Update on Octomom: What are Her 14 Kids, Including the Octuplets, Doing Right Now?

2022-08-31 Stories

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It’s been 13 years since the news about Nadya Suleman, now better known as Octomom, broke the Internet and became the most talked about topic for a few months. Octomom, already a mother to 6 beautiful kids, gave birth to 8 more – all at the same time!

Becoming a full-fledged celebrity in a matter of hours, Nadya Suleman’s image was surrounded by rumors and controversies worthy of a TV star.

Now 47 years old, Octomom went from starring in аdult movies, making nude photoshoots, and substance abuse to an exemplary vegan mother who fully supports her children and raises them all on her own. She gave birth to octuplets back in 2009 and now they’re all grown up, including their older siblings. Here’s what Octomom and her kids have been up to lately!

A Proud Mother of 14

For Nadya Suleman, it’s never been about building a business or becoming rich in life – all she ever wanted was to have children, as many as possible. But did she ever plan on having a family of 14 kids? Certainly not! So how did that happen?

“All I wanted was children. I wanted to be a mom," Nadya Suleman confessed in one of her many interviews. It seems that her life’s biggest dream is happening right now!

Being unable to get pregnant naturally, Nadya Suleman started having IVF treatments (in vitro fertilization) when she was 21, giving birth to her first baby in 2001. By 2009 she had two daughters and four sons, but wasn’t planning on stopping there.

She Didn’t Want Her Embryos to Die

Regarding all life as sacred, Octomom, back then just a mother of 6, didn’t want the embryos left from previous IVF treatments to perish. It might seem like a hard decision to make, but she didn’t hesitate for a moment!

Her sixth pregnancy was supposed to be her last, so she asked to transfer all of her 6 remaining embryos, but then something unexpected happened.

At that time Ms. Suleman was under the supervision of Dr. Kamrava, who helped her get pregnant all the previous times. Never expecting any wrongdoings from his side, Nadya Suleman trusted him with the whole process, even when he said that they lost the previous embryos and they’ll need to transfer more.