The Most Insane and Beautiful Genetic Conditions We've Ever Seen

2022-05-02 Stories

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All people are born different and you won’t find two identical pairs of eyes or matching fingerprints in the whole world. Nature creates us to be unique both inside and out! Still, most of us find it hard to accept our own uniqueness, so we use piercings, tattoos, and crazy hair colour to stand out from the crowd. But some people stand out all on their own!

Some may call it a blessing, while others would see it as a curse, but for all these people born with special genetic conditions, it’s a rare gift they cherish. From Vitiligo and Heterochromia to having extra fingers and two layers of lashes, we present you with the most insane and beautiful genetic conditions in the world.

40. A Unique Birthmark

Birthmarks are very common and you can see all kinds of shapes and sizes in different places of the human body. But how about birthmarks on the hair? This beautiful mother has a very specific birthmark – a gorgeous white streak of hair on her forehead.

Well, her baby daughter was born with the same birthmark on her hair! Imagine the mother’s surprise as she held her baby daughter for the first time and noticed this amazing streak of hair. This thing turned out to be hereditary!

It turns out, that not only the mother-daughter duo has this amazing hair, but their granny as well! It seems as though these beautiful ladies have some superpowers and who knows – maybe they do?

39. The Amazing Cat Eye Syndrome

At first glance, this boy looks quite normal, but then you look into his eyes and the whole world around you stops. He looks amazing, doesn’t he?

This genetic condition is called the ‘Cat Eye Syndrome’ and the name is quite fitting as this boy’s eyes resemble those of a cat. Most people are born with round pupils, but in rare cases, they are born with eyes that look very different.

Usually, people with the Cat Eye Syndrome have pupils that resemble the actual cat ones only a little, but this Nepalese boy looks like a real cat in the human form!

38. A Rare Case of Vitiligo

This boy from Uganda looks like he could turn the whole fashion world upside down! He has amazing bright blue eyes thanks to a rare genetic condition called Ocular Albinism. Albinos lose pigmentation in their entire body, but this boy only had his eyes affected.

His Vitiligo, on the other hand, affects different parts of his body, creating white colourless patches that gather in beautiful patterns. Somehow this condition makes him look even more beautiful than he already was!

Although these genetic conditions are visually stunning, they don’t make him feel any different. The boy’s eyes are also in good condition and he has normal eyesight.