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This article was originally published on our site:

If you think life is boring then we have news for you – it’s the most surreal, unusual, and bewildering thing ever. The year 2020 has taught us that everything is possible and even the craziest and creepiest movie scenarios can come to life in a blink of an eye. But weird things happen all the time!

Whether it’s a bunch of people playing volleyball in front of an erupting volcano or a pilot launching a torpedo by mistake, there are moments in life that you simply can’t wrap your head around. Here we’ve collected the most mind-bending moments ever caught on camera. Enjoy!

Oops, Wrong Button!

We are all human, so we make mistakes - it’s just what we do! Even people in the military who train to make only the best and most efficient decisions have their moments of weakness.

We have no idea how it happened, but one second this plane was on the runway ready to take off, but the next one a torpedo came out flying, scaring the bejeezus out of the guy running by.

We believe this is one of the weirdest moments ever captured on camera. Kudos to the photographer who managed to take this shot!

When Your Horse Gets Tired…

There is definitely something we don’t know about the horse/rider relationship. Is this really what happens when the horse gets tired or is this all a lie?

Ah, there are so many questions and so little answers. Well, this guy does look like he’s from some godforsaken village from Soviet Russia and we all know that all kinds of weird things are possible there.

Did you know that a grown-up horse can weigh up to 1,000 kg (around 2,200 lbs.)? But even if this horse wasn’t real (and we are not saying that, but, you know, it could be fake), it would still weigh quite a lot. Is this guy a superman or what?

When Your Indicator Light is Broken

Is this guy a pilot or a taxi driver? Even if we ignore the fact that there is an actual hole inside the aircraft that will probably make it impossible to take off or let alone fly inside this plane, why on Earth that guy is sitting with his hand like this?

If you've ever been to Asian countries then you know very well that most drivers, be it a car, autorikshaw, or a taxi, use their hand to signal other drivers when they're planning to take a turn.

And no, usually there's nothing wrong with their indicator lights, it's just a habit everyone has. Well, this pilot seems to be a former taxi driver!


Do you know that feeling when you’d do anything to get that perfect shot? Even climb the highest tree in underwear and pose on a tree branch.

We aren’t sure that’s exactly what happened in this photo, but the end result is quite outstanding! The colours and the lighting – everything is perfectly balanced.

This photographer was very lucky to witness and capture this scene. And now even more people can enjoy it!

Just a Cheetah… in a Cap

We can all agree that cats are gorgeous animals and the bigger the cat, the more beautiful it looks. Well, cheetahs are definitely among those big kitties that look dashing no matter what.

Want to put a hat on a cat? Do try, it will still look great. But be prepared to get a taste of those ‘claws of death’, which, in cheetah’s case may be more dangerous than those of a small house cat.

Although, judging by the hat, this cheetah lives in Dubai and having big cats as pets is a usual thing there, so we hope that things ended well for both the cheetah and its owner.

A Backpack Girlfriend

We’re trying to wrap our heads around what we’re looking at and, frankly speaking, we aren’t sure. Is this a pair of acrobats riding to grab some lunch? Or a stuntman and his girlfriend trying out some new tricks?

Whoever took the shot had the right to be surprised – it’s not every day you see someone riding a bike with another person just dangling there like a backpack. This does look impressive!

But now we’re wondering whether it’s actually a cool new way for riding a bike as a couple. Would you try it?

Why Fake Tan and Breastfeeding is a Bad Mix

We get it, everyone wants to look their best, especially when they spend most of the time caring for a baby. Naturally, moms don’t have the luxury of lying under the sun to get that gorgeous sun-kissed look.

While there’s nothing wrong with using spray tans to alter your own appearance, getting it onto the gentle skin of babies is not so good.

This stuff doesn’t come off even if you apply soap! Breastfeeding moms should think twice before applying fake tan – otherwise, their baby may end up looking like this.

Icelanders are Finally Feeling Warmer…

What do normal people do when they see an erupting volcano? They run as far as they can and enjoy the view from afar. Well, that’s definitely not the case with people living in Iceland.

Rivers of lava and lakes of molten stone are as common as rain and hail in Iceland. So what do Icelanders do when another volcano starts spurting out lava? They decide to play a game of volleyball!

Seriously, how surreal is this? And it’s not just some random people having fun like that – it’s  Thelma Dögg Grétarsdóttir, a pro volleyball player, her coach, along with a few other friends. This scene belongs in an arthouse movie!

But… Does It Taste Good?

That moment when you accidentally come up with a new genius dish. We are wondering, what would Chef Gordon Ramsay say about this yummy abomination?

We aren’t quite sure ourselves whether this would taste delightful or downright horrible. But it’s Nutella and everything tastes better with Nutella, right?

The genius behind this hilarious dish should name it somehow and sell the recipe to cafes and restaurants. How would you call it – spatella, nutgetti? It probably sounds as weird as it tastes.

Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Lizards

You’ve probably had that moment when you did something utterly foolish and immediately regretted your poor life choices? It seems this cat is experiencing exactly that in this photo.

Who could have thought that a small wiggly lizard could actually bite your nose? Or bite anything for that matter. Even we would have been surprised by this sudden lizard attack!

But, knowing cats and their playful nature, this lizard probably went crazy trying to get this kitty off its tail (and look, there is no tail anymore), so the creature had to defend itself. We hope this cat learned its lesson!

A Well-Planned Department

You have to appreciate the irony of this because obviously planning is not the strongest suit of this department. We are wondering whether this whole thing was created just for the laughs - it’s too good to be true.

Well, can we blame this department, really? When the building was designed there was no Department of Planning to help them out!

But now that it’s there no such weirdness should happen ever again, right? We can only hope so.

I Ain’t Got No Money, But I’ve Got This

Do you like chicken nuggets? It seems that this guy is so crazy about them that he even carries some instead of pocket money.

But seriously, wouldn’t it be great if everyone just used nuggets to pay rent, buy groceries, or have a cup of coffee at Starbucks? No?

Well, we can dream at least. We don’t know why on Earth is this man carrying around chicken nuggets like that, but it does look like a viral picture in the making.

Shrek Pooping Toothpaste Topper

If you think they sell weird stuff on Joom and AliExpress, then head to Etsy and try not to get traumatized with what you find there.

This here, dear friends, is a Shrek pooping toothpaste topper, and there’s no other way to put it. If you’re wondering who in his right mind would want to buy something like this, then we might have an answer for you – very devoted Shrek fans.

This product is not something you easily find on the market – it was especially 3D-printed, so you can be sure not many people will have the same item as you. Maybe one day it would become a one-of-a-kind Shrek merchandise, who knows?

Finnish Reindeer are So Lit

If you still aren’t sure whether Finland is an amazing country – here’s something that’ll change your mind. Did you know that around 4,000 reindeer get into car accidents in Finland each year?

Finnish government decided not to sit idly, ignoring the problem and came up with an idea to paint the reindeer’s antlers with fluorescent paint to make the animals visible to drivers.

The Finnish Reindeer Herders’ Association also tried putting reflectors on the animal’s necks. There’s even a special app that warns drivers about possible reindeer encounters!

Who Said Romance was Dead?

Proposing to the girl with whom you want to spend the rest of your life is a big deal for both a man a woman. And while most people try to be as romantic as possible to create the perfect setting to pop the big question, others prefer to take on a different approach.

But who are we to judge, really? Maybe this girl adores pigs and the guy just wanted to make her happy. Or this whole set was created to make this proposal the most memorable thing that has ever happened to her.

Whatever effect this guy wanted to achieve, we believe he was quite successful! At least, it seems that she’s about to say ‘yes’.

Camping with Your Pet

Who doesn’t love camping, right? Well, we aren’t quite sure if cats are into hiking and camping, but most of them do love to spend some time enjoying the wildlife.

This one cat owner went camping and didn’t want to leave his furry friend behind. So what did he do? He made a separate tent for his little buddy and a small camping ground to go with it.

We don’t know whether the cat loved it or not (obviously, they can’t speak) but at least the animal looks content resting in his super cute tent.

Doll Head Straws

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – these are actual doll heads attached to straws that you can use for drinking. We aren’t sure what kind of person would feel comfortable sipping on lemonade through a freaky doll head, but it is a thing!

And it’s not just some weird invention – these straws are sold online and you can find them on Etsy for around $10.

Some may call it upcycling, others may call it art, but at the end of the day, it’s just doll heads on sticks…

The Burning Turbine

We’ve all seen fields of wind turbines turning constantly to harness the power of the wind and turn it into electricity. But as beautiful as they may seem, wind turbines aren’t all that safe.

Apart from posing a threat to the wildlife and environment in general, they can also damage animal’s habitat and hurt flying creatures like bats and birds. But what about humans?

This photo was taken when two engineers went on top of the wind turbine to do some repairs. Suddenly, a fire started and spread so quickly that the two men couldn’t make their way to the escape hatch. This photo may seem beautiful at first, but it captured a truly sad and tragic accident.

A Lady and a Corn

That moment when you made a huge breakthrough in agriculture and you can’t actually show it to anyone because it’s too big to carry around. Seriously, though, what’s this lady doing with that humongous corn?

Our first thought was that this photo was Photoshopped, but it kind of seems too real for that. And who would want to Photoshop something like this, anyway?

The question remains – where did the lady get this huge corn and why on Earth did she decide to carry it around? Moreover, if you plan on doing something like that, it’s best to wear sneakers.

You are What You Eat

We’ve heard everyone say it so many times – you are what you eat. But what if all you ate was pizza?

Well, it’s hard to find a person in this world that eats only pizza and nothing else, but let’s imagine they exist. What would they look like? All round, saucy, with some cheese and bacon in the middle?

This Chihuahua definitely knows a thing or two about pizza and how to look like one. Did the pup eat too much of it? Is he on a pizza diet? We don’t know, but the dog’s muzzle expression is priceless. Please, no more pizza for him!

Some Things Just Shouldn’t be Covered in Chocolate

So, you know how they say that chocolate makes everything taste better? Well, this trick might work with some foods and drinks, but covering a salty vinegary pickle in chocolate is something straight out of a food horror movie.

Seriously, who would ever want to try this? It seems like the worst combo on Earth, or maybe in the whole Galaxy.

Unless, of course, the creators of this abomination wanted to make people sick in just a few seconds, then this chocolate-covered pickle would probably work like a charm.

Swan Lake

This is by far the weirdest swan group ever captured on camera. Were these dudes inspired by the Swan Lake ballet? If so, then their costumes are much better than the bland and ordinary tutus worn by ballet dancers.

And if not, then we aren’t quite sure what’s going on in this shot. But, one thing we can say for sure – these gentlemen look quite spectacular in their swan suits!

However, they aren’t simply posing for a memorable shot, they’re dancing their hearts out beside the lake filled with swans. That must have been quite a spectacle for all the passers-by.

L’amour in the Fridge

It’s not a secret that cats like to go where they please and ignore human rules as if they didn’t exist at all. Well, it’s one thing to know they are freedom-loving creatures but it’s another thing to actually see it with your own eyes.

Only god knows what these two were doing hiding in the fridge like that. Were they sharing a secret smooch while no one was watching?

Or maybe they were looking for some yummies hidden deep inside the fridge? We’ll probably never know, but imagine the owner’s surprise when he found these two felines chilling in the fridge like that.

Is This Girl a Cat or Something?

So, you know how cats love to fit into small spaces and do it on any occasion? Well, it seems that some girls like to do it, too!

We don't know if this cheerleader is letting out her inner kitty or just trying to prove that she can do it, but this photo looks hilarious.

Frankly speaking, we are impressed with what she can do! We can't even imagine how miniature a person should be to fit into the extra luggage department. But this girl did it effortlessly!

When You Forget to Close the Window in Norway…

If you were wondering what it’s like to live in Norway, here’s a hint – it’s cold and snowy. Well, not all Norway is like that, of course, and not all the time.

But this particular place called Svalbard, an archipelago in the midst of the Arctic Ocean, is not for the faint of heart – not only is it freezing there all year round, but you can actually find a polar bear inside your home if you forget to close the window.

This poor fellow didn’t meet a new resident, but his home office turned into an Antarctic landscape as the snow filled it to the brim. We feel cold just looking at this photo!

That Phone Would Survive Anything

The ’90s were famous for many things, but the legendary Nokia phones were probably the most memorable invention of that decade. Even now, years later, people still remember just how great they were.

If you’re wondering what made them so great, then this photo here is your answer. Nokia phones were simply indestructible! You could drop them or throw them, it didn’t matter, the phone would remain intact and working perfectly.

Of course, there were no handy apps and video calls that we have in today’s smartphones, but if you just needed a phone for calls and messages – little Nokia mobile phones were perfect for that!

Cat Pants

Don't you ever wonder what's going on in the heads of cats? Sometimes our beloved felines act like the weirdest creatures on Earth, which they probably are.

We have no idea why cats do what they do. Sometimes they want food, other times they want cuddles. And sometimes they just go crazy and crawl into their owner's jeans.

But really, why not? Why not do exactly that? This thought has never crossed our minds, but that doesn't mean that's a bad idea. Well, we haven't tried, this could be fun. Cats definitely know something we don't, that's for sure.

When Ordering Things off Amazon…

Don’t you just love online shopping? Every time you order something, it feels like Christmas all over again because you never know what you’ll be getting in that package of yours.

While Amazon is considered an okay online shopping place in general, fails happen there all the time.

If this person was an X-Files fan then they were probably devastated with their purchase. Otherwise, it’s quite a cool concept as well!

But… Why?

Out of all the weird things we’ve seen on this list this might just be the most surreal. Why would anyone want to seat on toilets while doing, well, anything that doesn’t involve using an actual WC?

While this might seem wild to most people, sitting on toilets while eating, chatting, or doing business is more common than you might think.

There’s a whole restroom café in LA dedicated to the toilet theme with toilet seats used instead of chairs, so maybe it was the inspiration behind this photo?

Spider Cat, Spider Cat...

Well, it’s no spider pig, of course, but this monstrous thing is even more adorable. Just look at this furry creature - how can something be so eerie and cute at the same time?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with this thing running around your house, well, like cats usually do. That's truly the stuff of nightmares!

On a brighter note, it has so many warm fluffy paws with toe-beans, mmm. Out of all the weirdness we've seen on this list, this might be our favourite one!

A True Friend

We usually think that only humans can make friends, but animals are no different. Not only do they befriend each other, but they also make friends with completely different species!

Look at this cute doggo here helping the rooster execute a heist. We aren't sure what they're stealing, but it must be something yummy and forbidden.

This dog is a real friend! We are wondering what the rooster is stealing, though. It looks like a bowl of rice or sugar.

Time to Play Some Ping-Pong

Have a car you aren’t using anymore? Then how about turning it into a ping-pong table? While it might be the least likely scenario for most people, we must applaud the genius behind this creation.

Of course, you can always sell the broken car or leave it at some junkyard, but if you’re into upcycling and like things to be re-used as much as possible, this is one way to do that.

Although, we aren’t sure this is the most comfortable ping-pong table ever as it is taking so much space, but it seems to be working for this couple.

If it fits, I sits

Don't you just love how big cats are similar to small ones? It doesn't matter whether it's a tiny house kitty or a huge lion, when a cat sees a tiny space - it tries to fit in.

It's hilarious to watch kitties try to fit into small boxes, sinks, bowls, and even shoes, but looking at big ones do the same is like looking at art.

How do they do it? And more importantly - why? It seems no cat can miss an opportunity to squeeze itself into the most minuscule space ever, even if it's the size of a grown-up human.

The Tire Baby

There have been quite a few surreal things on this list, but this by far is the most spine chilling shot. Who on Earth came up with this crazy concept? And why?

While this abomination looks totally bonkers, we assure you that it’s not something that’s actually on the market.

This nightmarish thing was an invention created especially for the Impractical Jokers show as a ‘gender-neutral toy’. Sal posed as an inventor of this abomination and tried to sell it to a bunch of people. As you might have already guessed by now, he didn’t get a single vote in favour of this toy.

All Hail the Shark!

In the underwater world, everyone knows who’s the boss. Sharks may not be the biggest ocean predators, but they surely are among the deadliest ones.

Sharks don’t need to prove anything to anyone – when they swim everyone just makes way for them! Sharks going through schools of smaller fish is a beautiful spectacle to behold.

As you can see no one would come near the sharks, nope, it’s better to avoid the big and scary predators. But imagine how the sharks must feel, though, it’s nearly impossible to catch food when it’s moving away from you so fast!

Hey, There

This little guy doesn't realize he's the luckiest kid on Earth. Such a beautiful moment of affection caught on camera!

Well, some guys might envy him, but for a child being held by his Mom like this is the most natural thing in the world.

Things get a little bit more complicated as we grow up, but at this tender age, this little guy just enjoys his Mom's company.

Remember to Feed Your Palico

If you're familiar with Monster Hunter World, then you know how useful palicoes are. These little cat-like creatures are amazing companions that can do loads of manoeuvres.

This cute kitty looks like a real-life palico hidden in a man's coat! A trustworthy friend that will come to your aid whenever you need it.

Or it can just sit inside your coat and be as cute as a little kitten, making everyone go 'awww' whenever they see it.

Driving Like a Boss

How many times did you think that you trust your beloved dog so much that you'd put your life in their hands...err, paws? Oh, wait, you haven't?

Well, it seems these guys don't have any trust issues whatsoever when it comes to their pet. They even let it drive their scooter!

But we have to give it to the dog - this fella looks like he's been driving scooters his whole life. A real professional!

Just an Old Gang of Raccoons Playing Some Poker

Well, this picture is pretty straightforward – it’s a bunch of raccoons that came together to enjoy their free time while playing a game of poker. The only weird thing about this picture is them using money because, duh, animals don’t need old smelly papers.

If you’re wondering how this photo came to be, we have an actual answer for you – it’s a scene you can find in a restaurant in Kanab, Utah.

And if you’re still wondering - no, these raccoons aren’t alive, they are just stuffed animals arranged to look like they’re enjoying a game of poker. This is one of the few photos on this list that has an actual explanation!

Who's a Good Boi?

Ah, the things we do for our pets... But wait, what's wrong with that dog?

The longer we look at it the more we're sure that's no dog at all. It looks like a boar standing on its hind legs to get a yummy treat.

Well, we can't blame the boar - who doesn't like chips? But how did this guy manage to find a boar in the middle of the street of what looks like a city? That, dear friends, is the real mystery here.

Brother, What Have They Done to You?

They are both made from steel, but their lives are so different...

Well, it's not every day you see a knight in full armor walking down the street. So what if he seems a little bit lost?

That drain pipe does look a bit like him, don't you think? It has a similar vibe. Who knows, maybe they are long lost siblings. Somewhere in the parallel universe that could be true!

The Worst Design Ever

Did you ever think what seat belts were like back in the day? It turns out that Volvo created the whole thing only in 1959 and it took other companies a few years more (10 or so) to implement this safety technology in their vehicles.

But seat belts haven't always been the way we see them today. Before Volvo, there were a few other attempts to create safety measures for drivers.

This here is one of the weirdest and least comfortable seat belt designs we've ever seen. How on Earth were they supposed to protect anyone? This looks like a recipe for disaster!

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