priest was about to read their vows when crazy things started happening… Nah, we’re kidding, it’s probably all Photoshopped. But this doesn’t mean that this couldn’t happen in real life, too!

Weddings seem to draw all kinds of unusual situations and mishaps. If you are really scared that something would go wrong, chances are that some fails will happen. The best thing you can do on this day is to just chill and enjoy it as much as possible.

52. Get Off My Land!

Making a wedding photoshoot with animals always seems like such an amazing idea, doesn’t it? But then the time comes and you end up in a bright white wedding dress in a barn and there are animals all around you. And some of them might not be very happy to see you!

We don’t know what this lady did to make the horse angry, but it’s seriously not amused by what’s happening on its turf.

In this case, a photographer should always have a backup plan that involves some other animals or a different setting altogether. You don’t want that beautiful wedding gown to get all chewed up by an angry animal!

51. Something’s Off

Ah, all women know that feeling… When girls want to look their best they sometimes put on not-very-comfortable things and then end up struggling the whole day. This is the price most women are willing to pay for looking beautiful!

Being a bridesmaid is a very important task and everything should look perfect. But it all doesn’t matter if you aren’t feeling comfortable in your own garment!

There’s a lesson to be learned here – if you’re about to wear a posh gown for a whole day with photographers following your every step make sure your undergarments are the most comfortable in the world.

50. This is Mine!

Don’t you dare make a bride mad by taking away her bottle! One second she looks like a heavenly angel that has graced this Earth with a beautiful visit, and the next she turns into a creature that could tear you apart without blinking.

But can you blame the bride with all the stress that a wedding brings? It is supposed to be the happiest day in a woman’s life, but most of the time there is so much anxiety about the whole thing with the reception, guests, cake, and the ceremony itself, that after the wedding is over all a girl can dream of is a few sips of that sparkly champagne.

Well, it seems this bride, in particular, isn’t letting go of her precious beverage, nope! This man will have to try his luck elsewhere.

49. I Can’t Take This Anymore

Ah, weddings… If you’ve been to at least one of them you may very well have visited them all. The ceremony is usually okay and everyone behaves like grown-up people, but once the official part is over the real fun starts.

Judging by this kid’s expression she’s had enough of it! And she’s leaving for good. Being a flower girl surrounded by adults is a tough job and it becomes absolutely unbearable when the partying starts.

Well, we hope she found a nice calm place to chill away from all the noise and drinks. The poor child just couldn’t take it anymore!

48. The Cake Nightmare

Making a cake that looks like the bride might have seemed like a genius idea at first, but we bet the person behind it regretted ever having this idea as soon as they saw the cake. The likeness is there, but only concerning the clothes.

Did the bakers behind this cake ever make a human cake before? Because judging by this photo it might have been their first attempt at creating something human-looking. Sculpting is hard work, and sculpting with cake ingredients seems nearly impossible!

So, kudos to the creators for trying, but they really should improve their cake-making skills. The cake’s head looks beyond disturbing!

47. Just Flying By

Most people hate photobombers for their ruined shots, but you have to admit that one needs to be a real pro to ruin the photo in a perfect way. It’s like some kind of weird art!

This guy here decided he could simply fly by the wedding photoshoot that was happening in front of the ocean. Seaside photographs usually look so romantic, but this is definitely not the case here.

The bride and the groom seem to be oblivious about what’s happening in the back. Hopefully, they’ll have a good laugh about it afterwards!

46. Gas Station Fun

If you think weddings are boring, well, you’re right for the most part. The main ceremony is usually not the most action-packed event, but what starts afterwards is a whole different matter.

When choosing a venue for an after-party one should consider many things – it should be spacious for all the guests to fit in and you should be able to go all loud and crazy there. After all, it’s a party!

We don’t know what inspired this choice of venue for a wedding party, but the guests seem to be having the best time of their lives, so we guess it’s okay. Well, kind of? It’s not every day you see a posh wedding party taking place at a gas station, that’s for sure.

45. A Quick Fix-Up

Having a wedding photoshoot in the park might seem like a good idea at first, but so many things can go wrong there. For instance, this bride wanted to get more creative with her photoshoot and decided to do something different.

Well, at least we think that is what's happening in this picture. Otherwise, why would the bride want to mess with the electric wires? The trees weren't original enough for her, that's for sure.

We must admit this pic is quite memorable. But is this a good kind of memorable? We aren't really sure.

44. Cool Bridesmaids

All soon-to-be-brides know that bridesmaids are incredibly important. Usually, brides choose their closest friends so they could support them during the wedding ceremony and the whole experience.

It's not often that bridesmaids outshine the bride, but they can certainly draw a lot of attention with their beauty!

This photo showcases two gorgeous bridesmaids who look simply stunning in their dresses. No wonder the photographer had to stop and take a picture!

43. The Perfect Shot

Wedding photographers are well-known for their disregard of personal space. But they are also very dedicated and would lie in a pool of dirt if it meant they would take that perfect wedding shot.

They are as impressive as they are annoying! This guy in particular had a beautiful vision in his mind that he had to make come true. Even if this meant crawling under the bride’s gown and taking the photo from under her skirt!

And the worst part is that the result does look quite amazing. We just hope the bride wasn’t too traumatized by the whole photoshoot.

42. How High?

Not how high were the party-goers in this picture to be launching the groom up to the ceiling. We want to know how high they intended to send him.

Looking at the photo, another question arises - what is the ceiling made of? We certainly hope it's not made of stone! Otherwise, the poor groom would be in real trouble.

41. Going a Bit Extra

All brides dream to have a memorable dress that will become the centre of everyone's attention. So it's natural to go a little overboard with it when preparing for the wedding.

But how much is too much? This stunning dress literally stopped the traffic as cars couldn't drive through a street filled with a super long plume.

How can she even walk in it with so many people dragging in the back? And don't get us started about using the WC - that's should be a real nightmare.

40. Run for Your Life!

If you know anything about animals then you're probably aware that wild elephants can be quite dangerous. And not just that, if you meet a wild elephant in the jungle your life will be in grave danger!

Not only are they fast runners despite their weight, they can also be very aggressive towards humans. That's why it's completely understandable why this wedding party is running for their lives.

Can you imagine having the most magical moment in your life ruined by a huge elephant running at full speed towards you and your soon-to-be husband? It's both hilarious and tragic.

39. What on Earth is Going on Here?

Seriously, dude, we totally get why you are so confused because so are we! Are they resting after the wedding ceremony? Certainly doesn’t look like it as everyone is still wearing their gowns and the makeup looks fresh.

Then it must be the time before the ceremony! The groom came to the room and found everyone sleeping like that. We’d be shocked, too!

Usually, the bride is too nervous to rest before the whole thing, but this is definitely not the case with this gorgeous woman. She’s sleeping like it’s the most ordinary day ever!

38. Did You Order a Llama?

Relationships between brothers and sisters are very special. Sometimes they hate each other, sometimes they love each other, but you can always count on your bro or sis to be there for you on your special day.

This brother here didn't just show up for the wedding ceremony - he brought a friend with him! And not just any friend, but a very unique one.

This gentleman promised his sister that one day when she decides to get married he will show up with a llama - so he did! What a way to celebrate his sister's special day! But somehow his sister doesn't seem too amused.

37. Cats Make Everything Better

Don't you just love how cats can appear out of nowhere in the most unpredictable places and ruin the most exquisite wedding photosession? Or make it indefinitely better, it depends on how you look at it.

A mundane wedding photosession was turned into a viral masterpiece with one swing of a tale. Admit it, it's not every day you get a cat's bum on your wedding photo.

This might very well be the most memorable photo from the whole wedding photoshoot! And even if it's not, the couple will definitely have a good laugh when they see this picture.

36. Who’s the Bride?

Seriously, what was this guy thinking? Looking at this photo it’s hard to tell which woman is the actual bride. Why would you hold another girl’s leg right in front of the woman you just married?

We can only imagine what the bride thought when the photo was taken… Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but what will they think afterwards?

In a few years (or even decades) this shot could really make everyone cringe.

35. What Are You Looking at?

Who doesn't want a giraffe in their wedding photo? Well, there probably are some people who aren't interested in exotic animals at all, but we can all agree that having a giraffe take part in your wedding photosession is kind of cool.

On the other hand, it is an animal and you can't predict how it will act or where it will look. It's a really wild card!

This giraffe here didn't wait to be invited into the frame, the animal decided just to sneak in, looking straight into the camera. We can't really make out the faces of the groom and the bride, but the giraffe looks quite stunning!

34. A Dream Come True

This bride wanted her love of fantasy creatures and unicorns to be super apparent during her wedding.

What we ended up with is a not-so-flattering dive into the sea courtesy of her loyal steed! How’s that for a ride?

The horse seems quite unimpressed by what's happening in the shot, but the bride must have been devastated! The dress alone is probably worth a thousand dollars, not to mention the wedding makeup.

33. Aquaman Wedding Crash

How would you feel if Aquaman himself photobombed your wedding photo? This couple must have been on cloud nine when Jason Momoa turned up out of nowhere and crashed their wedding photoshoot.

He wasn’t just walking around the beach with his Aquaman trident – a fan boy happened to be nearby caring the iconic weapon. Jason Momoa asked if he could borrow the trident, then he also asked the photographer if it’s okay to get in the picture like that, and jumped right behind the couple!

It would be an understatement to say that they were surprised! The couple was shocked in the most pleasant way possible. It’ll definitely become their #1 wedding pic.

32. Do Brides Fly?

We wish it was just a rhetoric question, but it appears some guys decided to actually check if that were true. You’ve probably already guessed the answer to that question, but we’ll still give you an answer – no, they don’t.

It all started pretty ordinary with a bunch of groomsmen holding the bride in a horizontal position. It must have been a cool shot! But then they decided to throw her up for some reason, that’s when things started going south…

She went down with a scream, dragging her husband to the ground with her. We can only imagine how many unpleasant words those men heard afterwards!

31. Take a Second Look

It was the 5th day of the wedding celebrations and guests could barely stand on their feet… But seriously, we have no idea what happened on this shot! If you take a close look you’ll notice that apart from the cute bride and groom there is a detail that makes this shot truly unbelievable.

One of the bridesmaids is up to something weird… Did she fall? Is she looking for a lost ring? It’s hard to tell.

But at least the couple in the pic seems happy and pretty undisturbed by what’s happening nearby!

30. Mysterious Wedding

This shot is just hilarious. And the more we look at it, the less we understand what’s going on. Is this some kind of a wedding game they are playing?

Or were they required to dress like this for the post-wedding celebration? It’s impossible to guess. But it may very well be just some kind of bizarre wedding contest that turned all the guests into these weird-looking aliens.

Do we really want to know what’s going on there, though? Maybe it’s safer just to leave it be.

29. The Weather Magician…

The sun is shining but you need romantic rainy weather? No worries, a pro photographer will always find a way to make that perfect wedding shot!

With a bit of water, a few helpers, and a good camera an ordinary gloomy day turns into a fantastic wedding photoshoot. Will it look beautiful, though? We really don’t know.

It might as well turn out looking totally fake! It would have been better to go for some natural photographs. The fake ones may look good, but they don’t actually capture any beautiful moments.

28. The Ninja Cat

We all love cats – they are cute, funny, and most of the time just spread lazy and relaxed vibes all around. Still, there are times when they turn into little furry wild beasts and go into a full-on hunter mode.

That is the time when they can do the weirdest stuff! They can run up high to the ceiling, make a mess out of the plush sofa, or, in this case, attack the bride.

What made the cat jump like that? Did it see something on the bride’s head and decided to attack? We’ll probably never know now, but that jump does look impressive.

27. Russia Never Fails to Amaze

There's nothing wrong with taking horses of different sizes, but did they really make the right choice?

We can only assume that they ran out of big steeds... Or was it a conscious decision? The bride does look regal riding this beautiful steed, there's no denying that.

If her husband was going for a Prince Charming look, he should have ditched the pony for a bigger horse, that's for sure. Still, it's a photo they'll probably never forget!

26. Best Cake Ever

Couples can get so creative with their wedding cake ideas, and some more than others. It's hard to imagine what was going through the heads of these two when they were deciding on the shape of their yummy cake, but they certainly chose a peculiar style!

Well, the wedding photos prove it was worth a shot. This pic is truly one of a kind!

We really do hope this cake tasted much better than it looked. Like, much, much better.

25. Pro Photobomber

This dude is photobombing like there's no tomorrow! Or could it be that it is his normal-looking face? Like, the best smile you put on for a memorable picture.

The couple does seem lovely and they look genuinely happy. It is their wedding, after all!

Imagine their surprise when the photographer showed them the best pic from their wedding photoshoot. They must have laughed their lungs out!

24. Slippery Slope

Grass and high heels aren’t a very good match, are they? Women are kind of required to look extrar pretty on weddings, with beautiful makeup, gorgeous dresses, and super high heels.

Yet, no one realizes just how dangerous they are! Especially when you need to walk on a slippery grassy slope in front of dozens of people and a few cameras.

There’s no room for a mistake! You get distracted a little bit and weird things start happening. Like this woman here lost her balance in front of all the guests in a very awkward way. Of course, the photograph couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a photo of the fall.

23. Go Down with a Splash

When choosing a place for the wedding ceremony one should always be careful with pools, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Do you get what we’re hinting at?

Everything was going pretty smoothly, everyone was happy and smiling until the priest asked for the wedding rings. That’s when the tragedy happened!

The guy with the rings slipped in the most awkward way possible and not only fell himself, but also dragged down the bride along with the priest! It’s probably one of the biggest wedding fails we’ve ever seen. The two of them fell right into the pool behind them and we imagine the wedding was pretty much ruined at that point.

22. The Jurassic Park Wedding

Ok, before you say anything, we realize that it’s Photoshopped and no actual T-Rex is terrorising the poor groom and other gentlemen. Or… is it?

Well, anyway, we applaud the creativity of this one! It’s still a mystery why would anyone want to make a crazy shot like this for their wedding photo session, but it’s their wedding so they can pretty much do anything they want.

These guys would have made great actors! They look like something big and scary is actually chasing them through the field.

21. Zombie Couple

Is there a better way to commemorate your wedding than putting on some ghoulish makeup? Well, probably there is, but not for this couple!

This bride and groom certainly love thrilling things and probably spend their weekends watching horror movies and mystery flicks. They look quite spectacular wearing this makeup, but what would they think about this wedding photo in ten years or so?

Their kids and grandchildren would totally love it, though. We only hope that this couple also took some traditional photos as well just to remember what their faces looked like back then.

20. A Washable Wedding Dress

These men and women look like perfectly normal wedding couples, but only if you don't look close enough. Something is definitely wrong with their suits and wedding dresses!

Don't they seem a bit too well-fitted? As if these ladies and gents aren't actually wearing anything but their skin...

These dresses and suits might have fulled most people, but not us! They aren't real clothes - these outfits are actually drawn on the skin of the brides and grooms in the photo. Accompanied by shoes and accessories, these garments look almost real.

19. A Kick-Start

That’s one crazy way to kick off your wedding! And we mean literally start it with a kick. The bride must be really good with martial arts, otherwise it’s hard to imagine how she could pull this off.

Mind you, she’s wearing a long gown and the whole wedding attire! It’s good to have such a sporty wife. We just hope she didn’t actually kick him. Or…did she?

This guy must be careful when arguing with his feisty wife in the future – things might go south pretty fast!

18. A Horse in the Room

There’s nothing quite like taking a horse selfie during the wedding celebration, isn’t it? If you want to drop a viral bomb on your Instagram – that’s the way to do it!

We must warn you, though, because this could only go two ways – either you’ll become the new Internet meme for the next few weeks, or your friends will simply laugh at you and discuss this fail for years to come.

It’s your choice! Either way, it must have been a moment all the participants will remember for a long time.

17. And Down it Goes

It’s okay to be nervous on your wedding day, especially when it’s up to you to make the first cut of the delicious wedding cake. The bride and groom were eagerly waiting for their pretty cake to start the celebration, but something went terribly wrong.

Well, friends can be equally nervous, right? It seems that this guy was trying really hard to get the cake to the table, but his hands just couldn’t make it.

Oh, such a moment ruined, what a pity! Do you think they had a spare cake waiting somewhere in the back just in case of an emergency? Nope, probably not.

16. The Horrifying Bouquet

It’s easy to mistake this photo for a screenshot from a horror movie because of the face of the woman running away screaming. Oh, she’s terrified of what’s about to come. Can you already see it?

Yes, it’s the terrifying wedding bouquet that will curse you with a wedding if you are unlucky enough to catch it. Run for your life, everyone!

Well, apparently, not all women are afraid of the bouquet, judging by a bunch of ladies trying to catch it, but the woman in the front is having none of that. Enough is enough.

15. The Perfect Moment

This couple was definitely going for the perfect seaside shot with beautiful waves all around, but the weather decided otherwise. Well, we can’t say that this wedding photo isn’t memorable – it’s definitely something the two of them will remember for a long time!

What was the photographer thinking, though? There’s no chance they could go on with the photoshoot after the bride and groom got soaking wet.

We can only hope they’ve already taken enough photos for their wedding album before the waves got mischievous.

14. Loving Nature

This is one of the cutest pictures on the list. Can you imagine an elephant blessing you like this right on your wedding day? This lovely elephant really liked the bride and went to her for some kisses.

Maybe the elephant just liked her flowers? It does seem quite happy to be in the shot, though. Maybe the bride should make this elephant her bridesmaid, too!

In many countries elephants are considered sacred animals, so either way the bride and groom are lucky to have it in their wedding photoshoot!

13. The Variety is Intense

A lot is going on in this picture of a bachelor's party from Australia. The amazed look on the groom's face, the non-smiling friends carrying the groom, and the (photobombing?) dude with a can in the foreground.

Too much information to handle, we need time to process. Is it staged? Are they going to throw the guy into the water? So many questions and no answers.

One thing we can say for sure – all the guys (apart from the groom) are having a good time! The guy with a can probably just stumbled into the picture by accident.

12. The Unlucky Horse

What is it with brides and horses? We mean, it’s understandable that a bride would like a beautiful photoshoot while riding a horse in a pretty gown, but it seems that this combo simply doesn’t work for most people.

Maybe horses aren’t used to ladies wearing huge puffy dresses? Or they simply don’t like wedding photoshoots and like to act out when one is happening.

Well, the reason doesn’t really matter much. We just hope the woman didn’t hurt herself while falling down from her steed.

11. The Ultimate Split

It requires some skill to do a split like that in the air, there’s no denying that. But the result? The groom jumped up higher than everybody else, nearly kicked his beloved wife, and tore his pants!

If the photographer was going for a memorable shot, that’s definitely the one. We’re just hoping no one got hurt and all the participants landed safely on their feet!

The groom will definitely need to get a tailor, though. That’s one of the most impressive splits we’ve ever seen!

10. The Burger Cake

Who needs plain old wedding cakes, anyway? They are huge, sweet, and you can’t really eat much of it without risking to get a few extra pounds in a matter of a few minutes. Some cakes can make you gain weight just by looking at them!

Well, this is definitely not the case with this non-traditional wedding cake because it’s made of crispy, salty, and meaty burgers!

Well, calorie-wise this cake is probably just as fatty as a traditional sweet cake, but it does look different! If you ever want to stand out on your wedding day you can also use this quirky idea.

9. Gimme That!

For some reason, many wedding photographers choose locations with lots of animals. Horses, llamas, elephants - you name it.

While a wedding photo with a gorgeous horse in it can become the most memorable pic from the whole album, there are too many things that can go south.

For example, this horse wasn't too interested in creating a beautiful composition with the groom and the bride, all it wanted was the yummy wedding bouquet!

8. Wedding Action

It seems that most of the wedding action is happening around the beautiful wedding bouquets that have a habit of flying all over the place. You’d be surprised to find out that not only women are interested in catching one!

Some guys also like to try their luck with a wedding bouquet – what if it actually works? Some extra help from Destiny wouldn’t hurt a bit!

It’s hard to tell whether this guy was trying to catch the flowers or was simply in the way. Seems like he got hit quite hard! Hopefully, he’ll find his one and only true love soon.

7. Creative Camera Angle

The photographer was probably going for a majestic, happy, sunlit shot of the newlywed couple when he decided to capture this click. The couple seems quite happy, but there are a few peculiar details that catch the eye.

The pears' placement and the camera angle ended up making the picture a lot more amusing than intended.

Did he make it on purpose or were the objects simply in the way? Catching a shot like this requires some real talent!

6. Do I Look Weird?

That is the question most of the bridesmaids were probably asking after looking at this photo. Well, it does look like a bunch of weird-looking children gathered around the bride and groom for a happy photo!

If you take a closer look at their faces, you'll notice they aren't kids at all, but grown-up ladies and gents sitting in awkward poses. We wonder, whose idea it was to make a photo like this?

Ten points to the photographer for making the bride and groom look like giants. But was it really necessary?

5. The Rollercoaster

And we don’t mean it figuratively – this photo is not about the ups and downs of the new life these two are starting together, it’s about an actual rollercoaster! Judging by the look on the bride’s face she might be second-guessing the whole decision to go on a ride.

Well, it’s a symbolic start of a new life, that’s for sure! Whoever came up with the idea to make a wedding photoshoot on the rollercoaster was either a genius or a madman. The faces must have been priceless!

We just hope the whole ride went safely and the newlyweds went on celebrating their wedding in a calmer way.

4. The Case of the Levitating Bride

When I say "jump," you say, "but I'm Levitating." That's the answer this photographer probably got. Although, we must applaud the unusual perspective he was able to capture. But is it really only his skill and nothing more?

It does seem like the bride is missing a lower part of the body. Or is it just some kind of an illusion, a trick with a mirror?

Whether it's Photoshopped or not, the photo looks hilarious. It'll definitely become their favourite from the whole album.

3. From USPS With Love

This romantic pose from the bride turned into a huge LOL after the USPS guy accidentally photobombed at just the right angle. Who was taking the photo, though? Didn't they see what was happening?

The photo doesn't seem staged, everything probably happened in a matter of seconds. Kudos to the photographer who was able to catch this shot!

We hope the groom was able to see the humour in the picture as well. The USPS should send them a good wish card, too!

2. Now Take a Closer Look

We all know just how funny optical illusions can be and with this photo we really have to stop and take a second look - what's happening there?

This is one of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) timed photos ever, and the angle is just right, too! Somehow we believe this is one of the bride's least favourite photos from that day.

Wedding photos are always memorable, but for different reasons. This is one of those cases that would make everyone laugh for decades to come.

1. Peculiar Wedding Aesthetic

Okay, we get it, everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable day in the world. Still, we believe, there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Or maybe it's some kind of wedding game gone slightly wrong? This might very well be one of the worst wedding moments we've ever seen and it was definitely not a fun experience for everyone involved.

As far as weddings go, we believe that sometimes the best thing is just to stick to the traditional aesthetic.

Ivanna Y

Published 4 years ago