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If you think that calves aren’t such an important muscle in your body, oh man, you should definitely pay attention to this article. You see, the calf muscles are also known as the peripheral heart since they play an essential role in pumping blood through our body. And that's not the end of the story...

What’s more, if you love running, you have to train calves for sure — calf injuries are the second most common traumas amongst runners. Now girls, if you regularly wear shoes on high heels, your calves become tighter and strict you from the range of movements. The muscles get weaker and thus, it results in irregular blood pumping. Sounds not that good, right? But wait, there is a way out! Stretch out calf muscles after your workout session and train them at least once a week.

If you love basketball or, for example, volleyball, strong calf muscles would be only the advantage for you. They work as stabilization and foundation while you run, jump, and even stand. Having weak calf muscles will only lead to… right, injuries such as turning your feet inwards and outwards.

And what about your joints? Strong calf muscles will help you avoid the pain in the knees after a few sets of burpees. You may wonder how… Well, when you land improperly when doing burpees, your knee joints get hurt a lot. And what would you tell me if I say that your entire lower body strength depends on how muscular your calves are? Yes, that’s true — calf exercises boost your lower body performance. High jumps, squat jumps, and sprinting — all these activities will improve when you train your calf muscles and make them stronger.

You see, even such, at first sight, not important muscles play an essential role in building the shape of your dreams, help you train more effectively, and achieve the results way faster.

Anna A

by Anna A

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