These Celebrities Made Fashion Faux Pas We Would Really Like to Forget

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This article was originally published on our site:

Whether it’s a red carpet event or a night out spent with friends, celebrities are always in the limelight. This means they need to look their best no matter what. Still, they are human like the rest of us, their tastes change with age as do the world’s fashion trends. What worked a decade ago would be considered a crazy style today. There are also times when our favourite celebs simply made poor life choices and appeared in public wearing something truly embarrassing. Here are some of the biggest celebrity fashion faux pas we wish we’d never seen.

A Handmade Dress

Who goes to the Academy Awards red carpet dressed in a gown they made themselves? Demi Moore, that’s who.

And while it’s hard to believe that this great actress could come up with a bizarre design like this, that’s exactly what happened. This hybrid dressed featured a floral corset, bike shorts with lace trimming, and a Renaissance-style skirt.

Critics condemned the whole look, naming it a catastrophe, but, surprisingly, fashionistas are less judgmental now. Many people actually think this look was ahead of its time and would fit right into the modern fashion trends.

The Zebra Print

Long gone are the days when Posh Spice, now better known as Victoria Beckham, rocked blonde hair and wild mini-dresses. But the Internet remembers everything!

Well, Victoria Beckham’s fans wouldn’t be able to forget this look even if they wanted to – this black-and-white zebra dress was so over the top.

And it’s not just the dress, it’s the whole combination of heavily tanned skin, blonde hair, animal print, and pink lingerie peaking from underneath. That’s definitely not the best pop of colour to include in your look!

How Low Can You Go?

This list wouldn’t be complete without Paris Hilton’s fashionable appearances in public. The early ‘00s exploded with all kinds of crazy styles and questionable fashion choices, with Paris Hilton being one of the biggest fashionistas at the time.

If there was one person who loved low-cut jeans and low-cut everything, it was Paris Hilton. This bold trend was picked up by many celebrities, but this woman brought it to a whole new level of risqué.

This MTV Awards look from 2003 features everything we wish to forget – the self-tanned skin and an extremely low-rise skirt, showing off more skin than we’d care to see.

Britney Spears' Barbie Days

Most of you probably don't remember Britney Spears, the Queen of Pop, wear this absolutely hideous Barbie outfit. Well, to be more precise, it's a Skipper outfit, but it doesn't make that much of a difference.

It all happened back in 2002 when Britney Spears was already a huge star, but was still experimenting with various TV shows that she would probably stay away from now.

This episode of Saturday Night Live would be remembered forever due to Britney Spears' and Amy Poehler's amazing acting and ridiculous outfits they had to wear for the show.

Vintage Fashion Faux Pas

Gillian Anderson has always had such an exquisite taste in everything, whether it was fashion, cars, or beautiful houses. Well, it seems that even gorgeous ladies like her have their bad fashion days!

Of course, you won't surprise anyone with a little bit of thong peek-a-boo these days, but back in 2001 showing your underwear like this was quite a big deal.

And don't get us started on those purple glasses! We don't have anything against them, but paired with an evening Oscar dress - they just look weird and out of place.

The Rebellious Days

It’s hard to judge anything Miley Cyrus did back in her more rebellious days – it’s as if she was trying to impress everyone, but not in a good way.

Many of her styles and looks made us cringe, and now looking back at her past self Miley Cyrus probably regrets some of her fashion choices.

This MTV VMAs outfit from 2013 is one of those looks that just made everyone scratch their heads. This was one of her style experiments that simply didn’t look anywhere close to good.

The Shame is Real

You may or may not like Kim Kardashian’s style today, but the woman does know how to choose and sport a gorgeous dress. Still, things weren’t always so smooth for the world-famous socialite.

Back in the day when Kim K just appeared in the spotlight she made some very questionable fashion choices. We often saw her wearing velure tracksuits and gaudy neon colours.

In an interview Kim Kardashian admitted: "I definitely have style regrets. I mean, I wear some things and I'm just like, 'Why did I wear that?"

Too Much Pink

The early 2000s were the years of wild fashion choices and celebs owned every crazy trend that appeared in the fashion world.

It seemed that the main rule was – the more unusual, the better! Wild prints, gaudy colours, and utterly weird designs were the new fashion norm back in those tumultuous days.

Britney Spears has always been famous for her bold fashion choices, but not all of them were flattering. These wild pink jeans are painful to look at. And don’t get us started on those pink snakeskin boots! This look has ‘faux pas’ written all over it.

The Lobster Look

Lady Gaga has been entertaining us with her looks for years and it seemed that there would be no end to her extravagant fantasy.

Well, these days Lady Gaga has toned down her style considerably, but a few years ago you could still see her rock a wild look like this one.

As Lady Gaga admitted in one of her interviews: "All the outfits, fashion and art pieces over the years made sense to me. They didn’t make sense to other people.” And this is exactly that case - the lobster headpiece no one could understand.

The Tumultuous Style of the ‘90s

Let’s admit it, the ‘90s were anything but classy. Fashion has started transitioning from the wild style of the ‘80s to something classier, but it was still the time of big experiments (and yes, Titanic T-shirts with Leo’s face all over it).

Christina Aguilera wasn’t the only one adopting the crazy elements of the ‘90s style, but she was in the spotlight a lot, so now she has more regrets than anyone.

The capris, the barely-there torn top, a jaunty hat, and loads of self-tanner – this is everything about the ‘90s style we want to forget and never-ever return to again.

The Swan Dress

Some 20 years ago, when dressing in a bizarre and wild manner was still something not many dared to do, there was already Bjork with her quirky character and disregard for all mundane and boring things.

That’s why everyone stopped and stared in disbelief when the extravagant singer appeared on the red carpet wearing a spectacular swan dress. No one knew whether they should laugh or not!

Well, according to Bjork, she did it for the laughs, to brighten up the overly serious Academy Awards event. And as she walked down the carpet she ‘laid’ eggs! Critics condemned her fashion choice that day, but now everyone remembers it with a smile.

The Matchy-Matchy Couple

Can you believe that this look is 20 years old? Back in the day when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were a couple, they decided to dress as the King and Queen of Denim. Well, we have to admit, they succeeded!

High fashion designers have never liked denim much, which means wearing it for some special event is always risky. People will either love it or you’ll be laughed at, there’s no in-between.

Fans still can’t forget this look – it was wrong on so many levels! The denim fedora, the denim dress, it was just too much denim everywhere. It turns out Justin Timberlake regrets it just as much: “If you wear denim-on-denim, it will get documented. You know what, I don't think I could even bring that back."

Back to the Teen Years

Lena Dunham is an amazing actress and we love that her style has been evolving ever since she first stepped on the red carpet, but this dress is definitely a miss for us.

Who on Earth told her it was a good choice? While the colour is okay, the floral print just reminds us of a sofa, and not the most fashionable, dare we say it. And to think that Prada designed this!

The matchy-matchy eye makeup isn’t the best choice of make-up either for this gown. The dress is so huge it makes Lena Dunham seem bigger than she actually is! And that’s not something any woman would want, especially on the red carpet.

The Ribbon Madness

We’ve all witnessed the style evolution of Miley Cyrus – it’s been quite a bumpy ride for everyone involved.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that the singer has transformed into a real diva with a love for drama, but this hasn’t always been that way. Long before she even started experimenting with fashion, Miley Cyrus was a timid coming out of age star whose fashion choices weren’t as spectacular.

We don’t know what stylist told young Miley Cyrus this dress was okay because it looks appalling. Nothing is cute about it – the colours, the material, the placement of the ribbons. It’s one of those looks you never want to see ever again as you grow up.

The ‘00s Fashion Icon

Paris Hilton was definitely not the only person who fully embraced the wild fashion of the 2000s. Well, can you blame her? You either jumped on the fashion wagon or you were left behind as an outdated star no one cares about.

Now everyone can wear pretty much whatever they want without dire consequences for their fame, but back in the day, you had to stay in trend to be interesting for the people around.

It seems that in this over-the-top look Pink has gathered all the wackiest things she could – a shiny golden top, low-rise jeans that were all the rage in the ‘00s, a fur-lined jacked, a few golden chains, oh, and don’t forget the crazy spiked hair. We don’t know about you, but this look is just screaming ‘too much’.

Are Those Wings?

So you know how in fashion there’s a saying “less is more”? Well, it seems that some celebs and even more fashion designers tend to ignore this simple rule, trying to come up with a design that would stand out from the rest.

We aren’t saying they shouldn’t experiment with shapes and sizes, but this dress Katy Perry was wearing at the amfAt Gala was simply too much.

The exaggerated feathery shoulders did attract all the attention, but for all the wrong reasons. There’s also a lot of tulle and a huge bow with a brooch that created even more mess. They should have toned it down a bit for the dress to look classy.

Cher Channeling Her Inner Diva

Not many people remember the 1986 Oscars, but those that do mostly remember it for Cher’s appearance. This is definitely not the look you forget once you’ve seen it at least once!

While everyone sported classy red carpet dresses, Cher channeled her inner diva and went for a dramatic look with a long sequined skirt, a skimpy top, and a huge cape.

She also wore a huge feathered headpiece and we aren’t sure, to this day, whether this look was a hit or a miss. But one thing we can say for sure – no one will ever forget it!

A Vision from Greece

Reese Witherspoon is one of the Hollywood’s biggest trendsetters. The actress raises the fashion bar whenever she appears on the red carpet or some movie premiere. Still, it hasn’t always been this way.

Back in the early 2000s, Reese Witherspoon was still figuring out her style, trying peculiar looks that would raise eyebrows today. She has always looked feminine and gorgeous even in the most unexpected dresses, but she would definitely like us to forget about this one.

Reese Witherspoon turned up wearing a long pink skirt and a Grecian-wrapped top at the premiere of Cruel Intentions. This combination looked very unfortunate, to say the least. Being the leading lady in the movie, she should have gone for a classier look!

The Most Controversial Look of 2019

Met Gala is the biggest source of unnatural and questionable celebrity looks. It also supplies us with some of the most stunning gowns ever worn by celebs, but today we present you with Kim Kardashian’s controversial gown.

Kim K stunned everyone on the Met Gala red carpet when she appeared in a latex dress with shimmering droplets of water crystals all over it. While the gown looked beautiful, it was Kim Kardashian’s waist that caused a huge stir.

Everyone actually thought she removed a few ribs to fit into this dress! As the socialite later clarified, she just wore an extremely tight corset to create the illusion of a Barbie-sized waist. Fashion critics are still questioning her overall freshly-out-of-the-water look, although two years have passed!

Too Much Fabric

Heidi Klum is one of the most fashion-forward models in the industry. A former Victoria’s Secret Angel and the host of Project Runway, she definitely knows a thing or two about fashion.

That’s why we can’t figure out what happened when she chose this dress to appear at 2020 New York Fashion Week. It’s so drab we can’t look at it without hurting our eyes!

The colour is great and suits her well, but the shape of the gown is just appalling. It’s as if she wrapped herself in a bed cover! Tim Gunn would definitely disapprove of this dress.

Looking Like a Highlighter

We get it, celebrities like to stand out, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Kendall Jenner is known for her gorgeous looks and a successful career in modelling, but even she is capable of making a fashion mistake.

What is this crazy neon outfit all about? It’s just screaming ‘look at me’ and that is not something a fashion model of Kendall Jenner’s calibre needs at this point.

They say neons are back in 2021, but this shiny glittery madness reminds us of disco days, and that silver clutch isn’t helping either.

The Gothic Oscars Vibe

If there’s one thing Gwyneth Paltrow regrets wearing to the Oscars red carpet – it’s this gown. And we can all see why!

This dark Alexander McQueen dress made the actress look like a Goth Queen and that’s not the style that suits Gwyneth Paltrow at all.

The actress admitted that it was one of her biggest fashion faux pas ever. Looking back now, she would have done a few things differently – wear simple beachy hair with relaxed waves and very light makeup. Then it would have given her a livelier punk vibe. That was the original intention!

Too Many Petals

Rihanna always dresses to impress, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise when she dons something utterly bizarre. Well, she’s a world-famous fashionista, so we kind of expect her to be extravagant.

Still, this look she donned for the Met Gala in 2017 is too weird even for our taste. And make no mistake, it’s a high fashion Comme de Garcons outfit, but we aren’t feeling it.

Maybe it’s the bizarre shape that engulfs Rihanna and makes her look like she’s some kind of alien that came down to Earth? Or maybe it’s just too many petals. We prefer it when Rihanna goes for a more sleek and chic style.

A Disturbing Shape

We all know that Jennifer Lopez has a nearly impeccable taste when it comes to red carpet dresses and gorgeous outfits. Even her casual style is quite impressive!

Still, even gorgeous celebrities like J. Lo sometimes make fashion mistakes that fans simply can’t get over. This dress, for instance, just feels so unnatural, like it’s two dresses that are trying to devour each other.

This gown has a bizarre shape and it does nothing for J. Lo’s beautiful figure. On the contrary, it creates a truly unsettling silhouette.

Who Needs Dresses, Anyway?

Rita Ora stole all the spotlight when she showed up at the MTV EMAs wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head. We kid you not, that is exactly what happened!

Of course, she paired her over-the-top look with a hefty amount of diamonds, evening makeup, and heels, but it didn’t change the fact that she was dressed in a bathrobe instead of a gown.

We have no idea what inspired her to dress like that, but this unusual outfit put her on a number of “worst dressed” lists back in 2017. It’s been four years now and fans still cringe when they see this bizarre look!

This Look is Lit

It’s not every day you see a celebrity that is lit, well, quite literally. Whenever Katy Perry decides to appear in public, it’s always about making a memorable impression.

Usually, her looks are very poised and elegant, but sometimes she just likes to have fun with her looks and chooses very unusual gowns for various events.

For this Met Gala party, she decided to dress like a chandelier and quite literally light up the whole event. Of course, fashion critics were taken aback by this look as much as everyone else. It was a risky garment and it didn’t pay off!

No Such Thing as Too Rich

Okay, so we all know that Kim Kardashian is a rich person, but did she really have to make it this obvious? There’s nothing wrong with wearing a coat with a print, but a print made of dollar bills?

This is bordering on very bad taste and we can’t figure out what was she trying to prove – that she’s rolling in money? Well, it’s not a secret for anyone.

But even if we put aside Kim Kardashian's riches – this money-inspired outfit just doesn’t look good. Fashion critics were appalled, and so are we.

The Ultimate Grandpa Fashion

We understand that fashion in the ’00 was still experiencing the wild influence of the ‘90s, but this doesn’t mean that we can forgive Gwen Stefani for this hideous look. Nothing, and we mean nothing is good about it!

It looks dated and the singer doesn’t even look good in it. The boring embroidered blazer feels very grandpa-ish paired with an argyle vest.

Oh, and did we mention that she’s wearing a skirt over pants? This is one of the worst fashion choices we’ve ever seen and we’ve seen a lot.

Too Many Colours

We don’t have anything against the rainbow, but it’s one thing to enjoy it as a natural phenomenon, and it’s a completely different matter to try and make an outfit that has all the colours in the world.

When it comes to red carpet dresses - less is more. A chic and elegant dress will always look better than a colourful and gaudy one.

Still, Faith Hill decided to experiment with colour and wore this rainbow dress for an Academy Awards red carpet event. This gown doesn’t look flattering at all!

The David Bowie Inspiration

Don’t get us wrong, we love David Bowie as much as the next person, but it’s one thing to admire the great singer and his amazing style, and it’s another thing to try and copy it.

To tell you the truth, we expected more from Sandy Powell. Being a famous designer who has worked on numerous great movies like The Young Victoria and Shakespeare in Love, Sandy Powell went for a relatively safe combo of a blue satin suit and a T-shirt with a graphic print.

Well, this look isn’t cutting it! Surrounded by extravagant dresses at the Cannes Film Festival, this suit simply wasn’t enough for us.

The Skirt Over Pant Combo

Do you remember those days when skirts over pants were a thing? Well, even if you don’t, there was a time when even celebs followed this utterly weird style and showed up rocking skirts, and sometimes even dresses, over jeans.

Jennifer Aniston’s style is very exquisite these days, but it hasn’t always been like that. Back in her Friends days, she wore all kinds of things and they weren’t always flattering.

This dress and pants combination, for example, is one of the most boring things we’ve ever seen her wear. How did this awful trend even become popular in the 2000s?

The Disney Princess

Taylor Swift is famous for her beautiful style, chic dresses, and bold silhouettes. Right now she’s one of the biggest celebrity trendsetters! But what happens if we rewind a few years ago?

Back in 2006, Taylor Swift was still in her Disney Princess phase, wearing prom-like dresses to most red carpet events. We aren’t saying this dress looks awful, it’s quite okay and goes well with Taylor Swift’s golden locks.

Still, it’s one of those prom-like dresses we’ve seen so many times already. This isn’t a red carpet look everyone was waiting to see. We’re happy Taylor Swift likes to experiment with her style now!

The Ruffled Train

There are good looks, there are bad looks, and then there are looks that stick with you forever no matter what you do. This dress is definitely one of those outfits!

We get it, it was the year 1992 and things were a little bit different back then in terms of fashion and what was considered glamorous. But we have to admit that this dress looks just as awful now as it looked almost 30 years ago!

It seems that Geena Davis will start dancing can-can any second in this hideous outfit. She wore this dress for an Academy Awards red carpet event and people still remember it.

Money, Money, Money

This is one of those dresses you either fall in love with or start hating the second you see it – there’s no in-between! Lizzy Gardiner is the mastermind behind this peculiar dress that is made entirely out of expired credit cards.

It may be hard to believe, but this look that was featured in the movie The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert actually got Lizzy Gardiner an Oscar!

The designer decided to rock the very look that got her an award for Best Costume Design, so we get it why she picked this gown out of all others. Still, we aren’t sure this was a perfect choice for a red carpet event.

The Morticia Addams Look

Angelina Jolie, is that you? We are used to seeing this gorgeous actress rock beautiful dresses and glamorous gowns, but that hasn’t always been the case.

You may not remember it now, but back in the day Angelina Jolie went through a major goth phase and was wearing mostly black colour and leather clothes. We aren’t saying she didn’t look pretty, but she looks so much better now when her wardrobe is full of colour and beautiful patterns.

This dress was the epitome of her gothic style and it didn’t look flattering at all. It’s just sad and depressing! Angelina Jolie looks like she’s cosplaying Morticia Addams, but even that character seemed to have more life in her.

The Cupcake Look

Being a celebrity, Lena Dunham is doing her best to look great at red carpet events, but we feel that she needs to fire her stylist as soon as possible. This dress is just awful for her!

The huge frothy skirt does nothing, and we mean nothing good for her figure. And don’t get us started on that ill-fitting top that looks just awful paired with this skirt.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a pink ensemble, but in this case, it’s the worst pink combination ever. The actress should have gone for a more flattering dress shape that didn't turn her into a huge cupcake.

The Ripped Jeans Madness

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen celebrities rock the ripped jeans trend. We’ve almost forgotten just how bad it can look!

Back in the 90s, ripped jeans were all everything could think about – they were just cool beyond words. A few years ago the trend made a comeback and lots of celebrities jumped on the ripped jeans trend once again.

Eliza Doolittle wanted to try the trend herself and this is what she came up with. We must admit, we aren’t big fans of this look and we believe these jeans are way too ripped to look good on anyone.

Wild Florals

Chloe Grace Moretz hasn't exactly been famous for her elaborate sense of style, but she's always dressed beautifully. We can't remember a time when she wore something unforgivable, but even celebs have their bad fashion days.

This look, for example, is far from perfect. What's with the floral pattern that reminds us of an old grandmother's sofa? It's so outdated that we can't even look at it without flinching.

And then there are those bright silver stiletto heels that look like they were made using duct tape. Nope, that's a big no-no for us! Of course, we've seen worse, but where was her stylist looking?

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