Top Trendiest Bikini Styles to Rock This Summer (+10 That Will Make Your Eyes Go Wide)

2022-05-02 Stories

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Finally, it's summer, the blessed time to head out to the beach, get a beautiful suntan, and show off that gorgeous bikini body of yours. All those months spent at the gym didn't go to waste! And what better way to do it than putting on the stunning swimsuit? We present you with the trendiest and coolest swimsuits of 2021 (and a few no one should ever wear in public). (+10 That Will Make Your Eyes Go Wide)

Tie Them as You Wish

This summer you can wear all kinds of bikinis from plain elegant designs to experimental ruches and unusual tie fastenings. In fact, the more you experiment, the more you'll be in trend in 2021!

Turn your bikini upside down, make sure it sits tight, and tie it in an unusual way around your waist. The main rule is that there are no rules at all!

Well, of course it should look aesthetically pleasing and you should feel comfortable wearing your bikini, but other than that you can go full power with your imagination and wear your bikini the way you want it.

Fancy Cutouts

Cutouts have always been around, but not in the direct spotlight. It all changed in 2021!

Suddenly, the fashion world realized that cutouts are amazing and you can do very creative things with the silhouette using this technique. Now there are as many cutout styles as there are swimsuits!

And the best thing about this swimsuit style is that it's flattering for all bodies. You just need to take some extra care about those bits of skin that are peeking out - don't forget to put on sunscreen when you go to the beach.

Revealing Too Much?

If you are worried about wearing a swimsuit that reveals too much skin, then how about this one? Everyone will be so stunned by the print of your 'inner world' that they simply wouldn't care about everything else.

There's one drawback, though - people would look at you wherever you go! Whether you're sunbathing on a porch or rocking this swimsuit at the beach, some unwanted attention is guaranteed.

But if you want to become the centre of everyone's attention - then go for it! It's weird, gutsy, not very pleasant to look at, but it's definitely an eye-catching piece.