These Creepy Movie Villains Look Absolutely Stunning in Real Life

2022-05-02 Stories

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What’s the one most obvious trait of a movie villain? He looks beyond unattractive! The same goes for movie villainesses – actresses completely ditch their glamorous looks and turn into weird, monstrous characters. Most of the time we have no idea who’s hiding behind the crazy prosthetics makeup and weird clothes, but as you may have already guessed all those actors and actresses look quite different in real life.

It turns out that without all the horns, fangs, pointy ears, and bloodshed eyes all those villains turn into gorgeous ladies and gents.  Here are some of the scariest movie villains who look absolutely stunning in real life.

20. Mystique (X-Men)

Mystique is a real bad girl and can cause unimaginable damage with her shapeshifting abilities. She may have blue skin and red hair in her original form, but most of the time she walks around looking like somebody else.

Who knows, maybe that’s why she turned to the dark side in the first place? People aren’t very fond of shapeshifters these days.

In real life, Jennifer Lawrence is a stunning beauty who looks like an angel with golden locks. She’s a gorgeous woman and we can only imagine how many hours she had to spend with a makeup artist to create this amazing blue look!

19. Harley Quinn

Looking at Harley Quinn is like looking at a female version of Joker. No wonder the two became a couple! Well, we all know that relationship didn’t end well, but Harley Quinn didn’t mourn for too long.

She soon became a member of the Suicide Squad and then went on a spectacular adventure of her own in Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

We can all admit that Harley is kind of cute (in a crazy and deadly way), but you’ll be stunned to see just how beautiful Margot Robbie is in real life. She is beyond gorgeous and looks nothing like Joker’s ex-girlfriend!

18. Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)

The Dark Lord, played by Ralph Fiennes in the Harry Potter movie series, is definitely one of the most menacing villains we’ve ever seen. His deformed nose-less face is creepy beyond words!

Now it’s hard to imagine someone else in this role, but it turns out Ralph Fiennes didn’t want to take it at first. We could have easily lost one of the most memorable villains of all times!

Ralph Fiennes doesn’t look anything like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named in real life. He’s a handsome man and his nose is fully intact!