The Worst TV and Movie Mistakes We've Ever Spotted on Screen

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This article was originally published on our site:

When watching a movie it’s easy to get carried away by the beautiful visuals and a compelling storyline. Still, some movie-goers are more attentive than others and they notice a whole lot of mistakes in the films they’re watching. Some of these fails are barely visible and you wouldn’t think twice about them, but others are so in-your-face that it’s unbelievable how the producers and film editors could miss them. Here are some of the most spectacular TV and movie mistakes we’ve ever spotted on screen!

The Avengers

Can you believe that The Avengers movie happened 9 years ago? Almost a decade has passed since the first movie of the franchise was aired!

Well, the bigger the movie the more chances there are that someone will make a weird or funny mistake. Naturally, this happened to The Avengers as well.

Thor must really possess magical powers – just take a look at the dent in that demolished car! Either it somehow healed itself in the process or we’re looking at a plain old movie fail. We believe it’s the latter.

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s historical drama is a real masterpiece in terms of acting and costume design. Starring, Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette tells the story of young Maria Antonia and her tumultuous marriage to King Lois XVI.

The movie won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, but that didn’t stop the producers from making one major mistake that made all the viewers stare in disbelief.

In the scene where Marie Antoinette was trying on some shoes, we see her feet under the table, but there’s something else – a pair of lovely purple sneakers! They look so nicely placed there that we can’t but wonder whether someone did it on purpose or for the laughs, but the blooper ended up going into the final cut unnoticed.

Dallas Buyers Club

This biopic drama tells the story of Ron Woodrof who was diagnosed with AIDS in the ‘80s when the disease was still new to everyone and there was a huge lack of research and treatment of AIDS/HIV.

Ron Woodrof was smuggling unapproved medicine in order to treat himself and his friends who were also diagnosed with the disease. All in all, the setting of the movie is picture-perfect and fully conveys the spirit of the ’80s, apart from one detail.

Behind Ron Woodrof you can see a picture of a posh car – it’s Lamborghini Aventador that came out only in 2011. Naturally, a poster of this car simply couldn’t exist back in 1980s.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

An action-packed movie like Terminator 2 is bound to have some discrepancies. We can’t even imagine how many times the actors had to change during the filming process when their pieces of clothing got torn or scratched.

Naturally, it may be hard to follow which of the garments needs to stay torn and which should look brand new.

This is exactly what happened in one of the scenes in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. One second we see the Terminator get a full load of bullets shot into his back, but the next second his jacket looks as if nothing has happened.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

The first installment of Pirates of the Caribbean movie series is pretty tight when it comes to style and historical accuracy, but even a big movie like that had quite a few mistakes that miraculously escaped the producer’s gaze.

How can you not notice there’s a cowboy on the set of a pirate movie? We admit, the pirates are a versatile bunch, but that cowboy hat is taking things a bit too far.

When Jack Sparrow finally returned to his beloved Black Pearl there was chaos everywhere. That’s why it may be hard to notice the lonely cowboy staring at the sea, but there he is!

The Matrix

As much as we love this cult sci-fi movie of the ‘90s, The Matrix had quite a few mistakes of its own. The movie was incredibly technologically advanced for its time, but there were scenes in which even The Matrix operators couldn’t beat the system.

In this shot, for example, you can see something unusual happening in the reflection. What was supposed to be just a reflection of Morpheus and Neo entering the door to The Oracle’s house, contains an image of the cameraman shooting the scene.

They made everything possible to make the operator blend with the scene, but you can still see the camera – it’s just impossible not to notice it!


Apparently, Gladiator is one of those movies that is filled with all kinds of fails to the brim. As hard as it is to create a believable historical drama, sometimes it seems that the producers didn’t even try to avoid mistakes in this movie.

There’s a scene in the Battle of Carthage that shows a chariot falling off and crashing into a wall. When some kind of blanket gets lost in the process, a very unusual detail is revealed.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – it’s an actual gas canister! Why would they need a gas canister on a horse-drawn chariot is a mystery of its own, but the fact that it was shown on the big screen is a mistake viewers couldn’t overlook.

Game of Thrones

The production of Game of Thrones is similar to that of a movie, and you can see it in the majestic sceneries and expensive CGI effects used in many of GoT’s scenes.

Still, even a TV show of such magnitude has quite a few bloopers and mistakes. If you remember episode 9 from the show’s season 5, when Dany is attacked by the Sons of Harpy at a huge arena, Mother of Dragons can be seen wearing a posh white gown with long sleeves and a very distinct neckline.

Yet in the next episode, after Daenerys is taken away by Drogon, we can see her wearing a totally different outfit that is less regal, not as long, and is paired with shoes she wasn’t wearing before. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to see a change in the design of the dress.

Pulp Fiction

We usually don’t expect to see movie fails in Quentin Tarantino’s films, but even top-notch directors make mistakes from time to time.

We don’t know whether he was just sloppy or it was an honest miss, but in the scene where Jules and Vincent were shot at you can already see the bullet holes in the wall even before the shooting starts.

Jules later calls it divine intervention, and while that might have been the case for him, we call it sloppy directing. Movie viewers caught onto this mistake almost immediately!

The Big Вang Theory

TBBT might be one of the nerdiest and most scientifically accurate TV shows ever created, but even with its meticulous attention to detail TBBT made a few mistakes of its own.

In the episode where Penny gets obsessed with playing MMO RPG Age of Conan, she asks Sheldon to help her get a sword she needs to defeat the Captain of Guard.

While the scenes seem perfectly normal at first glance, you can actually notice that Penny’s laptop was never on! It’s a sloppy mistake that was immediately spotted by fans.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If you’ve read at least one book about Harry Potter then you know that this boy had beautiful green eyes that were exactly like his mother’s. In the books, J. K. Rowling paid special attention to this detail about his appearance as it was crucial to the plot.

The creators of the movie were careful with most descriptions, portraying all the characters as close to the books as possible, but this wasn’t the case with Harry Potter’s mom.

When in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part II, we see young Lily Potter, she has beautiful brown eyes instead of green ones. Fans weren’t quick to forgive this mistake!

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the most brilliant movies ever made and, undoubtedly, a film that has put Tom Hanks in Hollywood’s list of top-ranking actors. Directed by Zemeckis, the movie tells a story about a kind-hearted man who, although slow-witted, shows that you don’t need to be a genius to live a happy life full of wonderful events.

But in a way, when it comes to living your life to the fullest, Forrest Gump is the most gifted person in the world. There are many amazing moments in the movie, but this one might have skipped your attention.

In the scene where Forrest Gump is playing table tennis, you might notice that the actor doesn’t blink at all, keeping his eye on the ball just as he was instructed. Of course, it would have been nearly impossible to keep one’s eyes open for so long without blinking, so some CGI was used to create this impression.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

As you’ve probably already noticed, action movies aren’t very accurate when it comes to small details. When bits and pieces of blown-up cars, glass, and metal are flying everywhere it’s hard to follow what goes where.

While most viewers may not always notice that some cars’ windows were blown off just a few seconds ago, but the next one they were intact again, it’s a mistake that simply shouldn’t make it to the final cut.

This is exactly what happened in Terminator 2: Judgement Day – the truck that was chasing John Connor lost all its windows when falling from the bridge, but then they magically reappeared in the next scene.


The show managed to release only one full season before it was shut down, leaving fans with only a handful of episodes to re-watch over and over again. Despite its short life on TV Firefly became one of the biggest sci-fi classics ever released.

After having watched the show dozens of times, fans have stumbled upon a mistake that made them stare in disbelief. In the first episode of the show when Serenity and its crew run for their lives escaping from the Reaver ship, we see the pilot holding onto thin air instead of a yoke.

What’s more surprising – the yoke reappears in the next scene! The producers needed to get a wide shot and for that, they pulled the pilot further away from the console, so he just mimicked holding a yoke. They just shot it like that and the scene went into the TV series!

American Snіper

Bradley Cooper stunned everyone with his portrayal of Chris Kyle in American Snіper, but despite his stellar performance, the viewers were mesmerized by one particular detail that had nothing to do with acting.

It turns out in the scene where the actor had to interact with a baby he had to use all his acting skills to the fullest because the baby was fake. It was so obviously fake that he even had to use his own finger to create the impression of the baby moving!

The producers state that the real baby got sick at the last second, so they had to come up with a fake baby, but we don’t buy it. This is just sloppy filmmaking at its finest!


The Avatar movie has as many critics as it has devoted fans, but one thing we can say for sure – it’s a beautifully made film that will definitely be remembered for years to come.

Still, a production of this magnitude with loads of CGI and special effects is bound to have some bloopers and movie mistakes. In this one scene, Jake opens his capsule and you can clearly see that there is nothing near him.

But when the sequence changes - a wheelchair magically appears near the capsule so Jake can conveniently use it to keep the action going. It might not be the biggest movie mistake ever, but it’s pretty obvious!

The Ten Commandments

Ann Baxter playing Nefertiti is one of those legendary roles that made their way to the history of cinematography, and for a good reason. But no matter how genius her performance was, there was one rookie mistake that didn’t immediately catch everyone’s eye.

Only years later attentive fans noticed that the striking blue dress worn by Nefertiti from The Ten Commandments was quite sheer.

While that wouldn’t be a problem as back in the day ladies could wear all kinds of garments, but the lace lingerie that was sometimes peaking from underneath the dress was definitely not something ancient women would wear.


The Twilight movie had as many critics as it had fans and while we won’t dive into the many plot holes and poorly written dialogues of the film, there are quite a lot of mistakes that make it stand out for all the wrong reasons.

For example, the first movie of the franchise is just packed with cameramen showing up in the scenes. We get it, it’s hard to control the reflections and pick the right angles, but it seems that the operators didn’t even try!

During the opening scenes of the movie we see Bella Swan ride in a car to start her first day at school, and right in the car’s window there’s a reflection of a camera and a mike. Oops!

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is yet another movie classic that is sporting quite a few fails that usually go unnoticed. But if you watch it a few times you’ll definitely notice that some scenes are out of place.

For example, in the scene where Marvin Nash is handcuffed and gets beaten up, you can notice that in the beginning of the sequence his hands are cuffed behind his back.

But in the next scene his hands are suddenly in front of him, still cuffed! Was he playing Harry Houdini while no one was watching? That’s definitely not something an ordinary man could do.

Back to the Future I + II

Back to the Future movie series is one of the most popular sci-fi franchises that has left a distinct mark in pop culture for decades to come. If you love sci-fi, then you must have seen these movies at least once in your life!

Attentive Back to the Future fans have spotted a peculiar detail – it appears that the last scene of the first move and the opening scene of the second one seem very alike, but not quite.

It turns out that due to the fact that Jennifer was played by a different actress in the second movie they had to reshoot the whole scene. Naturally, it doesn’t look the same – you can notice that the car looks quite different!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was a true masterpiece of the early ‘90s. It featured all the latest special effects and the most believable dinosaurs we have ever since.

But even all the latest technological advancements didn’t help Steven Spielberg when it came to video chatting. What now is an everyday technology accessible to everyone was still something straight out of a sci-fi movie back in the ‘90s.

In the scene where Nedry is having a chat with his accomplice via a video call, he’s not actually talking to a live person. If you look attentively you’ll notice that it’s a pre-recorded video and Nedry just pretends to be speaking to a person.

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones TV series is famous not only for its grand production and amazing characters but also for its horrendous last few seasons that flopped in the worst way possible, leaving both actors and the audience hurt and disappointed.

But were those the show’s only flaws? Nope, far from it. Plot holes aren’t rare in the fantasy drama, and GoT wasn’t an exception. So, do you remember how Melisandre used her magic to seem all young and beautiful?

To look gorgeous, she had to wear a very special necklace. In this scene, we see her bathing with no necklace on, but her beauty is still there. What a rookie mistake!

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most iconic movies of all time that has earned its rightful place in American pop culture. This musical was nothing short of amazing!

But even being the most seen film in movie history, The Wizard of Oz has one major mistake that immediately catches the eye.

We don’t get to see Dorothy’s shoes a lot, but there is this one scene when we can see her in full height wearing the gingham dress and ponytails. If you’re wondering what’s wrong here, here’s a hint – Dorothy should be wearing red magic shoes! Instead, we see her in some ordinary black shoes that go against the plot of The Wizard of Oz.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Filmmakers need to pay closer attention to detail because modern viewers have a very keen eye for all kinds of fails and bloopers. In the third instalment of the Terminator movie series, we can clearly see a plane number when John Connor reaches it to go up into the air.

When the plane is in the sky the number magically changes from N3035C to N3413F.

While it’s not something that would shock the viewers in the movie theatre, this is definitely a mistake that was noticed by hundreds of viewers when watching the movie for the second and third time.


When watching creepy sci-fi horrors like Alien, movie mistakes is the last thing we’re looking for. Still, some movie fans manage to notice fails even in spine-chilling films like this!

Slightly before Kane gets attacked by the alien creature we can see him wearing a spacesuit and quite a distinctive protective cap.

Later, when Kane is removed from the suit and everyone sees the creature attached to his face, the cap is nowhere to be found. Due to the construction of the spacesuit, it would have been impossible for him to remove it himself.

Inglorious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino is known for his attention to detail in his movies, but he’s usually not very accurate when it comes to historical blunders and discrepancies.

In his Inglorious Basterds movie, which is considered a masterpiece by many movie critics, we can see a scene with Sgt. Rachtman, played by Richard Sammel. One second he’s wearing a medal on his chest, but in the next shot, it’s gone!

Well, the medal reappears eventually, but this mistake made it to the final cut of the movie and now everyone can see it.

Game of Thrones

The last seasons of Game of Thrones were weird for all kinds of reasons. It seems that no one simply cared about the storyline anymore!

But it wasn’t only the plot that suffered greatly, mistakes were happening on the filming sets as well. This photo of a coffee cup left right in front of Daenerys Targaryen during one of the scenes went viral the minute the episode came out.

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes and, frankly speaking, neither could we. How can something like this happen on a show of this scale?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter movies were as huge as the books they were based on. Naturally, they gathered quite a spectacular following with fans watching all the movies numerous times.

Of course, quite a few mistakes were spotted. In the scene that happened right after Harry Potter defeated Draco Malfoy, you can clearly see a cameraman mingling with the agitated kids.

This movie mistake is one of the most common fails ever, but it’s not something fans could easily forgive.

Pretty Woman

Starring Julia Roberts in a role that brought her huge fame, Pretty Woman tells a story of a rich businessman, played by Richard Gere, and a call girl that steals his heart.

It’s a light-hearted rom-com with a kind of Cinderella-esque plot with Vivian, Julia Robert’s character, enjoying all the pleasures of a rich life she’s never experienced before.

In one scene we see her having breakfast at a hotel – one second she’s eating a croissant, but then it turns into a plate of pancakes in a blink of an eye. Was that a movie mistake or Vivian was simply very hungry?

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

All die-hard Star Wars fans have seen the first-ever Star Wars movies numerous times, so they know very well when the legendary blooper happens.

When Luke and Leia are running through the corridors of the Death Star, making their escape, a bunch of Stormtroopers appear in the doorway to hold them back.

As the doors open, one of the Stormtroopers hits his head while entering the scene. As the actor later explained, he was feeling unwell that day and hit his head by mistake. He thought this scene wouldn’t make it to the final cut, but surprisingly, it did!


Sometimes it’s impossible to control everything captured by the camera – the environment is just unpredictable! You can make the people look like they belong in a certain era, but there’s always a chance the camera will pick something weird.

It’s not at all surprising to see a plane flying in the sky, but it is quite remarkable when we’re looking at a scene from Ancient Rome.

It’s one of the most iconic roles of Russel Crowe and he’s owning every moment of it in the shot, but that one movie mistake kind of spoils everything. This movie mistake is too obvious!


As huge as was the production of Titanic even this spectacular movie couldn’t avoid a few mistakes here and there. Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Kate Winslet’s amazing performances might have charmed most of the viewers, but some kept a keen eye for the surrounding details as well.

Can you believe the ship’s deck could change like that? That’s definitely a production fail and one that is easily spotted, unless, of course, you are too carried away by the plot and the drama. Which, let’s admit it, happens all the time when we watch this movie.

Still, that’s an unforgivable mistake that shouldn’t be allowed on screen. It’s like there were two different ships!

Doctor Strange

You won’t surprise anyone by wearing a mask out in the street or in the supermarket today, but what’s more unexpected is to see someone without any mask whatsoever while doing surgery.

At the very beginning of the Doctor Strange movie, we see Dr Palmer and Dr Strange performing surgery with their faces completely uncovered. Yes, we get it, it’s hard to act when half of your face is hidden from the viewers, but this goes against all rules of the medical facilities.

Wearing surgical masks is a must in all operating rooms, especially during surgeries.


Released in 2004, Troy tells a story about the legendary Trojan war that was filled with love, drama, treachery, and all kinds of heroes. While it’s hard to get distracted by all the handsome actors and gorgeous actresses starring in the movie, there were quite a few mistakes spotted by the history buffs.

For example, this cute pink umbrella is oddly out of place for an Ancient Greek setting. Orlando Bloom’s character, Paris, used it to create some shade for him and the Helen of Troy.

Umbrellas like these would be invented only centuries after the famous war took place and it definitely didn’t happen in Greece.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

While most fans agree that Spider-Man: Far from Home is a decent movie that deserves to be part of the MC Universe, there are quite a few mistakes in it.

Do you remember that time when Peter and the students travelled to Venice? In the end, they all hopped on a bus, but there’s one big problem with that scene.

It turns out that in Venice, with its delicate canals and ancient buildings, it is prohibited to drive a car, let alone a bus. In fact, no motor vehicles are allowed in the city!


Braveheart, one of the biggest historic dramas of the ‘90s, features Mel Gibson playing William Wallace, a brilliant warrior and a Scottish knight who fought and died for the country’s independence around the 1290s.

In the movie, William Wallace wears a kilt, one of the signature Scottish garments known all over the world. There’s only one problem…

It turns out the Scots weren’t wearing kilts at the time the story took place. It wasn’t until 1720 that kilts became a part of the Scottish everyday fashion.

Miss Congeniality

Even funny rom-com movies manage to make mistakes while filming. Attentive viewers who are fond of the ‘90’s hits have seen Miss Congeniality, starring Sandra Bullock as an undercover agent taking part in a beauty pageant, numerous times.

In one of the scenes, when Cheryl loses it at the beauty pageant and beats Gracie, played by Sandra Bullock, with a bouquet of roses, we can see a very straightforward movie mistake happening.

One second the bouquet is all red and beautiful, then Cheryl hits Gracie with it and the bouquet loses all its petals. But the next second it’s all red and beautiful again!


Gravity is one of those rare movies that tries to depict space as close to reality as possible. While that may not seem like the most entertaining movie premise, the screenwriters came up with a brilliant and engaging plot.

Still, some mistakes were unavoidable because even the laws of physics change in space.

If you remember the scene when Sandra Bullock's character ends up all alone and starts crying in zero gravity, her tears end up floating freely all around her. In reality, the tears would remain stuck to her face due to strong surface tension.

Total Recall

Total Recall is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of the ‘90s. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, it offers a glimpse into the action-packed and slightly anti-utopian future of Mars colonization.

In a scene where Sharon Stone plays Lori, Douglas Quaid’s fake wife, she attacks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character and, frankly speaking, does it in a spectacular way. Still, there’s one rookie movie mistake everyone can notice in this scene.

Lori’s knife that she grabs from the kitchen sink is clearly made of rubber – you can see how it bends in a funny way while she slashes it at Douglas. Well, in the end, that fight still looked pretty cool!

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The second Terminator movie was even more action-packed and technologically advanced than the first one. The Terminator came back to the past, but so did his main rival – T-1000.

This time T-1000 was made of some hi-tech goo that allowed him to turn into liquid whenever he wanted. That made him a bit hard to defeat, but it wasn’t entirely impossible.

In the scene, when the Terminator fires at T-1000, we can see his head split in two in one of the eeriest scenes of the whole movie. But what most people don’t realize is that the split happens even before the Terminator fires his gun!

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