These Genius Life Hacks Prove There's Still Hope for Humanity After All

This article was originally published on our site: We live in the world of constant innovation with new devices popping up every day. It seems we, humans, simply

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This article was originally published on our site:

We live in the world of constant innovation with new devices popping up every day. It seems we, humans, simply can’t stop creating new things or bettering the ones that are already there. Most of the time we see perfectly normal things getting worse with yet another upgrade, but in rare cases, we get to see, feel, and use new designs that look like they were created by a genius. These life hacks are nothing short of amazing and they will definitely restore your faith in humanity as they did ours!

Hi-Tech Nap Pods

Long gone are the days when you had to work 9 to 5 non-stop, with just one break to fulfil some of your basic needs. Now office workers have an opportunity to actually nap during the day!

More and more employers are recognizing the benefits of midday naps and the effect they have on their personnel. Naps are especially important for people doing lots of brainstorming and creative work – a 15-minute nap can revitalize their whole system and even help come up with new ideas!

Well, not all offices are so technologically advanced, but you can find these slightly weird-looking nap pods inside the headquarters of Google, Zappos, Uber, Capital One Labs, and a few more companies. They might look weird, but the creators swear they are beyond comfortable!

Grab-and-Go Coconut Juice

If you’ve ever seen anyone open up an actual coconut, then you know that it is tough to open – usually, the person doing the job needs a huge machete to cut through the thick skin of the coconut.

That’s why buying whole coconuts is a big no-no unless you have a history of opening them up. Most people have no idea how to do it, but now they can enjoy fresh coconut wherever they go.

This looks so fun and cool! Someone came up with the idea of pre-opening coconuts and adding ring-pulls to make them easy to use. It’s like a can of soda, but so much better!

Don’t Miss the Sign

Most signs just say ‘low bridge ahead’ leaving you guessing as to how low it actually is. How are drivers supposed to know? Even if they write the height of the bridge it’s hard to tell if the car will be okay passing under it because most people don’t know the height of their car.

The creators of this sign had a genius idea and created a sign you simply couldn’t ignore even if you wanted to. You hit the sign – then you hit the bridge, fair and square.

We believe no driver would want to damage his car or truck like that, so, naturally, they’d have to turn around and find another way. This sign is great on so many levels!

Just Leave Me Alone!

There are two kinds of people – those, who like to shop alone and hate it when someone comes to them and starts asking questions, and those who love to have a chat while shopping and hear some advice.

The owners of this shop definitely know about this, so they came up with a brilliant solution that allows solo shoppers to enjoy their shopping in peace.

Just pick the shopping cart you like and enjoy your shopping without any interruptions! And if you’d like to get some advice, the shop workers will immediately find out about this and help you out.

You Have to Work for It

We all love charging stations as they keep our gadgets alive and going – we can’t even imagine an airport, a café, or an office without a charging spot.

But some companies have a broader vision and they care not only about people’s gadgets but about their health as well. That’s why they install power stations with pedals!

Work with your feet a little bit and voila – your gadget is all charged up and ready for use. This is probably one of the most environment-friendly power stations we’ve ever seen.

Traffic Light Aesthetics

Did you ever think that traffic lights could look beautiful? We never even imagined that you could experiment with the traffic lights’ design as it is such an important piece of technology to regulate movement on the road.

Well, these unknown designers didn’t remove the actual traffic lights, but they upgraded them significantly, adding a few more light sources that connect all the traffic lights. It just looks so cool!

Now you don’t need to squint in the rain to see what colour is showing right now because the whole street lights up with reds and greens as the lights change! It’s a beautiful and truly handy invention.

Smart Shopping

This invention is so simple and so easy to execute that we can’t believe no one came up with it earlier. We get it, everyone has smartphones with calculators now, but try going around shopping with a phone in one hand, a shopping cart in the other, and maybe a few kids running around if you’re a parent.

In this case, a built-in calculator is a perfect way to keep track of your spendings as you move around the mall packed with the things you absolutely need to buy.

As it often turns out, half of those things become unnecessary as soon as you see the final bill. Don’t wait to the point of no return when you’re already at the cash register and be smart about your purchases before that!

Just Use Your Feet

We’re living in an age when touching has become a bit of a taboo. We still do it with people, of course, but when it comes to touching things that are in public use, ugh, no thank you!

Elevators are used by hundreds of people every day, so touching those buttons all the time is a big no-no for most people. Well, the creators of this elevator have thought about the same thing and came up with the most hygienic way to push the elevator buttons.

Yes, they put the buttons down so people could push them with their feet! We don’t know why no one came up with this idea earlier because it’s perfect on so many levels. Foolproof germ protection! But you’ll need to be wearing shoes for these of buttons, of course.

Free Smartphone, Anyone?

We are so used to having an Internet connection wherever we go that feel like fish out of water when we go to another country and the roaming kicks in. But fear not! This hotel has you covered.

If you’re having a short vacation and don’t want to buy the sim card of the country you’re in, this hotel offers using a spare smartphone during your stay. This is genius on so many levels!

You can forget about roaming and just use this smartphone for your travels and maps with GPS. We’d be careful leaving any sensitive information inside this service phone, though.

An Awesome Pill Popper

We all know that time is very important when it comes to taking prescription meds. Most of us don’t usually care about it too much, but when we get a prescription we suddenly realize just how hard it is to take the meds regularly without missing an hour.

Well, this amazing pill popper has come to our rescue! There’s an automated indicator on its cap that captures the exact time you last opened the pillbox.

So, if your prescription says to take the meds every 6 hours, now you don’t have to worry about missing a pill. It’s very handy, especially for people whose memory isn’t very good.

No Water Goes to Waste

As humanity is becoming more environment-friendly (or at least trying to), engineers keep on coming up with ways to save water wherever they can. We are used to having water all the time when we need it, but there are countries in which the water supply isn’t as good.

Anyway, looking at this upgraded toilet makes us feel hopeful for the future of humankind. Isn’t it a genius way to save water?

Usually, so much water goes to waste when we wash our hands, and let's admit it, we do it quite regularly these days. Why not divert all that water to the toilet bowl, so it could be used for flushing later? It’s pure genius!

A Special Hideout

Did you ever have that feeling that everyone is listening in when you’re on the phone with someone in a public place? Well, that’s because it’s usually true.

It’s almost impossible to ignore another person’s conversation when it’s happening right near you. That’s why some genius innovator came up with a special booth for using cell phones.

While the booth seems a bit quirky at first, the idea behind it is quite brilliant as most of us would like to have some alone time on the phone when speaking to another person. But, unlike the phone booths of old that had phones installed in them, this booth is completely empty as you already have your phone on you.

The Cutest Flight Ever

Some people get so nervous before boarding the plane that it’s painful to watch them go from one end of the airport to the other trying to calm their nerves down. But this one airport came up with a brilliant idea to help such people relieve the stress.

Yes, they provided the waiting rooms with a special service dog that just sits there being super cute and friendly with people who want to play with it.

Pets are just the best! Whether you have one at home or not, petting a cute doggo at the airport will surely help you feel better and calmer about the flight you’re about to take.

Double Swing

Who said babies don’t like swings? Well, probably no one, because usually babies don’t even have the chance to find out whether they like them or not.

But this genius swing offers a unique opportunity to give the baby a ride in the safest way possible – along with the parent! The comfortable seat is designed to firmly hold the baby, letting the parent see it while they both are swaying gently.

We don’t know about you, but we believe it’s a genius invention that will allow hundreds of parents to take a joyous swing with their babies. Parents need to have some fun, too!

Best USB Ever?

This USB drive might not have the sleekest design in the world as there are much smaller and better-looking drives on the market right now, but none of those cute-looking USB drives have this cool feature.

To tell you the truth, we are seeing such a USB drive for the first time ourselves. If you’re wondering just how much space is left on your USB drive you don’t have to plug it in and check for yourself – now you can just look at this handy meter!

Well, now we have USB drives so spacious that you could fit all seasons of your favourite TV show on them and then a few HD movies on top, but it’s still a cool feature to have.

Travelling Like a Boss

Travelling by car is one of the most adventurous and fun ways to explore the world, but it can get a bit tiring, especially when you are driving all by yourself.

Well, those of you who like to sleep in unexpected places, enjoying sunsets in picturesque spots, now can avoid using a tent altogether and just sleep inside your car. This mattress fits the back of the car perfectly and looks comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep.

And if you’re driving with a family who likes to nap on the road – it’s a perfect solution as well! We bet kids would be over the moon when they see this bed installed in a car.

I Spy… Some Groceries!

Have you ever tried reading those tiny inscriptions they write on the products in the supermarket? You need to have a very sharp eye to read most of those and for some people, it’s nearly impossible to understand what’s written with those tiny letters.

But this supermarket found a solution – they put a magnifying glass on each shopping cart so everyone could read those minuscule letters and actually see what’s written there.

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find the expiry date of the product and then, when you finally find it, you still need to decipher the small letters. We’re sure that all the shoppers in this supermarket are very happy with this simple innovation.

The Magic Mirror

Are you tired of the steamed mirror you get every time you finish taking a shower? Well, we experience this every time, so we know how irritating this must be. But fear not!

Japanese inventors came up with a brilliant idea to create a mirror that doesn’t get steamed. One part of this magic mirror automatically heats itself so it’s the same temperature as your bathroom. This means it doesn’t get steamed at all!

This simple innovation seems like something straight of a sci-fi movie, although it doesn’t require the use of hi-end technologies at all. Just imagine every home having an amazing mirror like this!


Although we’re living in the world of fast technological advancements, we still need batteries for a lot of our devices. As bad for the environment as they are, some gadgets just won’t work without them.

Of course, there are healthier alternatives now on the market, but battery-powered devices are still the cheapest ones. So, what should one do in this case?

The inventors came up with something really amazing and created USB-powered batteries. These are like batteries from the future! Not only can you recharge them multiple times, but you can also use the same charger you’re using for your phone.

The Two-Sided Bench

We don’t know who came up with such a simple, yet incredible bench design, but it does deserve a place on our life hacks list.

Did you ever walk in the park with a desire to sit in the sun, but all the benches were facing the other side? Sitting with your back turned to the sun is also nice, of course, but with this bench, you can choose however you want to sit.

This bench reveals just how much its creator loves people (and sitting in the sun, probably). Building such benches should be very easy and they could replace the old ones very soon.

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Published 4 years ago