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Have you ever wanted to try Pilates but couldn’t find the right guru that would guide you into this magical world? Pilates is a kind of sports activity that combines both physical training and mental balance. It’s a bit harder and moving than yoga since it can include HIIT training, which is exactly what the channel I’m going to talk about has.

Sydney-based Barre and Pilates instructor and yoga/fitness trainer Nicole McPherson has her own YouTube channel that would make you fall in love with pilates. “Move With Nicole” now has almost half a million followers, a number of which grows every day, and there is no wonder why… Nicole’s videos are perfect for both the professional enthusiasts who want to boost their pilates knowledge and for the beginners who just dive into this new world.

The sweetest thing about this channel is that you can find both a 15-minute video training if you don’t have that much time and an hour video session to work all your muscles. This woman performs most of her training with no equipment — you can do it anywhere you feel comfy — and carefully guides you through them by explaining how to perform each move. If you find simple pilates too boring, Nicole offers HIIT training and several workouts to tone the different muscles of your body and, in general, make it stronger. They don’t make your heart jump as fast as junkies yet provide you with that fantastic feeling of performing effective training.

Nicole’s YouTube channel contains long full-body workouts, short head-to-toe sessions, training with controlled breathing, and muscle-brain engagement, which is essential for pilates. With this woman, you will learn to feel your body and love sport in general. 3 workouts a week will make you a different person. Try it!

Anna A

by Anna A

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