The Most Curious and Unusual Thrift Store Finds We've Ever Seen

This article was originally published on our site: It’s not a secret that whenever you need a cool, yet affordable Halloween costume, a chic prom dress, or

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This article was originally published on our site:

It’s not a secret that whenever you need a cool, yet affordable Halloween costume, a chic prom dress, or a vintage piece of furniture dating back a few centuries, going to a thrift store is the best option. There are so many treasures there!

Some people spend hours digging through piles of useless junk to find something worthy, but when they do, it feels like Christmas. Here we present you a collection of the most curious and unusual thrift store finds we’ve ever seen.

31. The Rainbow Suit We’ve All Dreamed About

This might very well be the poshest, weirdest, and the coolest thrift store find ever made. Just look at this rainbow suit all covered with carefully sewn sequins!

This lady is totally rocking her amazing find and we can only feel a bit jealous looking at her.

It’s the perfect look for any type of festival, party, or a night out with friends when you want to add some glitter and glamour to the overall feel of the meeting.

30. Is That Hair Dryer Loaded?

Have you ever seen such a peculiar hair Dryer in the market? Yeah, we didn’t, either.

It looks like some kind of weird movie prop or a decoration item. But this is a fully functioning hair dryer that comes with a handy ‘holster’ to put it on a wall.

Did some kind of designer create it? Is it a limited edition piece? It must be amazing to have this Magnum Hair Dryer hanging in your bathroom.

29. A New Pet

When some people feel lonely they get themselves a pet or two. Usually, it’s a dog or a cute cat, but this is definitely not the case with this family.

The owner of this stunning T-Rex confessed that it felt like they had a new family member – the dinosaur got so much attention from everybody!

As soon as the man saw it on sale near the antique shop he didn’t hesitate for a second. It wasn’t a cheap thrift store purchase, but it was worth all the money in the world for him and the family. Now this $700-dollar dinosaur has a new home and a bright future ahead of it.

28. A Helping Hand

We all need a supportive hand from time to time, don't we? This cat was lucky his owner likes to go thrift-shopping becayse it's hard to imagine any other place where he'd find this treasure.

This helping hand makes the cat's rest much more comfortable!

Cats are independent creatures, but even they can miss their owners when they go away for work. Hopefully, this cute little hand makes the cat feel less lonely!

27. A Nature-Lover’s Dream

We don’t know many people who would like to decorate their homes with mushroom-themed items, but apparently, they exist. At least the lady who found this peculiar lamp was on cloud nine!

This unusual purple mushroom lamp would look especially cool in a room with other forest-styled things.

It’s definitely one of the weirdest and rarest finds we’ve ever seen. Buckle up as there are even more extraordinary finds ahead!

26. The Ultimate See-Through Look

Are you a fan of Biology and Anatomy? If yes, then you’d also be thrilled to find this bodysuit at a thrift store for a mere $7. The woman who found it was over the moon when she bought it!

The woman’s husband didn’t approve of the whacky look, but she still insisted on wearing it. She even considered pairing it up with a stylish jacket and going to the teacher’s meeting like that.

Well, kudos to her if she did! Not everyone would be brave enough to expose their ‘inner world’ like that.

25. The Perfect Fishing Hat

Don’t you just envy this guy for finding this gem? It’s probably the fishiest fishing hat in the whole world!

It also looks like it could easily become a lucky charm for fishing. The second you put it on your head you become a pro fisherman and can catch a load of fish in a matter of minutes.

Well, even if that’s not the case, this hat will definitely boost this guy’s fishing mojo. It looks both silly and cool!

24. Knives Out

Who said knife holders should be boring? It’s definitely not the case with this one. A woman running a thrift store received this peculiar item as a donation and was on cloud nine when she saw it.

Can you believe that someone would want to get rid of such a stylish item? It would look great no matter where you put it!

It might look a tad bit creepy if you have kids at home, but in our experience children are even fonder of weird and fun (and weirdly fun) things than grown-ups.

23. A One-Dollar Rock, Anyone?

One simply does not expect to come to a thrift store and find a rock on sale. Why would anyone donate it in the first place?

Maybe it’s charmed and possesses some superpowers? It could also be cursed, you know.

Or it could be just a plain old rock someone picked up at the park and nothing more. Well, if you’re in dire need of a rock and feeling too lazy to go pick one for yourself, you might as well buy it for $1.

22. The Perfect Little Couch

If you’ve ever owned pets you know just how important it is for them to have their own space and a place to lie down.

Cats love personal beds and couches and dogs are no different! Well, they would ditch a personal couch for their owner’s bed anytime, but still, it’s great when they have their very own place to rest.

We don’t know what was the original purpose of this cute little couch, but the dogs seem to fit in perfectly!

21. A Stunning Halloween Dress

Halloween is the time of year when everyone gets to show off their creative sides. Well, this guy was no different!

When he saw this huge Snow White dress he immediately thought he could use it to create a Halloween look. And he did!

He stuck to the thrift store vibe and collected all other elements for the look in second-hand shops as well.

20. A Clock with a Twist

Do you like furniture with a character? Something that has its very own presence, setting the mood for the whole room.

Well, if you like things like that then you’ll fall in love with this sassy clock. It looks like it’s about to tell you something and you’ll probably not like it.

Is this clock mad at something or is it amused? We really don’t know, but it surely does look like an amazing addition to anyone’s home.

19. The Alien

Don’t you just wonder how all the fun and weird things get to the thrift shops? Where do people even find them in the first place?

The story of this surprised Alien remains a mystery, but we bet he’s had a tough and eventful life.

Judging by those eyes this Alien has seen some stuff! A horror-loving kid (or a grown-up) would give anything to have this fella as a home decoration.

18. Hello, Granny!

It’s not very often you find a Granny at a thrift store or any store for that matter. This couple couldn’t believe their luck when they saw this Granny on sale, so, naturally, they had to get her!

Seriously, we don’t know why you would want to have her at home, but according to the wife their whole family laughed their lungs out when they saw her.

Now she’d be participating in all the special family celebrations and would be dressed accordingly!

17. A Cat-Lover’s Dream

Do you like cats as much as this guy? Then you’d also be over the moon to find this peculiar vest at a thrift store.

It’s a perfect vest for all the people out there who are mad about cats. It also looks quite stylish!

We wonder whether the cats like him more when he wears the vest or not. But the ladies must find it quite charming, which is a cool bonus.

16. An Antique Gem

It’s not unusual to find an antique gem at a thrift store, still, when you stumble upon a chair like this you consider yourself pretty lucky.

One guy’s girlfriend found this posh Victorian Balloon Chair at a garage sale and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw it.

Now she wants to reupholster it, giving it a new life and a new home. Do you think it would look good in purple velvet?

15. The Resemblance is Uncanny

When going to a thrift store one can find the most unexpected things. This woman had a surprise of a lifetime when she saw this painting.

It turned out the dog on the painting was the exact copy of her pet! She had to buy it, of course, because of the resemblance.

Now she owns a portrait of her beautiful dog from an unknown painter. Thrift stores are indeed treasure troves filled with all kinds of wonders.

14. The Best Purchase Ever

This lady couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted the huge T-Rex torso that looked like a hunting trophy. What a rare find!

It’s not too unusual to find dinosaurs at thrift stores, still, when you lay your hands on one you feel like the luckiest person in the world. They are so cool and grown-up love them just as much as kids do.

This woman went ahead and bought the thing – it cost a mere $20! We’d probably do the same in her place.

13. The Hippo Table

This gorgeous hippo table has a little bit of backstory. The woman who owns it now first saw it on sale more than 20 years ago and fell in love with the thing.

Back then she had no money to buy it from the furniture shop, so she didn’t get it. Imagine her surprise when a few years ago she saw the same table on sale at a thrift store!

She couldn’t believe her luck and bought the table straight away. The two were finally reunited after years of waiting.

12. Hello from the Past

It’s not uncommon to go to a second-hand shop and find some long-lost item or a present you made someone decades ago. This is exactly what happened to this woman!

When she was a teen she used to make her own dresses, hand-sewing all the details. She remembered all of her creations very well.

Imagine her surprise when she found one such dress at a thrift shop sale! She couldn’t believe her eyes, but it was the exact same dress she made with her own hands decades ago.

11. Perfect Chopsticks

Chopsticks are a truly amazing invention, aren’t they? They are perfect for all kinds of Asian meals and you can eat other foods with them as well.

For some people, it’s hard to get used to them because the holding technique is a bit unusual. But this will no longer be a problem for this guy!

He found a pair of perfect dinosaur chopsticks that make using them much easier. It’s a simple trick that works like a charm.

10. The Snake Lamp

Finding a decent-looking floor lamp can be a real pain – that is, of course, if you’re looking for it at an ordinary shop. If you’re looking for a peculiar piece of furniture or decoration, then a thrift store is your go-to place.

You may not find what you need at once, but if you’re willing to spend an hour or two inspecting a bunch of weird things, chances are you’d find what you were looking floor.

Just like that, the owner of this gorgeous floor lamp stumbled upon it during one of his thrift store sessions. It looks amazing!

9. Hand-Made Wallpaper

Most people just go buy new wallpaper when they want to freshen up the look in their home, but this wasn’t the case here!

One family decided to do some remodelling in their bathroom – that’s when they stumbled upon some hidden hand-made wallpaper behind the wall mirror.

It was all covered in artistic doodles and looked totally adorable! The owners removed it, of course, but saved it as a beautiful piece of art.

8. An Antique Stove

All children like to experiment with cooking, but most of the time they aren’t allowed because it can be dangerous. This woman came up with a brilliant plan – she bought a cute stove for her kid alone!

Well, it’s not exactly safer, but with proper guidance, this gorgeous antique stove became a truly wonderful experience for the kid who tried using it.

His mother found it at an antique store and decided to give it a go. Both she and her kid had so much fun cooking tomato soup and sandwiches on it!

7. Hello from the 80s

Have you ever seen a player like this? Mind you, it’s an actual cassette player, a real rarity these days.

Well, we certainly haven’t seen one of these in a while, especially with such a curious Pizza Hut design.

Someone must have kept it from the 80s because they don’t make players like these in modern times. Mostly, because there are no cassettes to listen to.

6. Surprise!

Most people visit thrift stores to look for some cool and unusual items, but what about kids? Do they have as much fun?

Well, looking at this photo we can say for sure that yes, children are also having fun at thrift stores, probably even more than grown-ups!

This kid’s father looked away to inspect some things and when he turned back this was what he saw. Needless to say, he burst out in a fit of laughter!

5. Easter Island Memorabilia

We don’t know who comes up with stuff like this, but it’s kind of genius. And silly, but genius nonetheless.

We would never have mixed a statue from the Easter Island with a tissue box, but somehow it seems to be working together.

The guy who saw it at a thrift store grabbed it the minute he spotted the treasure. It looks quite unusual!

4. The Dog Language Translator

We all wish to understand our pets and what they are trying to say. Usually, we just learn what their bows and various facial expressions stand for, but it turns out there’s one more thing you can do.

This lucky thrift store-goer stumbled upon a rare find – an actual translator from the dog language!

We don’t know how well it works, but it does seem like the best purchase in the world.

3. A Magician’s Outfit

Did you ever wonder what magicians wore around 100 years ago? Well, even if you didn’t, you can now see it with your own eyes.

One thrift store shopper spent quite a few hours at the shop digging through various items until he hit the jackpot. He found an actual magician’s suit!

And not just any suit, this outfit is more than 100 years old and seems to be in good condition. It’s a real treasure!

2. A Macabre Bowling Ball

Bowling is such a fun game and it becomes even more so when you have your very own bowling ball.

It might be a tad bit uncomfortable to drag your bowling bowl to every game, but just imagine everyone’s surprise when you take this ball out of a bag.

Seriously, this bowling bowl is a showstopper and whoever bought it is one lucky player.

1. The Most Unusual Fan

This gorgeous antique fan looks like something you could use at home, right? But only if you don’t know its backstory.

It turns out back in the day when there were no proper refrigerators funeral homes used huge fans like this to cool the caskets with bodies.

Yep, these fans were used exactly for that! They may look stylish, but their backstory makes them quite a spooky purchase. It’s definitely not something you’d like to put inside your house!

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