These Genius Life Hacks Prove There's Still Hope for Humanity After All

2022-05-02 Stories

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We live in the world of constant innovation with new devices popping up every day. It seems we, humans, simply can’t stop creating new things or bettering the ones that are already there. Most of the time we see perfectly normal things getting worse with yet another upgrade, but in rare cases, we get to see, feel, and use new designs that look like they were created by a genius. These life hacks are nothing short of amazing and they will definitely restore your faith in humanity as they did ours!

Hi-Tech Nap Pods

Long gone are the days when you had to work 9 to 5 non-stop, with just one break to fulfil some of your basic needs. Now office workers have an opportunity to actually nap during the day!

More and more employers are recognizing the benefits of midday naps and the effect they have on their personnel. Naps are especially important for people doing lots of brainstorming and creative work – a 15-minute nap can revitalize their whole system and even help come up with new ideas!

Well, not all offices are so technologically advanced, but you can find these slightly weird-looking nap pods inside the headquarters of Google, Zappos, Uber, Capital One Labs, and a few more companies. They might look weird, but the creators swear they are beyond comfortable!

Grab-and-Go Coconut Juice

If you’ve ever seen anyone open up an actual coconut, then you know that it is tough to open – usually, the person doing the job needs a huge machete to cut through the thick skin of the coconut.

That’s why buying whole coconuts is a big no-no unless you have a history of opening them up. Most people have no idea how to do it, but now they can enjoy fresh coconut wherever they go.

This looks so fun and cool! Someone came up with the idea of pre-opening coconuts and adding ring-pulls to make them easy to use. It’s like a can of soda, but so much better!

Don’t Miss the Sign

Most signs just say ‘low bridge ahead’ leaving you guessing as to how low it actually is. How are drivers supposed to know? Even if they write the height of the bridge it’s hard to tell if the car will be okay passing under it because most people don’t know the height of their car.

The creators of this sign had a genius idea and created a sign you simply couldn’t ignore even if you wanted to. You hit the sign – then you hit the bridge, fair and square.

We believe no driver would want to damage his car or truck like that, so, naturally, they’d have to turn around and find another way. This sign is great on so many levels!