Training for Civilians to Go to War

When a war starts, thousands of civilians are forced to learn how to fight to defend their country.

a year ago

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When a war starts, thousands of civilians are forced to learn how to fight to defend their country. This is what is happening in Ukraine, where people have had to join the army to defend themselves from the Russian attack.

In this sense, to survive a situation like this, it is necessary to train both the body and the mind. Only then you would be able to develop the necessary skills to overcome the fear and anxiety that a war generates.

What is military training like?

Military training consists of performing different exercises to develop strength and agility. It seeks to optimize the athletic abilities of each civilian so that he can react correctly to any situation.

Physical training is only part of the process in which you can develop skills such as speed, agility, coordination, balance, precision, among others. The objective of military exercises is not to improve the physical appearance of the individual, but rather his physical condition.

Mind training

Any armed conflict generates anxiety and mental problems in civilians and in the military. It is for this reason that you need to train your mind to overcome this problem. Remember that the most important thing when fighting a war is to have a clear mind to make the best decisions.

There are many breathing exercises that will help calm your mind and reduce anxiety symptoms. These exercises are also very helpful in preventing problems such as post-traumatic stress from developing.

Use of weapons

Learning to use a weapon is vitally important to surviving a war. Very few civilians have ever used or even seen an actual weapon.

Before entering a war zone, you must learn how to shoot, how to reload the weapon, how to use it safely, among other things. Doing a previous training is essential for any civilian before fighting in the war.

Erick Da Silva

Published a year ago