These People Tried To Celebrate Christmas But Failed So Hard They’ll Remember This Day Forever

This article was originally published on our site: Christmas is one of the best times of the year – people unplug from their gadgets, get together with their families,

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This article was originally published on our site:

Christmas is one of the best times of the year – people unplug from their gadgets, get together with their families, and eat as much delicious food as they can. While Christmas is all about relaxing and having fun, no holiday goes without its very specific fails and hilarious situations. That’s just how humans are wired! We don’t do it on purpose, it just somehow happens. Here’s a collection of the most hilarious and over-the-top Christmas fails that will definitely put a smile on your face.

This Olaf Has Seen Some Things

We don’t have anything against Frozen or Olaf, but this rendition of the famous character is just creepy beyond words. What kid would want to buy something like this? Unless they’re into horror stuff, in that case, this would become an ideal Christmas present.

Looking at this Olaf, we can only imagine what things he must have seen that gave him such an expression. We mean, Frozen wasn’t all that bad, right? But this guy here seems scarred for life!

And it’s not some knockout Christmas toy you could by on AliExpress, this is the creation of Hallmark! Honestly, we’ve never seen such a scary toy – why would anyone even produce such a creepy design?

Why You Should Never Order Things on Amazon

Relying on online shops like Amazon and AliExpress for your Christmas shopping is always a risky endeavor. So many things could go wrong!

And in most cases, they do. That’s just how all those shops are wired – it’s very hard to find something decent, and even when you do, there’s no guarantee that the product you bought will match the description.

Yes, things are often sold cheaper online, but is it really worth all the stress? This Christmas tree here is the proof that you shouldn’t be buying something so important online. It’s just too risky!

The Morning After Christmas

Making Christmas decorations is not the toughest job in the world. This is the very time of the year when you can get into the cheesy-corny mode and use all that glitter you’ve been wanting to sprinkle all over your house (or, well, department store).

Christmas decorations aren’t that unique, but that’s what makes them so special – they are festive and immediately create a cheerful mood. Once you see the red and green colour combo it’s an instant Christmas feel!

These decorations, on the other hand, look like something that came out straight out of a horror movie. Who designed those bears? It seems they had  too much to drink the other night and woke up with a huge headache.

Ain’t No Christmas Without a Cat

Cats love Christmas even more than we do. Why? Not because of presents and Christmas carols, that’s for sure. For cats, it’s the time of mesmerizing bling bling that happens all around the house (and can be quite disorienting at times) and, of course, the huge fir tree that has so many toys on it.

House cats usually don’t get outside too much, that’s why when we bring a little bit of the outside into the house, cats might get overwhelmed with the way it looks and smells. Of course, there are also all those toys and sparkly thingies on it…

Well, this person decided they’ve had enough of their kitty cat’s debauchery, so they installed a security system for the fir tree. It doesn’t look very festive, but it kind of does the job - in a very sad way.

Grinch, Is That You?

Don’t you just love Christmas? The festive spirit is everywhere – in the shops, malls, dining areas, drive-throughs, and, of course, all fast food joints.

Well, McCafe may be decorated like a Christmas dream come true with all the sparkly lights and cute little cups to match the Christmas mood, but that doesn’t mean that people working there are having a great time.

Someone was having a really bad day, so they decided to be a Grinch and spoil the mood for someone else as well. Well, this does look hilarious! So we’re hoping the people who bought this coffee had a good laugh about it.

The Ultimate Christmas Tree Fail

Is this tree from Australia or what? This pre lit Christmas tree looks stunning and we get why this woman decided to buy it, but the extra little bit must have been quite a shocker for her. We mean, it would have been a shocker for any person on Earth!

Just imagine putting this beauty in your dining room and then noticing that one not so tiny dark detail creeping among the green branches and sparkling lights. Just looking at this photo gives us the chills!

We seriously hope  the lady was okay and managed to successfully remove the spider from the tree. Otherwise, that would have been one nervous Christmas celebration! Honestly, we wouldn’t feel safe just simply staying in that room.

Merry Christmas, Mom!

Pets are just wonderful, aren’t they? They make us happy and support us in so many ways. In return, we keep them healthy and feed them, while giving all the love we can. But there are times when even our beloved pets misbehave.

Well, when it comes to doggos that’s not entirely unusual for them to turn the whole house upside down. Most of the time their moms and dads don’t allow them to wreak havoc all around the place, but in this case, apparently, the ‘dog parents’ weren’t home and the cheerful trio decided to have some fun.

But can you really be mad at them? Just look at those innocent pups! They’re the sweetest dogs in the world.

Packing Like a Boss

Ah, packing all those presents for Christmas is so much fun. That is, of course, if you have enough time to do it properly. If not, then all kinds of hilarious things may happen.

In this case, for instance, the parents were in such a hurry that they accidentally created the most hilarious packaging mistake ever. Someone might say it’s a fail, but we actually believe it’s a win! No matter what’s inside this package, it’ll definitely be a memorable experience.

And if you’re wondering what the actual words on the packaging say – it’s ‘Let It Snow’. May not be obvious as you look at the photo for the first time, but that’s the truth.

Festive Lingerie

They had one job… Seriously, how hard is it to create festive light decorations? Even if for some reason you don’t know what pattern to use, you can just go with some basic shapes and designs. And it’s city Christmas light decorations we’re looking at!

This is either a hilarious prank or someone honestly thought this would look good in the city streets. But how can you not notice that these lights look like lingerie hanging in the sky? Well, it’s not the worst Christmas lights design in the world, but it’s a fail nonetheless.

On a brighter note, these Christmas lights would definitely make people smile, laugh, and giggle – and that’s exactly what Christmas is all about!

Now He’s Got a Spare!

Can you imagine getting a Christmas present, opening it up with anticipation only to find out that it’s something you already own? If not, well, we can’t either – that must be one huge coincidence!

We have two theories about this photo – either it’s Santa playing tricks on people in the spirit of Christmas pranks or someone actually knew that this grandpa owned a shirt like this, so they decided to give him a spare.

Well, we don’t know whether it’s a brilliant idea or an awful one. On one hand, it’s good to have two items that you 100% like, but on the other hand, this gift might not feel very festive and unique. But this man seems happy, so who are we to judge?

Did Grinch Design This, Too?

When we imagine a Christmas tree it’s usually something beautiful, green, with lots of toys and sparkling lights. Even when malls create abstract Christmas trees made from other materials we usually can guess what they were going for.

But this is definitely not the case here… Whoever designed this ‘Christmas tree’ must really hate this holiday. Otherwise, why else would someone take a giant pile of poo and make it look like a Christmas tree?

Well, this giant poo does have Christmas lights on it, but this somehow makes it look even worse. So it’s festive pile of poo – even better! We are trying to think about what else could it be, and we have no answer. It just looks like a sparkly poo!

They Should Have Used the Cage…

Remember that photo with a cage protecting the Christmas tree from an innocent-looking kitty cat? Yeah, well, the person who installed that abomination surely knew what they were doing!

Just look at these two pirates! Casually walking around the chaos of a fallen Christmas tree with toys lying all around. Even the poor Santa wasn’t spared.

But the owner of these two kitties must have known that something like this could happen – that’s why we don’t see any glass shards lying on the floor. Yes, the cats caused chaos and destruction, but thanks to the carpet floor nothing is actually destroyed!

When Christmas Becomes Truly Lit

We really don’t know what’s going on inside this supermarket – is it run by professional arsonists or something? It’s either that, or the local stuff made a huge misplacement of gas canisters.

Well, maybe it’s meant for lighting up some bonfires? Not that people usually use giant canisters of gas to do that, but who knows.

It is also true that people use lots of electricity to light up their shops and houses on Christmas, so maybe that’s gas for the generators to keep the lights sparkling 24/7? We really don’t know, but that’s the least horrifying explanation we can give you right now.

They Tried and They Failed

People never fail to amaze us with their cooking skills. Watching all those tutorials on YouTube and amazing cooking recipes on Pinterest it almost seems that we can cook anything ourselves, too. But, alas, then the reality hits us hard.

Well, some geniuses do manage to follow all those countless cooking tutorials and come up with amazing-looking meals, but for most people – it’s just this… Trying so hard and failing even harder.

But at least it’s funny! It’s definitely not your average Santa Claus, but he’s kind of recognizable. Well, almost. We home those cupcakes at least tasted good.

Ouch, That Must Have Hurt

It’s not unusual to get money as a Christmas present, although, we must admit, that it’s not the best present when it comes to kids. They just want to experience the whole wonder of running to the Christmas tree early in the morning to find big boxes of presents.

It’s the thrill of it all that makes Christmas so exciting! Of course, grown-ups are less picky and would enjoy money just as much as an actual present. But has to be really cautions when packing (or opening up) such gifts.

In this photo we see the most tragic chain of events -  the worst thing that could ever happen! Aren’t we all a little bit nervous when opening up envelopes with money that something like that would occur? We really hope the person who ended up with a torn banknote can exchange it for another one.

The Giant… Fir Tree?

The longer we look at this ‘Christmas tree’ the less it looks like one. Seriously, what the creator of this art installation was thinking? And the next question is – why on Earth did they put it on one of the biggest squares in Paris?

There’s all kinds of art in the world, but it doesn’t mean that all of it has to be on display. Most people found this piece of art rather amusing, but some of them were quite outraged by the 79 ft inflatable Christmas tree.

Paul McCarthy admitted it was all a huge joke based on a very particular toy, but the locals didn’t quite share his sense of humour. As the creator of this Christmas tree was walking around admiring the Christmas tree, one stranger came to McCarthy and slapped him three times!

Say What Now?

Even in this digital age we still like to present beautiful colourful cards for Christmas and other meaningful occasions. It seems this tradition will stay with us forever!

This woman was looking for a lovely Christmas card for her boyfriend but stumbled upon something very exotic. Can you imagine a situation like this? Maybe in the weird world of Game of Thrones, but definitely not in our realm?

Well, this could be a Christmas card for a brother and HIS boyfriend, that would explain a lot. Otherwise, that’s one very disturbing Christmas card!

What’s Inside?

Just imagine waking after a full night of Christmas festivities, going for the fridge to grab a snack or a revitalizing sip of orange juice only to find this… This is the worst prank ever!

We mean, it’s beyond hilarious, but the pain must have been very real for all those people in the morning. Although, we have to admit that this fridge looks like the embodiment of Christmas spirit – we’ve never seen so many ‘presents’ stacked together.

If someone felt they didn’t get enough presents under the Christmas tree that day, they’d probably feel ecstatic to do so much unpacking with different Christmas yummies left in the fridge. At least, we’d like to think so.

The Drywall Challenge

If you’re a woman just trying to get your Christmas tree from the attic, you might not be aware of a thing called ‘drywalls’ and how flimsy they can be. It’s not like the house came with a special manual that said not to step on that particular spot!

Well, her husband did warn her not to step on the drywall, but she later admitted she had no idea what that was. As you can see, she ended up stepping on precisely that – and her foot came all the way through the drywall.

It will probably be a real pain to fix this thing now, but we hope that she didn’t hurt herself in the process. And that the Christmas tree is also safe and the holiday didn’t get ruined for everyone.

Auntie Just Likes Lobsters

Looking at this situation most people probably think that Auntie from Maine is a professional prankster. That, of course, may be true, but what if she’s just an innocent relative trying to be nice?

We mean, the lady probably just loves lobster and decided to make something different for a change and instead of chocolate ones she created this lovely lobster soap bar.

Well, we can’t blame the woman for taking a bite – this lobster looks quite edible! Not like the real one, but it could definitely pass for a chocolate candy. Ew, we feel the taste of soap just looking at his photo.

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