These Unreal Photos Could Have Been Made Only in Eastern Europe

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This article was originally published on our site:

Did you ever wonder why the whole world loves Russia so much? It is considered one of the most amazing countries on the planet, and for a good reason. There are things in Russia that you won’t see anywhere else on the planet and local people are totally okay with that – it’s the Russian definition of normal! We’re talking about food frozen amid the air because of how cold it is and gorgeous women going for a swim during the coldest months of winter. This is Russia, guys, so everything is possible!

Chasing a Bear Russian Style

If it was any other country in the world we’d say that going for a bear with your bare hands (pun intended) is a very bad idea. But this is Russia, so apparently grabbing a bat and racing after a bear is no big deal.  

Maybe it’s a pet bear, who knows? This guy looks like he could own a pet like that and maybe even grab him from time to time for cuddles and some playtime.

We aren’t sure bears make for good pets, but what do we know, right? It seems that a bear walking around like that is no big deal in Russia, so owning one as a pet is not such a far-fetched idea at all.

Just Another Day at the Beach

Everyone likes to spend some quality time at the beach while bathing in the sea and enjoying all the sunshine. But even the beach experience in Russia offers some extra special effects. You can’t just go to the beach and not see something weird while you’re there!

Here, for example, we see a perfectly normal sunny day at the sea with people chilling at the beach, but then there’s also a huge submarine emerging from the water in the background. In fact, it seems pretty close to the beach and all its people.

Still, everyone seems pretty unfazed by the whole event like they’re seeing submarines passing by like that every day. And who knows, maybe they do?

Russian Instagram Stars

People love Instagram in Russia just as much as anywhere else in the world, that’s why it’s not surprising to see gorgeous young women posing for a memorable shot.

What's surprising is the background of this Insta-worthy photograph. While most girls would chose  to make a selfie somewhere at a café or out walking in the city, in Russia girls like to go out into the wild to find a scenic view for their photos.

We can’t argue with this choice of background – the scene looks quite amazing! And of course, like in many photos of Russia, there just has to be some snow lying around somewhere. It almost seems that summer doesn’t exist there!

And the Darwin Award Goes to…

We totally get how you want to chill in the pool with all the comforts imaginable, but is it really necessary to risk your lives while doing so? This is like a recipe for disaster straight out of some foolish movie, but this actually happened in real life.

Judging by the smiling guy hanging out in the water, he doesn’t fully realize the danger he’s in, or what’s more likely, he simply doesn’t care. Why, you might wonder? Because it’s Russia! That’s the only explanation we have for you right now.

Please take a moment to fully appreciate the whole setup with floating flip flops and lots of duct tape. This is artistry at its finest!

Not Your Regular Rickshaw

We don’t know much about Russian people, but we can definitely tell a redneck when we see one. Of course, Russia has its very own equivalent of country folks, but we can’t deny that they look pretty much alike!

There’s just something very special about people leaving in the countryside – they are fearless and do pretty much everything they want. Go out driving a tractor with a horse and a huge flag floating behind? Sure, why not?

The little horse running behind the tractor somehow makes this whole picture look even more hilarious and surreal. This is a real work of art, people!

Russian Warrior Women

If there existed Amazon warrior women in modern times they’d probably all live in Russia. Powerlifting isn’t exactly a martial art type of thing, but it surely makes women look like real superheroines!

Russia is one of the few countries in the world that is packed with female powerlifting stars. What’s their secret? Well, we believe women are just that strong there!

We don’t know whether this is true or not, but strong women are definitely not a rarity in Russia, and this powerlifting star is the living proof to that. She looks so sweet, but her muscles give away what strength she has in those muscles.

Seafood in Russia be Like…

That awkward moment when canned fish looks like a monster from the depths of the ocean. Seriously, though, where  did they catch that specimen? It looks like it came straight out of a horror movie.

If you’re wondering what type of sea monster this is – it’s just your average canned ‘Atlantic herring’, according to the can label.

We haven’t seen too much herring in our lifetime, but we’re pretty sure that canned specimen shouldn’t look like that – with huge dangerous teeth peeking right out of the can. You’ll need some guts to have this canned fish for dinner!

A Dream Come True?

We all know that Russia is a cold country. Well, it has all the four seasons, of course, but somehow whenever we see some photos online it’s always winter with freezing temperatures all around.

Some parts of Russia are so freezing that even the car heating system can’t cope with the cold. At least, we believe that’s why this guy decided to install an actual wood oven inside his car to keep himself warm.

Or maybe it’s just more comfortable that way? You get some very powerful heat inside your car with the lovely smell of burning coal – it’s like sitting in front of the crackling fire while you’re driving your car! Which, we must admit, is a very dangerous endeavor altogether.

Bikini Skiing is a Thing in Russia

If you were wondering what these two beauties' are doing out in the snowy cold wearing swimsuits, then we have news for you – winter is not the end of sunbathing season in Russia. If you’ve ever heard about Siberia, then you know what we are talking about.

Well, if not, here’s a hint – Siberia is a huge territory in Russia famous for its unprecedented cold weather and very short and cold summers. People there are so used to being cold that they literally don’t even notice it!

That’s why skiing in bikini is a thing in Siberia – when you get a little bit of sun, you just go ahead and enjoy all of it! Otherwise, it’s impossible to get suntan in those regions.

Breaking the Laws of Physics

Well, this man isn’t exactly breaking the laws of physics, but we’re pretty sure he’s bending at least some of them. And he’s doing it right in the middle of the busy street!

We don’t know much about Russia, but we imagine that it’s filled with ordinary people just going on about their business in big and small cities, just like everywhere else in the world.

But only in Russia you will go to the  busy city street and suddenly see an elderly guy do a balancing act on top of an empty bottle! Seriously, how cool is that?

Just Some Climbing Exercises

People easily get bored in big cities, so what to do in such a case? Well, they start inventing things and some of them aren’t too safe.

At least, we just assume that's what we’re looking at – some weird attempt to have fun while doing some climbing exercises in the worst place imaginable. Seriously, that’s some high voltage up there!

Otherwise, we have no idea why on Earth that lady would climb so high up – maybe she’s there to install some cable TV of her own? Because why pay for it if you can just climb a dangerous tower and tune in all by yourself. If that’s the case, then this lady is one of the most elaborate cable thieves we’ve ever seen.

The Land of High Fashion

Ah, fashion is always such an amazing topic to look into – every country has its own peculiarities when it comes to clothes. Of course, Russia is no different and has very unique aesthetics when it comes to fashion.

Most of the time you’d just see people dressed in mass market clothes from the shopping malls like everywhere else in the world, but there are some designs in the streets of Russia that you will not see anywhere else.

Like this jacket with a special hole for a pony tail, for example. Can you believe it? Cutting up your jacket just to put your hair through it… And it doesn’t even look pretty!

Russian People Should be Proud

Russia is a land of amazing inventors and talented engineers. It’s not a secret that during the Soviet times Russia was among the first countries to conquer space and was leading all other countries in terms of space explorations.

Well, times have definitely changed and space doesn’t seem to bother the Russian government just as much, but people have remained the same – they are just as inventive as several decades ago!

This guy, for example, wanted to have his own backyard pool and didn’t have the means to install one. But he didn’t despair and came up with a brilliant (albeit, a bit horrifying) idea to make a swimming pool out of a huge tyre. Where do you even find a tyre the size of a human?

The Gods of Construction

Working with bricks doesn’t seem like the hardest task in the world, but it definitely is for some people. This Russian construction site has some unique workers involved in the building process.

While one of the guys is doing a perfectly fine job (or at least semi-fine) laying the brick wall, the other guy doesn’t seem to have any clue about what he’s doing. Seriously, who even let him work on that construction site?

Usually, there’s at least some test of skills happening before letting workers to the construction, but it seems that things are a bit different in Russia. This brick pattern just looks so weird!

Beach Fashion

We’ve already established that Russian fashion can be a little unusual at times. Well, that concerns the beach fashion as well!

While most Russian people go for the usual shorts and bikinis, others choose something else and end up standing out from the crowd like a sore thumb. That’s exactly what happened in this photo!

Two young women were simply passing by dressed in usual summer beach attire, while one man stopped to pose for the photo like he was some kind of fashion model. His look is quite fashionable as well! But we don’t believe it’s well suited for sunbathing on a beach.

The Knight on a White Horse

The trope of a knight on a white horse is as old as the time itself – we’ve seen it in the movies and read about it in numerous books,  but rarely do we get the chance to see one in real life. But there he is!

And he’s riding not just any horse, but a unicorn! How cool is that? Russia is definitely a land where everything is possible, even riding a mythic creature that was considered legendary for hundreds of years.

Well, now we know that both knights and unicorns are real, although sometimes they may look like policemen riding to the rescue. And in case you were wondering – no, the police in Russia usually doesn’t ride horses, so this is a one-of-a-kind moment we’re looking at here.

Dentists Must be Very Good in Russia

Soldiers in Russia are so strong that they don’t even need arms to do some heavy lifting. While that might seem like some crazy stereotype you’d see in a movie, this photo is the actual proof that’s true!

We don’t know how strong this man really is, but his teeth seem to be made of titan or something even stronger. Seriously, how on Earth is he doing that?

His dentist must be a real genius, otherwise we have no idea how this man is pulling this stunt off. Maybe it’s just good genes? We’ve never seen anyone do powerlifting with their teeth!

Only in Russia…

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Russian women aren’t only beautiful, but they are also very thin most of the times. Not all of them, of course, but we’ve seen quite a lot of pretty girls who look as thin as supermodels!

Why is that, you might be asking yourself? Of course, they have as many gyms in Russia as in any other country, but that’s not the only way Russian women get into perfect shape. Yep, you’re looking at one right now!

Towing dump trucks would definitely make you fit and skinny, at least we think so. We definitely not recommend trying this at home, guys and girls!

Just a Regular Russian Meal

So you know how some people choose to follow a certain diet for a boost of health? There’s a vegan, vegetarian, keto, and all kinds of diets you could choose from to lead a healthier life. Well, Russians like diets just as much as other people.

But in case of this amazing country, the Russian diet consists of red caviar and alcohol. We kid you not! And judging by this healthy-looking man, it’s going quite well for him.

Okay, but jokes aside, we have no idea why this guy is having a huge bucket of red caviar, all the while sipping alcohol like it’s some plain water. But we surely do hope he’s not having such meals every day!

Russian Women be Like…

Russian women are famous all over the world for their beauty and a peculiar sense of fashion, which can be either amazing or absolutely bananaz (it probably depends on their mood).

Well, some Russian girls are really into sports and not all of them go into gymnastics or become pro athletes – some women just love doing powerlifting! And they can become really amazing at this.

While in general that is true and you can meet many buff women if you come for a visit to Russia, we believe that in this case some optical illusion is messing with our eyes. What happens when we pay closer attention to this image?

Russian Men are Made of Steel

Now, we aren’t quite sure what’s happening on this photo – are these guys moving a car or trying to smuggle it using a bigger truck? Or what’s happening there?

But in any case, no matter the reason why these guys are pulling a car out of a truck with their bare hands, it’s quite impressive to see them do it! Whether it’s for some noble cause or in an attempt to steal it, that we don’t know.

We know that Russian women are strong, but it seems that Russian guys are just as powerful! On a side note, they should have called some service to move that car without using so much manpower. It just looks dangerous for everyone involved!

Yep, It’s Bears Everywhere

So, you know how in Dubai everyone is crazy about big cats and drives everywhere with their wild best friends? Well, it seems that something similar is happening in Russia right now, but instead of cheetahs and lions they are riding with their most favourite animals – bears.

Yes, we all have heard of Russians and bears – it’s one of those stereotypes that exists on a global scale. When someone talks of Russia, bears just magically enter the conversation! You can’t mention one without at least thinking about the other.

Well, it seems that there is some truth to that stereotype as you can very well see in this photo. This Russian guy is happily driving around the city with his pet bear friend like it’s the most usual thing in the world.

The Magic of the Russian Spring

Winters are harsh in Russia almost everywhere you go, but springs can be just as dangerous! Yes, in general it’s very pleasant to have higher temperatures and at least some sunlight, but then another problem arises – snow melting!

You might be wondering why it’s such a huge problem when you can just prepare for spring and clear all the snow so it wouldn’t bother anyone, and that’s a very sound thought, we must admit. But it’s Russia we’re talking about, so...

Even when the snow is cleared from pathways it still continues to lie on the sideways, so when the spring comes a huge meltdown happens in most Russian cities. But looking at this woman, we see how everyone is ready to make some tasty lemonade out of the lemons they get served each spring. This lady just used an inflatable mattress to enjoy some sunlight out of her apartment. It looks surreal, but it works for her!

Just an Ordinary Russian Bloke

Russian people just have this very peculiar relationship with cold. No matter how many photos you look through there will always be someone who’s either diving into freezing water or taking some cold baths.

We get it, Russia is a cold country, but wouldn’t it make more sense to keep yourself warm when the temperatures are below zero? But that’s definitely not the Russian way.

You may not know it, but there are actual health benefits of getting used to bathing in cold water. Of course, it will take time and your body might not be ready for an experience like that at once, but it’s worth considering. These Russians look pretty healthy!

The Snow Queen

If you’re wondering whether this girl is wearing some kind of fake lashes – then we assure you, she’s not. This is actually what happens in some parts of Russia!

But this is crazy cold even by Russian standards – the woman you see in the photo took this beautiful selfie in Oymyakon, the coldest village on Earth that's located in the region of Yakutia (and yes, it’s not an overstatement). Temperatures there reach a breathtaking -58° Celsius!

Just so you know, they still do the cold open bath thing there as well, just to have some fun. Another thing you can do there is let your face freeze like this and take captivating photos…

Partying Like There’s No Tomorrow

People in Russia like to party just like everyone else with just one difference – their partying usually involves quite a lot of alcohol! Well, we aren’t here to judge anyone, there’s hardly a party in the world that goes totally alcohol-free, but there’s just something special about the way Russians do it.

Maybe it’s their high tolerance for various beverages that makes them drink a little bit more than they’re supposed to? Because truly hilarious things happen at Russian parties – just like this one!

We aren’t sure whether this lady is awkwardly falling to the floor because she’s tipsy or she’s trying to bust a sick breakdance move. Maybe it’s both?

No Way That’s True…

Russians really do love their bears, need we say more? Still, when it comes to entertainment there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, or at least that’s what we thought.

But none of that matters when you look at this photo – this is entertainment at its finest! We aren’t sure how the horses are handling those bears riding on their backs, we just hope none of the animals got hurt in the process of creating this shot.

Can you imagine someone coming up with this bizarre idea of bears riding horses? And then executing it in real life? This could definitely happen only in Russia.

Car Evacuation be Like…

All sorts of things can happen on the road, so seeing a wrecked car being evacuated from the place of a crash is not something unique – this happens all the time all over the world.

Still, something needs to be said about the way that car is being evacuated… What is this double-layered car monstrosity? Have they already picked up one car and decided just to throw in another one because – why not?

This definitely looks like a recipe for disaster that could cause an even bigger car accident that would need a whole lot more evacuators. This is bizarre on so many levels!

The Ballet Dancer

Russia has a truly beautiful culture and ballet is one of those things that first come up when you think about Russian cultural legacy. But while this type of dance may look elegant and breathtakingly beautiful, not many people realize just how much training it involves.

And we aren’t talking about a few practices a week – ballet is a lifestyle that changes your whole daily routine starting with the way you dress, walk, and sleep, and ending with a strict diet.

Naturally, ballet also involves lots of stretching – and that’s exactly what we’re looking at in this picture. This girl is either a ballet dancer or a gymnast, or she could be both!

Just Another Day in Russia

When it’s freezing outside and everything is covered with a thick layer of snow, what would a regular person do? Right, stay at home, take the warmest blanket, and hide from the outside world with a cup of hot tea.

But that’s definitely not the case in Russia! In fact, there’s a religious holiday there that gathers thousands of people in freezing open spaces where they can take baths in frosty water. This is supposed to be a cleansing experience and we believe it actually is!

On Epiphany Night, all believers have a chance to take a dip in icy water to cleanse from all their sins and wrongdoings. You’d be surprised at how many people actually do this.

What Do They Say About Roads in Russia?

There’s a general stereotype that roads in Russia aren’t that good. You might not notice it on the highway, but once you start driving around the city, things get a little bit weird.

This pothole here is any driver’s nightmare! Not only did the asphalt crevice open, but there was also water underneath it all, which turned into a little lake and devoured a whole car that was standing there.

And don’t get us started on the roads in small towns and villages, you don’t really want to see what’s going on there. If this is what happens in the big cities, we can’t even imagine how bad roads must be in places with worse infrastructure.

The Perfect Couples

We’ve already mentioned before that women in Russia have amazing physique – many of them exercise as much as men do, and sometimes even more! Looking at these two couples, we can easily understand what made them bond.

They all probably met at the gym and that’s how their relationship bloomed! It’s not every day you see a girl that can carry a grown-up muscular man like that, so it was probably love at first sight for them.

Of course, one powerful couple is good, but two couples – even better! Now they can all hang out together and do hilarious photos like this.

Russian Hobbies be Like…

That moment when you’re an ice climber but you’re in the middle of the city and the nearest mountain is hundreds of miles away. Did something like this ever happen to you? No? Well, that’s probably because you’re not living in Russia.

Hiking and climbing are popular sports in Russia as there are lots of areas with beautiful mountain ranges there, but this is something entirely different. How on Earth did that ice even form on those balconies?

This looks like the most unsafe thing a person could possibly do, even if they are a professional ice climber. It’s just too risky!

Jump Starting a Plane

If you think you’ve seen everything, wait for it, because this photo will definitely make your eyes go wide. And not in a bad way!

We’ve all seen people helping move a car when it gets stuck for some reason, but helping move a whole plane? We didn’t think that was possible until we’ve seen this photo made in Russia. And yes, it’s absolutely real and not Photoshopped.

It turns out the plane got frozen to the runway overnight when the temperatures hit -50 Celsius and it simply couldn’t take off when all the passengers boarded it! That’s what happens when you don’t use proper cold-resistant oil on your chassis – all the people had to get out and help the plane’s staff to move the plane so they could go on with their flight!

A Safe Ride

We aren’t exactly sure what the law says about owning a gun in Russia, but we’re pretty sure it’s illegal to carry a huge rifle around, especially in the public transport.

But hey, this is Russia we’re talking about, so everything is possible. At least this way this young lady is sure that no one will come to her with bad intentions. In fact, no one will probably come anywhere near her at all!

Those ladies in the back, though, seem so chill that it’s even more frightening than the girl taking a ride with a rifle. Are they used to seeing things like this every day? We’ll probably never know.

Don’t Mind Me, Just Passing Through

Aquaman, is that you? Out of all places in the world we never thought we’d see someone actually walking on water (or rather running on it) in Russia! And it seems to be a fairly old photo, too.

While the man in the front running on water seems to be quite bizarre, take a look at all those people in back riding a bus. They all are wearing some kind of weird goggles, which all look similar.

What on Earth is going on in this photo? It’s like a still image from some surrealist movie we never knew existed. But here we are, this is real life, folks.

Not Your Average Bar

We wouldn’t look at this structure twice after passing it by if not for the big proud sign saying ‘Bar’ in bold red letters. Seriously, why on Earth would someone put such a shaggy bar there in the middle of winter?

It’s not the most unusual bar we’ve ever seen – if you’ve ever travelled to Southeast Asian countries, then you know that bars like this exist all over the world. But it’s one thing to see such a bar in a village in Cambodia, and it’s another thing to see it in the middle of the city somewhere in Eastern Europe.

When it’s cold outside with layers of snow lying around everywhere, the last thing you want is to spend some time in a shaggy open space bar that offers no protection at all. Or drinks, for that matter.

Modelling is Tough Business

When we think about modelling we usually imagine brightly lit runways with chic fashion shows, but that is not always the case, especially when it comes to Eastern European countries. This model, for example, had to go out into the forest and pose for a photoshoot with a bear!

And not just any bear, but a 650 kg specimen that is twice as big as the model herself. To reach a beautiful dream-like effect, the photographer even had her pose in a swimsuit.

Well, the photo definitely looks beautiful and surreal, but at what cost? A bear, even a tame one, is still a wild animal that should be treated accordingly.

Russian Bath is So Extra

How do people normally take a bath? In the comfort of their homes and inside bathrooms, we believe. But that is not the case with some Russian people, who like their baths to be a little bit more exciting.

We might be taking baths in the rest of the world, but there – bath takes you, and it takes you to different places, obviously. This guy doesn’t seem to mind it, though!

He’s just driving around and doesn’t look disturbed in any way. But we can’t say the same about the policeman who’s approaching him right there on the road. We believe it’s safe to say that even in Russia driving around in a bath is a big no-no!

If You Think You Had a Rough Childhood, Think Twice

What was your worst fear when you were a kid? We believe it wasn’t falling into a bottomless pit when riding a slide in the park, but looking at this photo we believe this could easily become some kid’s lifetime phobia.

It seems there’s some water splashing down that pit hole, so it’s not a lethal slide, we can probably even call it a water slide, but somehow that doesn’t make it look any better.

Just imagine taking a ride on this slide by mistake! This pit was probably not meant for bathing, but someone could still actually do it and get scarred for life.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just looking at the man’s fingers so close to the electric saw gives us the chills! What were those guys thinking? One wrong move and the man holding the watermelon could have lost his fingers.

But this is Russia, guys, so don’t sweat it. They probably cut bread the same way because – why not? Knives are for losers, obviously, using a saw is much more fun.

But jokes aside, this is one of the many reasons Internet is a dangerous place. Someone could see this bizarre photo and get inspired to try the same himself! Which is never a good thing.

That Snowman is for Real

Building a snowman is such a fun and joyful way to spend time with your family, right? Just get together, play with snow, and build something cute and funny while you spend time with your friends.

That is the case in most countries in the world, but there are places where building a snowman involves something more than just a few snow balls and a carrot. Yep, you’ve guessed it right, people in Eastern European countries like a different kind of snowman decorations.

We’d like to think that this is a bizarre thing to build even for people in those countries, but no one actually knows the truth. This snowman looks rad, though. We wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

Don’t Mess with the Ladies in Red

Slavic culture is very beautiful and has lots of pagan-inspired rituals, traditions, and celebrations. Long before Christianity came to the land of Eastern European countries, it was blooming with picturesque festivities that were connected with natural cycles.

The Maslenitsa Festival is celebrated each year in late February – it’s like a huge party that lasts for a week with various games and social activities to please the crowd.

One of the main attractions is the burning of Lady Maslenitsa made of straw, which usually happens at the end of the festival. Although, usually there are no flame-throwers involved in the process.

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