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You can squat every day on a regular basis and still not see the desired results — your butt literally stays the same. What the heck is going on? Obviously, you are doing something wrong. Here you will find a few common mistakes that slow down the process of growing the most desired muscle.

squats at the gym. If you use the photo please tag me on instagram @klaverflav!
Photo by Benjamin Klaver / Unsplash

You think that squats target only the glutes. Well, I have to burst your bubble — except for the glutes, squats also target a lot of other muscles, such as your quads, core, hamstrings. So, when you just do squats, don’t expect your glutes to get bigger. Unfortunately or not, but the results won’t be delivered from only one move. You have to include glute-focusing movements, such as barbell split squats, weighted crab holds, glute bridges with an entire focus on squeezing your glutes on the top, side-lying leg raises. Mix them all; it will definitely be more effective and, yeah, fun.

You don’t fully activate your glutes. What’s more, you can squat without even activating your glutes. Yeah, it is possible due to the sedentary lifestyle most of us have. You see, when you sit all day long, your glutes don’t work at all. And sometimes, you need extra time to activate them before the main workout. Weighted glute bridges are the most effective exercise to activate these muscles.

You think you are too weak to lift that weight. But in fact, most women are much stronger than they think and thus, take the weight that can’t deliver outstanding results by default. Going heavy activates muscles and stimulates them to grow. Try doing 3-4 sets with 6-10 reps and a break for 3 minutes in between. That’s the recipe for great results.

When you don’t see the results despite regular training, it is also essential to reduce the volume, take a deload week, train smarter while focusing on the mind-muscle connection, and pay attention to your sleeping schedule, rest, and diet.

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by Anna A

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