The Most Curious and Unusual Thrift Store Finds We've Ever Seen

2022-04-06 Stories

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It’s not a secret that whenever you need a cool, yet affordable Halloween costume, a chic prom dress, or a vintage piece of furniture dating back a few centuries, going to a thrift store is the best option. There are so many treasures there!

Some people spend hours digging through piles of useless junk to find something worthy, but when they do, it feels like Christmas. Here we present you a collection of the most curious and unusual thrift store finds we’ve ever seen.

31. The Rainbow Suit We’ve All Dreamed About

This might very well be the poshest, weirdest, and the coolest thrift store find ever made. Just look at this rainbow suit all covered with carefully sewn sequins!

This lady is totally rocking her amazing find and we can only feel a bit jealous looking at her.

It’s the perfect look for any type of festival, party, or a night out with friends when you want to add some glitter and glamour to the overall feel of the meeting.

30. Is That Hair Dryer Loaded?

Have you ever seen such a peculiar hair Dryer in the market? Yeah, we didn’t, either.

It looks like some kind of weird movie prop or a decoration item. But this is a fully functioning hair dryer that comes with a handy ‘holster’ to put it on a wall.

Did some kind of designer create it? Is it a limited edition piece? It must be amazing to have this Magnum Hair Dryer hanging in your bathroom.

29. A New Pet

When some people feel lonely they get themselves a pet or two. Usually, it’s a dog or a cute cat, but this is definitely not the case with this family.

The owner of this stunning T-Rex confessed that it felt like they had a new family member – the dinosaur got so much attention from everybody!

As soon as the man saw it on sale near the antique shop he didn’t hesitate for a second. It wasn’t a cheap thrift store purchase, but it was worth all the money in the world for him and the family. Now this $700-dollar dinosaur has a new home and a bright future ahead of it.