We Tried These Unusual Home Cleaning Tricks and Our Eyes Got Wide with Surprise

This article was originally published on our website: Have you ever tried some insane cleaning hacks that work wonders? Well, if not then get with us on this

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This article was originally published on our website:

Have you ever tried some insane cleaning hacks that work wonders? Well, if not then get with us on this roller coaster of some really effective tips and tricks that will change your cleaning routine for good. Here we are including 40 unusual ways to clean the house that will take minimal effort and the results will surprise you.

Clean Your Electric Kettle with Cola

Do you plan to clean the kettle but lacked the required cleaning supplies? Well, a water-stained and dirty kettle does not only appear ugly, but it can also make your tea super unhealthy.

So, in any case, regular cleaning of the electric kettle is a must. Here’s a hack to tackle the issue - just empty coke into the kettle and switch on the burner! You’ll have a spotlessly clean kettle just after 5 minutes. Rinse the interior of the kettle thoroughly under the running water.

The nozzles of the electric kettles are often difficult to clean, and permanent stains are formed. Using this hack weekly would eliminate the stubborn stains, too. Every single time you feel like the electric kettle requires a spa treatment, grab a cola can, and you are good to go!

Use Bread for Collecting Glass Shards

Breaking a glass or two is not a big deal. It's okay because accidents happen whether you like them or not. Even as adults, we do it more often than we would like!

That being said, broken glass is a huge danger especially if you've got kids or pets. The shards can dig deep into the skin and injure you badly. Of course, you can clean the glass pieces via a broom or a vacuum.

But, sometimes, the tiniest of pieces get left behind. To ensure that this doesn’t occur, use bread slices as your glass cleaning instrument. Spongy bread slices easily collect all the glass pieces with close to no effort at all.

Scrub the Iron Skillet Using Starchy Potatoes

Potatoes are excellent cleaning agents and are typically used in home skin remedies like clearing dark spots. But did anyone tell you that these starch-rich vegetables can also be used to scrub the iron skillet clean? Well, yes!

First, sprinkle the coarse salt onto the cast-iron skillet or pan. Then, chop the potato from the center and utilize the exposed side to scrub. Instantly, the dried grime and dirt will come off!

This amazing hack saves the expensive cast iron from damage too. Since potatoes serve as a natural cleaning agent, there's no damage to the utensils. Plus, it was cheap too!

Cola Makes for a Good Toilet Cleaner

Cola does not only taste good but also does wonders when it comes to cleaning. There are countless cola-cleaning hacks on the internet, though this one is unbeatable!

Ditch the traditional toilet cleaners for some time and use cola. Yes, we aren’t kidding. Try this particular fizzy drink instead of the chemicals and see the magic for yourself.

The components in the beverage can help clean stubborn toilet stains more quickly than you think. However, you’ll have to scrub vigorously for some time, too. If that’s something you don't like, leave the cola for approximately 5 to 6 hours. After this, instantly flush the toilet.

Dryer Sheets Work Wonders to Clean the Pans

Dryer sheets refer to sheets composed of cellulose and polyester. These are coated with lubricants, liquid softeners, and fragrances. As a result, they clean as well as freshen up the odor of the fabric.

Although their typical usage is in laundry, it’s also possible to utilize the dryer sheets for pots. The dryer sheets will efficiently and easily scrub off the grime collected over the kitchen utensils. And don’t fret because there’s no harm until you follow this precise procedure.

Fill the sink with any preferred soap, lukewarm water, and uncleaned items. Then, add the dryer sheets and let the items soak in for a minimum of one hour or two. Next, rinse to finish the process.

Baking Soda to Refresh Mattresses

Ahh - mattresses always skip our minds, don't they? We would routinely change the covers and often the pillows to heave healthy sleep at night. But how many times do we think about giving the good old mattress a change?

Believe it or not, these mattresses accumulate bulks of germs and dust. Bed bugs are a real thing that can make life horrible if they infest the mattress. To avoid these issues, make sure you give the mattress a cleaning session every month.

Just sprinkle some baking soda over the uncovered mattress and leave it for some time. Then, vacuum it using the appropriate attachment. You can perform the same for sofas, chairs, and other furniture with foam.

Mayonnaise for Perfecting Porcelain Tubs

Who doesn’t love mayonnaise? The sweet white condiment adds a scrumptious flavor to sandwiches and well - every meal. But there’s a hidden superpower of this condiment, too. It serves as an effective rust stain remover!

Yes, regardless of how strange this may sound, pour a considerable amount of mayonnaise on rusted areas of porcelain surfaces. Let it stay that way for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes, and afterwards wipe it until clean. Believe it or not - a shiny surface will come out as a result!

Gentle Reminder: rinse the mayonnaise from the porcelain tubs thoroughly. You might slip and injure yourself!

Vinegar + Steam Iron = No Carpet Stains

Here's one of the most amazing hacks to combat most carpet cleaning issues. While carpets can be refreshed by using baking soda, some stains can be too tough or greasy to be handled by it alone. Worry no more because we have got another solution!

Take a bowl and combine vinegar with water in it. Make sure to maintain the ratio 1:3. It means for every 1 part of vinegar, add 3 parts of water. Now, apply this promising solution to carpet stains.

Cover the area you're cleaning with a wet cloth and then iron. Let it steam for a minimum of 30-seconds and witness the stains vanish. Repeat the procedure as per requirement.

Clean the Iron With Salt

Having a stained and dirty iron means ruined clothes. Every single time you heat up the iron, some of the stains would pass their color onto your precious outfits. What's worse is that such stains don't go away easily!

So, it's crucial to keep the iron surface shiny and clean. To do so, simply dust some salt onto the ironing board. Next, use the iron on a rough surface at medium heat.

Ensure to run the iron back and forth several times for the best results. Salt will cause the grime to loosen up and come out in parts of residual chunks. However, please be gentle during the process as the iron can develop scratches.

Citrus Peel and Ice Cubes for a Smelly Disposer

A foul smell from the disposer indicates spoiled food and gunk. You can clean this item using a few amazing hacks and a handful of refreshing citrus fruit zest!

First, drain water at ½ throttle. Next, select a citrus fruit - preferably orange or lemon - and add its zest. Activate the disposer and let it run for around 5-seconds.

There's citric acid inside the fruit peels that softens the waste products and eliminates the foul-smelling bacteria. Let the zest do the job for an estimate of fifteen minutes. Now, add ice cubes. This specific step is crucial, so no skipping. Turn your garbage disposal on once again and let the ice cubes do the rest of the magic. You can also sprinkle some salt there for the ultimate result.

Time to Scent Up the Kitty’s Litter Box

It’s undeniable that litter boxes are pretty simple to clean (unless you loathe the act of cleaning pet toilets!). But, regardless of how clean you keep these boxes, they develop a strange and typically unpleasant odor after some time.

Of course, it’s possible to replace the complete litter box with a new one. However, that’s a costly option. If you wish to avoid additional expenses, grab a handful of magic white pоwder a.k.a baking soda and layer it at the bottom of the litter box.

It’ll absorb all the unpleasant smells. In case you’re in a particular hurry, sprinkle on the top and let it be. Just avoid too much sprinkling as it may be hazardous for the pet.

Freeze Your Denim Instead of Washing

Laundry may not be your favourite chore and washing denim can be particularly bothersome. Although, using the washing machine is quite simple and requires close to no effort at all, some people still like to find other ways to get things clean.

With denim, you can use one bizarre trick  that thousands of people swear by. It turns out that instead of washing your jeans you can freeze them! With an equally great result.

If there are any dirty spots - treat them first, then put your jeans into a ziplock bag and store in the freezer overnight. The cold will remove all odors and bacteria that might be causing them and, according to the people who tried it, jeans seem brand new even without washing. They also won't shrink or lose their color, so it's worth a try!

Use Toothpaste for Dirty Sneakers

Sneakers are all-rounders. You can pair them with almost any outfit, regardless of the colors and patterns. But, here's the thing; they lose their aesthetic appeal pretty quickly.

The white trendy front of the sneakers gets muddy in a few days. Even if you wear them mostly indoors, the white part will develop dusty marks and patches. Trust us, this may seem subtle but ruins the look!

To tackle the issue, grab hold of your non-gel toothpaste - preferably Colgate or Arm & Hammer - and put some on the dirty sneakers. Scrub it using a worn-out toothbrush - and voila! The sneakers will be sparkling white and bright again!

Use Soft Socks to Clean the Blinds

If you've got blinds at home, then you know the struggle of cleaning these things. The task is easy, though it's awfully time-consuming. You can expect to spend hours in the process.

Plus, you’ve to be super gentle as the slightest harsh movement can ruin the shape of the blinds. It's why most people resort to hand dusters - and although they clean the blinds a bit, most of the dust ends up flying in the air.

Let us give you a life-saving hack: put a worn-out sock onto your hand and wipe the blinds with it. Rub it against each blind, and voila - everything's clean!

Use Baking Soda for Scratches on Your Plates

Scratched plates are nothing new. The plates we use daily collect bulks of marks and scratches. They might be an outcome of vigorous scrubbing or rubbing forks and knives against the surface.

Whatever the reason may be, your plates still have the chance to shine again. Thanks to baking soda!

Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water, create a paste, and cleanse the plates thoroughly. Increase the quantity of soda and repeat the procedure if the hack doesn't work at once. You can conduct this as many times as you prefer since the soda’s a natural-occurring cleaner and won't cause damage.

Clean Your Microwave Oven in 5 seconds

Yes, we know the traditional hack of positioning a heat-resistant cover on top of the food while microwaving it. It prevents the food particles from splashing around the microwave’s interior, thus ensuring the walls remain clean. But the microwave still gets dirty.

Sometimes you forget to put on the over and sometimes, the food splashes are just too much. In either case, the stuck-on food requires tremendous effort and generous amounts of elbow grease.

Don't worry - a little bit of steam will turn things around. Place a bowl of water inside the microwave and let it heat up for approximately five minutes. Add a piece of lemon for an additional freshening effect. The hot water vapors will soften the grime, making it simpler to wipe!

Magical Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaning is not a piece of cake. The grease accumulated over time is extremely stubborn and harsh. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a professional-grade oven cleaner or the strongest grease remover that’s available on the market.

These stubborn grease stains just won’t go away. And, we’re all aware of what happens when the oven’s not clean enough. All the precious cakes and cookies fail!

But, hey, things don’t need to be so challenging. Couple baking soda with vinegar and ta-da: watch the chunks of dried grease and gunk get off. However, remember to leave the power combo on the surface for at least thirty minutes.

Cleaning Burnt Mess from Pots

We all have burnt something at least once - be it the wood in the fireplace or the omelet that was left to cook on full heat. And all those precious skillets and pots take all the hit due to our negligence.

The burnt mess can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to clean. But, worry no more because rhubarb is the ultimate savior you need. Just grab a few rhubarb sticks and boil them in the burnt pan (with considerable water, of course!).

Let it all simmer after the first five-minutes. The corrosive acids in rhubarbs will loosen the aged stains during this time. Once the water seems to have cooled a bit, use a scrubbing tool or sponge to scrub the pan surface. That's it!

Vegetable Oil & Wood Floors

If you’ve ever been through the unfortunate event of spilling oil on floors, you would understand how awfully difficult it is to clean it. This situation is a nightmare!

But, hey, what if we tell you that besides being amazing for frying eggs and veggies, this substance is an outstanding wood floor cleaner? Unbelievable right? Well, it’s true.

For this, you must combine an equal portion of vegetable oil with vinegar. Then, transfer the complete mixture into a spray bottle. Use it to spray the prepared solution onto the flooring. To finish, wipe it using a cloth/mop.

Safe Blender-Cleaning!

Oh yes, the blenders are something that everyone fears cleaning. The sharp blades are way too threatening and scary to put your hands inside without murmuring prayers. And, those who skip this part find a blender filled with gunk.

Well, as we said before, life doesn't need to  be too complicated. There are easy ways to tackle these issues if you look in the right direction. Just add warm water, along with soap and baking soda into the unclean blender.

Blend for a while and then rinse thoroughly. Make sure there are no cleaning agents left inside the blender. Now enjoy a sparkling, crystal-clear blender and make as many smoothies as you want!

Windshield Water Repellent Makes the Glass Shine

Water is undoubtedly the most basic cleaning agent. Whenever something is dirty, we immediately reach out to the nearest water source. Despite this, dried water forms the worst stains, especially on glass shower doors.

It’s almost impossible to keep these shower doors shiny. If you relate to this struggle, worry no more because your solution lies in using windshield water repellents. Spray a considerable amount of this product onto the door and wipe everything using a small wiper.

We recommend doing so on a weekly basis as too much chemical and wiping may damage the surface. Also, note, the repellent shouldn’t stay on the glass for too long. It’ll leave even worse stains than the ones created by water!

Sunscreen to Eradicate Permanent Marker

Sunscreen is literally what it sounds like - a product to shield the skin from the negative effects of sun exposure. Precisely, it protects us against the ultraviolet rays that emit from the sun. But, did you know that sunscreen also helps clean permanent marker stains?

Take a dollop of the sunscreen product and spread it onto those impossible-to-remove marks. Scrub the area for a while. This will result in the stain to lighten, fade, and eventually vanish.

Image via Unsplash

Once done, rinse the entire area using water. If that’s not ideal, dampen a rough cloth piece and gently wipe.

Baking Soda to Brighten Up the Laundry

Here’s another useful hack - thanks to the amazing baking soda! Laundry, especially those white garments, lose its shine and brightness over the years. The cloth might be in one piece, but it won’t be as shiny and new-like as the time you bought it. How to retain that look?

Just add ½ a cup or more of baking soda to the washing machine. Then, proceed with washing the laundry the way you usually do. For more clothes, increase the quantity of baking soda.

The deodorizing and cleaning properties of the substance will not only freshen up the looks, but they’ll also make the clothes smell nice and fresh.

Vinegar for Water Glass Stains

Where there is glass, there has to be a water stain - quite literally! The glass surfaces are prone to developing water stains.

If a glass gets wet, it must be instantly dried to avoid the formation of stubborn stains that make life difficult. Well, in case the glass surfaces at your home have these stains, don't worry and get some vinegar out of your cupboard.

Combine vinegar with water in a precise ratio (1:1), so you've got equal parts of both substances. Then, pour the mix on the stain and allow it to rest for a while (around 15 to 20-minutes). Rub the specific area via a cloth and rinse thoroughly.

Unleash the Power of Baking Soda onto Your Carpet

Carpets go through the worst. All the stomping, walking, and spilling turn them gross very soon. Things get even more frustrating if you’ve got children and pets.

Carpet fresheners and cleaning products aren’t the cheapest items on the market, either. If you use them to remove the unpleasant odor and stains every single time, you might end up getting bankrupt - no kidding!

So, what’s the solution? The life-saving element in this case is none other than the fabulous baking soda! The white powder jar in the kitchen cabinet may seem like an ordinary ingredient, but it has magical cleaning superpowers. Just sprinkle some quantity onto the stained areas, let it rest for as long as you can, and clean with a vacuum cleaner!

Apply Lemon Juice for Shiny Shower Handles

Let's be honest - none of us pays much attention to the handles of the shower. We clean the glass doors, floor, and even the wall. But what about the handles?

These places may seem negligible but they can accumulate the most germs. And since your hands come in contact with these handles frequently, imagine just how dangerous leaving them uncleaned could be.

So, here's a quick cleaning hack. Chop a large-sized lemon into half and dip one into a bowl of salt. Once its open part is fully layered in salt, use it to scrub the shower handles. Do this every week to maintain the shine of the handles!

Forget Paper Towels, Use Newspaper!

Using paper towels for window cleaning sessions is the most foolish mistake ever. Yes, we know that people have utilized them for ages but we're also aware of the consequences. The task requires too much precious time and effort.

And, if you aren't vigilant enough, blurry streaks are left behind to mock your so-called cleaning session. So, why go through all this trouble when we have got a simple hack available? Newspapers!

Grab an old newspaper, fold it into a nice small square, and use it to cleanse. Before you start, spray a generous quantity of water onto the glass surfaces. Try to be as quick as possible for the premium results!

Grapefruit as the Ultimate Bath Cleaner

Grapefruits are an awesome choice for bathtubs. These citrus fruits contain acid and other components that give them natural cleansing properties. However, they alone aren’t usable.

You must couple the grapefruit with the abrasive properties of the salt to benefit from the cleansing effect. Just cut the grapefruit, dip the open side in salt, and scrub against the bathtub surface. As a result, the stains would begin to disappear and gunk would loosen.

Of course, this would not occur instantly and you'll have to scrub for a while. So, continue the process until you feel satisfied with the outcome. Afterward, rinse the bathtub using fresh water. You can use a diluted soap solution - if you prefer.

Using Wax Paper to Polish the Sink

The sink is the only thing at home that doesn't give the shiny, gleaming effect despite how vigorously you keep it clean. Washing, rinsing, and scrubbing do no good to these surfaces. They still appear dull and faded.

If you desire to achieve that new shiny look, use wax paper. This particular paper is a combination of food-safe paraffin and wax tissue paper tripled to give strength. You need nothing else for this hack, just this magical type of paper!

First, wash the complete sink unit following your usual routine. Then, use a piece of wax paper to polish the sink surfaces along with the fixtures.

Shaving Cream Eliminates Stains from Upholstery

Experts and gurus would often recommend you to contact the "best upholstery cleaning service" whenever there's a need. They would emphasize the need by listing all the amazing pros. But, hey, do they state the prices? No!

Getting the upholstery professionally cleaned can cost a lot. A better solution for this is to use shaving cream. We bet you have some extra to spare.

Identify the stains and apply the leftover shaving cream onto them. Let it all rest for a minimum of half an hour (more when the stains are quite tough). Then, blot the spots dry via a fresh cloth.

Vinegar Will Do Wonders for Your Coffeemaker

Coffeemaker is perhaps the most used gadget in the kitchen. Everybody loves coffee, right? Well, the frequent usage indicates a huge problem. Stains and germs may accumulate on the inside due to improper cleaning. If you use something daily, it's impossible to thoroughly deep-clean it every single time.

It's understandable, but if left uncleaned, your morning cup of joe may become not very healthy. So, to handle this, pour 4 tbsp of white vinegar into the coffeemaker. Fill it to the top and operate the machine.

Dump the contents out into the sink and operate the coffee maker using water only. This particular step is to thoroughly  rinse and eradicate the existence of any remaining vinegar droplets.

Lemon Can Clean Cutting Boards

The majority of plastic cutting boards can be cleansed in the dishwasher. However, wooden cutting boards are a different story. You must wash and rinse them manually, that is by hand!

And, if you fail to perform it properly, foul smells and tough stains will catch up very soon. The once-aesthetic and effective cutting board will turn into a disgusting piece of wood. But, don’t fret because the solution is right inside your vegetable basket!

Image via Unsplash

Lemon is more than just a nutrient-rich citrus fruit. It's also a natural cleaning agent, which means rubbing it on the board can deep clean it. Remember to sprinkle a little bit of salt first! Apply some oil afterwards to create a protective coating over your wooden board.

Remove Mildew Spots Using Vоdkа

Isn't vоdkа for martinis and cool recipes? Well no. The beverage can serve a broader range of purposes when frozen. One great example is eliminating the gross mildew spots!

Begin by pouring some vоdkа and water into a spray bottle. Keep an equal ratio of both substances that is 1:1. After this, shake the container and spray the prepared mix on the mildew-affected area.

Let it remain for a while (approximately 10-minutes). During this period, the аlcоhol in the vоdkа will kill mildew and, breaking it down for you to clean. Afterwards, you can wipe everything easily using a fresh cloth.

Use a Lint Roller to Dust Everywhere

Lint rollers are life savers - quite literally. Did pet hair stuck onto your clothes or something else? Just grab the roller and use it for a cleaner look!

But, since the lint roller catches everything onto its sticky sheets, have you ever considered using it for dust? Yes, regardless of how weird this may seem, using lint rollers can help dust places quickly and more effectively than a traditional duster.

Use it on window sills, lampshades, sofas, upholstery, and wherever you like. The dust particles will instantly stick to the roller. Plus, you can engage your little ones in this fun activity, too!

Keep Your Shower Curtain Clean

Shower curtains become dirty way too quickly. All the soap and dampness also pose the risk of mold development. Yes, we know that shower curtains don't last forever and are cheaper to replace. But, taking good care of them can help extend their lifetime.

Of course, the convenient way is to throw them into the washing machine. It'll eliminate all the gunk without manual scrubbing and rinsing. However, make sure you air dry the curtains under the sun.

Do not attempt using a dryer as it can wear them out. Moreover, if you notice black specks appearing on the fabric, replace it immediately because that's mold. Washing and drying won't do any good anymore.

An Effortless Way to Peel Off All Those Stickers

Stickers are strangely the most fun items for kids. They can spend hours sticking them all around the surfaces in the house, including the not-so-pleasing places. The walls, furniture, valuable décor, and whatnot. As a parent, you have to remain prepared to encounter any unwanted surprises!

When doing home cleaning, most of us take the traditional route by peeling all those stickers manually. Not only does this take way more time than usual, but it also ruins the surface by peeling the paint off or anything under it.

Image via Unsplash

So, how to avoid that? Grab a hair dryer to blow heated air onto the stickers and they'll peel away automatically!

Cleaning Glass With Coffee Filter

Coffee filters are found in abundance in our home, and typically, we trash them after usage. But, who knew that these filter papers can serve as amazing glass cleaners? Yes, that's true!

Simply, spray some cleaning agent on the glass surface and then wipe using coffee filters. Remember to be quick because, as mentioned before, foggy and blurry streaks form. These appear to be much uglier than other stains.

Also, move the filter paper in a circular direction for supreme results. We bet that the sparkling surface will make you tap yourself on the back for performing a splendid job. Good luck!

Chalk to Eradicate Oil Stains From Clothes

How often have you spoiled that favorite outfit with splattered oil and grease in the rush? Well, those stains look awful and gross. To make things even worse, they're also very stubborn.

They wouldn't go away in a single wash. But, worry no more because chalk has proven to be an effective remedy. Rub the white chalk onto the stained area and let it soak in the oil. This would take around five to ten minutes.

Now, brush the fabric and observe the stain vanishing. If it remains, then repeat until the oil disappears or at least becomes less noticeable. Cornstarch is an even better alternative to the chalk powder.

Clean Fur and Pet’s Hair Using Rubber Gloves

Pets are adorable creatures but we can all agree that their cuteness drops down significantly when layers upon layers of fur cover the house. Most pet owners use special vacuum cleaners to get rid of pet hair strands. Even then, a considerable amount is left behind.

In this scenario, having rubber gloves is essential. These gloves have tiny, soft bristles on the palm side. So, when you rub them against the surface, all the fur collects on top of them.

You can also use these rubber gloves to groom your fluffy buddies. Wear them and gently run them over their bodies. All the loose hairs will be collected, keeping your home clean.

Make Good Use of the Dishwasher

Dishwashers have the term dish in their names. But, who said you couldn't wash anything else in them? These machines are wonderful in terms of cleansing things all by themselves. Just position the items inside, switch the machine on, and wait for everything to get clean!

You can also utilize dishwashers to wash other non-food things. These include baseball caps, plastic toys, vent covers, switch covers, and much more. Just make sure everything is heat-resistant.

Also, do not stack the dishwasher to the top. Leave considerable room for things to be washed without breakage. Keep the food and non-food loads separately, too.

Wrapping Up

Spending hours on cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. These 40 unusual ways to clean the house will aid you in finishing your chores quickly and make you a pro. Also, the excitement of DIYs will boost your mood considerably.

Start experimenting with the unusual hacks mentioned in the content, and you will be amazed to see the results. Happy Cleaning!

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