These Photos Prove Instant Karma Exists and She's an Unforgiving Lady

This article was originally published on our site: We’ve all heard about the laws of karma and have experienced them multiple times ourselves. You get what you

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This article was originally published on our site:

We’ve all heard about the laws of karma and have experienced them multiple times ourselves. You get what you give – this is how it works, in a nutshell. Sometimes the result is immediate, while other times you have to wait for a while to reap what you have sown. But one thing we know for sure – karma works like a charm! And more often than not it strikes back in the most hilarious ways.

For these people, karma was instant and didn’t give them any time to mentally prepare for what was coming. Brace yourselves, because these funny photos prove that karma is real and it’s a truly unforgiving lady.

35. Cute Instant Karma

Putting up ‘bunny ears’ on photos with friends is one of the cutest and sweetest pranks one can play. It looks really adorable! Still, it’s not something the other person plans to see on the photo and he or she may actually get a bit upset.

These two ladies were posing for a cute shot together and one of them decided to make the bunny ears. Well, guess what, she instantly got a pair of them for herself, too!

Karma worked like magic the same moment that girl did the bunny ears – her shadow on the wall got a pair as well.  Did the lighting make it possible or… karma?

34. Wrong Parking Spot

We’ve seen it so many times – some guy in a posh car ignores the road rules and simply parks wherever he wants. Sometimes he goes unpunished, but other times karma intervenes.

This driver was not expecting such a weird and artsy retribution for breaking the parking rules! Someone went an extra mile to decorate his car in a very peculiar manner.

The guy will definitely remember to park properly next time and this image on the internet will be a reminder for all other rule-breakers to respect other people.

33. Dog Karma

When will people learn that harming animals is a bad thing? Even if they’re doing it as a joke. Dogs are much smaller than us and sometimes much smarter.

This dog in particular also has good balance and was unmoved by the man’s attempts to push it into the water. Instead, the guy awkwardly slipped and fell there himself!

Well, we can’t say we feel sorry for the man. He got what was coming his way.

32. This is How Karma Works

If you still don’t know how karma works – this image is a perfect example! You do something to another person and it immediately backfires.

Of course, it’s not always bad stuff that happens to us because of other people. We also do plenty of good things that come back right at us!

Still, it’s a great example of how the laws of the Universe work even in daily life. What goes around comes around. And if you hit someone with a ball, this ball might very well hit you right back.

31. Don’t Mess with Karma, Kid

Some kids are respectful towards other people, while others are brought up in a slightly different manner. They simply don’t care about anyone but themselves!

Well, we can blame the age and lack of intelligence all we want, but this kid was acting rude taking up three sits on a subway train.

No one told or did anything until this one guy came and when the kid didn’t move his legs to free up some space, he simply sat right on top of them! Hopefully, this will teach this kid a lesson on how to behave in public transport.

30. Bad Move

We can watch it on replay forever… Just look at this guy trying to pull a little prank on the woman and how things immediately turn against him.

This is funny on so many levels! The girl was so surprised that she spitted out her drink and started laughing.

This is a classic example of instant karma and we really hope the guy learned his lesson. Just be nice to people!

29. The Unforgiving Karma

Karma is an unforgiving lady and she will not tolerate people who misbehave. Especially when they put other people’s lives at risk!

This driver thought he could do whatever he wanted on the road, but his little trick went south really fast. This happens to overconfident drivers more often than you think!

Road rules are there for a reason and if everyone starts moving around the way they want, it will quickly turn into chaos with lots of car crashes and accidents. Better to go slow and stay safe.

28. Be Nice to Cats

Cats can be nice and gentle one moment and switch to a vicious hunting mood the other. You don’t mess with the cat unless you want scratch marks all over your face!

This cat owner definitely forgot who he was dealing with and tried to pull a prank on a cat. Seriously, though, what was he thinking?

If a cat doesn’t want to do something – you’ll never make it. Karma was on the cat’s side as well, so when the guy tried throwing the animal out into the snow he ended up falling there himself!

27. It’s Payback Time

Men who cheat on women are the worst. The truth always comes out and it’s one of the most hurtful things one can do to his partner in a relationship.

Naturally, when a girl finds out she’s been cheated, her rage is unstoppable. And for good reason! This girl here found out her boyfriend cheated on her, and more than once.

Apart from being hurt, she was also outraged. This is what she got after four years of a relationship! Something had to be done and she used his favourite PlayStation to get back at him. As much as it hurts us to see the console float in the foamy water, the girl was right to do so!

26. If No One Saw It Happen, It Didn’t Happen

We’ve all been there – trying to do something silly just for the fun of it, and when it fails badly, we just pretend nothing happened.

This guy wanted to play a prank on his colleague, but something went wrong at the last second and he ended up hitting himself instead. Luckily for him, the woman didn’t notice a thing!

Still, everything was recorded on camera so the whole Internet could enjoy this cute little fail! Now this man will think twice before doing something silly to his co-workers.

25. That’s Not How You Treat a Woman

Trying to push someone into cold water is not the nicest thing to do to a person. This guy was cheerful, thinking they will all have a good laugh after his prank, but things didn’t go as planned.

Instead of pushing this woman into the water, he got thrown there himself! We have to give it to the lady, she performed a perfect self-defence move, throwing the guy over her shoulder and right into the pond.

This definitely proves karma exists and it works like a charm!

24. The Good Type of Karma

Did you know that karma isn’t always bad? That’s right! You can look at it as a consequence of our thoughts and deeds, which means that the more good things you do in life, the more good things happen to you!

You may not believe how it works, but here’s a beautiful example that karma can also be a beautiful thing. This one girl didn’t have enough money to get home late at night, so a homeless guy came through and gave her everything he had!

Those £3 may not seem like much to you, but it was a big deal for both the student that couldn’t get home and the man who didn’t own anything at all. The girl remembered his kindness and raised a huge amount of money to help him!

23. Perfect Timing

Where is the police when you need it the most? Well, sometimes it’s right behind you! This cyclist was rudely cut off by a taxi that went on making an illegal U-turn as well.

Things like that usually go unpunished because people don’t bother to report them, but this time luck was not on the driver’s side. A police car appeared out of nowhere and followed the rule-breaker!

We don’t know if justice got served or not, but it’s a rare and pleasant sight to see karma working so fast.

22. Mr. Owner, You’re Wrong

Cats are complicated creatures, but if they believe they were wronged in any way – payback will be instantaneous. This cat here is definitely not happy with the owner – just look at how grumpy it is!

Was it because the owner didn’t share some pizza with the cat? Or maybe he simply didn’t let the cat sit in the box while the pizza was still there…

Cat karma is weird, but it works nonetheless. If you wrong a cat, the consequences will be devastating!

21. You Don’t Mess with the Police

Seriously, who would want to mess with the police, female or otherwise? One has to be respectful regardless of gender.

Still, this man thought he could slap a constable and just go on with his life as if nothing happened. But that’s not how karma works!

We don’t know if he was arrested for some other crimes and the slapping happened somewhere in-between, but we can all see the end result – the guy was arrested by the same female constable he slapped some time ago. Justice served!

20. The Hit and Fall

Trying to hit someone is always a bad idea, especially if that person has no idea he’s about to be attacked.

This guy wanted to pull a prank on his friend and it would have probably hurt a lot if he succeeded. But he didn’t! He made an awkward move trying to kick his friend but instead fell to the ground himself.

We feel sorry for the guy because it seems to hurt a lot, but hopefully, he has learned his lesson and will think twice before trying to kick someone in the future.

19. The Bubble Gum Disaster

Sometimes we do some silly things and they come back to us in a very natural way, like action and consequence. This is the basic law of karma that applies to everything in life!

This guy, for example, was blowing this enormous bubble for the fun of it, until it couldn’t hold its shape anymore. Seriously, what did he expect would happen?

Of course, the huge bubble blew up right into his face and bubble gum got all over his face and clothes. He got what was coming his way, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

18. The Bike That was Stolen Twice

This story seems like something you’d see in a movie and not in real life, but it actually happened to the woman in the photo. When her precious bike was stolen from her she didn’t despair, but instead, started searching for it on the web.

Almost immediately the thief put the bike for sale to get rid of it fast, and that was his mistake. The woman found a bike that looked exactly like the one that was stolen from her and set up a meeting with the seller.

It didn’t take her long to understand it was actually her bike, so she thought of a brilliant plan. The woman asked the thief to give the bike a ride to see if it worked properly and then simply took off, stealing back her own bike. Karma got served instantly!

17. He Got What He Deserved

Have you ever seen those drivers that act like they are above everyone else, including the law and all those special signs one sees on the road? Usually, it happens to the guys driving expensive cars.

Well, this guy was either in a hurry or thought he was better than anyone else, so he decided to ignore the road sign and went out of the traffic jam straight into fresh cement.

It’s a beautiful car, but we don’t even feel sorry for it because the driver totally got what he deserved! It’ll probably take a few hours to get the car out the cemented pit, so he has time to think about his actions.

16. The Impossible Hit and Run

Just looking at this picture makes our head spin. How did this even happen? What kind of hit was it? But one thing we can say for sure – it was a hit and run because the driver who hit this car disappeared into thin air.

It still puzzles us as to why would anyone do something like this. There are different situations in life and we all make mistakes. You should be a grown-up and take responsibility for the damage you cause someone else.

We are sure that in this case justice would be served because there’s no way that driver is getting away with what he’s done.  Now the whole Internet knows his plate numbers!

15. The Rainbow Effect

Rainbow is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Most of the times we get to see it after the rain, but this was not the case with this Pride Parade that happened in Turkey.

The government was against the whole thing, so the police was sent to make the people go away. They even went so far as using water cannons on the crowd!

Then something unexpected happened – the water created a beautiful rainbow! Rainbows are often associated with LGBT people, so it was like a sign from the world that everything would be alright. The police ended up inspiring everyone to go on!

14. Karma Strikes Back

What do you think would happen if you want to hurt someone? You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out, but some people are a bit slow and still go through with an absolutely silly plan.

The boy on the right wanted to play a prank on his friend, making him fall from his chair, but something went wrong.

Instead of possibly hurting his friend – the boy ended up on the floor himself! His friend’s chair didn’t go down as planned, and he himself slipped, falling down awkwardly. If this is not instant karma, then we don’t know what is!

13. The Ray-Ban Case

Why would anyone go to a restaurant and then skip the payment? It’s a real mystery. If it was some kind of a money problem – there are ways to resolve it without dashing out and leaving an unpaid bill behind.

Still, these people decided it was better to run away than to take responsibility, and lady karma found a quick way to repay them.

Although these customers left the restaurant without paying, they forgot a valuable item lying right there on the table – a pair of expensive Ray-Bans! These glasses are worth $100 or more, so it really wasn’t worth it. We hope those people have learnt their lesson!

12. The Angry Wife

Finding out that the person you love the most has cheated on you is a horrible experience. It hurts you on many levels and leaves heartbroken, often not knowing what to do next.

This woman, on the other hand, knew exactly what she wanted to do – before facing her husband, she decided to let the whole world know what he’s done, so next time he would think twice before cheating on a woman.

We can only imagine what this woman was going through, but we have to give it to her – it takes some courage to make a billboard like this! It’s probably placed somewhere he can see it, so some friends and family might notice this billboard as well. There’s no going back now!

11. Instant Payback

There’s a type of people who like to be rude for no apparent reason – just because they can. You’ve probably met them in the streets many times. They are also the ones that turn into bullies at school.

The man who took this photo had an unpleasant experience with a bunch of guys that were riding a boat. He was doing a solo kayak trip and they tried to knock him down into the water. Why would you want to mess with a person in water like that?

Thankfully, the guy didn’t get hurt in any way, but this is what he caught on camera when he was walking down the beach. The same men that tried to push him off the boat now were facing trouble with their car! It looked stuck for good in wet sand with more water coming with the tide. Karma worked like a charm!

10. Even Cats Can’t Escape Karma

If you think that the laws of karma work only on people, that’s where you’re wrong! It works on animals just as well and we know that sometimes they can act like jerks, too.

Cats are gorgeous playful creatures that can be gentle and fluffy one second, and turn into vicious hunters the next moment. When they get into a crazy hunting mode they won’t spare anyone, even one of their own kind!

We don’t know what’s the deal between these two cats, but when the first one was being saved, the other one appeared out of nowhere, throwing it down the hole again. While the second cat was acting all aggressive, it ended up in the hole as well!

9. Toilet Paper Karma

Even a mundane thing like toilet paper can become a real challenge if you’re living with a person who just thinks about himself in this regard. This guy got tired that his roommate never restocked toilet paper and decided to teach him a lesson.

One day he took away all the toilet paper right before his roommate wanted to use the bathroom, leaving him an inspirational note, quoting the famous horror movie Saw.

We imagine the roommate was properly horrified and will become a more caring friend from now on!

8. The Dog Couldn’t Take it Anymore

Pets are amazing creatures – they love us unconditionally and all you have to give in return is proper care, food, and timely walks outside. Locking your precious pet inside a car is one of the most irresponsible things to do!

The animal can get hurt or, as we can see on this photo, it might need to go to the toilet. The poor pet couldn’t hold it much longer and started pooping right there.

This will definitely be a proper lesson for the owner that will teach him to take better care of his dog. He could have easily put him on a leash outside and none of this would have happened!

7. Awkward Parking

You know, parking rules aren’t created simply to annoy drivers and make it hard to find a parking space. Most of the time there is some proper reasoning behind them and it’s best to follow all the rules to avoid awkward situations.

One driver decided he could ignore the rules and parked right in front of the garbage bins, blocking the way. He probably thought he could get away with it, but waste collectors appeared soon enough.

Needless to say, they didn’t like the car blocking their way like that as it was hard for them to do their job. To teach him a lesson, they surrounded his car with heavy smelly garbage bins. That should do it!

6. The Fire Hydrant Fail

When parking next to a fire hydrant, be prepared to say good-bye to your car’s windows. It may seem like a funny idea, but it really isn’t!

If there’s a fire somewhere in the neighbourhood and your car is blocking the path to the fire hydrant, firefighters have the right to break through the car windows to get to the water supply.

It’s not like they have any other choice when lives are at stake. It’s a case of an emergency! This is exactly what happened to this car standing peacefully next to a fire hydrant. It’s a lesson to all of us!

5. Don’t Mess with a Parking Spot

We get it, parking can be stressful, especially when you’re in a hurry and want to do it no matter what. Some people get so rude that they ignore everything around them and just go for the desired parking spot, even if someone was already waiting for it.

This one guy took another man’s parking space and even used some swear words to prove his point. He was going for a job interview and wanted to get there as fast as possible!

Imagine that guy’s surprise when his job interview was with the same man he told off at the parking lot! Lesson learned – be nice to the people around you because one of them might be your future boss.

4. Instant Karma Perfection

We all know that parking laws exist for a reason and no one is above the law in this case – even the people who are enforcing this law!

It’s funny to see how the very people who should be protecting the law are actually breaking it. We know that officers can sometimes be a bit picky when it comes to parking, but this time it’s the other way round!

Some other parking enforcement officer decided the car wasn’t parked right and wrote them a ticket! This is karma at its finest.

3. You Get What You Give

Even a simple thing like laundry can become challenging when people decide to care only about themselves. If you don’t have a personal washing machine and have to share it with your neighbours, you should be mindful about their stuff.

Here we have a case of a careless neighbour who simply threw away another guy’s clothes and put his own stuff inside the washing machine. Couldn’t he just wait? It’s not like it takes the whole day to finish.

The other guy soon found out what happened when he went to check up on his laundry. Naturally, he got angry and put his clothes back into the washing machine. He also did a little extra to his neighbour’s stuff to teach him a lesson.  People should be nicer to each other!

2. Don’t Mess with Your Little Bro

We can’t but smile looking at this cute photo. No matter how many times you do it, putting ‘bunny ears’ during a photo is one of the cutest things ever!

This boy was posing for a photo with his little brother and decided to be smart about it, but then something unexpected happened.

He got his own pair of extra ears, but from a donkey that came from behind right at the moment the shot was taken. It’s a perfect example of instant karma!

1. Stealing Food is Bad

Although we all know that stealing other people’s food is bad, it still happens on a regular basis everywhere. Especially at the office!

Even if the temptation is big, it’s a big no-no to take what doesn’t belong to you because you never know what’s inside! This thief learned his lesson the hard way.

This one guy kept the laxatives for his dog in the fridge and someone stole them, thinking it was some kind of yummy ice cream. We don’t envy that thief at all!

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Published 4 years ago